Friday, March 30, 2012

Uni outfits week 3&4 + Glossybox March + Moroccan Oil

Back with some more of my uni outfits! I've done photos for week 3 but only one for week 4, as it is getting harder to find motivation to dress stylishly and keep digging into the depths of my wardrobe to find something new and exciting yet perfectly practical to study in (although recently I did see a girl in cat ears roaming around campus and my friend rocking these super amazing printed silk pants...and now I'm feeling an intense urge to drape myself in a myriad of crazy prints and patterns everyday but I'm thinking the cat ears should stay at

Week Three


Cardigan: Sportsgirl
Velvet dress:
Necklace: Tree of Life
Stockings: House of Holland

I went backwards, starting from Thursday...simply because I like this better than Monday's!
This super baggy, long and loose cardi is perfect to throw on to neutralise any sense of self-consciousness from the outfit inside. Garter stockings and a short dress aren't really the most conservative combination to rock up to a library in, and I feel like the fit of this Sportsgirl cardi covers just the right amount of skin and shape to make the outfit more appropriate.


This was Harmony Day (21st of March) and I wanted to wear orange in support. After making the surprising discovery that I don't actually happen to own anything in orange I opted for the next closest colour- coral pink. Hey...I tried!

Top: Bardot
Shorts: Supre
Key necklace: House of Harlow


Utility shirt dress: Ladakh
Sunglasses: Rayban


Sequin collar top:
Parka: Dotti
Wedges: Therapy

Week Four


Knit: Supre

Whoring out my new green Supre knit like mad! More info on them below.

Purchases from the two weeks:

Two knits from Supre- $25 each

These are made of acrylic and are soooo soft and comfy! They're really lightweight and thin so not something I'd wear during winter, but they're perfect for the transition period beforehand. I wore the green one in one of my outfits above, and on other days I have been absolutely whoring the crap out of it. The only reason I haven't done the same with the purple one is that it's in a bigger size and I'm not sure if I should exchange it for a smaller size (it wasn't available at that store). The fit is really generous and it's only XXS that fits me perfectly (Supre really is the epitome of "vanity sizing". Back in the old days when I was smaller-boned, shorter and skinnier- it used to be sizes XS and S that were the perfect fits.)

Received a giveaway prize from the lovely Aprilia of! Thanks heaps <333 lots of wonderful beauty products in here.

March Glossybox: Sheercover lip gloss, Avene milk cleanser, Absolutely Gorgeous macadamia face cream, Moroccan Oil hair and skin serum, Kosmea hydrating rosewater mist- $15 per month

I also received one of those silly fitness rubber bands everyone got this month, that are supposed to perform life-changing wonders on your body via the power of holographs. I didn't include it here because quite frankly it's a piece of shit (excuse my language) and I don't want to post pieces of shit on my blog.

Sooo I finally succumbed to the monthly subscription beauty box trend and signed up for Glossybox. The packaging was lovely and I absolutely adore the cardboard box all the products came- I could definitely store some goodies in here.

Overall, I'm not really impressed with what I received. I know it seems like an amazing deal to only pay $3 for each product, but when you don't particularly like anything all the costs add up especially if you continue your subscription- and you could be paying almost $50 over a few months for mostly mediocre products. I've already cancelled my subscription, but I'm still going to be uber curious as to what others receive in future months.
Although I have to admit- it was super exciting to open the box and see which five products I received! As well as testing out niche brands I've never tried before, I got to test out highly-acclaimed Moroccan oil hair serum. Even if I wasn't left feeling very impressed, I think beauty box subsciptions like these are perfect for beauty junkies who love to try new products and brands. Personally, I honestly tire and stress myself out researching beauty products to find my HGs, and I hate leaving behind barely-used bottles and bottles of duds! :P

Sheercover lip gloss: didn't bother to try it because honestly I have way too many lip products! So I'll probably save this in brand-new, unopened condition so I can give it away.

Avene milk cleanser: this was specified for dry or sensitive skin. I actually don't have dry skin but when I filled out my beauty profile I said I did. I blame it on my nightmares of flaky foundation and other dry skin mishaps left by shoddy skincare products, causing me to trick myself into thinking I have dry skin for the sake of receiving as much moisture as possible in my products. This is really thick and creamy and left my skin feeling a little sticky. I would probably use this in conjunction with a toner afterwards to eliminate residue. And oh yeah, this smelt like sunscreen!

Absolutely Gorgeous macadamia face cream: a little definitely goes a long way with this! pretty moisturising!

Kosme spray: I popped this in my bag instead of my perfume as I usually do, and it was quite lovely to spray onto my neck and face for an evening refresher! The scent is very fresh and light so it could definitely count as a substitute of your regular perfume, if you don't want something strong later on in the day.

Oil of Morocco hair and skin serum: I was really excited to receive this as I had previously been contemplating getting it (after hearing all the hype about this brand). I took photos of the before and after results of using this product on my hair below:

Before using the Moroccan Oil serum.
I washed my hair in the morning and just let it air dry and put no products whatsoever on it, so you can see it in all its natural frizziness and fluffiness.

After applying the Moroccan oil serum.

Did it work?
Well it did smooth out my hair, eliminating a bit of frizz and making it shinier and smoother. However, I wasn't blown away by this product and in my opinion, it didn't beat my beloved Kerastase Oleo-relax serum. It's quite pricey from hair salons over here, but I find it more effective than the Moroccan oil serum. Maybe I would have achieved smoother and shinier results if I had applied more of the product, as it wasn't very heavy and didn't weigh my hair down (a plus!) However I wasn't particularly keen on adding more product as I really disliked the smell! After applying it and finding myself not getting used to it after a while and being almost nauseated, I looked it up and people are raving about the scent, in addition to the product itself. I guess I'm in the minority opinion here, so I'll just let the photos speak for themselves!


  1. I love all of your outfits! The blue and purple knit tops are too cute.
    I want those tights you are wearing too xD

  2. I love the leggings on the first photo!!

  3. Gosh Izzy, I love your outfits! I can't care enough to dress up for my school aka. no one to impress LOL
    And you subscribed! haha I have been reading a lot about those boxes ^^ Looking forward to more reviews about them ^^ Atm I am not wanting to subscribe to it, maybe in the future :P

  4. Especially love the lace shorts with loose sweater. I just got a pair, and would love to style them wit a flowy sweater.
    xo Annie

  5. love love love the green sweater with the lace shorts! so pretty :)


  6. I love that utility dress with those aviators! My fave! And congrats on winning the giveaway! I've won 3 in the last couple of months, but I haven't styled what I got yet, so I haven't said anything. LOL. I'm sorry none of those products really worked for you. I use a cheap Moroccan Oil by Organix and I love it. I'm not going to pay $60 or whatever for the "good stuff". It may all be a mind game anyway, like you said. LOL.


  7. Love the Week 4 outfit with the green knit and lace shorts.
    If you don't mind sharing, do you have the link to the Ebay seller of the shorts?
    Thanks :)

    1. hi Christie,
      sorry for the late reply. I haven't got the exact Ebay seller, but all I did was type in "crochet shorts" on ebay and it brought up a whole list of sellers selling very similar shorts.
      Here's an example :)

  8. LOVE the Supre knits!! And for $25?! What a freaking steal!


  9. Lovely outfits! My favorite is your velvet dress! And the light weight knits have amazing colors on them!


  10. I love your outfits, especially the velvet dress and the neutral cardigan, such an amazing look! I guess that's the risk you run with subscribing to beauty boxes, and that's why I don't subscribe to them, I know I'd feel put out if I spent money and didn't like anything in the box. xx

  11. All great outfits, and I appreciate your opinion on the glossybox .... I'm like you in that I obsessively research my products (do you ever visit, so I'm not sure I'm the type of customer that would really get enough out of the boxes to make it worth it.

  12. I would never buy glossybox or those subscription stuff. I don't know. Whenever I see what other's received, it's never something I'd use so I'd find it a waste. I just heavily research products and then buy them individually, and return if needed.

    For your outfits, I LOVE your first outfit! I'm a girly girl so the dress with the House of Harlow tights are just perfect :D

    aaand congrats on your beauty win! that's awesome :)

  13. Hi darling! I really love your Monday's and Tuesday's outfit to Four Week. You're incredible. This is an amazing post. Thanks a lot for your comment in my blog. A big kiss :)

  14. Okay, I do love all your outfits, but that green knit sweater over the white lace shorts is my absolute favorite!! Love the color and texture <3
    And I know, I'm finding it difficult to find what's reasonably suitable for school and studying, but still stay true to my style.

    Trendy Teal

  15. Love every look especially the pink top and the lovely bright turquoise sweater!
    I have wanted to try glossybox and agree I'm not really impressed with the products
    I have been seeing,

    Lacey xoxo

  16. I love your Sportsgirl cardigan and green/purple knits! :) I've been looking for a cardigan similar to what you have.. The serum definitely made your hair look smoother/shinier, although it doesn't show up that well in pictures


  17. love the bright colors on your sweaters. so cute. :)

  18. I love all of your outfits as per usual (are you sick of me saying this on your blog yet haha) You look too badass in the utility dress. I think the serum made your hair a little smoother, but nothing to be wowed about. Lol at the hologram thing, I got one of those as a gift from an ebay seller once. Threw it out immediately haha.

  19. I love your outfits. That little black dress and cardigan is so pretty. But all of your outfits are perfect. Those lace white shorts are darling.

    Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  20. Love your outfits! The one with the peterpan collar especially! I also like your new jumper with the lace shorts :) A girl (who graduated from my high school last year) wore cat ears every single day, and never wore the same outfit twice -- I admired her so much! (because she was also a freakishly AMAZING artist)

    xx maggie

  21. cute dress and tights! thanks for your sweet comment :) I'm hoping we don't get snow on our road-trip , eeek. that would not be fun.

  22. You have such a sweet sense of style! Again, it's hard to decide which look is my favorite from your uni week, probably the long cardi one and the lace short one! And I appreciate the Moroccan oil review. I was wanting to get it, but as you said, it's so pricey that I held back all this time.. I think I'll try the Kerastase one you suggested- I also have frizzy hair after I air-dry it..
    Congrats on your prize, such generous bag of lovely products- you deserve it!
    Good luck!

  23. Those laced shorts are adorable! :)

  24. That velvet dress is so cute and also the green knit :-D You always pick out the most amazing clothes Izzy! <3

  25. Great outfits as usual!
    I'm cancelling GB too =/ I got a great box last month but nothing special in March. I seriously laughed at "because quite frankly it's a piece of shit (excuse my language) and I don't want to post pieces of shit on my blog." hahahaha you're so funny!
    Disappointing to know the Moroccan Oil didn't do too much though.

  26. you're always so stylish to uni! jelly haha

  27. Yay I love that you do these outfit posts! Such a cool idea. I will need to check out Supre for those jumpers! I can't be bothered to go on the website, it is like walking into a disco. I especially love your outfit with the green jumper! So coooooott! :) :)

  28. I really love baggy cardigans :) It looks great draped over that short velvet dress.

    Those Supre knits look so nice too, I love the purple shade! Ah, vanity sizing makes shopping so complicated...and sometimes it works the opposite way for me, having to go up a size which really messes with one's ego >_<

    Btw, those Rayban sunnies are amazing <3

  29. Lots of really cute outfits! My favorite is the first one though. What a cute dress!!

    - Josie ::

  30. i love your photos and the way you post! you look so stylish for uni~
    your hair looks amazing too!

  31. I like that your outfits are practical for uni. :P I see so many girls around uni that look sooo gorgeous in their clothes, but it's just sometimes too much! I can't study in that, aha. :P Thanks for the review on the Moroccan oil, I've been wanting to try it out because of the rave reviews. Might stick to my L'oreal serum for now. xx

  32. your velvet dress is so cute! hmm sometimes you do pay for what you get :/xxx

  33. I love that Dotti khaki parka and those burgundy/dark purple socks :) That Sportsgirl cardigan in the first outfit looks so comfy and is a lovely colour, I'm always drawn to really drapey, oversized and comfortable clothes that kind of just hang off you nonchalantly. I can imagine why you wouldn't be too thrilled with the contents of that beauty box. I agree with you in that though each individual month's payment might not seem like much, it does add up, and ultimately it's probably still more economical to save up and buy what you really want. Or maybe there's also the element of the subscription services in Australia not yet matching the calibre of products on offer in the UK or US.

  34. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! And I want to say, you look hot with aviators! Love the outfit with the parka!! And oh, I love the lace shorts with the green sweater!!! Love love love!!!!

  35. Super cute outfit! So girly!
    I also love 'baggy' cardi c:
    They are so multifunctional...


  36. How can I pick just one? I love all your outfits Izzy! So cute and perfect for "college life."

    THANKS for reviewing the moroccan oil product - I've been contemplating on getting it too but I think I'll try the product you recommended instead.

    Sending love,

  37. Love your style! Reminds me of the girls from the Korean dramas :) I want that velvet dress!!!

  38. As per usual, I'm totally digging your outfits!

  39. Gorgeous outfits! I love your lace shorts.


  40. Your outfits are so cute and comfy <3 The dotti parka is adorable!

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  41. Wow, amazing outfits!! Love the first one!

  42. Izzzy! If only i could be so committed to looking stylish each day for uni! I have my off days where i just cbf and wear jeans and a tee and i look so horrid ! I love the light coloured knits from Supre! They do have some crazy sizing in there, i swear i saw shorts in 3XS that could fit my 10 yr old sister QUITE CREEPY 10 yr olds in Supre. >_<
    And i think for us asian girls our hair doesnt frizz up much and i cant really see a difference in the hair pics , your hair just looks healthy as! <333

  43. Love love love love the lace shorts!!!

  44. really love the first cute and def wearable :D
    i really like your style!

  45. this blog is a good example of style and taste.

  46. You look so casually chic in all of your dresses. You are amazing !

  47. love the dresses!!! everything actually!!! :D The products you got doesn't look bad after all.. I know they would all work well on you! ;)

  48. Great looks! Thanks for stopping by!

  49. ROCKIN outfits as always Izzy! Those supre tops look so comfy!
    And congrats for winning the giveaway you lucky thing :D
    Rina xo

  50. That Wednesday look is simply adorable! All outfits gorgeous actually :) You have a remarkable style, suits my taste completely. I wish I was this innovative, hehe! ^^ Well I love getting inspiration from others, rarely post own outfits.. :)

    Thank you for the comment! Indeed its risky to buy from sellers that aren't necessarily reliable. Must choose more carefully next time, or use just retailers.

    Have a lovely day,

    - Indie by Heart

  51. I'm loving your Tuesday's look too actually. The green sweater looks refreshing! I'm loving it! =D
    Looks like you went shopping as well just like me =P I like all your purchases especially the Macadamia Face Cream. Even the sound of it taste and smell good =D

  52. Yayy Izzy, you won my giveaway! ♥ I'll send you email soon :)

    x Satu
    - Indie by Heart

  53. this is great :)so adorable!! :D
    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog♥
    wanna follow each other?

  54. super! I totally dig the leggings in the first pic! I got something like that too but I must've misplaced it!

  55. I've never seen knit tops like that, they look really good! Great finds :) You look pretty badass in your tuesday outfit haha. You really have great style :)

  56. i like all of the outfits. especially loving the two sweaters you got...the colors are so bright and fun!


  57. Great outfits well put together, I love how creative you are! I should pre plan my outfits for college too. <3

  58. Wow, can't believe you pulled off such amazing outfits with simple clothing. I always have this problem with Uni and always choose the most comfy (but also boring)outfits. -_-

  59. I *love* that velvet dress! Absolutely loving your style <3


  60. Love the knit tops! will have to get me a few <3 thank you so much i love your style so inspirational....

  61. wow! this post is amazing!! really adorable pics!

  62. Awwww you are just too cute hun! Love your outfits here ~ they are cute yet also mature at the same time. You should model for yesstyle or one of the other Asian online shops! :)

    Yishi x


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