Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yesstyle haul + Taobao haul using Taobao Spree

Yesstyle Haul

The order was delayed by a few weeks as one item was out of stock- which is always an inconvenience I hope to bypass every time I make an online order, as usually the status will read something like "waiting for stock from supplier" for a few weeks and the order ends up cancelling most of the time! Not only is the extra delay bothersome because it's delay and I'm such an impatient greedy "I want the clothes from my computer screen in my hands now!" brat, but it does give me a lot of time to reflect upon my latest online damage and cast doubt upon the necessity of certain items. It gives me a gratuitous amount of time to contemplate whether it was wise to purchase shorts I've never tried on which could be dangerously close to resembling adult diapers (see the Tokyo Fashion shorts) but you wouldn't be able to tell from the model of course, because the model always looks cute and even if they did look like diapers she would still make it look cute.

Firstly, the items I bought with their stock photos:

Yeomong- sequinned peter pan top (in black, still with gold sequins)

for my boyfriend's mum.
(I see that the price has now been jacked up to $22!)

Personal review of the items:

elasticised waist shorts

Cream crochet or lace shorts are all the rage now, and I decided to try my hand at them, although it was difficult to find a pair on Yesstyle that wasn't too white (resembling underwear) or too frilly (resembling pyjamas). I thought these shorts were the perfect oatmeal colour and looking at the stock photos on the link, the length seemed perfect as well- too long or too short and people will be giving you funny looks and quietly judging you for forgetting to put pants over the underwear you stole from your grandmother this morning. 

However to be honest when I saw them for the first time out of their packaging, a wave of regret did wash over me lol. Personally I don't find them very versatile and easy to pair with a variety of my outfits. As a practical matter, they are also rather sheer at the back (despite having two layers) and you can see my underwear (which was already seamless and white). You could allay this problem by wearing some "safety" shorts underneath- but as I don't really like the item that much I'm not going to go out and buy them specifically for this. The shorts look much better with a shirt over it and not tucked in as in the above pictures, which you'll see with the next item reviewed below.

Nonetheless the quality of these shorts is pretty decent, and it is true to stock photos, although they are a bit deceiving as the model is wearing a tight, long top over the shorts which make them look shorter than they actually are. I recommend examining the measurements because personally I would've preferred a shorter length. The shorts are listed as "one size", which is rather reasonable as the elastic waistband is actually pretty generous and could fit a variety of sizes.

I'd still give this item 4/5, because the quality and price for the shorts are great, but it's only because of my personal preference and inability to see this pair up nicely with the other clothes in my wardrobe, that I'm returning this to Yesstyle. Not 5/5 because of how it's still rather sheer at the back.

Sequinned Peter Pan top

This is lovely! I have no problems with this whatsoever. The fabric is soft and comfy, the sequins are intact and securely and neatly glued on, and it's pretty much true to stock photo. I really have no complaints with this, so 5/5 and that is the end of that review lol.

Double breasted coat

The most expensive item of the bunch ($65). I really wanted a pink coat after seeing Natalie Portman wear one in Black Swan (beautiful movie by the way):

A few minor differences between hers and mine of course, where hers has a Peter Pan collar and is longer, which is fine because I prefer the shorter length.

I actually wore this out two nights ago, where I had only received this the day before. It had a bit of an unpleasant, musty "factory"odour when I took it out of its packaging and I hadn't aired it out, so I was a bit self-conscious of someone going, "who smells like wet cardboard here?" Thankfully no one did and the smell must have already dispersed in the air.

However it is a very warm, snuggly coat and it will definitely be one of my go-to pieces during the extremes of winter. Despite feeling a bit like a rough body towel to the touch, the inside lining is not so abrasive. However in terms of value for money, I really don't think this is worth anything over $50 so I'd probably give it 3.5/5.

Contrast scalloped top

Well I didn't even bother trying this on because as soon as I removed it from the wrapping I knew instantly that I would be returning this to Yesstyle. The material is very, very thin and the item just looks cheap overall. Although from the stock photos I could tell you would have to wear a white singlet underneath, I expected the material of this to be a little more solid and not so flimsy. Everything else is fine as it looks pretty true to stock photo, but one of biggest gripes with clothes is cheap-looking material so I'm definitely returning this one.

Taobao Haul

I ordered via TaoBao Spree, since apparently most sellers on TB don't ship internationally. TBS collects the items from the domestic sellers and then proceeds to ship them out to me, which means I have to pay 2 x shipping fees (domestic and international) as well as service fees to TBS. This means the fees payable not on the actual items can add up to quite a hefty figure and therefore I deliberately chose items not over 100yuan (which by itself is equivalent to only about 15AUD, but tack on shipping and then service fees the total amount can double in size).

To order from Taobao using TBS, I visited their website and emailed them with an order with the item links, colours and sizes when applicable. Visiting Taobao and trying to order from it can be quite formidable for those lacking any ability to read Chinese, but if you translate it to your desired language via Google it does become pretty clear how the site is divided into categories, making browsing easier. A big plus about Taobao is all the reviews for the items at the bottom of each item's page (if it's relatively new there might not be any), where other customers will provide some pretty useful information about the quality, sizing, and promptness of delivery from the seller.

After sending in the order form to TBS, they replied back with how much money I needed to deposit into their account for the items plus the domestic shipping from TB sellers to TBS. After paying them, TBS went off and ordered from the sellers, and the items were received by them in less than a week. When they received them, they sent me an email requesting the international shipping fee from them to me in Australia (I used EMS). I then had to deposit that international shipping fee into their Paypal account before they shipped the items out to me. Therefore the amount payable was divided into two lots- one before TBS orders from the TB sellers, and the other after they've received them from the sellers.

TBS didn't actually specify in which sum they added the service fee charges, but from their website it seems that this was inserted in the first lot (items + domestic shipping + (most likely) service fees). The items by themselves made up 309yuan, or about 46AUD. I had to pay 67USD (about 64AUD) for the first sum payable, so the domestic shipping and service fees must have added up to about 18AUD. What really made my strained bank account shed tears was the international shipping via EMS, which was about 33USD (32AUD), so the money spent on service and shipping fees added up to about 50AUD. Keeping in mind the total price of the items themselves were only 46AUD!
It then took about a week for the items to arrive after TBS shipped them out, which makes total waiting time about 2 weeks, which I have no complaints about :)

Anyway, on to the reviews!

69yuan (10AUD)

I've been so very obsessed with the sequins trend lately, and this gorgeous little thing did not disappoint. My favourite item out of both hauls! It came in a cotton bag inside the plastic wrapping, so as to protect the sequins. The sequins are quite intact, although a few have already fallen off. It's not exactly true to stock photo however, as in the photos the sleeves are longer and the sequins look slightly smaller. However, this is only a small issue, and I'm not really complaining as every time I catch sight of a sequinned item instore my excitement quickly deflates like a balloon as I read the price tag and see that it costs way over $100. I'd still give this 5/5.

99yuan (15AUD)

The most expensive item out of the bunch comes to a meagre $15! (although there is that additional $10 shipping/service fee on top) I love this playsuit! The colour is so lovely and the design is too adorable, with the little buttons down the front and the ribbon at the waist (although I suck at ribbon-tying). Once again, the colour and design aren't exactly the same as the stock photo (mine is a more dull colour, and the buttons and ribbon look slightly different) but it's still a lovely item and I'm grateful for the rock-bottom price. 5/5!

43yuan (6AUD)

Well this is obviously a bargain! This top is definitely very sheer, but the material and quality are still pretty decent. The sequins at the neckline are lovely, and so is the colour. There are also very light shoulder pads to help preserve shape and structure of the top when worn. It's also very true to stock picture. 5/5!

49yuan (7 AUD)

Now why do I have a picture of the shorts lying on my bed, and not being modelled as I've done with all the previous items? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that I cannot actually even zip these up on my hips! There were two sizes available on the site and I read the reviews to help me decide which size to get. After getting the general idea that these shorts were a bit of a small make, I decided to get size M. However since they are so narrow, the zip doesn't pull up smoothly, and there is zero stretch in the material, I could not get the zip up a millimetre on my hips. I may have gotten a few centimetres or so but I didn't want to  break the zip (or snag my skin in there lol), since it was already pretty obvious these were unwearable. 

However the quality is pretty decent, and the sequins seem pretty securely glued on. They are also pretty true to stock photo. I'd just recommend staying away from these shorts if you're not petite. 4/5 (I'd definitely wear them if they fit me!)

Since I can't fit into these shorts, I will be selling them. If anyone is interested at all please leave a comment below!

49yuan (7 AUD)

This bag is so lovely! There are a few loose threads and uneven stitching here and there, but that's just being pedantic. The quality is great for the price, the clasp works, and I love the fact that there are two compartments (see the above picture). Quality is totally fine and it looks just like the picture. 5/5!


  1. The peach romper is adorable! I can't wait to see your outfits with it. :]

  2. Nice haul! I love shopping haul posts. I like so many of the items you got, but I fell in love with the bag. It's so cute! The pic looks like it was yellow? But the one that you got (white) looks so much better. I really need to figure our Taobao to get some treasures.

  3. @ Katherine: thankyou! just waiting for it to get warm enough to do so :)

    @ Joey: thanks! I think it may have looked yellow because of the shoddy indoor lighting :P Hahaha good luck with Taobao! A warning though- once you do you may find it impossible to pull yourself away from the computer screen!

  4. nice style!

    i'm also an avid fan of online shopping, obviously always in search of price tags like wholesale price and good enough quality. like u, i live in aus too. the hefty shipping cost really kills my mood!

    in ur opinion, is it more worth it to buy from:

    1) gmarket (where things are more expensive, decent style, trustworthy, no agent required!)

    2) taobao (where u find more things, better & more style than gmarket imho, relatively trustworthy as long as u stick with the diamonds & crown sellers. but after the domestic shipping fee, agent service & international fee, eventually the price per product is comparable to gmarket).

    3) or just stick to asos, good style, free shipping. just expensive.

    i'd really appreciate ur opinion! let me know what u think :)

  5. @doll:

    thanks! I know, I'm glad someone else understands the pain of living in Aus and the shipping fees we have to cop...:P

    hmm I think it depends on what it is you're looking for. If there's an item you really want and there isn't anything similar on the other sites, then you should just get it on that site. Gmarket/Taobao/ASOS can all have really different styles sometimes.

    However if I were to give some examples:

    For blazers, coats and other outerwear-
    it's better to get them from Gmarket because the quality is more often than not great, and also they usually cost under $50 inclusive of shipping. The price might be a little cheaper at Taobao but I can't vouch for the consistency in quality for the items there (even if they have high crown and diamond ratings). However of course if you happen to stumble across a seller with consistently high quality items then you might perhaps prefer ordering off Taobao from that seller. At ASOS, outerwear can get really expensive, with some brands going over $200. The quality might be really good, but a huge price tag does not ALWAYS equal great quality. I'd stick with Gmarket because the quality is already pretty good in my opinion so you don't need to pay extra for quality.

    For dresses-
    I'd get them from ASOS but mainly because they have a larger range of styles. At Gmarket it's mainly chiffon, flowy and pretty dresses, or corporate work dresses, or party dresses. For each of these categories there is little variety between sellers. If you like those styles from Gmarket however, then go for it- but I've only ordered a few dresses from Gmarket so I can't really speak for the quality. However for PARTY dresses- I would probably go to ASOS because they have so much better and fashionable styles. Gmarket's range of party dresses are pretty tacky-looking for the most part (just my opinion though!) Even though ASOS is the most expensive out of the 3 stores, I think it's worth spending a bit more on a dress.

    For tops-
    Better to go to Gmarket or Taobao. It's not too hard to go wrong in terms of quality when it's just some cotton top, and Gmarket and Taobao will have PLENTY of styles for really cheap prices. At ASOS the quality might be similar but they might charge you a lot more.
    (of course though if you're looking for a top with a particular brand on the front then go to ASOS to get it, as if you ever come across a top from Superdry for example on either Gmarket or Taobao, it's most likely fake)
    If it's not a cotton top and a blouse for example, Gmarket has the most GORGEOUS and extensive range of blouses I've come across out of all the online stores I've been on. They're also at great prices eg under $30 incl shipping. Definitely go to Gmarket for blouses!! Quality is also fantastic.

    Whew that was a lot to write. I hope that helps! :)

  6. thanks izzy for the time you took to write this detailed review, much appreciated!

    Aus being isolated from the rest of the world, prices get jacked up much when they reach our soil, bugger!

    so far, i've bought clothes from asos and gmarket. imho, i agree totally that asos has got the best range of style and high price but surely not always the best quality.

    generally, i'm really satisfied with gmarket for the relatively low shipping cost and good quality for the price, oh not to forget korean efficiency! omg, they know when girls need clothes, we need them now! and i absolutely agree with you regarding the party dresses, gosh, they are made as if you were working at the back alley. and the rest is a little feminine, i am looking for something more edgy.

    really appreciate your review, helps heaps in my decision making! now i can shop in peace knowing that i'm not being ripped off, as much!

    p/s: i wish u live in melb, we can share shipping costs!

    1. HI DOLL

      Im living in melbourne as well and im looking for more people to order on taobao as well so that we can share shipping cost.

      you can contact me at


  7. omg super cool haul! i want that Sequinned blouse! so pretty!

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  10. I feel you when it comes to delayed order deliveries. Those are really nice clothes, 2 of my faves are the pink coat and the sequin shorts. When I order online, I make sure that the seller is legit because I don't want to be a victim of grabmyessay scam where online shops are only dummy accounts.

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