Friday, October 28, 2011

Rosé, I love your delicate way

Lately I've been dying to wear an ultra feminine outfit full of pinks, nudes and chiffons, so I've been patiently waiting for the weather to warm up so I can do so! My outfits tend to be quite light, airy and abundant in pastel shades during the warmer seasons, so please bear with me in the future as my outfit posts start containing a higher dose of girliness and all shades of pink (apologies to anyone who despises this particular colour, although yes it shatters my poor heart to think that anyone would not like it at all).

One of my favourite pieces of this outfit is this very lightweight, silk-like salmon pink blazer I purchased from Bardot at the beginning of this year. I love wearing it, because the inside of the blazer is just so smooth and silky and makes it so comfortable to wear! From memory it was about $140 at full price, and I just couldn't justify spending over $100 for a blazer (when I have a ton of them at home, ranging from only about $20 to $60). However when I later saw that it had been marked down to $90, I didn't hesitate and nabbed it straight away lol. It's just such a exquisite item, both to look at and to wear, and I actually try very hard to not go out in it too often, as I have always somehow managed to get food on it on every occasion. 

(Coincidentally, it's always been chocolate, but then not so coincidentally, as I eat nothing but chocolate anyway. There are actually still some chocolate stains inside the blazer, but other than that my monstrous (and messy) chocolate devouring habits can remain a secret -__-)

This was also the second time wearing these heels from out, for which I'm still amazed about in relation to their quality! (Read my haul review here.) For a mere price of ~$20 inclusive of shipping, from a website not particularly well known for its quality nor consistency, and being unsure of the sizing, I have to say I found a real gem with these heels. They actually fit my feet perfectly and are of pretty superior quality. The platform underneath also makes them pretty comfortable to wear as well!

Blazer: Bardot
Top: Portmans
Scalloped shorts: Gmarket
Bag: Collette Accessories 

Necklace: Etsy
Bracelet: Forever 21
Ring: Diva

warning: awkward posing ahead lol.

Okay, perhaps those two weren't excruciatingly awkward but the rest of the batch was. We had these ideas for incorporating the white roses (and aren't they exquisite, by the way?) and the petals in the pictures but unfortunately my awkward modelling proved a little bit of a hindrance to achieving what we envisioned. I think the fact that these roses were actually full of all sorts of creepy crawlies inside, may have had some influence on my uncomfortableness in interacting with them!

if anyone is wondering, the shade on my nails is OPI's Catch me in your net, which is a beautiful glittery sea green/blue :)

(Anyone listen to the Brit band The Feeling? My post title is a line from their song "Rosé", hands down one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard in my whole life!)

gmarket haul and review #2

I'm back again with another haul from Gmarket! (Click here for my first Gmarket review on this blog.) This one was a little more expensive- total amount being 203 200w, plus shipping of 38 310w (via EMS) = 241 510w which is about 206AUD (or 214USD).
Usually I try to keep my online orders under $200 so I don't feel too guilty, but as I was experiencing a serious bout of Maxi/Midi fever for the upcoming spring and summer months, I couldn't resist going just a little over...

White and pink pleated midi dress

As I've mentioned in my previous haul, the links I've provided are not to the actual item, but the seller's store which contains the item if you keep scrolling down.

price: 25 600w ~ 23 USD
size: Free

This was pretty much just as pictured! The quality was lovely, and the colours were accurate (my photos were taken indoors so the colours may seem a little more dull).
I hadn't checked the measurements, but for every item listed on the Gmarket seller's store, I used the model's height as a reference to help envision myself in the actual items. For this particular store, she was listed as 162cm, so I'm about 7cm taller.

Accordingly, the ribbon sits a little higher on my waist, and the dress stops higher up at my calves. 
Although the dress looks slightly different on the model, it was what I had expected taking into account the difference between the model's height and mine!


price: 17 800w ~ 16USD
size: free

I was on the hunt for a very simple maxi/midi dress I could wear casually on a balmy summer night, teamed with a pair of comfy sandals- so I wanted sleeveless, and something free from any patterns or embellishments. Typically, for such a plain design I haven't come across any such black basic maxis or midis anywhere locally for under about $40, so I headed over to Gmarket of course, where I snagged up exactly what I wanted for a bargain price of $16!
The quality is great- the material is definitely on the lightweight side, but that works in my favour because it's something I want to wear for the upcoming summer (or spring) months. Once again, I expected the dress to be a little shorter than it was pictured on the model (this dress is from the same seller's store as the one above, using the same model), so no surprises here in terms of how the actual item looks on me.
I saw a few other lovely casual maxis in the seller's store, as well as on some other stores on Gmarket- but I was looking for something form-fitted and not something reaching my ankles (I don't want to be wearing heels with the dress all the time, it would be preferable it the dress didn't sweep the floor everytime I wore flats!)
In the end I'm happy with my choice, as the slim cut is pretty flattering in all angles, without being too tight and making the dress look like a party dress or something more suited to formal occasions!


price: 18 400w ~ 17USD
size: free

I have serious doubts about the styling decisions for some of these items! Mixing the elegant pleats of the skirt, with a grey jumper, a spot of leopard print, blue/green sneakers (with socks), and a green envelope clutch is something I could never imagine anyone on the streets getting away with. Nonetheless ignoring the questionable outfit combination, I was still captivated by the beautiful coffee-coloured maxi skirt she was wearing! I had such a hard time choosing the best colour, as I loved all of them!

I did wear this maxi skirt in a previous outfit post, for which the link is here. It's clear the higher quality SLR camera and the outdoors setting, provides a much more accurate representation of the item in real life!

In my indoors photos, the graininess of the photos seems to hide the beautiful texture of the dress, which actually has a slight sheen to it, making it looks so high quality and gorgeous! Granted, it was a little expensive for a skirt ($17USD- in Gmarket terms, that is!) but honestly I could've been willing to pay a lot more because it's just such an exquisite item. The pleats are absolutely divine and let's not forget the amazing colour- a beautiful shade of green that's appropriate for both spring and the cooler months.

10/5 (because surely it deserves more than a 100% rating!)

The length was as expected, taking into account the 4-5cm discrepancy between our heights (can't tell specifically which model they used for the skirt, but it doesn't matter as they have similar stats lol).

price: 6 900w ~ 6 USD
size: free

this particular dress is out of stock now, but this one is very similar. Just look for the item code in the drop-down menu on the seller's link (provided above!)

A ridiculous bargain at that price, no? :)  However sometimes it is true to say that "you get what you pay for", and the quality of this skirt is nothing exceptional and actually a little baggier than I expected (so I can only wear it on my hips as it will just fall down).

Nonetheless, it's still wearable, for the most part it was as expected, the quality and the fit aren't disastrous, and I really cannot dock off points when ultimately, I only paid ~ $6 for a maxi skirt (shipping fee not included)!

price: 17 900w~ 16USD
size: free

This blouse is also out of stock, but the seller's site has a plethora of gorgeous blouses, many also coming in this divine shade of wine red.

Quite pleased with this blouse! I have a total blouse obsession and a default outfit of mine when I don't have time to think about how I'm going to dress, is a blouse + jeans or a blouse + shorts. Apologies for not having the stock picture to compare with as does appear to be out of stock, but it was certainly not different to what I had expected. The quality is also fantastic!


price: 27 900w ~ 25USD
size: free

Also out of stock! However visiting the seller's shop again has the unfortunate effect of presenting me with the seller's new collection of beautiful blouses, featuring especially the cutest and prettiest Peter Pan collars ever, with ruffles and polka dots and bright fun colours and basically everything I want to add to my cart for my next order...damn you temptations.

This was one of the more expensive blouses on Gmarket, but it was worth it as the price is still cheap compared to the local stores. A blouse in black is so common instore and online, but I bought it for the gorgeous buttons down the middle and on the sleeves. I feel like I'm repeating myself now, but the quality is great, and it was just as expected :)


Beige jacket

price: 37 900w ~ 34USD
size: free
the most expensive item out of the bunch! And in the end I'm not sure if it was really worth it.

When I was taking photos for the reviews, I did such a shoddy job of tying the jacket:

that I had to untie it to make it look better.

However, the other day I wore the jacket out and took photos for an OOTD, and the knot looked much better!
edit- I thought it was because I had put it on the other side but it was still on the same side. I'm not sure, I think I just arranged it better this time.

However, I was having a little trouble, after tying up the belt, in adjusting the garment so that there wasn't an awkward-looking piece of the inner flap, hanging out in the middle (if that makes sense at all). It's not really such a terrible flaw- it just adds a little bit of an inconvenience when you take it off and put it back on throughout the day- in making sure you've adjusted the jacket and tied it in a way that doesn't look awkward.
The quality is also pretty decent, but the material (rather thin) and the appearance is not really what I was expecting from the stock photos. If I had tried it on I probably would not have paid the price I did!


price: 27 900 w ~25USD
size: 55
Unfortunately, this is also out of stock on the seller's site.

However what I can say is that it is much thicker than I expected, as I thought it would've been of a very light, silky kind of material from the pictures I saw. Slightly disappointed in this respect, as I was on the hunt for a lightweight blazer/jacket suitable for the upcoming warmer months, as I already have plenty of relatively thick and warm blazers.
However, the quality is excellent and the item is flawless. My entire Gmarket order was actually huge, bigger than I expected although I knew I had ordered a lot this time, but mainly because this particular blazer came neatly folded in its own special cardboard box, with its own hanger! So I have no complaints at all about the packaging nor the craftmanship of this blazer, as both are of very high standards.

I may be selling this item as I do have way too many blazers of the thicker material. Please leave a comment below if anyone is interested in purchasing this! I'll be selling this brand new blazer for about $20USD.

4.5/5 (not 5 since I had been expecting something more lightweight!)

White shirt/jacket

price: 14 900w ~13USD
size: free

Will need to iron this out, of course. Unfortunately I'm not entirely happy with this shirt/dress/jacket (whatever it is, it seems to be a strange hybrid of all three!) as the material is quite shiny, reminding me of a science lab coat, and the design looks rather sloppy when worn. I'm not sure if it would have been better in black, but I have too many black cardigans and jackets already so I went for the white. However I think the white not only brings out the wrinkles/creases more, but also has that lab coat appearance, especially if you haven't tied the belt properly.
Perhaps I will need to iron this out first, and then team it up with a different sort of outfit, and then I'll see if my rating for this item changes!


(To make up the remainder of the order, I also got my boyfriend a pair of Fake Calvin Klein underwear, for 8100w ~7USD  :P)

Hope you've enjoyed reading my second review for Gmarket! This haul was definitely one of my bigger ones and I will hopefully stick to my under $200 limit next time, because there will always be a next time...=P

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

outfit of the day

I don't usually do outfit posts at home anymore, because it's so difficult taking high-quality full length shots with my digital camera (and plus the backgrounds with my boyfriend's photoshoots are so much more interesting!) but I really liked today's outfit, so everyone will just have to put up with the inconveniences of scrolling down some disjointed pictorial fragments representing a single outfit that most other people can express in one image.

Top: Yesstyle
Shorts: Gmarket
Cardigan: Sportsgirl
Stockings: Forever New
Brogues: Sportsgirl

I haven't worn these heart stockings in quite a while. However today (which was extremely rainy, cold and windy by the way, a total slap in the face considering yesterday was of soaring temperatures) was just one of those days where I felt like wearing something cute. Peter Pan collars, a pop of mustard yellow, and little hearts dancing around the top of my knees, were enough to leave me feeling satiated.

Friday, October 21, 2011

today was a fairytale

Growing up I always had the misconception that skirts and dresses that went past the knees were unflattering for the female silhouette, and were either too formal or too hippie-ish for everyday style, because of the length (especially for the ones reaching the ankles). This probably has something to do with growing up in the Noughties, a decade in which skinny jeans dominated the denim department, leggings and jeggings started emerging towards the end of that era, and the proliferation of mini skirts and micro shorts played no minor part in fueling the preference of waif-like bodies over curvier, more voluptuous figures.

The point is, it appears that in the last decade that there has always been a social pressure to wear clothes on your lower half, that are as tight-fitting and short as possible. Before maxi dresses and skirts had hit the runway, I and probably a lot of other girls would never have considered wearing such pieces that hide rather than show off our figures! Personally I've always favoured my bottom half over my torso so it's almost ingrained in my head whenever I'm shopping, to try on those clothes which reveal or are tight-fitting around the legs but cover up the top half.

Nonetheless, it's amazing how long-standing attitudes and preconceptions can suddenly shift when new fashion trends are brought out and are embraced by beautiful models and celebrities and peer pressure begins eating our minds away. Does a maxi skirt hide the legs? Yes. Does my boyfriend hate the trend? Sure does. However it somehow doesn't matter when the top fashion bloggers such as Aimee Song  is rocking the socks off one, and I someday stumble upon a maxi skirt in the most gorgeous jade green colour I cannot resist adding to my cart right away (despite my doubts over its versatility)!

Singlet: Valleygirl
Skirt: Gmarket
Bangle: Lovisa
Ring: Diva
Necklace: Lovisa
Flats: (hard to see) Witchery

As always, credit for the photography goes to my boyfriend <3 This shoot was one of our favourites :)



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