Saturday, January 14, 2012

latest purchases

Here I am again, presenting a very belated collective shopping haul since around Christmas time last year! :P 

Gossip Gal cropped sequin top $28

Paradisco floral bustier top $19

missing a button but it's not very noticeable, I hope. It was the only one left and in a size bigger than my usual, but it was too cheap to pass up ;) I'll be posting up a photoshoot with me wearing this bustier very soon!

Pure Hype pink dress $20

Peter Alexander nightie $60 skirt $71.15USD including shipping

(see my post wearing this skirt here)

Sportsgirl floral head wreath from $20 -> $7

Sportsgirl rose gold necklace from $13 -> $5.60

Sportsgirl apple coin purse $13 -> $5.60

Sportsgirl floral platform wedges $100 -> $35

(my favourite find out of the entire haul :))

Colette Accessories matte black cuff $15, Lovisa silver cuff $15.

Kikki.k diary $25-> $17.50

Every single page has its own unique design! The above pictures only show a few :D

Jewellery stand with mirror

I was eyeing something very similar in a catalogue one day and I was thinking of getting myself one, and the next day my mum comes home with it! Talk about mind-reading. What's even better than having saved myself the >$100 I was about to fork out, is that this one is also prettier than the one I saw in the catalogue, because of the gorgeous silver key hole and matching key, and it has more hooks and compartments inside. 

Obviously I couldn't wait to start organising all my knick-knacks :D I actually have some more things but couldn't fit them inside without being unable to close the door properly.

I'm also super excited that the cabinet comes with a mirror which you see when you close the door. I haven't had a mirror in my room since 2002!


I'm also honoured to announce that my picture has been featured in a promo video for growing fashion website What I Wear. The Youtube video link is here.

Recognise the image? It's from my post Tumbling Horses here ;D

I really encourage everyone to check out their website and browse through all the inspirational outfits. I know a lot of people find sites like intimidating because of the level of photo quality demanded for a decent number of hypes sometimes (not everyone can afford a decent SLR + lens). What I Wear is a bit more down-to-earth in that sense and I highly recommend anyone who's ever found Lookbook a bit daunting, to create an account and start posting their looks there :)


  1. Where on earth did your mum manage to find that jewellery closet?! It's AMAZING! I don't have a mirror in my room either so that would be so useful.
    Also, I got the same diary as a Christmas gift, yayy love it :)

  2. i NEED to know where your mum got the jewelery stand! it looks so perfect & pristine! ^^ i'm also gonna head to my nearest sportsgirl to see if they still have that rose gold cross necklace keke love your buys!

  3. omgosh.. at first I was like 'oh cool she bought a mirror with a lil key hole...' - and then I scrolled down * p * waaaaaaaant! I need one so badly! Where did your mum find one I didn't even know these things existed so nifty!
    I love the floral wedges; super cute. Except I don't own any wedges because when I wear them I turn into a jumbo giant and I just don't have the confidence to pull them off ): really wish I was shorter so I could wear wedges or heels.

  4. Congrats! Love the jewelry stand-I have one in chestnut brown. It's a lifesaver.

    found the route

  5. I love the jewellery closet sweetie! <3 It's genius! Crave =)!

    following you back ;*

  6. loving those wedges and that jewelry closet is amazing <3

  7. I don't even know where to start... first, everything you bought is AMAZING! The first Gossip Gal top is taking my breath away, and pink dress and the shoes are sooooo pretty too!!! And the flower head band wreath... that one is stunning! Plus, the organizer/mirror is so fabulous as well! What a great haul! It makes me really happy to see that you got such beautiful pieces! :)
    Congratulations on the photo feature! Your photography is gorgeous!
    Good luck!

  8. I just about love everything in this post! The clothes and shoes make me think of spring and I'm glad that's just right around the corner. And that jewelry stand is AMAZING, kudos for your mom finding such and awesome piece. Loving this post :)

  9. Beaaaaautiful sequin top and bustier, they're definitely something that I would purchase too!

    Ah, moms, what would you do without them? My gosh, that jewelry stand with mirror is ingenious, it's a piece of art. Needless to say, that says something about your mom too. She has an eye for it.

    Enjoy your new purchases and I'm looking forward to your next OOTD's!

  10. Wow everything is so cute in this post! I love it!

  11. Oh wow! I love the mirror! Do you know where your mom got it?

  12. To everyone who asked about the jewellery stand- I asked my mum and she said she got it from a friend who was able to get it directly from a warehouse (so wholesale price). For all the Aussies, the one I mentioned which was really similar, was from Aldi. Good luck in finding it! :)

  13. Love that floral corset - so pretty! And that mirror/jewelry stand is amazing :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  14. I've never seen anything like your jewellery stand/ mirror thing! Wish I had one :)
    Congrats on your feature sweetie x

    Monochrome Magpie

  15. oh wow such a beautiful post, filled with fab girly stuff.
    I don't know which one i love the most, the little floral bustier? the pink dress? the almost realistic skirt? or the shoes?
    nahhh i know the answer, the shoes! they are so girly and cute and adorable that i can't pass by them without admiring.
    and i am not even into cute girly
    great blog you have.
    and congrats for the feature.
    i am now following you.
    hope you can check back my blog and possibly follow me back. (???)

  16. Ahhh the first top is so gorgeous! Absolutely love the rhinestones and the sheerness of it :)

  17. Thanks for the nomination Izzy! Just had time to check out your blog and it's amazing!

    Love the mirror stand, I may just go nab one down at the local Aldi :)

    Great finds too! Mmm gotta love boxing day :)

  18. Love the pictures! The mirror stand is so beautifull and smart! Great blog! Would you like to follow each other?

    Out Of The Box

  19. just spotted the mirror stand for $99.99 in the ALDI catalogue, going to get there extra early this coming saturday just to get one! also comes in brown too...which one to get...
    I have the same problem with those china glaze nail polishes...does that funny thing where the red goes to the top of the bottle.


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