Monday, October 10, 2011

Latest purchases

T by Bettina Liano top $50

Imprint crochet shorts $35

Sasa haul:

B+C eyebrow pencil and pen in one (2x) $13.90 each, Laneige water bank gel cream $31.60, Dr Jart silver label BB cream $19.90

These aren't new products I'm testing out, just stocking up. Dr Jart's BB cream isn't the most perfect BB cream I've discovered as far (a little thick, and grey-ish) but as summer looms up it would be useful to have that impressive SPF 35 protection popped in there.

Laneige is also a brand I'm always pretty content with, as their moisturising products tend to be quite sweet-smelling (not overpoweringly so, but in a very subtle way), and more often than not finds that perfect strike between rich and light so your face doesn't feel either oily or dry, just moisturised.

Sasa is one of the most reliable online sites I get my Asian beauty products from. Dispatches are pretty prompt, the site is easy to navigate, shipping cost is very low, and they have a pretty wide range of products. I also like how you can view customer reviews for everything, although a lot of them do tend to be Chinese and often the Google translated versions generates some confusing, disjointed garble which is very unhelpful.

Ebay cat iPhone cover case $5

I also picked up this super cute little treasure! I've seen the devil ears and the bunny ears, but only very recently have I stumbled upon iphone cases with cat ears poking out at the top, with the cutest little feline face on the back. Just look at its little paws! Of course I had to nab this straight away, this cat case is simply me to a T!

I had a choice between this one and the white version:

I had multiple opinions telling me this one was the cuter option, but I think a black case would be better for a black phone, and the white better with the white iPhone. Plus, I am a sucker for googly eyes and the cat's stare on the white version is just too blank and deadpan for my liking (as they are just two plain dots without any rings around Hello Kitty).

And finally, my very first purchase from Zara. I have stepped into numerous Zara stores in Shanghai and have come away with nothing although my mum finds plenty of gems, and I have regularly stepped into the relatively new Zara in Sydney and simply found the items I  liked to be too expensive, and other items quite cheap-looking.

Zara Basic red jeans, $60

I am really not sure if I should keep these or not. The fit wasn't perfect - it was a little baggy at the knees and calves, and baggy in the back so a little unflattering for the bum. However, I wouldn't be able to size down as there wasn't a Euro 36 (or US 2, or Aus 6) as it would've been too short and probably too tight at the thighs and hips. The material was also nothing spectacular.
Nonetheless, it is the perfect shade of red, and I have been looking so hard for the perfect pair of red jeans. I've seen some fantastic ones by J Brand and True Religion, but they are over my price range as I'd really not like to pay almost $200 for a pair of jeans, especially in a pretty non-versatile colour.
I still think it looks a bit cheap, but maybe the pretty gold buttons and the label on the back will offset this.
At least I have a good amount of time to decide whether or not I should keep them (Zara actually has a generous 30 day period in which you can exchange or return!) Right now I'm leaning towards no, because although I have searched long and hard for the right pair of red jeans, and this is the perfect colour, why should I pay for something that isn't perfect and not to forget, slightly unflattering? I guess I'll see if I change my mind later.

(and yes, I did break my shopping ban. In other shocking news: the sky is blue, water is wet, and kittens are the cutest little critters in the animal kingdom :3)


  1. cutee blue top and cat phone case :D

  2. I have those red Zara pants and they are a freaking godsend. Love them to death and even more so because they were so cheap.

  3. @ xpockiex:
    thankyou! :)

    @ kittenmasks:
    really, you didn't find the fit a bit strange? Personally I would've preferred them to be a bit more snug in certain areas and a little longer, but at least I have a decent amount of time to come to a decision lol. thanks for the help :)

  4. Those shorts! <3
    I want lace shorts like that too! ahh I'm jealous ;) (in a good way)

  5. Love your outfits!! Please check out my blog..


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