Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mexyshop review

On September 26th I placed an order with an up-and-coming Asian fashion online store called Mexy Shop.  I was drawn to this store for its real-life photos of its products modelled, a welcoming change from other similar sites which don't and makes it a bit of a gamble in ordering as you're not sure what you might get. (Proof of using their actual models and photos, is given in this link showing behind-the-scenes snaps of their photoshoots.)

Having a look at their product range, I did recognise a lot of their stock from the popular websites such as Wholesale-dress.net and Wholesale7.net (I've a keen eye from all the mindless Internet "window" shopping I do on a daily basis lol). This does not necessarily mean that the quality and outcome of the products received will all be the same- the same photos can be distributed to factories all over China and Taiwan but the workmanship may differ. Since the people over at Mexy Shop are under that extra bit of pressure to make their stock look good, as they have to take their own photos of them, I was hoping that they had a more reliable supplier list with higher standards of quality and conformity to the desired design.

Unfortunately I ran into a rather annoying and inconvenient communication roadblock with Mexy Shop in various stages of the order. This is a timeline of the problems:

(note that this all may seem like an extremely lengthy wall of text, but I thought a timeline specifying the particular communication issues I ran into might be useful for anyone else contemplating ordering from Mexy Shop. However don't merely think that the lengthiness of all that I've written is an absolute indication that  Mexy Shop is a place to avoid at all costs, or that the communication problems experienced were very serious.)

Communication with Mexy Shop
  • Sept 26: I placed my order (1 green chiffon dress, 1 black and white contrast dress), receiving an automated Order Confirmation email
  • In this period, I sent them a few emails asking if the order had been shipped out yet, since the site said a shipping notification email will also be sent, but I hadn't received one
  • Oct 2: I had paid via Paypal, so I opened a dispute. This wasn't so much because I was now thinking that Mexy Shop were actually scammers and I wanted my money back asap, but I've had lack of responses from other online transactions and opening a Paypal dispute has almost certainly prompted a response from the sellers.
  • Oct 3: Mexy Shop replied, saying that one of my items was actually out of stock, and that's why a shipping notification had not been sent. So basically my order was just sitting there and could not be shipped out, where I had received no notification of it being OOS. My order obviously had to be cancelled or have the item replaced with something else, but I received no communication about this at all.
  • So in that email, the representatives apologised and asked if I wanted a refund for that item or replace it with another item. This OOS item was the green chiffon pleated maxi dress, which also had a white version and a mustard yellow version. In the photos the mustard yellow looked a little see through for some reason, so I replied back with a question as to whether the yellow came with an inner lining.
  • Oct 4: they replied back, not answering my question, but saying "no problem, your parcel has been shipped out yesterday".
  • Clearly the inference from that email, was that they had somehow gotten hold of the green maxi dress now and my original order could now go through. They also provided me with the tracking no.
  • Oct 4: they sent me a Shipping Confirmation email. This included "1 x Green chiffon dress" (along with my other dress I ordered).
  • In this period, I kept on putting in my tracking no. with the tracking website they provided me (Taiwan posting service) , but it always came up as "No data!" for some reason. They had sent me a tracking no, but this was indicating that it hadn't been shipped yet.
  • Oct 12: I made a query about that issue via email to Mexy Shop, but once again, no response.
  • Oct 17: All this time I had been communicating them via my Gmail account- I thought is it possible that their email has issues with receiving emails from other people's Gmail accounts? It seemed a bit unlikely especially since Mexy Shop's email was Gmail as well, but I thought I'd give this theory a go and sent them the same email about the tracking difficulties, via another Hotmail email address of mine.
  • Oct 17: they replied on the same day. They said "some of the emails went to my junk email and I have just found out today". They then provided me with a different tracking site. This time, instead of "no data" it said that the item had been "dispatched from the originating country's exchange office".
  • So I'm not sure if my theory about Gmail emails turned out to be correct, as I'm not sure if they saw my Hotmail email because it was also in the junk emails folder which they only opened recently (seeing this along with my Gmail emails), or if after reading my Hotmail email that appeared in their inbox they thought about having a look at the Junk email.
  • Oct 21: the package from Mexy Shop arrived.
  • Oct 27: I missed the delivery so this was the date I went to pick it up from the post office. I opened the package, and guess what? I didn't receive my original order. Going back to the emails of Oct 3-4: they told me that the green chiffon dress in my original order was out of stock, I then sent a query (no confirmation!) about the yellow version, they then replied saying "no problem your order has been shipped", ALSO sending me a shipping notification which clearly stated "1 x green chiffon dress". Therefore I had obviously been expecting my green dress as planned, but for some reason they decided to send me the yellow!
  • Oct 27: I sent them an email (from Hotmail) telling them I hadn't received what I ordered.
  • Oct 28: they replied, with an apology, and said they could me a refund for the dress, as well as keep it as a compliment from Mexy Shop.
  • Oct 28: they refunded me, and I closed the Paypal dispute (which I had escalated later in the meantime).

As I mentioned above the timeline, the lengthiness is not to be taken as an indication that the lack of communication was very severe (they did reply and apologise at some points), nor a personal recommendation from me to stay away from Mexy Shop completely.

Yes I experienced some communication problems, and some inconvenience, but let's not forget the outcome at the end was pretty reasonable. I received the black and white dress (there hadn't been any problems with this in the first place), and although I didn't receive my green chiffon dress as they had indicated but the yellow version - at least they gave me a refund as well as allowing me to keep the dress so I avoided shipping charges to send this back to them, as well.

Although I really, really preferred the green version (it was a mint green, a colour I especially wanted since I already have warm-coloured maxis), the mustard yellow is OK as a replacement. If I look at it this way- as they refunded me the money for that dress, I had paid $25 (incl shipping) and received two dresses. Despite all the complications during the order, and receiving the wrong item, I guess in the grand scheme of things I hadn't expended too much for what it was worth.

I applaud you for being able to sit through all that text lol, so breathe a sigh of relief as I move on to the pictures and the reviews of the actual items.

Items from Mexy Shop

price: $18.50
size: free

Unfortunately I hadn't properly checked the measurements of the dress when I ordered it. When I tried it on, it was too short for me to wear without stockings underneath (especially when the inner lining inside is shorter). I had been planning to wear this for summer but it doesn't look like I can. However, I can definitely save it for autumn and winter when I pair it with some stockings or leggings.

The quality was ok, and was something you'd expect anyway for something under $20. The nudish pink material up at the shoulders and on the back of the dress, is a much thinner chiffon material than the rest of the dress, and does seem quite flimsy. 
There is also a practical issue with the dress, as the elastic around the waist keeps riding up, making the dress shorter and making it look more puffier around the bust area. (I added a belt to help make it stay in place, but it still rode up). However this might not be a problem for more petite girls, as it might not ride up so much and even if it does, the shorter length wouldn't be a worry.

I'd give it 4/5, because the quality isn't outstanding and the dress itself isn't very practical- however a more petite girl might not go through the issues I just mentioned.

(the dress that was the root of all the problems!)

price: $19.50USD
size: free

It seems that the mustard yellow is also out of stock now. However, the white is available for a cheaper price than what I paid for it (this one is $14.50).

Once again, quality wasn't amazing, and there were some loose threads here and there:

However I can't really complain as the price was pretty low (under $20), it is pretty close in conformity to the stock photo, and the mustard colour is quite lovely! It came with inner lining and although the model seems to be wearing a singlet top inside, it wasn't see-through at the chest area. The straps are very thin though, so I'll need to handle this dress quite carefully.


Therefore, I would recommend Mexyshop's items for the low prices and very affordable shipping (free shipping worldwide over $50! Otherwise flat rate of $4 worldwide, or $50 with express...although I'm very curious to know if anyone has ever selected that option lol), and the closeness to the items' photos. Just be prepared for possible communications mishaps, but it's possible that I was just unlucky.


  1. That is quite unprofessional of them, but I'm glad that things worked out in the end. But I have to wonder, where is Mexyshop "located" at? It seems that they're not that fluent in English? Or maybe I'm apprehending it in a wrong way.

    The dresses look lovely on you though! Especially the mustard maxi dress. :)! <3

  2. This is an interesting review. I love the the detail that you went through. I think they are not very good at English, but they are reasonable as they refunded your money and gave you a dress! You look really adorable ^ ^

  3. @ Wai: well on their website they say their head office is located in Taiwan, and they ship to Taiwan.
    Actually I think some of their representatives are fluent in English whereas some aren't, because the information provided on their website demonstrates a pretty good knowledge of grammar and sentence structure. In some of their emails their English was pretty good, but in some it was a little poor.

    thankyou! :D

  4. @ Nana:

    haha yeah despite all the miscommunication and inconvenience, they did ultimately respond to everything in a reasonable manner and I'm happy it's all over.

    Thanks! :)

  5. I love the mustard colored maxi dress. It look so gorgeous..
    You look gorgeous too of course. lol

  6. Thanks for the review. I always dread having to communicate with wholesale website's customer services people. Mexy isn't a wholesale website, but it seems like their people are unprofessional and have a problem understanding and communicating the right info.
    I understand the pain you went through as it was a nightmare for me to chase up an order (from another website).
    Still, you got really pretty things for the price, so all's good :D

  7. That communication problems sounds super annoying! I sent tons of emails to the online shop if I didn't get any notification at least within the 24hours window.. LOL
    But that was ver patient of you
    At least you got two lovely dresses :)


  8. @ Joey:

    they're not actually a wholesale website? It seems like they are because they're not stocking their own brands and the prices are pretty cheap. Yes customer service is indeed a hassle sometimes...

    thankyou! :D

  9. @ Stevia:

    Haha yeah I was very tempted to spam their inbox, but then I thought oh I'll try not to be a pest as they're a relatively new store. Thankyou! ^^

  10. Im on the facebook group for Mexy too but have never ordered from them before! I think that what they did in the end was good, since they let you get a refund and keep the dress but sometimes it;s just frustrating because it's not always about the money!

    Omg I scrolled down to your previous post and girl you are GORGEOUS!!!! I think I have a girl crush....sorry if Im creeping you out hahahaha and the photos are amazing, who takes them for you and with what camera?!

  11. Oh, I think wholesale refers to selling in bulk, thus having to stock up. Most wholesale websites actually target business owners though they don't mind selling to regular consumers like us.
    I'm not sure, but I think Mexy is just a regular online shop. Most online shops don't sell their own brands anyway (unless of course you're referring to high street names like H&M, Zara etc) :)

  12. @ suki pooki:
    true it's not always about the money, but luckily it wasn't an urgent order or anything so I can forgive them :P

    lol thanks >_<" My boyfriend (<3) takes them for me, and he uses a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. However he could probably take pro photos with any camera! :)

  13. amazing first dress !!!
    your blog is very interesting!
    i follow!!


  14. Awww...it's really too bad your communication with Mexy had issues. I've shopped at Mexy b4 and both communications and shipping was perfect. But I ordered and message them via Facebook the whole time.

    So maybe their Facebook is checked more regularly?

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