Sunday, August 14, 2011

sweet black magic

Now, I'm perfectly aware that the bottom half of this outfit appears quite similar to my Baby doll look, and that I am dangerously close to committing the Ultimate Fashion Sin of wearing the same outfit twice. However looking in the mirror in the morning I saw barely any vestiges of the previous outfit, because personally I found that the sheer black blouse, non-tied back hair, and edgier stockings (instead of hearts!) transformed it into something much less cutesy and sexier. Perhaps this can be the more mature, or "night-time" version of the other outfit! 

black blouse: Gmarket
druzy necklace: Etsy
shorts: Zipia
stocking: ASOS
heels: Pulp
rings: Diva, Disney Couture
bracelets: Forever 21, Lovisa

I love the background! It doesn't look like we're still in Sydney. It's amazing what bokeh can do to (relatively) mundane scenery.

Click on the link below for major image spammage!

 bracelets: (black) Forever 21, (gold) Lovisa

 Big woolly knit I was wearing earlier- it's still winter over here!

rings: Diva, Disney Couture

Jewellery by Disney Couture is something I don't mind splashing out on since their items are so incredibly exquisite! This is their Nest Ring, which opens up to reveal these lovely little pearl eggs inside a golden nest. So pretty in real life!

original concept for the outfit:


  1. Very cute outfit! Have serious tights and hair envy at the moment. xx

  2. Gorgeous outfit!
    I saw it on Soompi :o I need to have your art/fashion skills :p

  3. i was just wondering...but do you do makeup tutorials? i really love your makeup here and was wondering if you could do a tut? :] love the outfit btw ;D

  4. You look amazing dear! Love your blog xx

  5. @ Amanda:
    I don't usually do makeup tutorials since my routine is so boring and not (in my opinion) worth making one for- but I did just whip up a quick one in my latest post here:

    I hope it's somewhat useful to you! and thankyou :)

  6. @ levina: thankyou! Although honestly speaking, I have much to envy from you as well! :P

    @ Meeshie: thankyou! :D Haha neither are that special, but thanks for the compliment!

    @ Maggie: thanks! I've just followed your blog, it's incredible! :)

  7. Nice look! Cute and beautiful! :)



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