Sunday, July 24, 2011

The cold won't keep the romance away

Sydney has been non-stop pouring this past week which almost ruined our photoshoot plans. It was still raining in the morning but as soon as a window of opportunity emerged (aka the elusive sun) we seized the chance to shoot. The umbrella was therefore not only to serve as a pretty prop, but also as a close-at-hand weapon prepped for defense from impending downpour havoc.

Kind of a cute story with the umbrella actually! It was pouring buckets on Enrolment day at university (I was fresh out of highschool! So keen for the much-anticipated Wild Uni Life and so unaware that "Wild" really meant late nights staying up poring over law textbooks!), and my dad and I were confronted with the uninviting task of trekking it from the train station to the campus umbrella-less. We made it halfway and then my dad popped into a newsagency to purchase one- it was a large, bright red umbrella adorned with white hearts, lined with frills at the bottom. He said he chose it because it matched the top I was wearing that day, a cap-sleeve red top with white hearts. LOL I felt like such a dork carrying it around (like some crazy, hypnotising red-and-white-swirly girl who just had way too much love to give) but at the same time I thought it was so ridiculously cute, that my dad was so conscious of his daughter's desire to look fashionable that he chose an umbrella that was colour-coordinated with my top (maybe a little too perfectly).

Hat: Forever New
Dress: Zipia
Jacket: Bardot
Stockings: Yesstyle
Shoes: Pulp
Necklace: Dotti
Rings: House of Harlow, Diva

More after the jump (click the link below)! Don't want to lag everyone's computers.

Necklace: Dotti
Rings: House of Harlow, Diva

original concept for the outfit:

I also want to make a really, really big thankyou shoutout to my boyfriend! He's always the photographer for these outfit posts. I could always take them myself infront of a mirror with my cheap little digital camera or my iPhone, like I used to, but they would never turn out as lovely as they do with my boyfriend's SLR and his crazy talent which keeps improving everyday. If he's reading, I'm very, very thankful for the time and effort you put forwards for these shoots. We make a nice little team together, and I love you so much :)


  1. you look so pretty! <3 i love reading about your OOTD =)

  2. love this! and i especially love the bright red jacket. i sooo want one

    and that is VERY sweet of your dad (and very fashionable!) to buy you that umbrella. very cute :)

  3. @ Princess Jem: lol thank you! ^^ Haha I'm just glad someone enjoys reading them! xD

  4. @ IchigoBunnie:
    thankyou! Haha yeah I've always found a red coat to be a staple in winter, inspires a breath of fresh air amongst all the gloomy greys and blacks.

    LOL yeah, it was incredibly dorky but cute. I felt so silly toting it around but at the same time didn't really mind so much!

  5. Amazing photos as always! Kudos to your bf for taking the photos. My bf doesn't really like helping me take outfit shots, so I have to rely on a tripod. And I'm much too shy to take outfit shots with a tripod outdoors, so I just take it in front of my white wall :( Would like to have some nice background for a change
    You look really pretty in this outfit. Those tights are amazing!
    Awww the story of the umbrella is so cute. Your dad is so sweet.

  6. Love the outfit! Just wondering, what did you use to color in the drawing?

  7. I absolutely adore this outfit! You look so romantic and cute, those tights are to die for!


  8. @ Joey:
    thankyou for your lovely comments as always! :D oh why not? Actually I'm envious of the fact that you can take photos indoors. I can't seem to find in my house an uncluttered, white wall with direct sunlight and enough space infront to place a camera, so self-taken outfit shots look messy/grainy and plus I don't have a SLR =/

    Taking indoor shots can also be very useful when you don't want to pester someone or test their patience when you can't get a shot right...XD

  9. @ 0856d0f8-b7a7-11e0-8c3a-000bcdcb8a73:
    thankyou! :D
    I use the Brushes app on the iPad to do all the drawings now, including the colouring!

  10. @ Wild Flower:
    thankyou Kaylee! Love your blog, such cute outfit posts :)

  11. Well, mainly because I'm very fussy and would ask him to take many shots and he gets tired lol
    He's very good with scenery photos, but not so good with outfit shots. Like he wouldn't know how to frame me so I look taller (he's much taller than me so from his angle, I end up with a big head and very short legs!). Also, I guess the sweetest thing is that he thinks I look good no matter what *blush* so even if my hair is flying all over the place, he would still snap a photo and consider it done haha

    Me, too. I wish I had a DSLR, but I know I wouldn't use it for anything else other than outfit shots because it's such a hassle to carry around.

  12. Your photos are stunning! Gorge girl :)

  13. you look like a little girl from a fairy tail. nice job for both of youand your b o yfriend.that is extremely important to have a stable shoulder next to you all the time and an eagle-eye for making nice pics.


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