Friday, October 28, 2011

Rosé, I love your delicate way

Lately I've been dying to wear an ultra feminine outfit full of pinks, nudes and chiffons, so I've been patiently waiting for the weather to warm up so I can do so! My outfits tend to be quite light, airy and abundant in pastel shades during the warmer seasons, so please bear with me in the future as my outfit posts start containing a higher dose of girliness and all shades of pink (apologies to anyone who despises this particular colour, although yes it shatters my poor heart to think that anyone would not like it at all).

One of my favourite pieces of this outfit is this very lightweight, silk-like salmon pink blazer I purchased from Bardot at the beginning of this year. I love wearing it, because the inside of the blazer is just so smooth and silky and makes it so comfortable to wear! From memory it was about $140 at full price, and I just couldn't justify spending over $100 for a blazer (when I have a ton of them at home, ranging from only about $20 to $60). However when I later saw that it had been marked down to $90, I didn't hesitate and nabbed it straight away lol. It's just such a exquisite item, both to look at and to wear, and I actually try very hard to not go out in it too often, as I have always somehow managed to get food on it on every occasion. 

(Coincidentally, it's always been chocolate, but then not so coincidentally, as I eat nothing but chocolate anyway. There are actually still some chocolate stains inside the blazer, but other than that my monstrous (and messy) chocolate devouring habits can remain a secret -__-)

This was also the second time wearing these heels from out, for which I'm still amazed about in relation to their quality! (Read my haul review here.) For a mere price of ~$20 inclusive of shipping, from a website not particularly well known for its quality nor consistency, and being unsure of the sizing, I have to say I found a real gem with these heels. They actually fit my feet perfectly and are of pretty superior quality. The platform underneath also makes them pretty comfortable to wear as well!

Blazer: Bardot
Top: Portmans
Scalloped shorts: Gmarket
Bag: Collette Accessories 

Necklace: Etsy
Bracelet: Forever 21
Ring: Diva

warning: awkward posing ahead lol.

Okay, perhaps those two weren't excruciatingly awkward but the rest of the batch was. We had these ideas for incorporating the white roses (and aren't they exquisite, by the way?) and the petals in the pictures but unfortunately my awkward modelling proved a little bit of a hindrance to achieving what we envisioned. I think the fact that these roses were actually full of all sorts of creepy crawlies inside, may have had some influence on my uncomfortableness in interacting with them!

if anyone is wondering, the shade on my nails is OPI's Catch me in your net, which is a beautiful glittery sea green/blue :)

(Anyone listen to the Brit band The Feeling? My post title is a line from their song "Rosé", hands down one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard in my whole life!)


  1. you look very pretty babe!!!
    adore you!
    I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  2. I dont care what you say! I think it looks absolutely stunning. I especially love how the sky looks in this picture

  3. wow the picture with the sky is STUNNING!

  4. You are beautiful!
    These photos are amazing!
    Love the location :)

  5. wow it such a pretty look. I wish I could still wear that. It's fall here and it's freezing to wear short T_T. What camera did you use?Such pretty images ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  6. I think you look really good in all the pics! No awkward posing at all :D
    Those heels are gorgeous. I'm really impressed they're holding up because Wholesale-dress dot net shoes always get so much flack for poor quality. They make your legs look miles long, too.

  7. thanks for all the comments! :3 very much appreciated :)

    @ gummymagic:
    I love the sky in that photo too! :) It's nice to have blue skies again when it's been raining so much lately!

    @ Kawaiiparadise:
    haha dw, I'm sure you guys will have plenty of cute layered winter outfits to play around with!
    my boyfriend takes the photos and he uses a Canon eos 5D mark II :) thankyou!

    @ Joey:
    thanks! oh but trust me, there were a lot of awkward-looking ones that we had to delete! xD
    yeah I'm really happy about the shoes. The majority of shoes from Asian wholesale sites have had pretty bad reviews (or the ones I've come across), so although I had a good purchase I'm not really eager to go on a huge shoe spree in the near future!

  8. holy ...O___O you + location = gorgeous. feast for the eyes. not awkward at all. i love the nude/pink combination. so feminine and pretty.

  9. I want your ENTIRE outfit! You're looking amazingly gorgeous. <3

  10. that 3rd to last picture = <3!! I love everything about it!

    I know I shouldn't be asking this because it's the person behind the camera that takes the picture and not the lenses, but what lenses were used for the pictures?

  11. @ Pauline:

    all photography credits -> boyfriend =D

    I just asked him, he said he uses a Canon 70-200 2.8!

  12. Beautiful photos :D - Reb, xoxo (:

  13. absolutely stunning photos!


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