Sunday, January 29, 2012

Coral cravings

I've always harboured a serious love for sequins but this time I decided to tone it down with a subtle sequinned neckline- after all, the bright coral of the top should speak for itself. I also wanted to wear a high-waisted skirt but sadly I'm much more of a shorts person, so I thought why not pull out something from my "for sale" box? Since no one had wanted to buy it I decided to remove the tags and just keep it for myself, haha. My loss has become my gain again...which is kind of silly. They're still shorts but the loose fit is exactly what I had envisioned. 

Sequin top: Taobao
Bow-tied shorts: Gmarket
Matte black cuff: Colette Accessories

I have to say I absolutely loved wearing this outfit- the materials of both the top and shorts are very similar, very soft, loose and flowy, and almost silky. It's a dream wearing something pretty yet something so comfortable against your skin. You just want to touch yourself all day!

My new circle lenses are actually pretty intimidating up close, sorry for the bug-eyedness. They look a lot better from far away!

hope everyone is safe and well! xx I've got my Legal Profession (summer school) exam in two days so that's why I haven't been so active lately- but after that, freedom! But only for one month, before uni starts again. *short-lived victory dance*

Monday, January 23, 2012

la dolce vita

Your eyes do not deceive you, I have worn a similar ensemble in a previous post, sans the beret and new wedges (and photo quality lol). I seem to wear this blouse and these shorts together a lot nowadays- they seem to make such a perfect monochromatic pair. I've worn these lace black shorts to death, see how I've poked a hole in the side already. Please ignore the additional holes in the toe areas of my stockings as well. This is the #1 reason why I absolutely cannot maintain long nails- with my carelessness and impatience I would puncture everything I touch!

Beret: Forever New
Blouse: Gmarket
Shorts: Imprint
Platform wedges:

Also a special shout-out to Style Recognised- thankyou for featuring my outfit in one of your posts! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012 haul #2

As promised in my previous post which featured a pair of shoes from this order, here is my review for my mini haul from!

Total price of items: $28.45USD
discount: -$3.72
Shipping fee: $32.98
Total: $57.71USD

I paid a total of $57.71USD including shipping via Paypal, for 3 pairs of shoes- which means that each pair was just under $20USD! 

I used EMS express shipping, and the package arrived a week later (to Australia). The three pairs of shoes came packaged in two boxes, with 3 shoes in each, which I found to be very smart and shipping fee-saving indeed.

Price: $9.50USD
Colours: Green, Red
Size: 37
Weight: 1.1kg (relevant to shipping costs)

Stock photo:

I ordered this style in two different colours- green and the pink/red colour. I was in love with the super cute design, with the round toe, thick and rectangular heel, and the ankle straps! Plus of course the lovely candy pop colours- I wasn't sure about the versatility of the green shade but I tried it with white denim shorts and a floral bustier in this post :)

My pictures:

I'm extremely, extremely pleased with the outcome! The shoes have kind of a smooth, matte finish. There are no stitching problems or irregularities anywhere. They look very well made, and look exactly like the stock photos in both design and colour. My favourite part is the heel- I love how they're not rounded or tapered towards the end like most, but from a side view they look like straight, rectangular columns. Gives the shoes a pretty unique look and I love the way they contrast with the rounded toe.

5/5 (for both pairs)

Price: $9.45USD
Colours: black
Size: 37
Weight: 1.3kg (relevant to shipping costs)

Stock photo:

My photos:

The material of the shoes is slightly scratchy and feel a little cheap. The ankle straps are also actually pretty flimsy and thin. So when the shoes are worn, they don't wrap around your ankles smoothly but there will be an awkward little part sticking out. If you look at the close-up stock photo you can see what I mean. However it's not too noticeable, and it's not like the photos were misleading, so as long as the straps aren't actually falling apart then I'm perfectly content with this tiny flaw! 

I'm just finding things to nit-pick over for the sake of a review, but really I'm very happy overall. The design is exactly what I expected from the stock photos and the shoes are pretty comfortable to wear, albeit being rather tight around the toe area, so I probably wouldn't want to wear them for a whole day. Only for that will I take off half a point :P


I'll be posting up a photoshoot with these shoes later on in the week, so look out! :)

Overall, I am super duper impressed! I did another haul from Wholesale7 for which I did a review here , but my experience this time was much better (probably because I didn't order any clothes)- although many people have had bad experiences with ordering shoes from Asian wholesale websites. If I was guaranteed the same level of quality for my next order, I would definitely be making my one-stop shop for shoes at super bargain prices. I'm uber happy at receiving such value for money! When they get in some new arrivals in the next month or so I might just be making another order ;)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a floral summer

The fantastic thing about floral designs is that it entitles you to accessorise and layer up in all sorts of beautiful brights creating a delightful overall colour palette reminiscent of a flower bouquet. I only added subtle pops of colour in this outfit with lavender nails and the bits of purple, red and green on my bustier top, but I really wanted to showcase the gorgeous sea foam green of my new heels :)

I'll be posting up a review of these shoes plus some other heels I ordered recently from, very shortly so stay tuned! Spoiler alert- they all turned out awesome, and 5/5 ratings ensued :D I have a bracelet from Disney Couture (pictured) which I always find so hard to colour-coordinate with, and it's a dream to finally pair it up with something I can always wear, such as these heels.

This is pretty much the same outfit I wore for my 2011/2012 new year's. A quiet celebration at a friend's house, watching an intense game of kids playing the quintessentially Aussie cricket on the grass (five year old sure can pitch), and indulging in the most scrumptious, perfectly cooked soft beef, spinach and cheese gozleme by the water calls for a laidback, casual but fun and bright outfit to suit the warm Australian sun we're basking under. My idea of a party becomes more and more mundane as I age and morph closer and closer into my inevitable fate as an old lady who loves cats too much, but I'm perfectly content with that. Anyone else with me?

Floral bustier- Paradisco
Necklaces- Sportsgirl, House of Harlow
Ring- House of Harlow
Wrap bracelet- Disney Couture
Shorts- Supre

I also wanted to thank everyone who wished me well in my previous, previous post- thank you very much! I've been sick and extremely sleep-deprived the past couple of weeks, but I'm pretty much fully recovered now. I haven't had much of an appetite lately either, but the other day I discovered the most fantastic appetite-opener! I was at a restaurant with my family and family friends and was barely touching anything except vegetable soup because the food was making me feel nauseous. Then I decided to dip a dumpling into the chilli sauce, and GOOD LORD my monstrous appetite had become awakened and my eyes almost popped out of my head in sheer delight! Needless to say, I spent the rest of the evening dipping everything generously in that chilli sauce and attempting to eat my whole two weeks back. I'm really not clear on the health benefits of chilli when you're sick, but as for your appetite, it will do wonders. I can't wait to go out to yum cha again. So hungry right now.

As for my last post (here), a number of people were asking me where I got the jewellery stand from. In case anyone didn't seen my reply- I did ask my mum, and she said she got it from a friend, who was able to get it directly from the warehouse. I don't know where else it's being sold, but I assume a lot of homewares stores should have similar things. The similar one I saw in the catalogue which I was about to purchase myself, was from Aldi but I'm not sure if it's still there. I think it was on sale for about $100! 

And one more thing! I just started posting and following people on my Twitter account. Mine is here:!/_izzi I look forward to checking out all your tweets :) although like every social network I venture into for the first time I bet I'll embarrass myself with my noobness...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

latest purchases

Here I am again, presenting a very belated collective shopping haul since around Christmas time last year! :P 

Gossip Gal cropped sequin top $28

Paradisco floral bustier top $19

missing a button but it's not very noticeable, I hope. It was the only one left and in a size bigger than my usual, but it was too cheap to pass up ;) I'll be posting up a photoshoot with me wearing this bustier very soon!

Pure Hype pink dress $20

Peter Alexander nightie $60 skirt $71.15USD including shipping

(see my post wearing this skirt here)

Sportsgirl floral head wreath from $20 -> $7

Sportsgirl rose gold necklace from $13 -> $5.60

Sportsgirl apple coin purse $13 -> $5.60

Sportsgirl floral platform wedges $100 -> $35

(my favourite find out of the entire haul :))

Colette Accessories matte black cuff $15, Lovisa silver cuff $15.

Kikki.k diary $25-> $17.50

Every single page has its own unique design! The above pictures only show a few :D

Jewellery stand with mirror

I was eyeing something very similar in a catalogue one day and I was thinking of getting myself one, and the next day my mum comes home with it! Talk about mind-reading. What's even better than having saved myself the >$100 I was about to fork out, is that this one is also prettier than the one I saw in the catalogue, because of the gorgeous silver key hole and matching key, and it has more hooks and compartments inside. 

Obviously I couldn't wait to start organising all my knick-knacks :D I actually have some more things but couldn't fit them inside without being unable to close the door properly.

I'm also super excited that the cabinet comes with a mirror which you see when you close the door. I haven't had a mirror in my room since 2002!


I'm also honoured to announce that my picture has been featured in a promo video for growing fashion website What I Wear. The Youtube video link is here.

Recognise the image? It's from my post Tumbling Horses here ;D

I really encourage everyone to check out their website and browse through all the inspirational outfits. I know a lot of people find sites like intimidating because of the level of photo quality demanded for a decent number of hypes sometimes (not everyone can afford a decent SLR + lens). What I Wear is a bit more down-to-earth in that sense and I highly recommend anyone who's ever found Lookbook a bit daunting, to create an account and start posting their looks there :)



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