Friday, October 21, 2011

today was a fairytale

Growing up I always had the misconception that skirts and dresses that went past the knees were unflattering for the female silhouette, and were either too formal or too hippie-ish for everyday style, because of the length (especially for the ones reaching the ankles). This probably has something to do with growing up in the Noughties, a decade in which skinny jeans dominated the denim department, leggings and jeggings started emerging towards the end of that era, and the proliferation of mini skirts and micro shorts played no minor part in fueling the preference of waif-like bodies over curvier, more voluptuous figures.

The point is, it appears that in the last decade that there has always been a social pressure to wear clothes on your lower half, that are as tight-fitting and short as possible. Before maxi dresses and skirts had hit the runway, I and probably a lot of other girls would never have considered wearing such pieces that hide rather than show off our figures! Personally I've always favoured my bottom half over my torso so it's almost ingrained in my head whenever I'm shopping, to try on those clothes which reveal or are tight-fitting around the legs but cover up the top half.

Nonetheless, it's amazing how long-standing attitudes and preconceptions can suddenly shift when new fashion trends are brought out and are embraced by beautiful models and celebrities and peer pressure begins eating our minds away. Does a maxi skirt hide the legs? Yes. Does my boyfriend hate the trend? Sure does. However it somehow doesn't matter when the top fashion bloggers such as Aimee Song  is rocking the socks off one, and I someday stumble upon a maxi skirt in the most gorgeous jade green colour I cannot resist adding to my cart right away (despite my doubts over its versatility)!

Singlet: Valleygirl
Skirt: Gmarket
Bangle: Lovisa
Ring: Diva
Necklace: Lovisa
Flats: (hard to see) Witchery

As always, credit for the photography goes to my boyfriend <3 This shoot was one of our favourites :)


  1. The skirt looks gorgeous. This is such a nice relaxed look~ You know, I never found 'over the knee' skirts/dresses very flattering either.. but I think as I've gotten older, my tastes have definitely changed and my style is maturing somewhat. Really depends on the mood I'm in I suppose. It's actually quite refreshing to discover new styles in my adulthood now..

  2. These photos are absolutely stunning! So jealous you can still wear summer clothes...

  3. I have a pleated maxi skirt from gmarket too but haven't worn it yet because I'm afraid of how old-fashioned it'll make me look :/!

    Your outfit is simple but everything flows together so well without being over done. I especially love your bold necklace n_n

  4. @ xxshinrai:
    thankyou! Haha yeah they actually can be flattering with the right cut, and the skirts don't sit too low on the body, and the upper part of your outfit isn't too shapeless and baggy. It's nice to keep evolving with your personal style! :)

    @ Dannii:
    thanks! the weather's actually been quite erratic lately, so that brief period of boiling heat has only been temporary lol!

    @ Mai:
    I'm sure it won't make you look old-fashioned if you work the rest of your outfit well, which I'm certain you can! thanks ^^

  5. love the photos <3 the background is so pretty! and i love your outfit :)



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