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Wholesale7 Haul

Wholesale7 Haul #2

This is actually my second order from Wholesale7. My first one was in April, and the pictures and reviews for that one are included at the bottom of the page.
For my second haul- the two items plus shipping cost ~$40 AUD altogether, where shipping made up about $19. Considering this makes a maxi dress (which I usually find to be $50-$200 instore) and a pair of shoes about $20 each, the prices are obviously not too steep!

Obviously there is some serious ironing work to be done before the dress is ready for wear, which I've neglected to do as I've just take it out of the packaging. I'm not sure if I'm happy with this one, as it does look terribly wrinkly and cheap although some ironing could fix that. However the gold lining at the top and the belt also look cheap and feel very plastic-y and light, but I suppose it's not too noticeable. There are also some loose threads, with some unfinished stitching at the top (see the white threads poking out at the neckline).
However I'm reasonably satisfied with the design and trueness to stock photo, although it doesn't actually fall to my feet as it does for the model, which I would've preferred. However it isn't wildly different to my expectations. 


I chose a size 37, and I'm in between a size 6.5 and 7 Australian, where I usually opt for the 7 unless I've tried the shoes on and the 6.5 is the better fit (sometimes I get 6 where the make is rather large). In terms of European sizing, I usually get 37 although I have a few pairs in 36. According to the measurements on the shoes link, 37 is equivalent to a US 6.5.
37 for these heels fit absolutely perfectly! The front seems a bit narrow and tight at first, but once I've wiggled my foot in it's actually a really snug, and not uncomfortably tight fit. 

The quality is also fantastic! Doesn't look cheap or flimsy at all, and there are no signs of glue or unfinished work. They look and feel like something you might find in a high-end department store. The material however seems like it would get dirty easily. As a practical gripe, I would have to make sure these are only worn out when it won't be raining or it hasn't rained the night before- but purely in terms of aesthetics and expectations, this one's a winner!


Wholesale7 haul #1

My review for the first order from Wholesale7. This was an order back in April and before I had set up my blog, so I'm just adding this review in the same post.

 I'm really happy with this one because it was just like in the photos, and there is nothing wrong with the quality. It doesn't actually have those brown clasp things on the end of the strings as in the pictures but that's ok. Also if you look closely you can see that the deer on the left has a grey marking on it, which I can't remove, but it's only a minor flaw! Quite a bargain at ~$10!


Quite honestly at first I did not like this dress at all, because I thought the design looked very odd on me and I couldn't adjust the belt so that it resembled how the model wore on in the stock photo. There are obviously discrepancies in the design (in real life the sleeves are shorter, the colour is more white than cream) but there must also be a difference in material so that I can't get it to sort of "rest" (for lack of better wording) over the belt, but rather have it awkwardly puff out from the top.

However, ignoring the stock photo and simply assessing the design and material of the dress, I'm still pretty happy! The crocheted design on the sleeves also looks surprisingly well-made. Recently I saw a very similar dress at Zara for over $100, whereas this one was only about $12AUD including shipping! Really can't complain with that when you consider a saving of at least $90.


I forgot to add that I did end up wearing this dress in a photoshoot in July! 

More photos from that shoot here

Quite a disappointment! My biggest gripe with this one is how the shoulder part (the right side) keeps slipping off. I don't know if that's a problem with the manufacturer or the limits of the design but it's hard to move properly without it slipping off and falling to my elbow. It's also really flimsily stitched together so you have to be really careful to not tear it. When I hang the dress up I have to carefully peg it onto the hanger because of the way it keeps slipping off and how breakable it is.

I suppose it does resemble the stock photos, but there's no point in having it look like the way you expected it to, if you haven't tried it on and discovered for yourself the impracticalities of the dress. I still haven't figured out how to wear it around so that the dress sits in place without falling off all the time, and I'm not sure if it would be worth it since the right shoulder part is so flimsy that the whole thing would fall apart anyway.


In summary, Wholesale7 is indeed a hit-or-miss, as with most other similar Asian wholesale sites such as AFW or Wholesale-Dress. What could go wrong with a simple, cotton maxi dress (the orange one from my second haul)? Clearly the material could turn out to look very cheap although the design was made rather accurately and true to stock picture. Are chiffon items a safe option? In the first order the white dress was of decent quality but the blue dress was pretty disastrous (but that could probably just be attributed to the poor design rather than the material). From my second order, although the shoes turned out to be fantastic, this was a big surprise as there is still a plethora of bad reviews for shoes from Asian fashion wholesale sites (such as with complaints of visible glue, weak, unstable heels, and cheap-looking and uncomfortable material.

The point is- I cannot say that there are any "safe" options to look out for purchasing from such websites, where the manufacturers don't always make exactly what you see in the pictures. You cannot just look at the stock photo and judge for yourself how the quality of the actual item will actually turn out to be like. A lot of things can go wrong with what you get in real life, and you just need to cross your fingers and hope for the best!

I personally haven't experienced the service of the other popular and more well-known sites such as AFW, Wholesale-Dress, etc, but I have heard some unhappy reviews for their customer service- eg slow replies, and items being out of stock after the money's already been paid, refund refusals etc. As with my last haul from Wholesale7, the customer service has been pretty commendable. Replies are prompt, delivery and shipment are  immediate, and luckily there hasn't been any nasty suprise out-of-stocks. If I had to give a rating for service, it would be 5/5.


  1. I love the colour and length of the maxi dress in the stock photo. Too bad you didn't receive the product as pictured. On the bright side at least the heels you got are gorgeous and fit perfectly. :)

    P.s. thanks for the review on sizing. I'm between a 6.5-7 too and wasn't too sure if a size 37 would fit.

  2. Thanks for the review! I love most of the things you got. The chiffon dresses are so pretty. I especially like the white one you wore for the shoot.
    I thought the first dress would have looked better if it were as long as the stock photo...

  3. Hey thanks for the detailed review but as for the length of the dress, did you check its measurements? Most of their short length dresses are only 67-75cm long which is very short for my hight (165cm) the best length to get with out feeling like you are sitting on your underwear is 80+cm. I bet the "models" were very short.

  4. @ Anonymous:
    no problem! well to be fair I guess I didn't check the measurements as carefully as I could've- I saw that it was over 100cm and I made the mistake of making 100cm my standard for maxis, when in reality the length provided (112cm) does cut halfway across the calves for me.
    I guess it is my fault that I didn't go ahead and measure the length of an existing maxi dress of mine to compare, even if the models were tall.
    Haha yeah I have seen many lovely short dresses that finish perfectly underneath the model's butt, but for girls like you and me they can only be tops! :P

  5. hey hun, was wondering how much was shipping altogether ? was it dear or decent ? cause im thinking of buying from their site too

  6. Hey there sweety,
    First of all let me tell you, honestly speaking, you look gorgeous in those dresses I'd say ignore the stock pictures and look at yourself, the dresses you chose suits you well. Well even the blue one looks good but if it's not comfortable then no use. One of my clients faced the same problem so I did a bit of stitching and it was all okay..she wore it in a party and looked really good. The dress itself might not look of the highest quality but after it's ironed and worn , with you all ready with your make up and sandals, it's in fact not a bad choice.
    Do check out my short reviews too

  7. hi,

    I am planning to sell items from wholesale7. What do you think? Is their product is quite reasonable to sell? as well as the quality?


  8. Yes Me too I am planing to sell their items. Is it ok when it comes to quality and everything? Quite reasonable also to sell? thanks


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