Sunday, December 4, 2011

wrapped up in roses

I bought this 3D rose jumper off Ebay recently and in my post (link here) I was describing how I was feeling like a bit of a hairy pet with all the stray pink threads this jumper was leaving behind everywhere- on my other clothes, the floor, my bed, etc. However after having tried it on, and giving it a few more shakes and brush-downs, I seemed to have removed most of the loose ends and the jumper was ready for wear. It was just a bit disconcerting having to sweep up so many threads in the beginning- it was like the jumper was falling apart!

Anyway since I had my heart set on wearing this rose jumper I had to keep the rest of the outfit simple as the jumper is eye-popping enough as it is with all the rose outline detail. So I went with a plain singlet and shorts, for which I kept both white because I wanted to create a fresh, floral look. Well actually I was really just imagining the dream rose bed for the home I'd be moving in with my perfect husband and perfect family. If Jensen Ackles is unavailable, then I at least would put white and pink flowers together in the garden or in a bouquet Mr Ackles could send my way as an apologetic "wish it weren't so" gesture.  (joking...)

Rose jumper: Ebay (this is the American Apparel 3D rose jumper knockoff, for about $70 cheaper)
Key necklace: House of Harlow
Shorts: Supre
Heels: Bon Bon
Rings: Equip, Diva

Apologies for the lack of eye contact and variety in these pictures. I was having one of those bad "face" days as opposed to bad hair days. Ignoring my rather dismal-looking appearance, it would be a shame and waste to not post any pictures up. More cheerful looking pics and posts to come later, I promise :)


  1. This jumper is so cool, I really love the rings that you're wearing too. And I doubt you were having a bad face day. :3

  2. This is such a lovely jumper! And the color looks so perfect with your lilac purple nails! Cute outfittt :)

  3. absolutely following you! pretty girl ;)

  4. Your photos are always so beautifully taken ~

  5. thanks for all the comments! much appreciated <33

  6. We all have those days. Regardless, love the outfit.

  7. Hi Izzy, thanks for dropping by my blog and left a sweet comment! And not just that, you are following my blog too! Thanks so much and I'm following you back.
    Regarding the camera, my bf bought me a Canon 1000D last year for Christmas, which I used to take the pics. Although, the trick is the lens we used! We discovered this affordable and great lens by Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8. I took a pic of this lens in my Collection #13 too! =) Hope this info will help you to take much more beautiful pics. You are already gorgeous =)

  8. @ Diva in Me:

    no problem! I only wish that I had discovered your blog earlier, your style is impeccable and you are absolutely gorgeous! :)

    Oh ok, thanks! I have been on the lookout for a nice affordable SLR lately. I will check out the lens as well. Thanks again, much appreciated! :)

  9. Niceee, love your jumper! *__*

  10. WOW, stunning photos! you look amazing! (:

  11. the jumper is so pretty and so are you! :) hope your day is going well now :)

  12. The sweater is such a great find -x-

  13. I love your rose jumper! That color looks amazing on you! I have been eyeing the AA version of this top for some time now. The fabric is just beautiful!

  14. I love this look! The rose jumper looks adorable on you. I like your style, I'm your newest follower!

  15. The color and texture of this shirt is so unique. I love it!

    found the route

  16. lovely top and I love your rings ;)
    follow each other?

  17. That blouse is o beautiful, you look amazing!
    I found your blog on WhatIWear ;) I follow your inspiring place! kisses.


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