Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Latest purchases

Paper Hearts mustard yellow lattice back dress- $40AUD

I wore this on the weekend for a shoot, which was also coincidentally my boyfriend and I's two-year anniversary. I'll be uploading the pictures soon!

Ebay rose jumper- $32AUD

There were so many pink loose threads dropping off as I took it out of its plastic packaging, creating a trail from my bedroom to the hallway outside where I took these photos. As these are a knock-off of the American Apparel rose jumpers, I wonder if the genuine thing actually leaves such a mess behind. I don't want to be like a cat or dog that leaves fur on furniture and people's bodies everywhere I go!

Glassons floral dress $60AUD

Honestly, is there any scope at all for describing this dress as "red"? I tried this on in one store and fell in love with it but they didn't have my size, so I trekked over to another location, and tried to confirm in the morning with them. It took a while for the girl to find it since I had insisted it was a "red floral dress" but after giving her a variety of other descriptors including the item code, she said "ohh you mean the pink one in the window." I was adamant it was red! The first store's lighting may have been a bit dark, but surely you can't go wrong calling it a deep pink/red. She however said "no, there is no pink at all." Oh well, I got what I wanted in a size very few stores had left, and it's a gorgeous little dress regardless of what colour anyone says it is! :3

Ebay crochet shorts- $30

Without being stretched out a little by my hanger, the waist is tiny. When there is zero stretch to it, it looks like a little kid's pair of shorts. I can manage to squeeze into them, but mind you that's only when the elastic's being stretched to its absolute maximum. Pack on a little Christmas weight (which I'm anticipating) and I'd be worried that these will burst.

from Adambeauty.com- Kate My Colour pencil in brown (Br-2)- $5 each

Adambeauty.com is great for making small purchases because the shipping rate is already included in the product (which is already at a very competitive price anyway), and only an extra $2 for EMS or registered post. Total price was therefore $12.

What I actually purchased was a refill, where I had already bought a holder and a refill separately back in April. The holder is  $7HKD, which is only less than $1 USD or AUD so it's no biggie. When that refill was up, I bought two more and it was too easy to plug it in the holder to use again.

I only use a pencil liner for the bottom of my eyes so it is actually pretty quick that I've used one up in only 3 months. The eye pencil already looks tiny in its holder- but the product is not even half of it! It only makes up the clear plastic part at the top. The size is just so cute though >_< Damn Asian beauty manufacturers always know how to get me with their adorable packaging.

Lovisa spiked necklace, $9 (reduced from $20)
Impulse buy, I think. A fleeting desire to incorporate edgier styles into my wardrobe!

Markets, $15
I'm not an avid sunglasses brands guru so I've no idea what label this style has knocked off, but all I was looking for were sunglasses that didn't slide off my nose and weren't so oversized as to eat up my face. I had such a difficult time choosing between this in the purple tint and the honey tint- but in the end I settled for purple as it matches my skin tone and hair colour more!

from Mexy Shop, I got both items for ~$20

I did a review for this Taiwan-based Asian fashion online store here!

Urban Outfitters, coral/red jeans $51.65 incl shipping

I actually wanted to return these, but that would result in me wasting more than $27- a little over $17 for shipping from Aus to the US, + the $10 I spent on shipping from UO to me in the first place. I just don't think it's a very versatile piece, but on the bright side:
  • these are extremely comfortable! The material is very soft, like jeggings but thicker.
  • the price isn't too bad- a lot of jeans around the $50 mark are pretty shoddy quality- I find that often the material is really hard and uncomfortable.
  • everyone else likes them even if I don't. I've always had the tendency to find it hard to accept positive feedback, but perhaps over time I'll be swayed.
Due to the excessive spending (by my standards) lately I think I'll give it a break for a while, and focus on selling my stuff again. I will be moving out at the end of this year/early next year to an apartment, so I'd probably be leaving a lot of clothes behind anyway. For my older/outdated clothes I'll probably just shove them all in a huge bag and donate them to one of those charity bins. Super uber keen to get rid of everything! 


  1. You have some great purchases. Haha my faves would have to be that "Red" floral dress and the lace shorts.

    Can't wait to see the OOTD post with the yellow dress, the back cutout design looks really intereting

  2. Great haul! So many things I like, but probably like the rose jumper, the red (or pink) :P dress and the spikey necklace.

    I so know what you mean. I'm moving back to Malaysia in January and have to pack up 5 years-worth of my life here. I've already donated 3 bags, but there seem to be so much left!

  3. The paper hearts dress is really cute! I love the lattice design detail at the back ^_^


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