Sunday, February 26, 2012

latest purchases

So a few posts ago I mentioned that Valentine's Day also happened to be around the same time as my birthday, and my lovely boyfriend decided to treat me to a few purchases as presents. We're an abnormally fussy and easily dissatisfied couple, so this is something we actually prefer.

On those particular days of the year where gifting is required, we'll go shopping together and the giftee picks out the things they want and the giftor simply covers the expenses. Do any other couples out there do the same? I know, I know, it's not as romantic and sentimental as surprising the other person with a considerate and well-thought out present, but I repeat: we are picky, picky individuals (more so the bf, hehe). It's a win-win situation! The giftor can rest assured that the giftee is content with the present and the giftee actually appreciates the present and doesn't have to put on some flimsy facade of enthusiasm. Excellent!

Mika & Gaia Sequin shorts- courtesy of bf
Lee All-over cross dress- courtesy of bf

Obviously wearing it in the above pictures. I love it. Love love love it. I saw it on the mannequin at the front of the store (Glue) and thought it looked pretty funky, but I didn't really consider trying it on. After having scoured the entire store in only a few minutes I thought I might as well try it on, but it was really more out of boredom and curiosity.

Aaannnddd I loved it so much more when I wore it! Pretty surprising since I abhor high necklines (always feel like I'm being suffocated). But really, I adore this dress to pieces. I absolutely love funky prints on dresses and had contemplated purchasing some from Black Milk (like a galaxy dress!), but two things turned me off: sleevelessness, and the really tight, stretchy material. This dress from Lee was PERFECT because of the long sleeves. I've always loved long-sleeved, black tight dresses. Every woman should. They are rarely cruel to your figure.

Mika & Gaia Sequin shorts- courtesy of bf

So these are actually more like sequinned hot pants. When I saw them on the rack I thought they'd be more loose-fitted and longer; however they're actually quite tight on me. A retro disco disaster? I'll use my best endeavours to not create one. They were on sale from $50 to $30 and it actually had my size so I had to try it on.

I think these are fantastic both with and without stockings on underneath. With stockings they complement a night-time, sexy outfit and without they can make for a funky day-time look. (ooh and I did a shoot recently with these on, posting up soon!)

And now for some of my other hauls! These were paid for with my own money this time haha.

ASOS haul:

Round sunglasses
Scalloped hat
House of Holland garter stockings
Burgundy knee-high socks
Total: ~54 AUD

I was too lazy to take pictures of myself wearing everything but the whole haul was hunky-dory. The round sunnies are great although not the most versatile fashion-wise (I wore those in my last post here!). The scalloped hat is perfect and in such a wonderfully unique design. The burgundy socks are great too albeit being rather loose around the ankles and feet.

The garter stockings (as pictured on the packaging) look like they're strictly intimate wear, but I've seen many, many people wear them out in public (with shorts or skirt over the top of course!) I wore them with my new sequin shorts in the pic above and I'm not entirely sure if I'm feeling them. The faux "strap" part does not stay perfectly straight on both thighs and you need to carefully twist your stockings around a bit to prevent them from looking curved and bent. On a much more skinny person they might stay vertically straight perfectly easily, I'm not sure. I do love the design but it's just inconvenient having to adjust those parts.

Skinny belt ~7 AUD

Practically the next day ASOS also had a sale on accessories, so I bought this pastel purple belt I was lusting after but didn't add to my previous order since I didn't want to spend too much! Seriously, the best thing about ASOS is the free shipping.

Cotton On Body haul:

Cropped top: $5
MP3 arm band: $14.95
Shorts: $19.95
Socks: 3 for $10

Total: $49.90

The cropped top and black shorts is my new jogging outfit! Since I won't be taking my treadmill with me to the new apartment I'll have to jog around my area in public (oh the horror!). I'm pretty self-conscious about running in public already so I definitely won't be able to wear my usual sports bra and teeny tiny shorts, which I wear at home. I tried to find a really thin, light and airy top to wear over my bra when I'm jogging outside, and this super cheap and flimsy white top was perfect haha.

I'm super happy about my arm band though! I have the shortest attention span ever so it would be a huge relief to jog whilst listening to music, without worrying about my iPhone falling out.

Makeup and Glow:

Parian Spirit Professional makeup brush cleanser 237ml
$30.90 with shipping

I'm a big lazybones when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes! However the other day I stumbled across this post by Jen from Frmheadtotoe and she provided a summary of 3 different ways of cleaning makeup brushes: Spot Cleaning, Basic Cleaning, and Deep Cleaning.

For a practical yet effective method I checked out Basic Cleaning, where she recommended Parian Spirit. You pour a decent amount into a glass jar and swirl your brushes around for a bit, and then wipe them down on a paper towel. (Apparently 1 minute is all that is required for disinfection!)

Personally I think it was quite effective in removing makeup residue because the black gunk showed up immediately in the container I used. However after wiping the brushes down I found that they had some kind of oily feel, and the bristles weren't fluffy and soft when drying, but still had that slick texture to them. I had to wash them again with water just to get that oiliness out of them.

Love the fast shipping from this website though! It was dispatched on the same day I placed my order, and I received it in the mail only a few days later, as they're based in Australia :)

Urban Decay Naked Palette 1
$49.20 AUD

So yes, I got the ubiquitous Naked palette. I've been reading makeup tutorials lately to figure out how to use eyeshadow properly. Eyeshadow has never been my forte and I thought perhaps it's because I'm not using the best products (previously using Coastal Scents Warm palette), and also because I don't use a primer. Currently I've discovered that the mini-sized Primer potion that comes with the palette, does help a lot in allowing the eyeshadow to glide on well. It also helps in making the colours pop more, as well as with the lasting power. I'm not too fussed about having a variety of shades, I think 12 is more than adequate for myself! If I ever need more, I've got a huge selection of shades from my Coastal Scents palette!

Aannnddd the last thing! Apart from the dress and shorts, my boyfriend thought of the CUTEST little idea for V-day/my bday. He took me to the local Woolies supermarket and told me to fill up a basket with all the chocolate I wanted!

I was already on a chocolate hangover from all the desserts we had that day, so I didn't end up filling up the entire basket, nor were all my goodies pure chocolate. I still managed to get sweet stuff for all the non-chocolate items, so good job *pats self on back*

I can't believe how expensive this little grocery run was. $40 just for the above. It disintegrated so quickly too when all the chocolate was consumed in a few days >_<

By the way, thankyou Maria from Fashion Fazer for being your first Reader Feature! Check out the wonderful new + vintage goodies from her shop Byrd Holland Designs too! :D


  1. oh my, the sequin shorts are so hot!!
    i love the light purple skinny belt, too.

    i am the same way.
    i usually sent a link to my SO and have it delievered to me. i don't think it is unromantic at all. shopping together is definitely a fun and intimate activity. :)

  2. I love your dress! I think shopping with your boyfriend is super cute, definitely not unromanatic. Especially since A lot of guys don't like shopping!

    xx maggie

  3. I am in love with your dress! It's super cute :)

  4. Mr. K and I are just the same, it's just easier that we pick our own gifts. Sweet of the SO to pick up the tab but super sweet he loaded you up with your favorite chocolates! Now that's a gift I really like (sucker for chocolates and sweets).

    The sequin shorts look great with the suspender tights and whoo the dress fits you like a glove.

  5. Wow! Some really nice gets! : D

  6. Wow the dress clings to your curves perfectly! It looks great on you :D

    I loooove the sequined shorts too - so cute!

  7. Love your haul! Babe, you looking hot in that dress kekeke I love it. I'm not a fan of high necklines on myself either. I really hate wearing turtlenecks for example.
    Those sequin shorts are so pretty!

  8. Amazing purchases! Those shorts are gorgeous. I agree that the best thing about ASOS is the free shipping.. actually it may be the worst thing haha makes it so easy to buy things!
    I think your gift exchanging sounds perfect for you and your bf but I personally love the element of surprise and not knowing what's in the present :)

  9. I LOVE the sequin shorts. They're something I think would look amazing on someone, but I'd be too shy to wear them myself, lol. I'm actually so jelly you have the Naked palette <3

  10. I actually think that your idea of shopping together like that is the best! Total win win situation if you ask me! Because you get what you want and spend time with the other while doing so :3
    And ooh la la, aren't those sequined shorts are scandalous~ ;D hahaha

  11. Love these purchases. and that dress! so cute.

    found the route

  12. The sequin shorts are AMAZING! I love that 'fill your basket' idea as well, so sweet - literally!

  13. love your blog and your photos! i just followed :)! what lens do you use?

    my favourite item in your haul is the sequin shorts. i've really wanted to try that brush cleanser because i've heard positive things about it on youtube. however, i don't think i'd ever splurge on it because i think it's a $10 difference compared to the mac cleanser. and i'm quite ok-happy with that. you pose so naturally. i'm so jealous!

  14. Fabulous buys babe!!! OMG, I was thinking of getting the Urban Decay palette too but just don't know which one to get, the first or the second one.

    Favourite buys of yours would be sequinned shorts and scallop hat! Love it!!! :)

    accidental encounters

  15. ahhhhhh!! i ADORE the gold sequin shorts! :D Wearing it makes you party-ready! woohooo!

  16. You look gorgeous!

    Love the sequin shorts and the dress you are wearing! So simple and chic! ;)


  17. I love those shorts! makes me wanna go get one for myself! haha

  18. awesome! the dress is fabulous. i love it all.

  19. Izzy Izzy Izzy! AWESOME HAUL once again! LOVE every single little thing that you got - from the gorgeous sexy dress, down to the kindy surprise haha.. but jeez you are a real bad influence lol - every time i read your posts i get so jealous that it makes me want to go out and shop LOL... nah. but seriously! hehehe

    And YAY to your beautybay purchase! Cant go wrong with the naked palette :)
    oh and i have the house of holland stockings too, i have two pairs but im so careless when i put them on and now both have rips on them :(

    Rina xoxo

  20. Amazing post!! loved the sparkly golden short!! :D

    Want to follow eachothers blog?
    Would LOVE that!! :D

    Let me know so I can follow back!

    Love Always, Vanilla x

  21. Hey ! bought a lot of cool stuff !
    I really like the dress and the shorts and the tights ! hehehe


  22. Love that dress and the scalloped ASOS hat. My husband and I usually pick out our own gifts as well. It just ensures that we get wheat we really want and everyone is happy :)

  23. I love those sequined shorts! They look a lot like the same color I have from F21. I love that coppery color. And I am so jealous of that hat!! Holy cow, that is so cute. I can't wait to see you wear it. Now I'm going to need to find one like it. It's just too sweet. <3


  24. Love the dress and shorts! Looks great

  25. What a great dress! It looks like you have quite a few fantastic goodies there!

  26. Oh, yes, me and my hubby do the exactly same thing, where the giftee would pick out the things, and the girftor just pays for it! It's just much easier and actually very beneficial and guaranteed the giftee is going to be super happy!!! :) Your haul is awesome- I am yet to shop at ASOS, and I'm seeing many bloggers doing so and getting such great things! I really like the round glasses! :)
    Good luck!

  27. Omigosh, I seriously love everything! That's a great idea you and your bf have... must make gifting so much easier. Just discovered your blog, totally following now :)

    xo, alison*elle

  28. My boyfriend and I do this exact thing, well, he does anyway. And only because he's incapable of using his imagination :) Which I guess is a plus for me, haha!

  29. I love your dress! look sexy when it worn! amazing! me and my bf do the same thing, I think it's fun,lol.
    by the way, u have a great blog! i am now following, hope u can follow me back :) :)

  30. Nice purchases! I was going to get false garter stockings, but now I think I'll get the ones without the line. So it'll look like you're wearing knee length socks on top of stockings lol.
    I got the leather back pack from Summer Hill Anglicare. My friends and I go there once in a while to op shop :)

  31. Eeek I love, love love your dress! What amazing buys!:) Xx

  32. Amazing dress, love it! It's so cool!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  33. I ADORE your bodycon dress!! and your sequin shorts. LOVES IT! I am still looking for that color. thanks for leaving a comment. I am having a hard time sucking in my tummy every time I eat a lot so we girls have to be cleaver on how to conceal the belly :P I am following you and hope you follow as well <3

  34. LOVE the crosses on the dress. i have no problem with your gift/purchase/exchange. i think it totally makes sense.


  35. I love that dress and shortsss<3

    Following you:)
    It would be so nice, if you follow me back:)

    Have a sparkling day!

  36. what a sexy dress!
    AND THE HAT with the special trim is my cup of tea!!!!

    Follow me on:
    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  37. loving the sequins shorts & scalloped hat! i have been looking for a pair of round shades for almost a year still cannot find any that suits me :(

    now i know why u have such sexy bod & legs!! u jog ^^


  38. Great outfit choice! You're so funny but it's true! I do that sometimes with my bf too. Win-win and everyone's happy right? haha

    Sending love,

  39. Wow you got some really gorgeous things! Love those shorts!!

  40. I LOVE those sequin shorts, just gorgeous!

    xx, Susann
    Fashion in Pepperland

  41. lol i think Id consider doing the same thing with my boy too (if i had one ha). Just makes the shopping exploration more exciting i think! Because you're hunting out your own treasures.... Anyway I LOVED your hauls. Especially the sequin shorts and House of Holland tights. I've been wondering where people were snaffling them up and now i know :P


  42. hehe my urban decay palette is my favorite in terms of eyeshadows!! love the purple skinny well as the hat~ Very chic!! the dress looks really great on you. you've got a great body ! i know what you mean about the shorts..even though it is tempting to buy shorts online, i usually force myself to go to the store to try them on. keep in touch <3 great blog!


  43. Love the black white cross bodycon dress izzy~!! The photos are cool too~!!

    I have the same pair of ASOS sunnies too~~ only mine is in orange =P


  44. amazing dress!

  45. Dreamin' about that dress, it's awesome !

  46. All the things you got are great, I like the dress and sequin shorts especially!

  47. The dress is perfection and the shorts are just amazing! Yay for the bf. Im so jealous of your hauls as ive been banning myself from the shops due to saving up for a NYC trip.
    And yeah the sleeveless-ness of the Black Milk dress ive noticed makes me feel a tad nude haha and the tightness of it too. If only they printed it on different fabric huh?


  48. Great stuff! Love that dress and the pastel belt is a perfect touch for spring.
    xo Annie

  49. gorgeous new clothes! henry holland i love his tights!!!

    Hayley xx

  50. LOVING the hat!!!

  51. Izzy! I hope you still check comments on old posts, i come back onto this post because today whilst browsing david jones i came across the reduced rack and there sat the cross Lee dress and in my head i was like ZOMG IZZY HAS THAT LOLOL and felt all excited because i remember seeing this on your blog and wanting it so badly!! Ahh i did end up buying it, But the only size left was a 8 and im a 6 so its not as fitting & hip hugging as it looks on you !! >=[ probs get it altered or something soon.
    But i gotta agree the sleeves are nice and warm just in time for winter and the neck isnt as suffocating as it looks. ox

    Hope your studies have been going well ox

  52. Have my concerns as well about black bodycon dress you look incredible! Love the print and the photos are gorgeous.


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