Monday, March 19, 2012

Uni outfits week 2 + mini haul + Velour lashes review

Week Two

Sooo apparently this week was all about top + shorts because of how hot it's been in Sydney (did our pathetic "summer" simply get pushed forward into the autumn months?) This is always my go-to combination when I'm looking for something non-fussy, comfy and practical. Unlike skirts and dresses, you don't have to worry about accidentally flashing your unimpressed snooty law peers with your granny panties, and unlike skinny jeans, you don't have to experience the discomfort of your muffin top struggling to breathe over your jeans as you sit through lectures for long hours. Hurrah!


Stockings: Glassons

I bought these super cute stockings on the weekend before, from Glassons. LOVE them! I think I have way too many stockings already and unfortunately these are another one of those super sheer ones where I have to approach them carefully and slowly like I'm defusing a bomb so that they don't rip- but so far, so good. I got heaps of compliments on these everywhere I went :3


Top: Sweetacacia
Shorts: Supre

Yayy for the debut of my $7 top! I hadn't worn these high-waisted shorts from Supre in a while so I decided to "even out" the love for my shorts collection and give these another wear. I like to make sure nothing gets neglected for too long otherwise I feel sorry for, that doesn't sound weird at all, the fact that I treat my inanimate possessions like they have feelings.


Top: Supre
Shorts: Chicabooti
Necklace: Sportsgirl


Top: Junk
Shorts: Chicabooti
Knit cardigan: Cotton On
Necklace: Tree of Life

Uh...then my outfits got super casual. That's all I can say about them. 

A few purchases:

Chicabooti velvet dress $26

I stumbled upon this by accident, when I changed my uni timetable by swapping a few classes and left the house a bit earlier than I needed to. Hence, shopping spree!! I only bought this dress though. I actually have three basic velvet dresses (one in this colour too!) already coming my way via a haul so...erm. Not sure if this was a necessary purchase but ooh if only you cynics and nay-sayers could come and touch it, it feels soooo lovely! Did a shoot recently with this dress on too.

"Sara tie shoulder playsuit" in white, from 25GBP (~$38AUD) incl shipping

(Yes, in hindsight it was rather silly of me to put a white item against a white background and expect the washed-out photo to do justice to it. Perhaps I should have modelled it!)

This was really an impulse buy on my behalf. I had a discount coupon from this website I had never even heard of, and so I just decided to buy something for the sake of using the discount coupon (which wasn't even that much!). The fit ended up being a bit big on me but now it's too costly to return so I may as well just keep it. Boohoo, indeed. It looks alright with a belt and heels though.

"Dream Reader" dress courtesy of Sugar Lips Apparel

I didn't include the sash around the waist because imo it looks so much better without it. I need to do a shoot with this soon!! Before the weather really starts to cool down *makes note in mental calendar* I really want to wear it straight away, the material is actually really smooth and lovely, almost like silk!

Glassons stockings $10, Lush mint julips lip scrub $10

These are the stockings I wore in my Monday gear. On the same day of my purchase I also stopped by the Lush stall (since so many people have raved about their products!) I picked up this exfoliating scrub so that it could fix all those annoying little flakey bits of skin on my lips and make my lips more "kissably soft". What you do is rub a bit of the sugar crystals on your lips, and lick off the excess. I applied a little after my purchase and asked my boyfriend to determine if they were now indeed "kissably soft". He said he couldn't really tell a difference. What a party pooper!

Lol there are a few limitations of the product (such as how you always have to make sure your fingers are clean since it doesn't come with a spatula or something, and it doesn't get rid of all your skin flakes), but the scent is really lovely and there is something highly addictive about grinding sugar crystals on your lips and then licking it off. Sadly, put any amount of sugar in my mouth and I'll be hooked.

Review of the Velour lashes from a few posts back:

(pics from that post)

These babies are called "Strike a Pose" and were on sale from $65USD to $35USD for a pair.

Sorry I've only got the iPhone pictures! I was in a complete rush to leave in the morning (did a photoshoot in the velvet dress I'm wearing in the pic!) and I didn't have time to charge my SLR and take better quality pics.

  • really easy to apply. You know how sometimes you try to put on lashes and for some reason they always droop down?! Well the lashes by themselves are quite long and curved (rather than being short and straight), and this design makes them less likely to weigh downwards, and retain their proper position up in the air...if that makes sense.
  • really long. That's a "pro" for me.
  • not too flimsy. Unfortunately I've found with my Dolly Wink ones that the super thin spines of the lashes make them difficult to apply, as well as retain their position throughout the day (sometimes they droop, almost falling off). Therefore sturdy (not too hard of course, as they'd be uncomfortable) lashes are a big win for me.

  • not for everyday wear, and may be too dramatic for some. Although I'm not really sure if this counts as a con, because personally dramatic lashes like these are the best for creating that show-stopper, glamorous effect- and I wasn't looking for everyday, natural-looking lashes.
  • the price may deter some people? I know a lot of girls are perfectly content with those lashes you can get for a few bucks a pair over Ebay. 

So in the end, personally I don't think there's a very strong case on the cons side, and therefore I would definitely recommend these. Perhaps a bit too strong for everyday wear, but for the weekends and going out? Certainly! :)

I also read this really interesting article the other day- the "Beauty Blogging Effect". For those thinking "tl;dr", basically many beauty bloggers have found opening themselves up to the scrutiny of the internet community via face of the day looks, makeup tutorials and the like, leading to a positive effect on their self-esteem and allowing them to accept and love their flaws.
For example, here is a snippet from the article:

“The more I blogged and the more I looked at my face and body in pictures, I realized that I’m happy with how I look,” says the beauty blogger behind Makeup Morsels. “When you’re looking at hundreds of shots of yourself per day, you realize it’s ridiculous to dwell on one little flaw, or to have any sort of illusionsabout perfection. Wanting to be or look perfect is a waste of time, and it’s much more constructive to work towards being happy with yourself.” 

Does this apply to any of the beauty bloggers out there? Is there a synonymous effect for fashion bloggers, perhaps focusing on body image rather than face? Maybe it could be said that as beauty bloggers find self-confidence in playing with different makeup looks, fashion bloggers also develop an acceptance for their bodies in creating various fashion styles suited for their own shapes and receiving praise from the blogging community. It makes quite a lot of sense in my opinion, as blog readers tend to be so wonderfully kind and positive, and when negativity is to be found it's often in the form of helpful, constructive criticism. However I can't say for certain that this effect upon one's self-esteem via posting outfit looks necessarily extends outside of the blogosphere- a quick browse of the "Hot" looks on sites like easily shows a dominance of skinny, lean figures for both males and females. A simple pattern like that just reinforces what's always been a prevalent and seemingly resistant to change notion in society- a preference for thin.

Nonetheless I thought that the article was pretty insightful and I liked the positive, encouraging messages conveyed about blogging, the warm reception from readers and consequent tolerance and acceptance of our own appearances. Even if society and the media continue to exert a great deal of influence over what's beautiful and what isn't (face-wise and body-wise), I think it's really wonderful that blogging can at least lead to these positive outcomes that assist in overcoming our insecurities.

*phew* that was a lot to say in this post, in the short period of time I had (it's only week two and uni is really trying its best to bog everyone down with readings and workload). Have to sleep now before my brain totally shuts down and I end this post with a stream of random letters as my head hits the keyboard.


  1. The lashes look amazing! That's something I'd like to try myself :)
    And I'm totally in love with your yellow shorts!

    Have a great day!
    xx, Susann
    Fashion in Pepperland

  2. A haul coming? Wooh yeah, I love your hauls/reviews from Taobao/Gmarket! ;) xx

  3. Oh, you have such a lovely blog! Really! I love all these outfits-- but Monday's has to be my favorite because of the exciting yellow color and those amazing tights!

    I'm sorry your purple dress didn't work out quite well, but that's good that it looks better with a belt. That's the downfall of ordering from websites, you just never know how well it's gonna fit!

  4. DANG! You're perfect girl! :) I think I'm inlove. And I'm loving those tights too! :)

    You suit the lashes too! <3

  5. Can't go wrong with the shorts and combo for the week, I live in those when I'm out running errands. When it's summer everyday you have no choice but to live in shorts and dresses. And you are so good at finding and sporting lovely tights! I agree it must be like walking on eggshells trying not to rip them, they may not cost much but it does add up having to replace them.

    The white and purple dresses seem very dreamy and flowy and dreamy, can't wait to see how you style them. As for the lashes they do look nice on you but definitely not an everyday kind of thing since they're so long but I like how flashy and full they are.

    And finally the beauty blogger effect, I thought that was an interesting tidbit. I think it's only part way true, you see many of the bigger YT gurus and bloggers who won't even photograph or film bare face and always are made up but come candid photos they can't photoshop they look way different, that shows insecurity but I understand when you have so many people wanting to pick you apart it becomes a habit of wanting to be seemingly perfect. As for myself through beauty blogging I've come to accept that I have uneven eyelids, my two front teeth slightly protrude, and I don't have milky smooth skin but hey I am me and I only have 1 face that I'm happy with and lucky to have a man you thinks I'm beautiful everyday.

    Now fashion is a different story, unfortunately not by the fault of fashion bloggers but it seems like in order to be extremely successful you have to have that lean waif like figure. Not to say that they're aren't average body or plus size girls fashion bloggers who aren't popular but bloglovin, lookbook, and chictopia prove that thin girls are the ones that are admired greatly. I think in the end it reinforces that to be big on those sites, thin is a requirement in my opinion.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I leave long ones when I find post really insightful, it's be rude to just tell you "love your outfit" blah blah blah without reading the written word.

  6. I love all of you outfits! I really like the way the stockings look on you as well!

  7. love the wednesday outfit!
    i love tops that shows shoulders and arms like that. (is there any fashion term for those items? like it interesting these look sexier and even provocative although they show "less" flesh than plain sleeveless!

    as for the "beauty blogging effect", i agree on some of the opinions if not everything. :)
    i used to take many shots, but now i am down to about 20 per post. that includes the product images.
    i've definitely learned to love and embrace how i look over the years of blogging, but it is also about learning and experimenting new things and sharing the info for me. :)

  8. Gorgeous lashes & eyes ^^ You look so cute. And all the new clothing, adorable! Really nice haul and those looks of yours aswell :> Such a nice, long post that I might have to come back when I have more time to read ^^

    - Indie by Heart

  9. Wow! What a difference! You look so cute!

  10. Your first outfit is super cute! I love, love, love the shorts with the blouse- of course that's not to say that all your other outfits are stunning too, because they are!! :) xx

  11. i love the purple, silky dress! I think that's going to look gorgeous with your hair and skin color. And yes, I most definitely treat my clothes as if they have feelings. "oh you poor pair of shorts. I have not worn you in ages." LOL. Yes, that is me too.

    As for the beauty blogger thing, I think for the most part people are accepting of bloggers of different shapes and sizes. But I don't think we're anywhere close to accepting fuller or plus sized figures. One of the magazines I follow on Twitter wrote an article on how to dress if your plus size. And I thought, "so because a girl isn't a size 2, she doesn't know how to dress? Or is it because fashion people are only used to seeing clothes on size 2 people that they think plus size girls can't dress correctly?" I'm not considered plus size, but I am most definitely bigger than a size 2 and I was offended by that article. Maybe I took it too personally, but I've seen many a skinny girl look horrible in their clothes, but no one gives it a second thought because she's skinny.

    And speaking of "beauty" I got my first hateful comment on my blog. I actually laughed out loud when I read it because it's pretty ridiculous. And the fact they have to leave comments as anonymous, is even more amusing. Have some balls! LOL.


  12. love lvoe love the shorts in the first pictures! and the tights are gorgeous!!!

    Hayley xx

  13. Oh I always love your style pictures. I want to steal every top you own!

  14. Your style is really great, love what you wore on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday!! xx

  15. I think I kind of agree with the whole blogging effect and your opinion that it doesn't really translate over to fashion bloggers. It's true, skinny is everywhere and that probably won't change anytime soon. :/ But beauty blogging has definitely made me accept my flaws haha, I care a lot less about them now than before.

    Also, I love those stockings!!! Too bad they're unavailable in the US. :( $10 is actually not that bad for such a cute pair. It's unfortunate that they're easy to rip, though. I'd probably destroy them in a minute, I'm so clumsy.

    With the lip scrub, you can actually make it yourself for really cheap! I've got my own little jar that I made using brown sugar and a bit of olive oil. Just mix in the olive oil until it's the right consistency and store it, super easy and cheap. I think some people even add a drop or two of their favorite essential oil for the smell, but then I don't think it'd be okay to lick that off lol.

  16. Thank you sooo much for the lovely comments on my blog! They really made my day and I'm glad you found my posts insightful. I really adore your shorts and those cool stockings! You look gorgeous with the falsies :) Looking forward to more outfits from you dear!

    Have a great day,

  17. All your outfits are pretty but comfy too! Perfect for uni without overdressing :)
    That first outfit with the bright shorts and patterened stockings is gorgeous!

  18. whoa nice outfits :D !!!!! i really wish that it was a bit hotter here =.=" i've seen similar shorts at h&m !!! (shorts on first picture ^^)

  19. Love your outfits! Especially the first one, cause your tights are great :)

    xx maggie

  20. I love your yellow shorts! Gorgeous color!


  21. Pretty outfits :) I especially love the yellow and the maroon shorts! x

  22. Okay, I am seriously crushing on all these shorts+tops combo you're rocking! Really love the yellow high waisted shorts, those are so chic. I've been wanting to find a pair myself. Also love the Wednesday outfit, the dark, romantic colors are so pretty <3
    Also, wow, those fake lashes look amazing on you. Haha, perfect for a special night :)

    Trendy Teal

  23. Hi dear,
    I am in love with your outfits!!!....and the socks so cool!!

    What do you think abaut follow each other?!
    Let me know on my blog!! :) Then I will follow you back!!! ;) :)

    xoxoxo, Francesca

  24. Izzi babe, that was a great post! :) Especially the last bit! :) It's sad how the media perceive fashion bloggers, but I know in Australia we do have fashion bloggers of all varieties of sizes! :) Great uni outfits! :) Where do u find time to take outfit shots? I used to always be rushing for classes! Dont even have time to eat.

    accidental encounters

  25. Hey! thanks for following me back on twitter =]. I just wanted to say I'm so glad I discovered your blog! I'm surprised that it's not more well known! your outfits are so cute and you're so beautiful ^^

  26. Haha I know what you mean by having that feeling of having to wear every single clothing to not make it feel neglected. I liked both of the shorts!

  27. You have the best shorts. I need to share a closet with you!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  28. you're so pretty izzy! you have such casual chic looks for school, jelly! blogging does have an impact on bloggers in both positive and negative ways. i find that i've become so much more of a photowhore and disenchanted with what you said - skinny = hot, curves = not. at the same time i've come a long way to just doing what i feel because people can take it or leave it, i have to spend some time trying to be me instead of everyone else, right? :)

    pandaphilia style

  29. You look beautiful in all ur outfits, specially loved the mustard yellow shorts! And these lashes look so beautiful on you!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    Let's Twitter Together
    Friend and Fan on Facebook

  30. I love your comfy uni style! This post will be my inspiration when I stare blankly at my wardrobe before uni.

    My absolute fave is your yellow shorts from gmarket. I have been eyeing a few similar shorts from Asos but never had the guts to purchase shorts from the internet. I guess I'm gonna pluck up my courage and finally add them shorts into my cart.

    Love your style!

    ♡ M.May

  31. Wow!!! love that stocking / tights!!! your outfit looks simple, yet chic!!!

  32. love love ur monday look. love the orange short!! :)
    u look lovely on those fake eyelashes! pretttty <3


  33. Why you always gotta look so stunning girl? ;D haha!
    And the yellow shorts really caught my attention ^^ I like the more mustard yellows after all~

    And about the beauty blogfers, that really is insightful, and I can understand how they would be encouraged and gain more self-confidence. The blogging community has so many people who are kind and honest so their comments are really upbuilding :) But again, I do agree with the point that being thin and such is still such a large part of what people advertise and deem as beautiful and ideal.

  34. omg i love your monday outfit!so cute! and awesome post :)


  35. Super pretty. i want to be pretty as you ♥
    i love your outfit everyday.
    all the outfit look good on you

  36. These are totally my type of looks! Love love love your outfits :) I wish it was still summer :(
    I NEED THAT VELVET DRESS oh my goshhhh I have been after a navy or burgundy long sleeved, skater skirt velvet dress! I want to wear one to a uni ball this year (but I haven't even decided which ball I'm going to haha) so hopefully I can find a really great one :) but I literally saw your picture and gasped! Can't wait to see your photoshoot!
    Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one addicted to Mint Julips.. if I had clean fingers all the time, I'd totally use it all day!
    That's a really insightful article! I'm not strictly a beauty blogger nor do I post pictures of my actual self on the blog too often but receiving positive comments is always very very encouraging.

  37. lovin the monday outfit ;p especially the tights =) thanks for sharing your pics hun xoxo

  38. you are aaaahhhmaziiinnngggggggggggggg!!! i love your style and your beautiful face x

  39. I love the first outfit, the colour combination is gorgeous. BTW, I can't wait till you get your Taobao haul and post about it! I'm sooo close to taking the risk and making my own. Just have to commit. :P

  40. I love Monday's shorts and that Cotton On cardi. All these looks are comfy but cute and nicely put together. And those eyelashes make your eyes look huge, super pretty :)

  41. Love all your outfits, but especially the first pair of mustard shorts. So casual, yet very pretty!
    Awww it's nice to know that blogging has helped raised the self-esteem of many bloggers.

  42. I love the tights from Glassons! I would go grab one immediately if I was still in Sydney. Sigh! The lashes look so pretty on you. I've been using Dolly Wink for a long time and now I'm tempted to try Velour too.

  43. I love your haul girl.. U look amazing in all the looks.. I like ur sheer stockings, the mustard shorts, high-waist shorts.. the polka dot blouse..n especially that white blouse! Gorgeous :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment hon!! <3

    New post is up..Come take a look :) n wud u like to follow each other? I'll be waiting fr ur ans on my blog :)

  44. Amazing looks!! The orange shorts are to die for!

  45. Love all your outfits! Hahah don't worry I treat my clothes as though they have feelings as well. Because that is a normal thing to do!

  46. Oh I love your stockings from Glassons on the Monday shoot! Love the Monday outfit too, love the yellow that just pops!

    Looking great babe!



  47. THANKS for your super sweet comment on my blog Izzy! My dress isn't out in stores yet but maybe one day! ;)

    Btw, I LOVE your Monday outfit and those socks! OMG! I like how you post about your whole week's worth of outfits - very interesting. Can't wait to see your next week's outfit! ;)

    Sending love,

  48. Hi there hun, I'm very glad that my comments gave you some reassurance. You'll be fine, just keep on moving forward and you'll get someplace eventually ;)

    Anyway what a very cozy week you've had! I cant believe those tights were snaffled up from Glassons too! I think a shopping expedition there this weekend is in order! haha.


  49. Thanks Izzy! The closet was a lot of work but I'm so happy that's it done! Helps keep me a bit more organized :) I love the mustard color of the shorts you're wearing!

  50. Loving all the shorts now that its spring and
    all the bright colours! The pattern on those dresses
    are so beautiful and light,

    Lacey xoxo

  51. Great post! Love all the outfit, especially those yellow shorts.


  52. I don't think I can describe how much I absolutely adore your sense of style! You look great in high waisted shorts which is a trend I really want to try.

  53. I'm in love your shorts and the tights in the first picture!!! I love that you paired up the shorts with a darker really makes the shorts stand out.

  54. i adore the shoulder cut-outs! :) and oh, the shorts with a ribbon in the waist looks undeniably CUTE!! <3

  55. Every day another gorgeous outfit, could you please stop looking so beautiful? ;) Love the tights in the first pic, so adorable! And the purple dress really is a dream reader! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! xo from NYC

  56. in response to your comment on my blog:

    YEA the packaging is very pretty! definitely makes me reach for them. I have two BB creams I'll be reviewing. I have two tests this week so I think at the end of the week I'll get the courage to do another Youtube video and review them there and here on blog :)

    commenting on your blog:

    LOVE the bright blue top. I've been into bright colors lately for spring time here and overall bright colors because my closet is all freakin black! haha I need color. I'm also loving the tights. I need to get more garter/suspender type ones.

    and ONE day...I'll wear falsies outside. As of right now I'm too scared to xD I do have a pack of them but I fear that someone will be like omg look she's wearing FAKE eyelashes xD I kno, my fear is absurd. I also have trouble putting them on as well.

    for the blogger thing. Ever since I started posting more pictures of myself, my confidence has gone up by a bit! I look at the picture and think that I actually look good and I'm proud of myself :) ....but then I go back into nitpicking myself off-screen so I suppose I should take more pics of myself to put on my blog! haha. There ARE negative effects though. I've experienced being called a SLUT and some anonymous person commented saying my eyes look REPULSIVE just like "every asian".Can you believe that? I also was told my eyebrows were bushy and gross when I first started blogging around at age 15 when my mom didn't let me pluck yet so that was a huge ouch to my self esteem. So I believe there are both positive and negatives to our self esteem in blogging. So far though mine lately has been a good one! *knocks on wood for luck*

    you look lovely in all your pictures :) see you around! :D

  57. your style and slothes always amaze me you looks great :)

  58. nice looks!

  59. Love those mustard-colored shorts and the stockings are so fun!
    xo Annie

  60. Love the white playsuit and the tights in the first photo-so lovely!

  61. wow your gorgeous! I love the first pic mustard color shorts!

  62. Oh migosh! I need and want those stockings!! And can't believe the price for those lashes! Well they are gorgeous on you!

    XOXO from San Francisco

  63. You have the prettiest clothes. I am so in love with those stockings you work on Monday and that tank you had on Tuesday. You new purchases are wonderful. The purple and blue watercolor dress is stunning.

  64. The yellow shorts in the monday outfit is so adorable, I LOVE the bow. Also the velvet dress is really pretty too, I like all the things that you bought!

  65. I love the first outfit in this post. The blue with the mustard looks fantastic on you!! And the dresses you were able to pick up are beautiful, I can't wait to see what you wear with them!

    Thanks for posting that little excerpt about beauty blogging - I definitely agree with what you're saying. I think it's actually a good thing that more people are starting to blog since it fosters self acceptance, and the community is so supportive. However, having more bloggers also starts to bring out what I feel is a form of competition between people. Nothing is ever a win-win unfortunately!

  66. Love the outfits! you have a great sense of style! xo

  67. you look so cute!!
    I love the shorts colour in the first look
    cute tights too :) the velvet dress will look good on you!!

  68. I love your outfits Izzy, I always wear shorts too, they're so comfortable and easy to wear, you wear them very well too. Those stockings are seriously amazing!

    I think that the beauty blogger effect is interesting, but not entirely true. Although kind comments have a positive effect on self esteem I don't believe that it's the crux of the matter. I think that the biggest part of the beauty blogger effect is self-realization, part of a growing up and not letting the little things matter as much anymore, which in turn brings acceptance of ones physical features (facial, bodywise etc).

    Oh and I nominated you for an award. :3
    Versatile blogger award

  69. Wow you got lots of great stuff!!

    I love that white dress and the Dream Reader! Beautiful! I can't wait to see you style them!

    And great review of the eye lashes! I don't know how to use those, tried and failed a few times. But they look stunning on you! Really makes your eyes pop!!

    I'll be following your blog now!

    Please check out my giveaway: $25 gift certifate to! Thanks!
    - Josie :: 8bitgrayscale

  70. you're so pretty :) i love the whole outfits <33

  71. This weather is killing me. I wish it would go all-out abnormal and just snow already.
    Stand-out for me would have to be Monday's shorts, eye-popping colours can never fail... well, they can.. just not in this instance.

  72. Izzzzzzzzy !!! I swear can you be anymore gorgeous? Im sooooo jelly! <3 Those Lashes loook amazing on you! And omg $26 Chicabooti velvet dress? OMG soo unfortunate because the only chicabooti store to me is REALLY FAR AWAY :((( Ive been having this craze over Velvet so i adoreee that dress to bits! You always pick up such great bargains!!!

    OX Priscilla

  73. Love the outfits, I love the different tops,


  74. I can't decide which UNI look I like best- perhaps the first one, I adore the tights... and your impulse buys are amazing! Thumbs up for the velvet dress, and I actually really like the white one too- I can imagine it will look gorgeous on you! I was really bad at one point buying white dresses, now I have too many, and I don't wear them that much anymore, and they all look alike... :/ ... waiting for the summer to kick in...

    I have 9 classes left to graduate mine, and I am estimating I'll be done by next spring... so exhausting though, and I hope to work for courts of government, more opportunities and job security that way.
    Good luck!

  75. Wonderful! I would like invite you to me :) Follow each other? =]

  76. You dress up so chic and effortless ! I love the first one especially.

  77. I really like your Thursday outfit and I can't wait to see you wearing the new purchases especially the velvet dress =)

    I think in the blogging world, one have a choice to choose for admiration. One have a choice to follow who they admire and have a choice not to comment on blogs that they like least. By following bloggers that you admire, it gives you motivation as well to improve yourself. Magazines are more general. Thats what I think.. =)

  78. Cute tights!!

  79. I loove so many things in this blogpost, especially the tights in your first outfit! the tops and that maxi dress are so cute too! <3

    -Samantha Mariko

  80. love the's a great way to jazz up shorts. it's hot here, too, and i wear a lot of shorts.
    the lashes are pretty. i'm one of those totally fine with drugstore cheapies because they never last long. (or is it beacuse they are cheap?! do expensive ones last longer?)


  81. Hi darling! I really love the Wednesday's outfit! I really love your new puchases too. Thanks a lot for your comment in my blog. A big kiss :)

  82. haha you make me laugh so much! iloovee your first outfit, and i love your blue velvet dress, gorgeous. syndey looks like such a beautiful place, i'd love to visit aus :)xxx

  83. Loove your monday and thursday outfit! <3
    They looks absolutely chic on you :)
    Have a fabulous day in australia dear

    ♥ sugarpuff ♥

    Pinkie Anggia

  84. keep up your uni outfit posts :)

  85. looking pretty as usual! <3

  86. Oh, these must be the lashes you were wearing from the other post I commented on. They are fantastic, although I was blown away by the price. But then again, you do get what you pay for, and those lashes are by far some of the best that I have seen! :)

    "Uh...then my outfits got super casual. That's all I can say about them."

    Hahaha nothing wrong with that...sometimes we just need to let our hair down and pretend that we're not living in a fashion show... ;) ...but sometimes.

    Going to have a look at that article you linked, it sounds pretty interesting indeedio.

    Yishi x


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