Friday, August 12, 2011

Greys and bows

This was just an opportunity for my boyfriend to use some new photos to test out a new technique in photo editing (which he didn't end up using anyway haha). So I didn't really plan out my outfit- thus no sketch for this one.

I actually got a lot of attention for my socks, when I was wearing this around my area (wearing a long, baggy cardigan over the top). But they're just plain, grey socks, I hear you cry! Nothing peculiar or flashy about that. Well it IS in my particular suburb, and the surrounding suburbs, where there is a pretty evident lack of diversity in fashion. For the girls, the majority will don the typical top and denim shorts combination in the warmer seasons, and the boys will be in singlets and board shorts- so think casual, surf style. If you see some more interesting, quirky styles you'll find that a lot of their wardrobe really just makes up the front stand of General Pants and Glue- which, to be frank, is really hipster-wear at ridiculous prices (if we had an Urban Outfitters in Australia they wouldn't be able to monopolise this market like they do!) If it has a triangle, slap on an extra $80. Dock $20 off and shove it in the sales rack when rhombuses become the new triangles.

Although I don't really mind to be honest- it's not a bad thing to not wear what everyone else is wearing! I really don't think there is anything particularly innovative or new about long, grey socks in the fashion world anyway, especially not when you venture outside of my vicinity. When you get closer towards the city, you see a lot more variety in what people are wearing. In some spots there will be a proliferation of fashionable, gay men showing the straight men how to jazz up and add more flair to their style. However having visited places like Shanghai and Tokyo I would still call Sydney "safe" when it comes to fashion. I would consider my own style in comparison, "safe" and boring as well.

Anyway, pictures time:

Top: Glassons
high-waisted shorts: Supre
socks: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Pinet
Cuff: Lovisa

Remember that time when bows on the back of tops and dresses were all the rage? It was only about a year ago lol. How quickly fashion moves on. I'll still wear this though- it's just annoying to have to always wear a bra extender at the back so that my bra doesn't show, which for some reason makes my bra sit in all sorts of funny ways.


  1. pretty bow-back and shorts! :)
    I wanted a bow-back shirt D:

  2. oh goodness those hipsters. they make up the majority of California cities! boo. superrr cute outfit yet again! the cute bows, the shorts, the shorts, socks, shoes, everythinggg~ such a perfect outfit for fall!! ♥♥♥

  3. @ xPockiex:
    thanks! Haha they might be easy to spot in the sales racks, I think they're cute too but they're not so popular nowadays :(

    @ Chloe:
    Oh really? I'm not really sure what cities they dominate but they seem to be everywhere :P and thankyou! XD


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