Tuesday, November 22, 2011

burgundy and stone

Is it strange to be donned head-to-toe in an autumn palette when it's pushing past 30 degrees outside? I just can't seem to shake out of the season foregone just yet. This is where this burnt orange/stone-coloured little romper with a cut-out back comes in handy, as the earthy tones are perfect for autumn, yet provides enough breathing space for a hot day. I've been extremely appreciative of anything with open backs lately actually- very useful for catching that rare cool breeze that comes by every now and then.

Conversely however what are not fans (heh, unintended pun!) of any sort of wind, are hats, especially of the floppy and light kind. On one hand they're great because they protect you from the harsh sun and on the other you have to make sure you've always got one hand free to hold onto it. I almost wish I could go back to my primary school days where we had those floppy hats with the cord and toggle underneath, which you could adjust to keep your hat in place. See for reference:

Even she wishes to maintain some street cred by not pulling the toggle up all the way so that it rests snugly underneath her chin. But that's just plain silly as the wind's still going to blow your hat off  if it's not firmly secured to your head! If she wanted to be cool she should've simply not worn the hat at all. There's no point in doing a halfway house between cool and dork, because you've achieved neither. When I was in primary I pulled that damn toggle all the way up until I almost choked, and I proudly strutted around the schoolyard oozing of sensibleness and practicality. The fact that I never got a guy during those years, is irrelevant.

Romper: Koom
Belt: Temt
Burgundy floppy hat: Factorie
Shoes: Kagui
Sunnies: markets
Multi-jewelled cuff: Lovisa
Peacock ring: House of Harlow


  1. I love your pictures! They're making me crave for summer again, but it's not even winter here yet XD But in the mean time, I'm going to stalk your blog for outfit ideas so that by the time summer comes around, I'll have some ideas of what to wear.

  2. @ Pauline:
    thankyou! Don't worry, I'm also pretty bummed that we can no longer layer up :( hot weather really limits our outfit ideas! Haha I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, no? :P

  3. Gorgeous romper! Looks like it was beautiful weather when you took these photos. I'm actually looking to find the perfect summer hat at the moment.. the warmer days are drawing near in Australia and I'm getting myself geared up for my lighter summer wear hehe ! Love how you accessorised with the belt btw.. simple but completes the outfit really well <3

  4. @ xxshinrai:
    thankyou! Well the weather was pretty lovely but a little too hot for my liking! in some of the photos you can tell my face is a little oily and the hair is sticking to it haha.
    yep, I'm definitely transitioning to fewer layers as well :) although the weather has been a bit crazy lately so it's hard to know how to dress.
    thanks! :D

  5. this is beautiful! and kudos to your photog because the pictures are incredible! i just found you on LB and traveled my way to your blog. I'm glad I did because your style is so inspiring. Adding you to my bloglovin' right now, miss! <3


  6. @ the love hanger:

    thanks heaps Toni! :)

  7. you are so beautiful and truly inspiring.im so happy i found your blog.keep up the good work. ur newest follower <3


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