Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a floral summer

The fantastic thing about floral designs is that it entitles you to accessorise and layer up in all sorts of beautiful brights creating a delightful overall colour palette reminiscent of a flower bouquet. I only added subtle pops of colour in this outfit with lavender nails and the bits of purple, red and green on my bustier top, but I really wanted to showcase the gorgeous sea foam green of my new heels :)

I'll be posting up a review of these shoes plus some other heels I ordered recently from Wholesale7.net, very shortly so stay tuned! Spoiler alert- they all turned out awesome, and 5/5 ratings ensued :D I have a bracelet from Disney Couture (pictured) which I always find so hard to colour-coordinate with, and it's a dream to finally pair it up with something I can always wear, such as these heels.

This is pretty much the same outfit I wore for my 2011/2012 new year's. A quiet celebration at a friend's house, watching an intense game of kids playing the quintessentially Aussie cricket on the grass (five year old sure can pitch), and indulging in the most scrumptious, perfectly cooked soft beef, spinach and cheese gozleme by the water calls for a laidback, casual but fun and bright outfit to suit the warm Australian sun we're basking under. My idea of a party becomes more and more mundane as I age and morph closer and closer into my inevitable fate as an old lady who loves cats too much, but I'm perfectly content with that. Anyone else with me?

Floral bustier- Paradisco
Necklaces- Sportsgirl, House of Harlow
Ring- House of Harlow
Wrap bracelet- Disney Couture
Shorts- Supre
Heels- Wholesale7.net

I also wanted to thank everyone who wished me well in my previous, previous post- thank you very much! I've been sick and extremely sleep-deprived the past couple of weeks, but I'm pretty much fully recovered now. I haven't had much of an appetite lately either, but the other day I discovered the most fantastic appetite-opener! I was at a restaurant with my family and family friends and was barely touching anything except vegetable soup because the food was making me feel nauseous. Then I decided to dip a dumpling into the chilli sauce, and GOOD LORD my monstrous appetite had become awakened and my eyes almost popped out of my head in sheer delight! Needless to say, I spent the rest of the evening dipping everything generously in that chilli sauce and attempting to eat my whole two weeks back. I'm really not clear on the health benefits of chilli when you're sick, but as for your appetite, it will do wonders. I can't wait to go out to yum cha again. So hungry right now.

As for my last post (here), a number of people were asking me where I got the jewellery stand from. In case anyone didn't seen my reply- I did ask my mum, and she said she got it from a friend, who was able to get it directly from the warehouse. I don't know where else it's being sold, but I assume a lot of homewares stores should have similar things. The similar one I saw in the catalogue which I was about to purchase myself, was from Aldi but I'm not sure if it's still there. I think it was on sale for about $100! 

And one more thing! I just started posting and following people on my Twitter account. Mine is here: https://twitter.com/#!/_izzi I look forward to checking out all your tweets :) although like every social network I venture into for the first time I bet I'll embarrass myself with my noobness...


  1. the flower bustier is so pretty! x

  2. Such a cute outfit; love all the pastel summery colors. (:

  3. I was waiting for a post of yours wearing this floral bustier and you didn't dissapoint me, although i never imagined you wearing it with green pumps- its a combination i would never imagine of but it works so well.
    the green bright shoes add a touch of color to an otherwise pastel colored outfit.
    your nails rock also!
    thanks for visiting my blog http://lureofthedarkside.blogspot.com/
    and for being so kind and following me back!
    it means a lot to me!
    keep in touch!

  4. I have a similar bracelet. Mine's the Alice in Wonderland version and my bf got it in black for me. Yours is a very unique colour and I like how it stands out :)

  5. Ohhh those green shoes are fabulous! Love the way they look with that floral top :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. I love your floral top and Disney Couture bracelet. it's good to hear that you're feeling better! haha I've never heard of chili sauce as being good for colds, but I guess the spicyness could really clear up the sinuses! glad you found something that was able to bring back your appetite and make you feel better :)

  7. You look so pretty! This top paired with shorts looks amazing on you! I am loving florals too, and the shoes you have on are so gorgeous! Can't wait for your shoe review! :)
    Good luck!


  8. I love your shoes! That green color is amazing!


  9. I am so jealous you can wear shorts right now. It is freezing where I am!!


  10. you look so 3D in this photo shoot. love the top

  11. Since I love just about anything floral, I'm already in love with your top Izzy and the bustier style just makes me like it more.

    I like the pops of green, I think solid green is a hard color to coordinate especially for shoes but you make it look great effortlessly.

    Glad your feeling better and got your appetite back!

  12. I didn't have such good luck with Wholesale7.net ... I ordered something two days ago and this morning got a (really unprofessional) email with terrible spelling & grammar informing me that the item I wanted was out of stock. They also said 'please don't be angry' .... ?!?! Urgh anyway that has put me off dealing with them so I just asked for a refund which they said has been processed but I'm yet to see the funds appear on my end. Fingers crossed.
    Anyway, loving this outfit as usual Izzy!

  13. You look so cute, and I love your shoes! <3

  14. Hey !
    Floral prints are so charming ! You've got to love them !


  15. Adorable. The colour of those shoes - ugh, I want them.

  16. That's such a pretty dress...I love florals!
    I just signed up as your latest follower - I look forward to popping by again. It would be great if we could follow each other!

  17. i knew that floral bustier would look incredible on you!!! i love it. and those heels! amazing!! <3 thanks for following me on twitter girl. i'm going to add you too. trust me, i'm a total noob. hashtags and @symbols...i don't know what i'm doing. lol.


  18. Lovely outfit , like the top (:

    CMPang x

  19. Really cute look, love the shoes!


  20. @ Sue:

    aw that's such a bummer! yeah I hate it when you've already paid for something and then get notified that it's OOS. Haha although it is kind of funny that they said "please don't be angry..."- makes me wonder if a kid is behind the computer taking care of the emails! :P I really hope you get your refund though! If you really wanted that item you could check out the other Asian wholesale websites because a lot of them tend to have similar stuff. If worst comes worst you can also try Taobao which has practically everything, but it will be a mission looking for it. Ooh and there's also eBay (but it will probably be a little overpriced). Good luck! :) and thank you ^^

  21. Great colors and pictures! This is so cute for the spring and summer.


  22. Hey Izzy!!

    I love that outfit ~ you have such an eye for piecing together items that work really well together.

    It's funny how random things can re-awaken the appetite ~ I think dumplings will tend to get me out of a slump too. Well, as far as I know, chili speeds up the metabolism, but I've heard conflicting reports on just how good it is for you since although it contains vitamins, it is also an irritant...!

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I've awarded you the "Totally Smitten" blog award over here~


    Hope you like it! :)

    Yishi x

  23. so beautiful and cute xoxo what abt following each other..?


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