Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby doll

Somewhat (by somewhat I mean faintly) inspired by Emily Browning's character (called Baby Doll) from Sucker Punch (here) but a little less "ero" from the "ero kawaii" and more "kawaii"- so the cropped top is replaced by a cream coloured blouse, short skirt replaced by dusty pink shorts, and heart-decorated stockings instead of over the knee black socks.

Top: Zipia
Key necklace: House of Harlow
Scalloped shorts: Zipia
Stockings: Forever New
Heels: Pinet
Bow: Diva

It's probably hard to tell but I had a silk bow in my hair that matched the bows on my heels lol :( 
I love this pussy bow blouse! It's so versatile- I've worn it to semi-formal events and interviews when paired with a black knee-length skirt and black kitten heels. I bought it before blouses had become all the rage so it was just part of the sensible OL range on Zipia for people looking for sensible work attire, thus it wasn't grossly overpriced like what happens with any item that suddenly becomes trendy.

I bought these scalloped shorts from Zipia in a size S and they are very, very uber tight.I struggled for some time trying to pull the zip up all the way so I could wear them high-waisted style but in the end they looked uncomfortable anyway! Size M would have been better (the largest size usually available on the site). Silly Zipia, looking at their growing international customer base you'd think they'd be considering how much more profit they could be making with a more generous (and reasonable) size range!

one of my favourites:

The pink knit cardigan I had been wearing earlier before it got hot!

original concept for the outfit:


  1. just followed your blog~
    your outfits are so cute :) it's interesting how you draw out the outfit concepts!
    out of curiosity, how do you take your outfit photos?

  2. o i have those shorts too! in size M actually. I thought they were rather loose! haha. I was wondering how the size S would fit. My waist is 25-26in and hips are 34 in. ish and these shorts fall to my hips rather than high waist, which was what i was hoping for. i guess im glad i got the M then! xD

    this outfit looks great :) i didnt really know what to pair with the shorts and i do have a shirt similar to yours and the top shop version of those tights so ill give that a whirl.

    love your fashion sense! :)

  3. @xPockiex:
    thankyou for the lovely comments! :)
    My boyfriend takes my photos for me, because he wants to practice his photography and I think it's fun, so it's a win-win situation where we both enjoy doing it. I would feel bad if I always had to force someone to lug around heavy camera equipment every time I decide I want to post up an outfit I'm wearing!

  4. @IchigoBunnie:

    lol fantastic, what a coincidence! :D

    Yeah Zipia's sizing can be a little odd and inconsistent sometimes. I bought these other shorts in M that were actually a little tight, and then I have these other shorts in M that are very, very loose- they immediately fall right down when I put them on.

    My measurements are actually quite similar to yours! You made the right choice then to go M if you weren't planning on wearing them high-waisted, lucky! :)

    Lol wow we have similar style. I actually bought these stockings after having placed an order on Topshop for similar ones, and waiting over a month to discover that the courier had lost the package and getting a refund from Topshop. These Forever New stockings were my replacement ones lol.

    thankyou! :)

  5. Oh my goodness, I love your outfit! I would definitely wear this. ♥ You look so cute! I followed you from soompi (lol) and all your outfits are just soo lovely. I wish I had your closet haha.

  6. @ Chloe:
    wow thankyou, you're such a sweet person ^^ Haha you just made my day xD

    Lol well my closets are filled with old, daggy junk as well...and just never big enough either :P

  7. Love Your outfit!!

    I found you on Lookbook and I am your fan now.

    With love,

  8. @ Chloë:

    hello fellow Lookbooker! xD thankyou, your outfit posts are lovely!


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