Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hey Mr. Johnny

Why the title? Well on the way to the city I was cranking up Miss A's (Korean pop band) latest album A Class in the car, and the incredibly infectious track "Mr. Johnny" succeeded in monopolising my brain for the bulk of the day. Since I don't understand Korean, the only lines making rounds in my head were "hey Mr Johnny Johnny hey Mr Johnny Johnny" over and over and over again....

Anyway uni has just started this week for me so I won't be able to blog very often :( I've heard that the second semester for fourth year in my course is the toughest, because of the combined difficulty of the subjects- Real property, equity, evidence law and commercial law. It's only been the first week and I already know that commercial law will be the one to lead to my ultimate demise, from my inability to extract any useful or remotely riveting information from the first few classes. Compounding upon this is a rather austere timetable which forces me to spring out of bed at 6am and trudge home at 8pm. And then do a monsterload of readings to be prepared for the next class!

Plus the fact that I'm sick makes me fall behind in study even further, so I have even less time to blog and engage in other insipid, trivial activities on the interwebs (which is a good thing I suppose, hehe).

So it was probably convenient that I wore sunnies to cover up my bloodshot eyes throughout the shoot :P Despite my sickness it was a gorgeous day! Sydney's been getting warmer now as we approach the end of winter, hurrah.

Sunglasses- Rayban
Top- Cotton On
Jacket- Sportsgirl
Leggings- Yesstyle
Shoes- b + ab (bought in Shanghai)
Jewellery- all from Colette Accessories

Click on the link below for more!

(sorry that my hair looks a bit dry- I had slept on it wet last night!)

I've been dying to go silver in accessorising (I'm usually more of a gold person)- so I painted my nails silver, wore a silver cuff and rings, and made sure my clothes had silver not bronze or gold zips. It's probably not so clear from the photos but I painted my nails a very icy and bright shade of silver, a shade I'm super, duper in love with :3

original concept for the outfit:


  1. Hey! I stalked you from your post on Soompi. I *LOVE* the photos, especially the last two.

  2. Very cool outfit! Love your accessories!
    6am?? Surely that's illegal! Awww hope you'll have a good semester regardless

  3. @ Rae: thanks! =D

    @ Joey: thankyou! Yup, it does feel like it's bordering illegality especially when study eats up so much of my time lol (and for 5 yrs at uni! *grumbles*). Thanks, I hope so too! <3

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  5. Amazing look. Very similar to the original concept painting. I love that it looks good and very comfortable. I know what's I'm talking abut, because I have just same leggings. They are super comfortable. I can wear them, like, forever. Every single person at my office know how much I love leggings and how many of them I owe))


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