Friday, November 25, 2011

"golden hour" inspirations

Not sure if anyone has noticed, but my boyfriend's photography for my photo shoots has shifted gears in the past month or so- no longer am I facing the sun but with my back to it instead, so there's no more harsh light on my face and the dreaded squinty eyes.

We're also taking the photos towards the end of the day at around 6pm, to try and catch the sunset and get some lovely sun flare. Apparently this is "golden hour"- the first and and last hour of sunlight during the day, according to the infallible Wikipedia.

This morning I found the most gorgeous photo shoot for Czech Republic's Marie Claire on one of my favourite fashion inspiration haunts (Fashion Gone Rogue), and I just thought it captured this so stunningly well, it warranted a blog post of its own :)

Vendela Johanssen by Dennison Bertram in Gucci for Marie Claire Czech Republic


  1. nice post !!

  2. love Vendela... is my blog dear in case you want to take a look,kiss


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