Friday, March 30, 2012

Uni outfits week 3&4 + Glossybox March + Moroccan Oil

Back with some more of my uni outfits! I've done photos for week 3 but only one for week 4, as it is getting harder to find motivation to dress stylishly and keep digging into the depths of my wardrobe to find something new and exciting yet perfectly practical to study in (although recently I did see a girl in cat ears roaming around campus and my friend rocking these super amazing printed silk pants...and now I'm feeling an intense urge to drape myself in a myriad of crazy prints and patterns everyday but I'm thinking the cat ears should stay at

Week Three


Cardigan: Sportsgirl
Velvet dress:
Necklace: Tree of Life
Stockings: House of Holland

I went backwards, starting from Thursday...simply because I like this better than Monday's!
This super baggy, long and loose cardi is perfect to throw on to neutralise any sense of self-consciousness from the outfit inside. Garter stockings and a short dress aren't really the most conservative combination to rock up to a library in, and I feel like the fit of this Sportsgirl cardi covers just the right amount of skin and shape to make the outfit more appropriate.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Taobao haul #3

Relatively small haul this time as I didn't really need anything except for a few versatile, basic velvet dresses and a faux leather skirt that wouldn't cost me an arm and leg (as it does instore).

Once again I placed my order with TaobaoSpree, as most Taobao sellers don't ship outside of China and a service provider is often required to ship internationally. Although I communicated with a different TBS representative than with my previous orders, he still replied pretty promptly and there were no communication mishaps.

I made two lots of payments to TaobaoSpree: first time before they had the items shipped to their location within China, and second time after the items had arrived so I could pay for shipping from TBS to me. The time it took for the items to be shipped domestically was about 10 days, and from TBS to me via EMS took only about a week!

This was much faster than expected, as I didn't even input the tracking number provided onto the tracking website. That just shows how busy I've been lately! Usually I'm refreshing postal tracking pages 24/7 like I actually expect an update every 5 minutes ("the driver is 2km away from your house...the driver is 1km away from your house...the driver is standing on your front porch and ringing your doorbell, looking impatient...")

The total cost of the items themselves (including any domestic shipping fees to TaobaoSpree) was 185 CNY (29USD), and shipping via EMS for the four items was 28USD (as is frequently the case with ordering from wholesale websites- shipping ends being more costly than the items themselves!). Total amount I had to pay was $57.7USD (including service fees and Paypal fees. However in hindsight when calculating everything myself it should actually be a few dollars less and I'm not sure why the figures don't match. Oh well it's only a few dollars so it's not worth complaining about!) For a more detailed explanation of how TaobaoSpree works, check out my Taobao Haul #2 post.

Sleeveless velvet dress x3

price: 19y
colour: black, red, navy
size: free
domestic shipping fee: 10y (now 20y)
total price of item (not incl shipping, service etc fees): 29y (~5USD)

Stock photo:

My pictures:

When worn:

Friday, March 23, 2012

a vision in velvet

It's kind of funny knowing that velvet has traditionally been portrayed to be the fabric of the royalty, symbolising luxury and opulence- when I happened to recently pick up three velvet dresses off for about $5 each (not including shipping and other fees). Kind of feeling a little bit guilty about the degradation of the image of velvet but erm...a bargain is a bargain right? *sheepish grin*

I'll be doing a review of that haul in an upcoming post, but for now, this is just a different velvet dress I picked up from Chicabooti recently. I'm so glad I found it, as I think it's such a wonderful staple dress for both winter or autumn. The dense texture creates an interesting, three-dimensional surface in jewel blue tones, but the design itself is simple and practical enough to be worn for any occasion. It makes a nice change from all the black dresses I've hoarded over my mission to find *that* one-for-all-event LBD (which by the way, does not exist in singularity. I don't believe it.)

Dress: Chicabooti
Stockings: Glassons
Heels: Pinet

Bracelets:, Lovisa
Rings: Diva, House of Harlow

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Thank you all, for the interesting diversity of opinions in my last, last post in response to the article I linked titled the "Beauty Blogging Effect". I really do love intelligent debates and hearing about other people's thoughts and perspectives (oh gosh I sound so much like my uni lecturers lol).

Versatile Blogger Award

Recently I've been doubly given the "Versatile Blogger Award" from both Nikki of Fashionable Passion, and Katherine of Tea Leaf Cafe. Thanks a million, girls! :)

The rules: 
1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their original post.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Nominate 5 newly discovered blogs and let them know that they have been nominated.

7 things about myself: 
  1. I'm really good at dropping things that shouldn't be dropped. This is why my phone always gets cracked and scratched and why I really suck at sports involving balls.
  2. I grew up in an agricultural high school. People find this weird as I apparently seem like such a "city" person (although the school isn't in a rural area)
  3. I always gravitate towards the colour purple and I have to make the conscious effort to not buy too many purple things.
  4. I secretly read my horoscope all the time.
  5. Surprisingly I'm pretty ace at Wii Bowling.
  6. I'm allergic to melons.
  7. I'm a big fan of 80s pop. LOL

5 blogs I nominate:

Prisca of Mochaccinoland
Kirsten of Elissiam

Monday, March 19, 2012

Uni outfits week 2 + mini haul + Velour lashes review

Week Two

Sooo apparently this week was all about top + shorts because of how hot it's been in Sydney (did our pathetic "summer" simply get pushed forward into the autumn months?) This is always my go-to combination when I'm looking for something non-fussy, comfy and practical. Unlike skirts and dresses, you don't have to worry about accidentally flashing your unimpressed snooty law peers with your granny panties, and unlike skinny jeans, you don't have to experience the discomfort of your muffin top struggling to breathe over your jeans as you sit through lectures for long hours. Hurrah!


Stockings: Glassons

I bought these super cute stockings on the weekend before, from Glassons. LOVE them! I think I have way too many stockings already and unfortunately these are another one of those super sheer ones where I have to approach them carefully and slowly like I'm defusing a bomb so that they don't rip- but so far, so good. I got heaps of compliments on these everywhere I went :3


Top: Sweetacacia
Shorts: Supre

Yayy for the debut of my $7 top! I hadn't worn these high-waisted shorts from Supre in a while so I decided to "even out" the love for my shorts collection and give these another wear. I like to make sure nothing gets neglected for too long otherwise I feel sorry for, that doesn't sound weird at all, the fact that I treat my inanimate possessions like they have feelings.


Top: Supre
Shorts: Chicabooti
Necklace: Sportsgirl


Top: Junk
Shorts: Chicabooti
Knit cardigan: Cotton On
Necklace: Tree of Life

Uh...then my outfits got super casual. That's all I can say about them. 

A few purchases:

Chicabooti velvet dress $26

I stumbled upon this by accident, when I changed my uni timetable by swapping a few classes and left the house a bit earlier than I needed to. Hence, shopping spree!! I only bought this dress though. I actually have three basic velvet dresses (one in this colour too!) already coming my way via a haul so...erm. Not sure if this was a necessary purchase but ooh if only you cynics and nay-sayers could come and touch it, it feels soooo lovely! Did a shoot recently with this dress on too.

"Sara tie shoulder playsuit" in white, from 25GBP (~$38AUD) incl shipping

(Yes, in hindsight it was rather silly of me to put a white item against a white background and expect the washed-out photo to do justice to it. Perhaps I should have modelled it!)

This was really an impulse buy on my behalf. I had a discount coupon from this website I had never even heard of, and so I just decided to buy something for the sake of using the discount coupon (which wasn't even that much!). The fit ended up being a bit big on me but now it's too costly to return so I may as well just keep it. Boohoo, indeed. It looks alright with a belt and heels though.

"Dream Reader" dress courtesy of Sugar Lips Apparel

I didn't include the sash around the waist because imo it looks so much better without it. I need to do a shoot with this soon!! Before the weather really starts to cool down *makes note in mental calendar* I really want to wear it straight away, the material is actually really smooth and lovely, almost like silk!

Glassons stockings $10, Lush mint julips lip scrub $10

These are the stockings I wore in my Monday gear. On the same day of my purchase I also stopped by the Lush stall (since so many people have raved about their products!) I picked up this exfoliating scrub so that it could fix all those annoying little flakey bits of skin on my lips and make my lips more "kissably soft". What you do is rub a bit of the sugar crystals on your lips, and lick off the excess. I applied a little after my purchase and asked my boyfriend to determine if they were now indeed "kissably soft". He said he couldn't really tell a difference. What a party pooper!

Lol there are a few limitations of the product (such as how you always have to make sure your fingers are clean since it doesn't come with a spatula or something, and it doesn't get rid of all your skin flakes), but the scent is really lovely and there is something highly addictive about grinding sugar crystals on your lips and then licking it off. Sadly, put any amount of sugar in my mouth and I'll be hooked.

Review of the Velour lashes from a few posts back:

(pics from that post)

These babies are called "Strike a Pose" and were on sale from $65USD to $35USD for a pair.

Sorry I've only got the iPhone pictures! I was in a complete rush to leave in the morning (did a photoshoot in the velvet dress I'm wearing in the pic!) and I didn't have time to charge my SLR and take better quality pics.

  • really easy to apply. You know how sometimes you try to put on lashes and for some reason they always droop down?! Well the lashes by themselves are quite long and curved (rather than being short and straight), and this design makes them less likely to weigh downwards, and retain their proper position up in the air...if that makes sense.
  • really long. That's a "pro" for me.
  • not too flimsy. Unfortunately I've found with my Dolly Wink ones that the super thin spines of the lashes make them difficult to apply, as well as retain their position throughout the day (sometimes they droop, almost falling off). Therefore sturdy (not too hard of course, as they'd be uncomfortable) lashes are a big win for me.

  • not for everyday wear, and may be too dramatic for some. Although I'm not really sure if this counts as a con, because personally dramatic lashes like these are the best for creating that show-stopper, glamorous effect- and I wasn't looking for everyday, natural-looking lashes.
  • the price may deter some people? I know a lot of girls are perfectly content with those lashes you can get for a few bucks a pair over Ebay. 

So in the end, personally I don't think there's a very strong case on the cons side, and therefore I would definitely recommend these. Perhaps a bit too strong for everyday wear, but for the weekends and going out? Certainly! :)

I also read this really interesting article the other day- the "Beauty Blogging Effect". For those thinking "tl;dr", basically many beauty bloggers have found opening themselves up to the scrutiny of the internet community via face of the day looks, makeup tutorials and the like, leading to a positive effect on their self-esteem and allowing them to accept and love their flaws.
For example, here is a snippet from the article:

“The more I blogged and the more I looked at my face and body in pictures, I realized that I’m happy with how I look,” says the beauty blogger behind Makeup Morsels. “When you’re looking at hundreds of shots of yourself per day, you realize it’s ridiculous to dwell on one little flaw, or to have any sort of illusionsabout perfection. Wanting to be or look perfect is a waste of time, and it’s much more constructive to work towards being happy with yourself.” 

Does this apply to any of the beauty bloggers out there? Is there a synonymous effect for fashion bloggers, perhaps focusing on body image rather than face? Maybe it could be said that as beauty bloggers find self-confidence in playing with different makeup looks, fashion bloggers also develop an acceptance for their bodies in creating various fashion styles suited for their own shapes and receiving praise from the blogging community. It makes quite a lot of sense in my opinion, as blog readers tend to be so wonderfully kind and positive, and when negativity is to be found it's often in the form of helpful, constructive criticism. However I can't say for certain that this effect upon one's self-esteem via posting outfit looks necessarily extends outside of the blogosphere- a quick browse of the "Hot" looks on sites like easily shows a dominance of skinny, lean figures for both males and females. A simple pattern like that just reinforces what's always been a prevalent and seemingly resistant to change notion in society- a preference for thin.

Nonetheless I thought that the article was pretty insightful and I liked the positive, encouraging messages conveyed about blogging, the warm reception from readers and consequent tolerance and acceptance of our own appearances. Even if society and the media continue to exert a great deal of influence over what's beautiful and what isn't (face-wise and body-wise), I think it's really wonderful that blogging can at least lead to these positive outcomes that assist in overcoming our insecurities.

*phew* that was a lot to say in this post, in the short period of time I had (it's only week two and uni is really trying its best to bog everyone down with readings and workload). Have to sleep now before my brain totally shuts down and I end this post with a stream of random letters as my head hits the keyboard.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

cosmic brights

It appears that the weather gods don't like me very much these days, because on the one day of the week I do a photoshoot (Saturday) I either get torrential rain or scorching sun. The former's obviously a huge killjoy (no, I do not have the artistic nor practical capacity to take decent photos standing in rain) and the latter just makes you want to go out in a singlet and shorts. What about a bikini shoot? HA I've only worn a bikini once in my entire lifetime and that was when the beach was pretty much empty and it was after sunset so pretty dark. So to take photos in one is an impossible dream for now, until I meet up with Miranda Kerr and negotiate some sort of binding, non-repudiable body-swap arrangement.

So yes it was a bummer at first to deal with another hot and sticky day because I've been really itching to wear my recently purchased galaxy jacket! I always envisioned it with an essentially black outfit to do justice to the origin of the design. But it's been so hot and sunny that I didn't think such an outfit would suit the weather. However I've had a few epiphanies over the past week which has led me to be a lot more confident about my future. (in my previous post I mentioned being kind of down about a few things). As a result, I'm laughing more, talking to people more, being more optimistic, and riding along with this shift in attitude is the increased desire to take risks, and not caring too much if those risks lead to unsuccessful consequences.

Thus resulting in me deciding to wear the galaxy jacket and actually pair it up with something completely different to what I had in mind- white rather than black, girly and feminine rather than edgy, and bright candy pink heels rather than boots. It's not the safest idea but personally I quite liked the chiffon on chiffon and I've always loved the crochet design on the shorts, however I've worn them.

I know, it's a pretty superficial and petty example of the recent improvements in my outlook and state of mind haha. I also really want to thank all the really sweet and thoughtful comments in my last post. All the kind words definitely helped lift my mood and made me realise others have been in the same boat. I'm going to try really hard to continue being positive! :)

galaxy jacket:
chiffon top:
crochet shorts:
claw cuff:
ring: Diva

Friday, March 9, 2012

First week of uni outfits + mini haul + features

I don't usually go to great lengths to dress up for uni anymore, but I thought I'd make a bit more of an effort this time for a few reasons. It's the first week of the final year of my law degree and I feel the urge to make the most of it- and I think if you make the effort to look good to come to class you'll also be inspired to concentrate more in class. Does that logic sound fanciful? Perhaps, but if I come to class makeup-less in an old tee and leggings, I'm going to feel uglier, lazy, and already locked into an I-don't-care mindset the minute I leave the house. Another reason is for the sake of this blog; I thought it'd be nice to show a range of my casual outfits as a break from the more glitzed up photoshoots!

First day of uni! The night before, I painted my nails in a pastel, baby yellow colour to cheer me up a little (I had been pretty upset the past few days, thinking about how I never wanted to do law in the first place, so sick of wasting course fees, already going through four years of gruelling study without seeing any gain and feeling direction-less and full of regrets for not dropping out earlier. Plus some other personal reasons).

Therefore I wanted to wear something a bit more light and cheery to lift my mood. I must have slathered on ten layers of concealer to cover up my puffy, post-crying eyebags (without much success lol) but my mood ended up being alright for the rest of the day.

SOOO apart from the pop of sunshine splattered at the end of my fingers, I also wore one of my favourite floral tops from Sportsgirl which I hadn't busted out in a while plus one of my more flattering pairs of shorts. For an extra boost of colour I wore one of my absolute fave cardigans from Kookai- it's quite old but the bright orange/coral colour always, always cheers me up! I also kept the outfit light and fun with a white pair of brogue shoes. 

Top: Sportsgirl
Shorts: Chicabooti
Cardigan: Kookai

kind of a boring outfit so no pics, lol!

The weather took a drastic dip and I was suddenly finding myself wearing stockings and leather jackets, whereas previously I only needed a sleeveless top and shorts! When I featured these House of Holland stockings in a previous blog post I mentioned how it was difficult to straighten up the garter parts of the stockings, but I've realised they look fine when the skirt/dress/shorts aren't too short.

Garter stockings: House of Holland from
Shoes: Sportsgirl

With Sydney weather still stubbornly being windy, cold and rainy, I now had to add a knit circle scarf to my layers. I love these galaxy leggings to death!! I've worn them quite frequently with different outfit combinations but I'm still struggling to wear something other than black and white! I'm so addicted, I think I'm going to add more BMs to my collection. Although they are very eye-catching, I haven't actually been feeling self-conscious at all wearing them out and about so I'll probably grab some crazier designs off their website!

Leather jacket:
walker boots:
Circle scarf: Miss Shop 

(lol at that random strand of bed hair sticking out)

So that was my first week of uni, fashion-wise! I might keep posting a weekly recap of my casual uni gear in the future.

I also bought a few little things recently:

Sweetacacia purple collared top with crochet open back $30 -> $15AUD

I've been eyeing this top for a while, so glad I was able to get my hands on it at half price!

Red Berry $30 -> $7AUD

Ridiculously cheap, no? Unlike all you Americans with all your huge sales it's kind of a big deal to see something brand new for a price consisting of only one digit. Therefore, I had to grab it :) even though it was a larger size.

Miss Shop pink sequin clutch bag (using as a makeup bag) - $40AUD -> $10AUD

When I found this on the sale table at Myer, I realised it originally had a bow attached at the front and back, but it had somehow fallen off or been ripped off. I actually didn't like the bow at all, so thankyou to whatever/whoever detached it completely by force because it saved me the hassle of removing it myself. I've just been looking for another makeup pouch I can keep in my bag, because the current one I have is pretty large and it's already become another mission trying to dig through that bag.

Velour false eyelashes in Strike a Pose - $35USD (on sale from $65)

I decided to splash out a little on a new pair of false eyelashes. After seeing these look amazing on Chaigyaru in her post here, I purchased Strike a Pose. I haven't tried them on yet, but will probably do so the next time I take photos! :D They're 100% made of mink fur and 100% handmade, so they should be really comfortable and soft on my eyelashes.

And now on to a few features!

Many thanks to the beautiful Glee behind Creative Fashion Glee, for featuring my looks for the current Pastel trend! Check it out here 

And also thank you so much Kenny from Style Diaries, for choosing to interview me! Check out the interview here. For all the gorgeous girls behind, and, I've given a shout-out to all your blogs when I was asked for other fashion blogs I would recommend. You all deserve a lot of recognition! :)

Thanks everyone for all the support on my previous outfit posts by the way! I really really appreciate all of it. I can't wait to hop onto checking out everyone's blogs!



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