Monday, November 7, 2011

Renkoh Sasaki editorial

Not sure if anyone else gets the same vibe- but there's something about some of the photos that is just so perfectly imperfect. In the third, the angle is slightly tilted and the man on the bike on the right is clearly in the way, but his intrusive presence and bright yellow shirt somehow go so well with the photo. The composition and posing of the model in the second is also a little odd, with her face buried in the umbrella and her arm hanging out in that manner, but once again it seems perfectly offbeat.

The light, frizzy hair and the model's poses combined with the bold colours create a quirky sort of mix of whimsical + retro. I absolutely love it! It would be incredible to achieve fraction of this amount of genius in one of my photoshoots.


  1. totally agree!! mis match is totally in at the moment! there was so much of it in fashion week!

  2. loving this!!!! cute blog as well

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