Sunday, October 16, 2011

Illustrations for Miss A Suzy's Goodbye Baby concept

(pictured last)

(pictured second from the left)

Key fashion points:
Leather, corsets, metallics, and a strict monochromatic colour scheme.

I do consider it quite bizarre seeing Suzy in a tight-fitting, strapless leather dress, when she is only seventeen years old and Korea can be so conservative. I can see how they toned it down in the first picture with the high neckline, but with the leather dress in the second, opting for some high-top sneakers instead of stilettos does not counteract the fact that she is still exposing a whole lot of leg and curves. I do love the leather dress, but personally I would've chosen one in a more conservative design such as these:

link here

from ASOS: Urban Code leather shift dress

Leather is one of those materials you would be hesitant to have clinging to your curves too much, so opting for a shift dress rather than a bodycon one, with a fitted bodice as with this one from ASOS, still allows you to show off a feminine silhouette by emphasising the waist.

link here

from ASOS: Urban Code leather fit and flare dress

A flirty, fun flare skirt design would also do wonders in softening the look and making the dress more versatile (so that you don't need to be ultra careful with the accessories and shoes in toning the outfit down).

I really do love the second leather dress, mostly because of that flare cut and it's rare to see leather being used in such a feminine and cute way. Unfortunately it's a little out of my price range (although it's on sale, it's still 110 pounds which is about 170AUD). Bummer :(


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  2. The illustrations look really good. I love the first one! This is a really good post!

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  4. Modern mothers have considered the sling type of carriers that similarly looks like a shawl that is draped around the body having the baby inside it Mikey


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