Thursday, February 16, 2012

set fire to the rain

This is just a little photo shoot we did to try and catch a nice sunset, around our area. Around summer sunsets tend to be pretty late (8-9ish), so apologies for looking tired in a few of these shots :P

My outfit this time round isn't very exciting and pretty casual. Sometimes you just don't really feel like walking around in full-blown photoshoot gear, and the old-time favourite combo of shorts + baggy tee seems so inviting! :D At least the back of the tee has a bit of zing to it with the horizontal slashes.

Top with cut-outs: Miss Shop (Myer)
Shorts: Chicabooti
Zip wedges: B+AB (Shanghai)
Spiked necklace: Lovisa

^ Apparently those little white dots are bugs. I didn't realise until afterwards that they made their way into our photos haha.

Druzy cuff: Sportsgirl
Rings: Colette Accessories
Druzy ring: Etsy
Nails: Rimmel- Black Cherries

Personally I think vampy, dark nails make a refreshing change from the pastels, neons and metallics we're seeing sported on nails everywhere this season. I was going through my nail polish collection and took pity on my burgundy, purple and pure black shades, as they look like they've been completely neglected lately. Especially with people doing Valentine's-themed nails and Valentine's-themed makeup, dark and seductive colours have been sorely missed.

However to be honest, I've found myself gravitating towards black, blood red and white for fresh additions to my wardrobe in general. I just made a few (ok, more than a few) purchases recently and this newfound appreciation for vampy colours is well-reflected in them. Look out for that post coming up soon! *evil cackle*


edit: ok that's a bit of an exaggeration, what I mean is mostly lots of blacks ;) especially courtesy of this incredible dress my bf bought for me for vday/bday (can't wait to show you guys later!). I forgot to say I hope everyone had an enjoyable V-day, regardless if you're attached or not! I celebrated Part I of it yesterday (which also happened to be my birthday), and I have to say it started off pretty freakin' strangely.

Not going to go into too much detail (would rather just forget about it!) but essentially the day started off with a guy with a foot fetish who kept asking me if he could massage my feet, trying to take upskirt pictures, and then a random girl who slapped my butt in public for some dare or something, my bf being in an unhappy mood because of it, and yeah it really wasn't the most enjoyable time I've had. I'm just really hoping that my celebration (Part II) on the weekend is going to be better.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Izzy! And amazzingg top. (:

  2. As always, the pictures are gorgeous and so are you! :D Really loving the back of your top!

  3. Love your jewelry! The ring is gorgeous! And I think there's more to Valentine's Day than pink and girlyness~

    xx maggie

  4. I absolutely love darker and grungy colors :) But of course, the light pastel colors are nice too!
    The wine/blood red shorts are so nice! And I'm loving your deep purple nails too ^^
    Looking forward to more black, reds, and whites Mwahaha

    xx THT Christina

  5. these photos turned out amazingly. i'm loving the back of that shirt and that necklace is an eyecatcher <3

  6. I love all your photos! The outfit is so cute. Love the back of that top especially!

  7. what the heck? it was your birthday??? Aww! I feel bad now for not wishing you a happy birthday!! Well, Happy Birthday!! <3 haha. Love the sunset pictures and I like the one with your hair flying. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day too and I can't wait to see your new dress! <3


  8. The top top and the shorts are a really cute combo! The foot fetish guy taking up-skirt pictures sounds so GROSS!

  9. lovely!
    wanna follow each other? lemme know :) I'd be very happy if you would

    sweet and sugars,

  10. Happy belated birthday gorgeous! I'm sorry you had such a bizarre day :( Your man definitely loves you though for him to be jealous, so it's well intentioned. As always, you look incredibly lovely. I adore how you seamlessly incorporate edgy pieces into casual wear. & I say, you should celebrate your birthday again!

  11. Wow! Really nice outfit! I love the back of the shirt!

  12. Lovely outfit! sorry about your bizarre day,I would also be very creeped out also. Hope you have an amazing Part 2 celebration!!

  13. Gorgeous pictures! Love it max ^^ Mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  14. I love your outfit! And your blog is so lovely!! Following you now:) Xx

  15. i know what you mean with full photoshoot gear.. haha,, its nice to know im not the only one who feel that way. but u still look good anyway... these photos turned out so nicely and the sunset effect is divine (so as your hair, hehe).
    u have a nice blog!

    cheers, Carla

  16. You look absolutely gorgeous sweetie!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  17. pretty as always ♥
    super love the top , super pretty!

  18. Hello Izzy, wow these photos are amazing! I love the colour tones and the black top is so sexy! I'm so sorry to hear about your bizarre encounters on Vday. I hope you'll have a great time this weekend!!

    Oh I'll be shuttling between Sydney and Singapore for the rest of the year. I'll be here for a month this time and I can't wait to check out the beautiful city. Perhaps we could meet if time permits!

    Thanks so much for nominating me for the award! I'm so touched! Can't wait to see more of your lovely pictures!:D

  19. Your legs are never ending! And I really love the jewellery you'r rocking in these shots xo

  20. nice post! Check my blog and follow me if you want!

  21. Dayum gurrrrl you have a great bodyyy!! Loving the casualness of this outfit and the stunning sunset.
    Happy birthday!
    Sorry to hear your part I didn't turn out so well but here's hoping to a great weekend celebration :)

  22. I love how you live in Australia because it means I can access the store you buy your items from. I really love the colour of the shorts. I have never seen those in chicabooti but then again I haven't gone in a while. Your nails are so nice & long! Working in Subway is so unfortunate when it comes to my nails. No nail polish allowed :(

  23. Izzy's bringing SEXY BACK.. yeow! lol
    damn girl u look mighty fine tehehe.. love the outfit! STEALING! xx

  24. the photos are stunning! i love your outfit too :3

  25. Wow, these are such lovely photos! Can you get your bf to put up some video tutorials on how to take such nice photos? Or maybe you could even do a few guest posts by him! ^_^

    Anyhow, your V-day sounds like it was pretty weird, but I still hope that you will have some fond memories from it, and it's so sweet that you got a dress as a present!

    Nothing wrong with gothic colours - and it's so true that they have been lacking from the trends lately!

    Yishi x

    1. hi Yishi! thanks for your comment on my blog :P about the photos- I asked my bf and he said it's really simple. for the sunlight photos, it's about getting the timing right, just when the sun is going down and then you'll easily capture the sun flare in your snaps. for everything else he's just practised, practised, practised. he started off with a very basic, entry-level camera and practised in trying to make the most of it. and then he slowly upgraded to the eos 5D mark II and now he has the skills as well as the better equipment. thanks for the idea about the guest post, I would love for him to do something like that! xD perhaps one day you'll see an entry on my blog from him, when he has the time! :)

  26. You look great and you're really beautiful;)

  27. u look hot even in casual outfit! beautiful pictures! hope you have a fabulous part II celebration!!!


  28. You don't look tired, you look gorgeous! It's great that you get to catch the sunset so late, by the time I get home from work to take pictures, it's already dark and I have to do an unexciting inside shoot :( I really like your outfit, it's cool and casual and I love your top, especially the colour!! Happy belated birthday!! Sounds like you had an interesting day, I hope it got better!!

  29. haha! sounds like a longgg interesting day. you still look gorgeous though!

    found the route

  30. you are so beautiful !!! i love the outfit

  31. Love how you accessorised a fairly plain outfit and made it so interesting!!


  32. Props to your fashion style and your boyfriend's amazing photography skills! But aside from that, what are you studying in university? I've been following your blog for quite a while now and I can't help but notice your wonderful writing. You add so much imagery and details to your posts!

    1. Never mind, I just read from the sidebar that you're a law student. Well, you're certainly not as boring as the stereotyped law student! :P

    2. haha thankyou, although I really don't think my writing is special at all! >_< especially when I've been studying law for four years- the type of writing you're usually exposed to is very dry, technical and long-winded LOL.

  33. i love your casual look! the t-shirt's detailing on the back takes it from casual to sexy! and i love your nails!

  34. The background in these pics is beautiful! I can't wait til it's warm enough here for me to go outside in just a top & shorts. Your outfit is lovely as always! & Happy belated birthday! :)

  35. happy birthday!
    i hope your part II weekend is much better so all together part I & II would be a good memory. :)
    you look beautiful in all pictures.
    love the sunset. ;)

  36. You look stunning and that necklace is so beautiful!

    See Me Rwar

  37. Wow, Perfect outfit! Love the burgundy! The sandals and the necklace are perfect!

  38. Couldn't be more lovely pictures! You look stunning and
    I love the cutouts in your shirt and the colour
    of those shorts are perfect,

    Lacey xoxo

  39. LOL funny story!! you look fantastic!! and thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu SO much for your super sweet comment :) I do like your dark nails, but I like my pink ones too haha :)

    and i guess i followed the other day without commenting because i was in a hurry, but i want you to know i LOVE your blog!!! so yeah!

  40. Izzy you look great even when you deem your outfit not exciting. The little details make me like the seemingly not "exciting" and "casual" outfit, meaning the open back portion of the top and the burgundy colour of the shorts.

    You have such a great knack for accessorizing as well, it's always just enough to be right. Plus I feel like dark nails are always my safe colour, when in doubt dark coloured nails is always a must for me.

  41. I actually think your outfit is superb and suits you perfectly. all the details, like the cuff, those fierce shoes and also your nail colour, are just so cool together. and I like that shoot overall. perfect timing ;)
    btw, thanks for your nice comment in my blog! maybe you would like to follow each other to stay in touch? :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  42. Lovely look! I really like the shorts :)

  43. wow amazing photos!

  44. Hi Izzy!

    Gosh I just realized it was you that posted the comment on my blog lol. I feel kind of flattered because you have a much better blog and bigger following lol ;) But yeah thanks for that and the follow! :D

    LOVE your outfits by the way, although its funny because I'm the exact opposite - I find that I'm getting more cute stuff and pastels in my wardrobe compared to my usual dark outfits. Oh and that black top, I'm sooo tempted to go look for it even though its probably sold out.

    Looking forward to you next post!

  45. nice blog!!!! awesome style you have!!!!! followed you through google friend connect btw. :)

  46. Hi!
    I actually just found your blog through soompi :).

    I don't mean to sound obscene, but I'm so curious...(as i want to buy backless shirts, or things along that line)>.<

    What are you wearing under you shirt? A thin bandeau?
    (btw: sorry for the awk question. xD)

    1. lol it's ok! :P it's a very practical question haha.
      I was actually just wearing a regular bra, but for that one the strap was relatively low on the back. I also adjusted it slightly so that it could be covered by one of the "slash strips" of the tee.
      if you want to wear backless shirts, you could also go for those adhesive silicone cups. if it's just a low back top, you can also buy a bra extender which is very cheap, and it hooks onto your bra hooks and pulls it down.
      hope that helps ^^

  47. LOVE your style!

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