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First week of uni outfits + mini haul + features

I don't usually go to great lengths to dress up for uni anymore, but I thought I'd make a bit more of an effort this time for a few reasons. It's the first week of the final year of my law degree and I feel the urge to make the most of it- and I think if you make the effort to look good to come to class you'll also be inspired to concentrate more in class. Does that logic sound fanciful? Perhaps, but if I come to class makeup-less in an old tee and leggings, I'm going to feel uglier, lazy, and already locked into an I-don't-care mindset the minute I leave the house. Another reason is for the sake of this blog; I thought it'd be nice to show a range of my casual outfits as a break from the more glitzed up photoshoots!

First day of uni! The night before, I painted my nails in a pastel, baby yellow colour to cheer me up a little (I had been pretty upset the past few days, thinking about how I never wanted to do law in the first place, so sick of wasting course fees, already going through four years of gruelling study without seeing any gain and feeling direction-less and full of regrets for not dropping out earlier. Plus some other personal reasons).

Therefore I wanted to wear something a bit more light and cheery to lift my mood. I must have slathered on ten layers of concealer to cover up my puffy, post-crying eyebags (without much success lol) but my mood ended up being alright for the rest of the day.

SOOO apart from the pop of sunshine splattered at the end of my fingers, I also wore one of my favourite floral tops from Sportsgirl which I hadn't busted out in a while plus one of my more flattering pairs of shorts. For an extra boost of colour I wore one of my absolute fave cardigans from Kookai- it's quite old but the bright orange/coral colour always, always cheers me up! I also kept the outfit light and fun with a white pair of brogue shoes. 

Top: Sportsgirl
Shorts: Chicabooti
Cardigan: Kookai

kind of a boring outfit so no pics, lol!

The weather took a drastic dip and I was suddenly finding myself wearing stockings and leather jackets, whereas previously I only needed a sleeveless top and shorts! When I featured these House of Holland stockings in a previous blog post I mentioned how it was difficult to straighten up the garter parts of the stockings, but I've realised they look fine when the skirt/dress/shorts aren't too short.

Garter stockings: House of Holland from
Shoes: Sportsgirl

With Sydney weather still stubbornly being windy, cold and rainy, I now had to add a knit circle scarf to my layers. I love these galaxy leggings to death!! I've worn them quite frequently with different outfit combinations but I'm still struggling to wear something other than black and white! I'm so addicted, I think I'm going to add more BMs to my collection. Although they are very eye-catching, I haven't actually been feeling self-conscious at all wearing them out and about so I'll probably grab some crazier designs off their website!

Leather jacket:
walker boots:
Circle scarf: Miss Shop 

(lol at that random strand of bed hair sticking out)

So that was my first week of uni, fashion-wise! I might keep posting a weekly recap of my casual uni gear in the future.

I also bought a few little things recently:

Sweetacacia purple collared top with crochet open back $30 -> $15AUD

I've been eyeing this top for a while, so glad I was able to get my hands on it at half price!

Red Berry $30 -> $7AUD

Ridiculously cheap, no? Unlike all you Americans with all your huge sales it's kind of a big deal to see something brand new for a price consisting of only one digit. Therefore, I had to grab it :) even though it was a larger size.

Miss Shop pink sequin clutch bag (using as a makeup bag) - $40AUD -> $10AUD

When I found this on the sale table at Myer, I realised it originally had a bow attached at the front and back, but it had somehow fallen off or been ripped off. I actually didn't like the bow at all, so thankyou to whatever/whoever detached it completely by force because it saved me the hassle of removing it myself. I've just been looking for another makeup pouch I can keep in my bag, because the current one I have is pretty large and it's already become another mission trying to dig through that bag.

Velour false eyelashes in Strike a Pose - $35USD (on sale from $65)

I decided to splash out a little on a new pair of false eyelashes. After seeing these look amazing on Chaigyaru in her post here, I purchased Strike a Pose. I haven't tried them on yet, but will probably do so the next time I take photos! :D They're 100% made of mink fur and 100% handmade, so they should be really comfortable and soft on my eyelashes.

And now on to a few features!

Many thanks to the beautiful Glee behind Creative Fashion Glee, for featuring my looks for the current Pastel trend! Check it out here 

And also thank you so much Kenny from Style Diaries, for choosing to interview me! Check out the interview here. For all the gorgeous girls behind, and, I've given a shout-out to all your blogs when I was asked for other fashion blogs I would recommend. You all deserve a lot of recognition! :)

Thanks everyone for all the support on my previous outfit posts by the way! I really really appreciate all of it. I can't wait to hop onto checking out everyone's blogs!


  1. Man, I wish I could stop being lazy and dress up everyday like you. Maybe then I would actually have friends because I don't look like some kind of homeless person.

    Congrats on being featured though! It must feel so cool :p You put a lot of effort in this blog and your outfits though, so I must say that I'm not surprised and you definitely deserve it.

    Also, I love those garter stockings! I've been searching for them and I had no idea what they were called or where I could find them - luckily I read this post. Off to ASOS for me now and hopefully its still in stock! Hope you don't mind me getting them as well :p

    I'm looking forward to your next post as usual :)

  2. WOW you are flawless everyday :D
    i can't explain how much i love your style with words.
    you;re pretty and stylist.
    i love your outfit on monday,thursday and i love your tights on wednesday..

    congrats for being featured.

  3. Oh I didn't know you are a fellow law student haha. Luckily for you it's nearly over though ;^; I'm still nowhere near graduating! I hope that you feel better now though, more confident in the degree you've been studying and your personal problems have been resolved.

    That aside, your outfits are always spot on gorgeous. You have the style of a first year haha! Also don't you have uni on Fridays? :( Lucky! (A little unlucky for me cos I get to see less outfit pics from you haha)

  4. Awww I hope you are feeling better :( you still looked flawless even if you weren't feeling your best.
    I love that pink/red blouse - the colour is so gorgeous! And also the circle scarf looks so amazingly warm. I can't wait to wear knit scarves in winter!!!
    The clutch/makeup bag was a good find! And wow gorgeous eyelashes, hope you'll post some pics of you wearing them!
    Congrats on your most recent features, it's so good to see you getting the recognition you deserve :D

  5. your uni looks are just lovely and have totally inspired me to look a little better when i go to uni now. thank you haha!

    and majorly jealous of your bargains. especially that $7 top. just wow.

  6. you're so cute! these outfits are so uni appropriate :) wish i took more style inspiration for you these four years haha. have a lovely weekend <3 !

    pandaphilia style

  7. Wow your outfits are amazing, Monday looked so adorable! :D And congratulations on your features, you deserve it! Hope you have a lovely weekend :) Xx

  8. hi :) youre such a cutie and i love your style! thanks for the sweet comment you left me! I'm your newest follower babe

    love, james

  9. LOVE the cosmic leggings!!!

  10. Such nice style, but casual? Well, a bit more then casual to me :) but it's a good thing.

    1. haha yeah I know it's not really most people's definition of "casual" style. However it's casual to me in comparison to the way I get dressed up with accessories + heels when I go out /do photoshoots :)

  11. oooh i love love the wednesday outfit!
    you should be considerate of others, though. how could boys concentrate and study around you? ;p

  12. Hope you're feeling better :) You look lovely in these outfits! Love the second look :3


  13. I love these outfits! The garter tights and galaxy leggings too <3 I haven't gone on a haul for such a looong time, but once I do, I'm going to splurge >:D
    And yay for featured posts! ^^

  14. Love your thursday look! Edgy!

  15. That gmarket blouse is lovely! I'm sorry to hear about your feelings towards your law course. :( I know a few people who are in the same boat with their degrees. But you know, once you start working you might change your mind because it might be totally different to your uni environment. Also, since you have a law degree, there are so many different paths you can go down using that. Hope it works out xx

  16. Hope you're enjoying uni Izzy~!! I love your Thursday uni outfit the best =D


  17. I love all of the outfits! You have such great style.

  18. Omg, Izzy, you are so sweet! Okay, I'm totally going to sound like a creeper right now, but I feel like I've made a friend in you even though we're on completely different sides of the world. I absolutely love coming to read your blog, and I almost feel like it's talking to a friend. So thank you so much for always being so nice to me! <3

    I looooveee those BM leggings! They look so good on you. And I love your Wednesday outfit with those stockings. Girl, don't feel bad about the college thing. I went to school for 5 years to become a teacher and I only taught for 2 years and then quit. I hated it! And I felt bad that my parents spent all that money, but I could not be in a job that I didn't like for the next 40 years. I actually wanted to drop out in my junior year, to pursue something else, but I was too scared to. I guess I should have done it and I could have saved my parents some money! LOL. So I know what you're going through. :) Have a great weekend! <3


  19. Cute :).

  20. Darlin, I LOVEEE your style! Wish I had discovered your blog soon, definitely a follow on Bloglovin' now ;) And I would have to agree with you, most of the time I just want to throw on w/e when I go to school but impressions do matter especially when you're in university so its good to make a bit of an effort.

  21. I totally agree with you on the dressing up part. Yes, I believe that when you dress well, you tend to feel good and do things in a better mood =) Aww..don't be depressed over your studies. I'm sure everything will turn out just fine. Everything happen for a reason right?
    I love all your outfits although I like Wednesday's most! Must be the pretty skirt =)

  22. I really love your Thursday outfit! ^^ Nice haul indeed..
    Oh just a really really cute blog & style you have ^^

    Have a lovely weekend,

    - Indie by Heart

  23. You are so cute when you go to school! Good luck with your last year, you're going to be the most fashionable lawyer around!

  24. Love your outfits.

  25. I do agree with you that 'slightly' dressing up for you uni will motivate you to participate more in uni. Even though I'm only in my first year & it's only been two weeks, I've noticed that if I didn't like what I was wearing I'd almost fall asleep in lectures (probably also because of the rainy weather) haha. Love loooooooooove every single outfits!!!! But I do have a question, does your leather jacket have a hoody? And also I was looking at leather jackets the other day from Temt/Valley girl and was trying on a size 8 and found that it fits my arm perfectly and when I attempted to close it it was a perfect fit... should I go a size bigger or leave it as it is? I've never own a leather jacket before so I'm quite unsure how people wear 'em.

  26. ooh love Wednesday's outfit - the fuschia and black :) I also love those purple tops.

  27. Thanks for dropping by my blog. ♥

    You have the loveliest style, and the prettiest face! :)

    The Cat Hag

  28. Lovely outfits ♥ I really like your style! I see the second one as something I would wear, but I wish I could pull off the last outfit ~ cute buys and you're very pretty!

  29. Congrats on the features girl!
    Love these outfits too, especially the edgy Thursday outfit. The galaxy print leggings are awesome!

    PS: Don't miss out on the international giveaway at my blog!

    Statement Necklace Giveaway
    Trendy Teal

  30. lovely outfits and nice haul !!(:

  31. Nice outfits!

  32. Amazing outfits!! I love the garter stockings in Wednesday's outfit.

    Cheer up and I hope that things will get better soon. Congratulations on the feature!!


  33. What great buys! Love the causal uni outfits too. I almost wish I went to uni, just so I could have had a few years of rocking out different outfits... probably not the best motivation to go to uni though :P haha x

  34. Congrats on the features! And god, those BM leggings look great even in casual outfits. They're so beautiful ugh *___*

  35. congrats dear :)
    you have an amazing style anyway♥ love it!

  36. I love the outfit with the red skirt-super cute!

  37. love all the outfits!! wish i can wear like that at my uni...

  38. Hi darling! I really love yut thursday's outfit, it's incredible! Thanks a lot for your comment in mt blog, I follow you by GFC, Bloglovin and Twitter. Follow me back? A big kiss :)

  39. you are sooo sweet, your look is super casual cute and i love that pink sparkly clutch and falsies!!! i honestly spend sooo much time preparing, thinking and plotting on how to improve my posts, by blog, everything haha. im so glad you appreciate and notice that!!! :) :) :)

    Hello Kitty giveaway on my blog,

  40. I cant emphasize enough how friggen gorgeous you are!! And you have great taste in clothes too :) My fave is the Thursday look <3 tend to go for the grungier looks hehe i love the wednesday look aswell though the shirt is so vibrant and loving the tights. I bought a similar pair from sportsgirl but sadly im not as tall as the sizing and my suspenders pull up pass any form of skirt/dress and it just looks like im wearing opaque tights *Sigh* I wish i could be motivated to do a weeekly outfit post hehe

    Love stopping by your blog !
    ox Priscilla

  41. Aww, I hope you feel better about your study choices soon! I've doubted my own degree so many times!

    On a happier note, I really love all your outfits here! I'm totally in love with those amazing garter belt stockings! I love patterned stockings, but I'm terribly rough with them and always rip them quickly :(

    Haha, yep anything less than $10 is an absolute steal! Glad you picked up some cute and fab bargains~

  42. Fantastic finds! Love the red top and black skirt the most. To be hones all the outs are great!

    I am a new follower, and fellow blogger would love for you to visit my fashion chronicle:)))


  43. Hi Izzy - thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments. I'm so glad to have found yours, and love your fun, quirky and eclectic style! I also empathize with this post a lot ... I'm in my last couple years of a doctoral program, and am SO TIRED of school and often question whether I even want to finish. But hang in there ... it will be worth it when you're done! I've also been trying to dress up for the Uni so that I'm a little more motivated, and will be keeping an eye on you blog for ideas. XOXO.

  44. Such pretty outfits, I always feel better when I wear nice things! I love the first top with the cardigan, such a pretty combination! xx

  45. Your outfits are so cute! I love your sense of style - very feminine and fun.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  46. Your Wednesday outfit is super adorable. Love it and the garter stockings. So cute.

  47. I love ur Wednesday and Thursday look!
    Looking pretty :)


  48. Love your Thursday's look...and your Monday's Cardigan! your blog is very cute...I follow you!! your style is simple and fashionable at the same time and I apreciated this so much :)

    xxx form Italy

  49. Love all of your outfits! Really love your leather jacket :)


  50. you have truly amazing clothing and style!! loving it


  51. Love the leather jacket and infinity scarf!!! You look beautiful in all the outfits! I just found out your blog and love it! I am now following you and would appreciate if you could follow me back! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    Let's Twitter Together
    Friend and Fan on Facebook

  52. Oh my goodness hun, I hope you find solace in the fact that alot of university people (indeed myself too) go through the did-i-choose-the-right-major headache. I tend to think my feelings are a bit like a roller-coaster (cliche I know but completely the truth...) In that, I mean there will most certainly be moments of regrets but equally there are those times where you're pining to learn more about the industry. Stick with it, keep that beautiful chin up and after this year you'll be free ^_^ All your outfits are very lovely hun and university appropriate which is something my outfits sometimes lack haha. Cant wait to see that new purple number on ya ;)

    Eeli x

  53. I LOVE the Wednesday's outfit- it's amazing, the skirt and blouse look stunning together! It's really nice that you'll share your daily looks... and, by the way, I totally understand how you feel about the law degree... I'm also studying law, and while I don't love it and it's not easy, I hope to however have a decent job when I graduate.. :)
    Good luck!

  54. i hope you'll cheerful again soon! what a lovely outfits! love them all!

  55. I like the outfit where you wore your galaxy leggings! :) Love it babe!

    Wish I was as dressed up as I was back in my uni days!

    accidenta encounters

  56. I enjoyed reading your blog!!!! and the photos are all gorgeous! :) I like the leggings you got from blackmilkclothing! :) I always love their items there..although they're a bit pricey. hihihihihi :)

    congratulations on getting featured too! I was wanting to have an interview with you too for my blog's style of the month :)

  57. Great post! Love the pink blouse! Thank you for visiting my blog <3

  58. Great purchases! Love your first outfit , such a summery top! :)

  59. Love the black & red outfit - so pretty :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  60. Thanks for the hair tip on my blog Izzy! I actually do ask them to thin it out too but I have ridiculously a LOT of hair lol...anyways, I love this blog post about your week of outfits! Especially liking those galaxy pants! ;)

    Good luck finishing your last year of law school - you're almost done!

    Sending love,

  61. ..Great post and fantastic and inspirational outfits , love those leggings - so original !

  62. OK, that space legging's just awesome!!! following you!

  63. Thank you so much for your comment!! =)
    Amazing looks, loved them all!

  64. Trust me, I've just finished my Master's (do you call it grad school?) and I'm STILL direction-less. I know that's okay, though because through discussions with others, I realize this is normal. The pressure is definitely on since you're in final year, but hey, you've managed the first few years so this last one will be fine, too. Many people doubt the courses/path they've chosen midway through and there'll always be the "what ifs", but that's okay, that's life. Also, if after you graduate, if you think you no longer want to pursue law, you can always switch. Many jobs don't ask for specific majors/degrees, so there's still plenty of things you can do :)

    Anyway, I don't want to sound like a granny, but I hope you feel better. I always feel better after ranting and having a good cry.

    I like all your outfits. Babe, you've GOT to show me how you find pretty, cheap blouses on GMarket. I keep looking at the expensive ones :(

    Congratz on being featured again!

  65. great finds! I love the lace open back! so pretty!


  66. I admire that you stuck with law school despite it now being something you fully want, I can't stress how much I regret dropping out of uni and not taking my education seriously at the time. But everything happens for a reason so make the best of it, to have the dedication to move forward shows how strong you are to endure things that you may not be 100% about :)

    On another note I love the first outfit, it's odd how I'm going to describe this but it's like your more homely and dress down look and I just find it cute. The second outfit is sassy, definitely would give you second look in your outfit, and finally the galaxy tights are cool, not everyone can pull that style off well but you've done it nicely once again.

    Congrats on all the new features Izzy! I'm so happy you're getting the much deserved recognition for your chic style.

  67. I'm so glad I found your blog whilst searching up zipia hauls/reviews! Zipia has such unique amazing clothes but my wallet can't handle the constant $300 minimum. I love your versatile looks; so cute and chic :) Also, how did you manage to find such cheap clothing in sydney? that purple top is just too cute!

    As a fellow law student (only half way through the course :S) I, too, have questioned my decision to stick with it- but I realise that those moments of doubt pass once stress is over. Reading your entry makes me want to dress up a little bit more for uni and be more positive too! Good luck for yourfinal year of your degree :)

    ps. Considering you have shopped from gmarket and zipia, is another awesome online mall with great style inspo pics. Never personally bought from it myself but you should check it out if you havent already~

    1. hahaha I know right? $300 is a pretty steep minimum threshold to cross!

      thanks! I've found a lot of the cheap clothes (with labels such as Sweetacacia, Imprint etc) from those little boutique stores I can never remember the names of. A few I can think of right now are Koom and Internet Clothing, which is a store in Market City near Dotti. They all stock the same brands but are under a variety of names.

      Haha I'm glad you've always felt like you made the right decision in the end!! Personally I always find it that I have to accept sometimes we can't study and work in the fields we enjoy, and it's the money we earn in the end at a job we may not necessarily feel passionate for, that makes it worth it. Thankyou!! All the best for completing your degree as well :)

      Yes I know about Style nanda! I check out their stock every now and then. They have some really unique, funky pieces and the styling in all the photos is always fantastic :)

    2. Oh coolios I'm at Market City all the time :) lots of great finds in Internet Clothing. I will keep an eye out for Koom next time; don't think I've been to that one :) anyways, thanks for the reply~

  68. EEEEEE BM love forever! I got a pair of circuits recently - will have to do a post at some point but first I have to buy a new camera... T_T

    Love the purply shirt and black skirt combo too, that is just too cute.

    Well, you're in your final stretch now and I guess it's a month late coming from me but you can do it! You're so close to the end now~~~! :)

    Yishi x


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