Sunday, July 3, 2011

In the fields

A pretty warm day for the middle of winter! I had been planning to wear this dress for a while but thought I would need to wait another few months or so, since I get cold easily (as the goosebumps on my arms will readily attest). Still needed to power walk through the fields though to get hot enough to bare the cold air in only a flimsy layer of chiffon.

Dress: Wholesale 7
Ring: Diva
Belt: Temt
Shoes: Gmarket
Stockings: ?? is another Asian wholesale fashion website, selling no-brand clothing items at dirt cheap prices. "Dirt cheap" is for a reason. This dress was around $10 including shipping, and is of pretty decent quality. From experience chiffon has been MAJORFAIL from these types of websites, and another dress I bought from Wholesale7 in the same batch was just a big blue mess- material stitched in the right places but otherwise it was poorly made and not practically wearable. I put it on, took a single step, and it fell off. So I guess I can only wear it in situations where I'm not required to move. Posing as a street pole, maybe? =/

Isn't the background reminiscent of the Windows desktop background? I can just imagine myself trekking across people's computer screens...

Didn't really like the look of the bag in the shots so removed it in most of them. It's a vintage find from Ebay!

Candid of me applying lip balm lol...

This was one of my favourites :3

I also has an icecream necklace. =D=D
I'm gutted that it's been washed out by my dress and doesn't show up clearly in the pictures.  It was a steal for $10 from Chinatown, and what I love most about it is how perfectly heavy it is. Gives it a touch of realism? It doesn't feel like some little cheap plastic pendant, but almost like a real, solid icecream dangling off my neck ... ;D

I added a little clutch because I felt like the figure was missing one :(


  1. OMG, you're sooo pretty!! :3

  2. lol thanks for the sweet comment ^^


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