Friday, July 1, 2011

Les feuilles mortes

Shot at another park. Winter had caught up by now so the trees look bare and spidery and not as lovely had it still been autumn with vibrant reds and oranges in the background. Veery quick shoot because we were starving for some Japanese, yum oh YUM.

Jacket: Gmarket
Dress: Gmarket
Stockings: Zipia
Heels: Nine West

Some shots were cut out because the fit of the jacket made my torso look bulky in some awkward and unflattering angles. Everything else about the jacket however is love, very very warm and snug for winter!

Also did a little sketch of my outfit (an altered version) that day, I wish I had played around with some more playful poses! 


  1. Cute jacket. Love your stockings, too. I have a similar pair, though not from Zipia. Your drawings are awesome!

  2. thankyou, Joey! :)
    Haha yeah those stockings are everywhere!

  3. Most of your poses are side ways style, dear, you look pretty when you look straight to your camera! :(!

    love your blog!

  4. @ Anonymous:

    haha yes I do prefer to pose with my face sideways because I find it more flattering that way :P
    thanks! :)

  5. Lol french title XD
    Well I always love your pics. There are something professional that you have this aspect it's like on a magazine :3


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