Monday, January 23, 2012

la dolce vita

Your eyes do not deceive you, I have worn a similar ensemble in a previous post, sans the beret and new wedges (and photo quality lol). I seem to wear this blouse and these shorts together a lot nowadays- they seem to make such a perfect monochromatic pair. I've worn these lace black shorts to death, see how I've poked a hole in the side already. Please ignore the additional holes in the toe areas of my stockings as well. This is the #1 reason why I absolutely cannot maintain long nails- with my carelessness and impatience I would puncture everything I touch!

Beret: Forever New
Blouse: Gmarket
Shorts: Imprint
Platform wedges:

Also a special shout-out to Style Recognised- thankyou for featuring my outfit in one of your posts! :)


  1. Such a cute little black and white outfit. Oh my goodness where do you live? It's so sunny and the trees are such a vibrant green. :O

    1. thankyou! :) I live in Sydney and the pics were from a reserve relatively close by. I colour-edited the pics to make the green of the trees a bit more vibrant, but looking at them on my dad's comp I may have overdone it. Oops! :P

  2. Wow such a cute outfit and a beautiful background <3!

  3. The locations of where you take your photos are always so pretty! As always, you look good in whatever you wear! :)

  4. cute!! :) And the photos are gorgeous! i'm jealous of your weather!!


  5. I didn't even notice! However, this outfit is just way too cute. I love everything!

    found the route

  6. lovee this look! :)
    so pretty <3
    love ur blog!
    wanna follow each other? let me know!


  7. Nothing wrong with pairing them together all the time, the blouse and shorts just seem made for each other!

    The beret is a nice addition and the shoes go great, since they elongate your already long legs.

  8. hey dear,

    thanks for your nice comment and for following me! I love your blog and doing the same now ;)

    xx Marina

  9. It's probably the beret, but you look like you came straight from Paris in these photos haha so stylish and chic as always!

  10. I love this outfit, especially your beret! So cute and chic! Now if only there was a Forever New in the US...

  11. this is so pretty! i love those lace shorts! i have a similar pair from f21 in a peachy color, but i've always wanted some black ones. you look so gorgeous in that beret too! beautiful! <3


  12. These pictures are nothing short of beautiful. Your outfit looks amazing on you, but the background.. so pretty! Love all the amazing colours - it's winter where I am, and I'm so tired of seeing white everywhere!

  13. you look absolutely gorgeous! and i love the background as well. :)
    i don't mind same outfits. just keep it coming! ^-^

  14. P.S. I tagged you for the "11 Questions Tag"

  15. new reader here!
    you are so pretty,i love all these pictures <3
    i like your beret ;B
    *hugs from Malaysia

  16. Very nice outfit! You look so feminine and pretty =)

  17. Amazing outfit!
    I love your shorts and shoes!
    Check out my new post! <3

  18. That beret looks SO cute on you! Love the blouse and the black and white. And what a lovely place to take outfit pics :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  19. Hi there!!

    Your photos have blown me away, I'm completely inspired! The scenery is so gorgeous (so are you!). c:

  20. This outfit is precious! I love your hat. And what a fun location for you shoot!

    See Me Rwar

  21. Hi baby i will join your blog and follow
    İ love your blog:)
    Pls join my blog too
    Kisses from Turkey

  22. You're so pretty! :) just found you on

    Love the beret!

    new follower from today.
    accidental encounters

  23. This is a gorgeous outfit! With the black and white color combo and the pretty collar of the blouse, it looks like a Chanel outfit! You look very nice, and I really liking the hat too :)
    Good luck!

  24. Wow, this outfit works so well! With the quality of these photos, you could definitely have a modelling portfolio! ^^

    Yishi x

  25. I am so in love with this post! The outfit and background screams Parisian chic--LOVE. Yes, it deserved all caps;)

  26. I'm really in love with this pictures.
    The style is really beautiful and really suits you.
    Plus, I love the place where it was took !

    I don't even know what I like the most. The beret maybe ? xD or the top ? ^^
    Nevermind @_@

  27. Gorgeous look! I am not a fashion lover, but these clothes you wear are perfect! For me the most beautiful is- :) Aplauses


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