Thursday, November 17, 2011

it mustard been love

This day marked two years of my boyfriend and I's relationship (well technically it was the day after, but close enough). Since it was still during my study vacation and I had an exam in a few days, we didn't do anything big and exciting. Completely fine by me, as give me a good meal plus the thickest hot chocolate from Max Brenner and I'm happy as a lark =D We will probably organise something after my exams are over!

As for what to wear- my boyfriend has been pretty agitated lately with my recent dive into sequins (finds them tacky), green (doesn't like the colour), and maxi dresses/skirts (too much body cover-up). As it was our anniversary I thought I might just appease him- surely a cute little short dress can do no wrong. Plus I know for certain that he likes the colour yellow (a colour I used to adamantly steer clear from until I discovered mustard yellow is not so bad on Asian skintones). He however was under a lot more stress as for what to wear- plagued and delayed in the morning by the challenging question, of what a male should wear for a formal occasion in blistering hot weather? I tried to help him in the morning by Google imaging the relevant keywords, and the closest thing I could find were button down shirts and three-quarter shorts. Hardly what you'd call inspiring.

In the end he opted for a polo shirt with jeans which looked totally fine to me, but I do feel sorry for the males who'd like to look a little less casual without frying in the harsh Australian sun. Times like these I really appreciate being female, as quite frankly we're spoilt for choice with all the clothing range available to us.

Onto the pictures now!

Lattice back dress: Paper Hearts
Chiffon cardigan(?): Supre
Heels: Bon Bon

(sorry for the stringy and messy hair- can't be helped on the evening of a hot day :( especially when it's windy too!)
Love this chiffon cardigan/drape (what on earth is it exactly?) thingamabob from Supre! It's only spring over here for us Aussie folks but we're already really feeling the scorch of the summer heat. This white thingy is one the most practical items in my wardrobe. It provides the perfect extra layer in this kind of weather, to spruce up outfits a little more rather than relying solely on jewellery. It's incredibly thin, so that you can scrunch it up in a little ball and shove it in even the smallest of handbags. Practical and Purposeful indeed!

Is it better to wear a bra or not with a dress like this? This was one of those dresses where the back of the bra would cut across the back in an ugly and intrusive manner ruining the dress' intricate lattice design, and even if I wore a bra extender you would still be able to see the bra through the holes. There is no point in showing off the cut-out detail if I'm going to ruin the design with my bra poking out!

In the end I decided to resort to my silicone gel pads, which I haven't worn since my formal days back in 2007 (don't worry, I washed them thoroughly with soap both then in 2007 and the day before I wore them again!) And JUST like back on the day of my formal, they still felt strange, unnatural and paranoia-inducing, especially considering the pads tend to lose their stickiness after time (I'm pretty sure 4 years is long enough lol). It would be a terrible thing if the adhesiveness wore off as I was walking down a busy street, so I brought a back-up bra in my bag.

Thank goodness I had no need for it, as the gel pads stuck on as firmly as they did in 2007! I'm relieved that they didn't fall off, but it will always feel weird going out without a bra on and putting the sake of your dignity in the hands of two sticky thingies?? Yet I didn't know how else to make the back of my dress look more aesthetically pleasant. I do think it looks quite unattractive to have your undergarments displayed brazenly to the public despite how much more practical and convenient that option might be. Boobs. Such pesky and troublesome things.

My accessories close-up.

Cuff: Lovisa
Necklace: Lovisa
Earrings: (my favourite! For obvious reasons) Tree of Life

(anyone a fan of Roxette? Super successful pop duo in the 80s and 90s. They released a song called "It Must Have Been Love" that was featured on the Pretty Woman soundtrack. The title is a play on words because it was our anniversary, and the colour of my dress was mustard...yes arrest me for my lameness. But does anyone even remember music from that era? Or am I simply too old. Well I wasn't born yet either when the song was first released...but come on, it's a classic!!)


  1. I adore Lovisa <3 you wore the dress really well but I can definitely empathise about the silicon pads.. damn chicken fillets haha I feel super paranoid about wearing them. I think I wore them once in Year 12 as well and then maybe 2 years later for a friend's birthday. Haven't really touched them since :S

  2. @xxshinrai:

    thanks! Haha glad to hear I'm not the only one! It feels like you're not wearing anything at all to cover that area when you're going out. Some people might love that feeling, I certainly don't! xD


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