Friday, December 30, 2011

pink bathed in gold- Part II

As promised, I present Part II of my boyfriend's incredible photoshoot with me (see Part I here) I decided to split it into two posts so as to prevent mass photo spam in a single post.

I love the above pictures because it looks like I'm standing atop some metallic, highly reflective surface almost resembling water. It was really just ordinary pavement but my bf turned it into something surreal (in my opinion at least).

So now you're probably all sick of my face and the same dress lol. Pinky promises that this is the end of the photo set (although there's a hundred more, as always). Hope everyone is well :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

pink bathed in gold - part I

Whenever in doubt over outfit coordination, you can always rely on a statement dress to do all the talking for you. Sit back and let a bold colour or print dress take the limelight, and work a few little accessories around it. It's the perfect way to achieve maximum impact with minimal effort! :D 

I absolutely love stumbling upon something that already looks like a work of art on the hanger, which is just how this dress appeared to me (see my haul with it here). It could just be my inner girly girliness speaking, but I find immersing yourself and flouncing around in a bundle of soft, chiffon pink layers to be one of the biggest mood-lifters clothes can offer you without making you spend more money.

Dress: Glassons
Bangle: Lovisa
Neclace: Etsy
Ring: Disney Couture

I love the flare right at my calves, kind of looks like I just teleported into the middle of a field!

^ did you spot the photo-bombing ibis?

I have to admit I haven't been in the best state of mind in the past week. I've been pretty stressed and depressed lately which leads to lots of overeating which is what happens when I'm stressed. I'm so excited to see the end of all the Christmas pressures so I can take a deep breath and go back to eating right :) I hope everyone else has had a good Christmas at least!

Anyway this only completes Part I of what I consider to be one of my boyfriend's best ever photoshoots. I'm super proud of him and lucky to be the main subject of his shoots once again :) stay tuned for Part II!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Master & slave

Back in an October post I bought this strange hybrid garment off Gmarket, which I couldn't quite classify as a shirt, dress, or jacket. Sadly this confused piece ended up bearing most resemblance to a scientist's lab coat instead. The item came with a belt (really just a piece of white string) which made the fit a little more flattering but I still didn't like it. Here is the unhappy-looking, drab piece of cloth:

Dismayed at another failed online purchase, I stashed it somewhere in the nether regions of my closet. A few weeks ago however, as I was gathering a bunch of never-worn clothes to sell, I came across this again and tried to think of ways to make use of it.

Behold, the transformation from geeky laboratory apparel to casual chic!

I settled on the conclusion this item was indeed a shirt (albeit a really long one), and I was going to tuck it in some denim cut-off shorts with a singlet top inside. I also unbuttoned the cuffs and rolled up the sleeves for a laidback, summery look. Got rid of the cheap-looking white piece of string (I mean, "belt") since I was already tucking the shirt in. The result? Hopefully something a lot more fashionable than the way the Gmarket store model and I were wearing it previously. Now it's as if I've a new white blouse on my hands, in an oversized fit with a big baggy pocket and long lapel. Hurrah!

Shirt/jacket: Gmarket
Denim shorts: Lee
Stockings: ASOS
Wrap bracelet: Zipia
Necklace: Etsy
Rings: House of Harlow, Diva
Black wedges: Therapy

It's a little disheartening that after so many casual "modelling" experiences with my boyfriend's camera in public, I still stiffen up in the middle of one of Sydney's busiest parks, at the busiest time of the year. I don't know how other fashion bloggers do it, especially those with much more conspicuous and crazy outfits than mine. Anyone have any tips on beating the recurring jabs of self-consciousness when posing with people constantly passing by? It would be so much easier to pose for a few "happy snaps" like the average tourist, but that's not what I blog for. But before I even ask for advice, I guess I already know the answer is purely and simply confidence. Confidence to ignore (and for some, even revel in) the stares of passer-bys and and just focus on producing good results for the camera. It's one of my goals to keep working hard on that in the future :)

When I haven't a lame witty pun up my sleeve for a post title, I resort to the most played song in the car on the way to the shoot location. And everytime I get to plug in my iPhone into the car speakers, I always force my poor boyfriend to listen to this little nugget of pure eargasm and musical genius over and over again. It's got to be one of my most favourite tracks of the year. Enjoy the acid trip.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tumbling horses

Take a long, hard look at my blouse, and tell me you're not absolutely enchanted by the sea of super cute little equine figures just tumbling all over each other across this tunic blouse from ASOS. I love how the outstretched little legs and tails make the horses look like they're all floating weightlessly around each other, tranquil and dreamy in a state of transcendence. Did your keen eyes also notice the defined hooves at the ends of their legs? I thought it appropriate to match the genius horse print detail with the little black hearts on   these beloved stockings from Forever New. Should any of these horses ever fall, at least they'd land on a little piece of love. I see that my corniness knows no bounds.

Furry hat- Bardot
Tunic blouse- ASOS
Scalloped shorts- Gmarket
Wrap bracelet- Dangerfield
Heart stockings- Forever New
Bow booties- Pinet
Rings- Diva, Disney Couture

I always thought it was a crying shame that this furry hat with the furry pom poms dangling on the side received such few wears during this year's winter! The drastic drops in temperature in Sydney lately may have been a blessing in disguise, as I can plop this furry ball of happiness on my head one last time before bidding it farewell for six months or so *tear*

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gmarket haul # 3

I'm trying to stick to a self-imposed shopping ban for as long as I can before Christmas, which is obviously a time where I'll have to be spending lots of money. Naturally I was super excited to do a haul from Gmarket where I wouldn't have to shell out a single dollar, using a combination of leftover funds in my G-Account and two gift certificates from Gmarket. Altogether this was 103 200w (~ 89 USD) inclusive of shipping, which I took completely out of my G-Account. *hurrah!*

(link is to the Gmarket seller's store)

price: 5 400 w ~ 4.6USD
size: free

I'm starting off the review with this one, because unfortunately it's the only item I'm actually keeping. 
This usamimi headband has wire inside and can easily be twisted in any way you want. It's easy to put on your head and if tied properly, won't slip off when you move around. The outer denim material is also great quality, and the entire thing seems pretty sturdy. The studded stars are also super cute and seem to be firmly affixed onto the headband.

As for whether it looks like the stock photo, sure does! No unexpected nasty surprises and overall the headband is a pretty great find for such a low price (not even $5 USD, excluding shipping).


price: 25 900 w ~ 22USD
size: 26

Buying jeans from Gmarket has been a success for me as I've stuck to one seller's store, which seems to be pretty consistent with sizing and quality. This haul I took a little risk by purchasing my regular size (26) from a different store and lo and behold, they don't fit and are too small, bummer :(

The thing is, I know that if they weren't high waisted they would fit me fine as I can get them over my hips (barely) but it's zipping and buttoning at the waist that proves to be quite the impossible mission for me. (In the pic I managed to zip it up all the way but that's only because it was in the morning when my stomach is practically empty. Mind you the jeans were still uncomfortably tight, and it was very relieving to finally remove them.) 

Therefore, I can't really say if the sizing from this Gmarket seller runs small based on this purchase, or if it's simply because of the high-waisted design that makes it unable to fit me. Let's just take it as a valuable lesson that one should always be careful with sizing when it comes to anything high-waisted, especially if you are not the kind of person who diligently does 100 situps before sleeping. As they're more of a winter/autumn colour, I'm going to see if in the next few months or so I can fit in them comfortably, and if not, I'll just sell them.

So now that I've covered sizing, what about the quality and likeness to stock photo? They do look very much like what I saw in the pictures so +1 for receiving what was to be expected. Judging from the creases in the model's photos (especially from the back view) you can tell the material isn't actually very thick. Very true, the jeans were quite thin as I tried them on. They also weren't soft and stretchy, so not super duper comfortable like jeggings.

Nonetheless, apart from not being able to fit me, they would still warrant a high rating mainly because they were true to stock photo, reasonably comfortable, and points also for the absolutely gorgeous deep wine red/burgundy/maroon/whatever you call it colour that is so highly coveted this season.


(my computer also shows a "warning! something's not right here" message, saying something about the site possibly containing malware. As an additional warning from myself, proceed with caution! I went ahead anyway as the threat of a computer virus is no hindrance to my desire to order cute shoes.)

^ I received the wrong item- the one I got was No. 1023.

price: 39 700w ~ 34 USD 
size: 35

Good lord, I was like a rabid animal opening the shoe box since this was the purchase I was MOST excited about, and what do they do? They send me the wrong item! *raging* This has never happened to me on Gmarket before, and I wasn't too excited to embark on what could possibly be a lengthy and frustrating communication process with the seller.

To illustrate what I mean, here is an example of one attempt at communicating with a different Gmarket seller (also selling shoes):

Anyone else feel reminded of this famous 4Chan post? HAS ANYONE REALLY BEEN FAR EVEN AS DECIDED TO USE EVEN GO WANT TO DO LOOK MORE LIKE. My head is spinning.

Every single line (except for the "thankyou..." line, I understand that part) in their reply to my question just makes zero sense. And this is only one example of some odd and confusing replies Gmarket sellers have sent to me in response to my questions in the past. Clearly, I had good reason to dread the communication process I'd be needing to have to get a refund back.

Luckily, it actually turned out to be a success! I've tried to provide below, a sort of mini guide on-

What to do when Gmarket sends you the wrong item

Scroll down to the bottom of the seller's site, and find a section called "Question and Answer". This section provides the seller's contact number, address and email. It's easiest however to just click on "Inquire about items". 

If you're already logged in, a pop-up like this should come up:

Select the relevant radio button at the top. I chose "Return".
Then just put in your email and message!

Instead of just writing "I ordered item no. __ and received item no. __, can I please have a refund", improve your chances of getting your monies back by providing PROOF. I took photos of the boots I received, the shoe box with the wrong item code on it, and uploaded them on Photobucket and provided the links in my message.

When you're done, just press submit! :) easy as pie.

The next day, Gmarket sent me an email, which went like this:

"hello ,Sorry that we had sent you an incorrect pair the staff may confused with the numbers, we`ll send you a refund right away,please do check. thank you"

Some hours later, I received another email from Gmarket, which went like this:
"Thank you for shopping on Gmarket.
Your cancellation has been completed. Please check following details.
If you have any other questions or problems, please contact us anytime.
We will try our best to serve you in all ways possible.
Thank you."
I logged back into Gmarket, checked my "Overseas order", and found that the item with the shoes had been removed already. I also checked my G-Account and found that they had deposited 42 200w. That amount actually confuses me because it's not the amount I originally paid for the shoes, nor is it is the price of the shoes now (price went down), so it's probably original price of the shoes plus calculated shipping cost?

Regardless, I'm just happy to have the refund back in my G-Account so quickly- within the next day. The overall communication process was a total breeze! 

Basically I got a refund for the money I spent for the shoes, and an extra pair of shoes laying around which I could probably sell or give to someone. The outcome would've been even better if the wrongly processed shoes were even in my size (these are size 35), but selling them off after receiving them for practically free is not such a bad result in my books.

So might as well review the shoes themselves, no?

The Gmarket seller is for a company called Shoesone, which has their own website here. So if you like any of the designs on the seller's page but don't want to order via Gmarket, you could most likely find that style on their website and order directly from there. They seem to specialise in knock-off designer shoes.

Although they're not what originally caught my eye and not what I ordered, I have to admit these black studded boots are still pretty hot and would be nice to keep, if they fit me. The pleather material is decent quality and everything seems quite sturdy. The studs are firmly glued on and there are no flaws in the stitching either, from what I can see.

As I've already mentioned, these are too small (size 35) so I can't model them and determine how comfortable they are. However, I don't think they'd be too uncomfortable as the heel is nice and solid and not too high, and the shoe material isn't so rock hard and stiff that you'd be getting blisters by the end of the day from your heels rubbing the inside of the shoes. So from what I can physically see, and my guess of the comfort factor, I'll probably give this a 5/5.

The rating is for the shoes themselves, not taking into account the customer service I received as I did receive the wrong item. (Although the communication and refund process was pretty smooth and quick anyway.)


Some hiccups this time round with my order, but in the end I have to remember that I didn't have to fork out a dollar for any of this anyway. I'll still be whoring myself out for Gmarket in the near future, you know it!



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