Sunday, April 8, 2012

Birkenhead Point haul + Adambeauty haul + Shinny Grey circle lens review + blog interview

Birkenhead Point haul:

I was absolutely thrilled to hear that not only did Birkenhead Point have a Forever New outlet (one of my all-time favourite Aussie chain stores ever), but the shopping centre also stocked some pretty good, freshly-made gozleme (which is only like my favourite Turkish dish) in their food court.

Needless to say, I almost fainted with happiness and excitement that day (which did almost happen in Shanghai actually, whilst roaming all the cheap markets) and we spent nearly six hours there. I know this because we had to move the car after three hours as the parking is free under three hours, and what seemed like only minutes later we checked the time to find that another three hours was almost up. I was able to shop at Forever New and dump the bags in the car, and then come back to FN for a second round of shopping. It's so funny coming out of the store seeing all these blank-faced males slumped on the benches outside, hunched over their phones either scrolling through Facebook mindlessly or playing mundane games as they wait for their girlfriends!

Two Forever New clutches
They are so gorgeous in real life, but my only gripe is that they are so small and not really practical! I used the purple one the other night and could only stuff my phone, a few cards, some squished up tissues and lipstick. But at least they look good...right?

click on the link below for much, much more.

Forever New winter hoodie jacket

I bought this for my sister, not myself. It is seriously sooo soft and warm inside and although she may not really appreciate it now, I bet she will when the cold weather comes back around!

Forever New boxy bag

LOVE the boxy design of this super cute bag!! It's the perfect little thing to take along to a picnic or something. Did a photoshoot with this adorably sweet bag and I can't wait to show the pictures!

Forcast nude wrap skirt

It's hard to remember that there were other stores at Birkenhead besides Forever New! However close by there was also a Forcast outlet store, which didn't actually have very amazing bargains at all. Probably because Forcast tends to be quite cheap already! I also did a photoshoot with this skirt.

Nine West sequinned laptop case

I will reiterate it a million and one times- but I am the biggest, silliest sucker for sequins and all things shiny (perhaps I was a magpie in my past life). I never bring my laptop to uni because it's too big and heavy (and battery life is ridiculous), and I instead bring my iPad and a keyboard. They are smaller than a standard size laptop so there is no point in putting them in this case. But JUST in case I ever get a Macbook or something in the future (even though I don't need one at the moment!) you can bet I'll be happily blowing off all the dust  and cobwebs over this goooorgeous case so I can finally put it to practical use hehe. I just saw all these shiny sequins atop all the shoes, and thought I must take these sequins home with me.

This isn't from Birkenhead Point, but I received these sexy Le Specs sunnies from a giveaway I won recently! Thankyou to Sunglasses Shop and the gorgeous Cheon Hwa of Sweet Raspberry Jam!

Adambeauty haul: is totally my go-to Asian cosmetics e-store. Sasa is usually the first one that pops into people's minds for Asian brands, but personally I find that Adambeauty has a much more extensive range of  Japanese, Hong Kong and Chinese brands, and the shipping is only $2 worldwide.

Total cost of items: 76USD
Total cost including shipping: 78USD

From left to right:
Sana Uruoitashi Moisture Gel, Kate lasting gel eyeliner pencil in BK1, Kate lasting eyebrow in BR3, Shiseido Perfect Whip foam, Shiseido Perfect Milk, Sana super quick liquid eyeliner, Koji Spring heart long lasting eyebrow in Dark Brown

Kate eyeliner pencil - 12USD
Kate lasting eyebrow- 12.50USD

 Kate eyeliner pencil (left), Kate lasting eyebrow (right)

Kate eyeliner pencil 

This pencil eyeliner is fantastic! I usually use liquid eyeliner but I'm going to use the pencil to soften out the harsh lines. The pencil eyeliner's texture is perfectly creamy and glides on my eyelids smoothly without me having to tug them too much. No complaints from myself whatsoever.

Kate lasting eyebrow

I love the flat, rectangular tip! It gives you so much flexibility in drawing out your eyebrow lines and filling them in. The shade (BK1) also matches my eyebrow powder which I apply beforehand, perfectly. My favourite part however is just how creamy and smooth the texture is. There is no need to use a heavy hand, and light, soft strokes will easily create colour naturally over my black eyebrow hairs.

My left eyebrow only has a light dusting of eyebrow powder, and the right eye has Kate lasting eyebrow over the top.

Shiseido Perfect whip foam- 10.50USD
Shiseido Perfect Milk- 10.50USD

Shiseido Perfect Milk
This is actually makeup remover. A little of this product goes a long way. Just a tiny dab creates quite a lot of foam when mixed with water.

Using my hand with the Kate swatches from the above review, I tested out the makeup remover. After quite a bit of scrubbing, before my hand got too red, I found that it was quite effective in removing the eyebrow pencil, but a faint line of the liquid eyeliner stubbornly remained. It's quite subtle in the above picture, but you can still a faint line that hadn't been rubbed off completely. When I used the makeup remover to wash off the makeup on my face two nights ago, I discovered the same thing- all my face makeup had come off easily but there were dark circles above and underneath my eyes indicating my eyeliner smearing everywhere, but not being washed off by the makeup remover. 
I would say that it successfully removed 80% of my makeup, and I liked how gentle and milky the product was on my face. It didn't feel oily and leave a noticeable residue, nor did it feel too tight and drying. It was very compatible with my skin, and I can always just use a cotton pad soaked in another makeup remover, to remove the rest of my eye makeup.

As for the Perfect Whip foam, this is also a very creamy cleanser that leaves your skin feeling very soft afterwards. I'm however more of a microbeads cleanser girl (I love feeling like I've had a really deep clean!) so I'll alternate between the two types. This foam did receive a lot of positive reviews and ratings on Makeup Alley though, which must be saying something.

 Sana super quick liquid eyeliner- 13USD
(comparing to Koji Dolly wink liquid eyeliner)

I heard this was comparable to my beloved Koji Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner and also the K-Palette 1-day tattoo real lasting eyeliner, so I decided to give it a go! From the pic above you can't see much difference. Both eyeliners have very thin tips.

 Sana super quick liquid eyeliner (left), Koji Dolly wink liquid eyeliner (right)

The Dolly Wink is actually a tad thicker than the Sana one. Note that the picture above is way up close as these eyeliners are actually super precise and thin. They are both just as black and heavy as each other, and after rubbing them with my fingers they are also both very resistant to smudge. I honestly really can't tell much of a difference between the two liquid eyeliners. However I guess the Sana would be better for those who prefer super thin and precise lines, although I'm personally completely content with both liners.

Sana Uruoitashi Moisture Gel- $11

isn't this just the most adorbs moisturiser in the world?? It's like a Russian doll/egg container with moisturising serum inside. I am such a sucker for quirky and ridiculously cute packaging, especially if it's at a rock-bottom price like this. 

It's actually a pretty rich and moisturising product! Although it seems like such a small container, you only need to use a tiny amount anyway. It made my skin feel quite soft and supple afterwards, which is surprising as looking at this little egg thingamabob, it appears to be such a gimmicky, silly product lol.

Shinny Grey circle lens review

(aka Puffy 3 tones grey.)
A few weeks ago I was looking through some pictures on my blog and realised just how bug-eyed my Nudy Grey circle lenses made me look. I had bought these on a whim as they were discounted, and now I guess I know why. I therefore decided to scour the net to find some replacement grey ones, but my focus was heavily on creating more natural-looking eyes and probably not so much on enlargement or dolly effects.

I found these unique-looking circle lenses which had a honey-coloured inner rim, which helps make the lenses blend in with your natural brown eye colour. The outer black ring also wasn't too thick and heavy to also create a more natural look.

I bought these from Lens Village, here. At the time they were $19.50USD for a pair, and after using a discount code taking $1.95 off, and adding shipping of $5, these costed $22.50 in the end.

Admittedly I was pretty shocked when I put these on. Without any makeup, the colour is so vibrant, icy and intimidating and I honestly freaked myself out looking in the mirror. After applying some eyeliner I started to look more like an actual human, but I still found the impact of these lenses really strong. I almost feel like I look like a different ethnicity. These were definitely a lot more unnatural than I had anticipated lol!

Colour and design: 4/5
I still find the design very interesting however, and it's a great thing that the colour didn't get washed out on my eyes and shows up very noticeably. Although I feel like they've transformed my face completely, everyone else liked them and maybe I just still need to get over the initial shock.

Comfort: 4.5/5
I wore these out for about 8 hours each on two nights. They did start to get red and dry by the end of the second night, but compared to other lenses that's actually really good.

Enlargement: 4/5
They are meant to be 14.5mm but the outer ring isn't very thick so these don't actually enlarge your eyes as much as you'd expect. This however is big plus for me! I feel like the 4/5 rating is misleading, as it's actually a great thing for me that it isn't 5/5 lol!

edit: just realised that the brand of these are Dueba, which is the same brand that produced the circle lenses that ruined Hysteric Mint's eyes (read her post here). I'm a bit wary about these now, but I think if I experience any abnormal discomfort I'll definitely stop wearing them. I'll also try not to wear them for too long, and only save circle lenses in general for the weekend or for special occasions.

edit #2: actually, you know what? Last night is probably going to be the last time I'll ever wear these. I need to wait out for more information about this particular line from Dueba before I can take my chances. A girl should never sacrifice her vision for the sake of beauty.

In other news, I also did an interview with the beautiful Rhea of Bebe-Doll :) Read it here, and check out the rest of the blog for more pics of her lovely face and gorgeous style! :)

And oh yes, I almost forgot. Thankyou so much you guys for allowing me to reach 400 followers! :D Like I said in a previous post, when I reach this milestone I'll be hosting a giveaway to thank all my lovely supporters. I'm still currently organising it, but it seems that most of the lovely things I have lying around have already been opened! I'm actually stressing out trying to find enough goodies to add! >_< Hopefully however the giveaway will be up soon, so stay tuned!


  1. i've been to the forever new outlet too! the store is mostly nude and pastel and it totally draws me in store cos its sooo pretty!
    and that milk cleanser/remover is so cool!
    thanks for the adambeauty site, i was gonna buy a few things from sasa but i dislike the shipping fees :( i was gonna wait for the free shipping after $29USD promo to come haha

  2. Oh I love forever new! Your boxy bag is too cute, I love the metal corner details. xD I also prefer adambeauty over sasa, sometime their prices are a lot cheaper than sasa too, it's wonderful! The shinny (did they spell shiny wrong haha) grey lenses look excellent on you too, I have a purple pair of those, but I haven't tried them yet. ^^

  3. I wish we had a FN outlet! Or maybe we do and I don't know about it... but seriously love your purchases!
    Haha ooh gonna check out adambeauty now and hopefully I don't buy too much LOL
    I was also like huh they don't look very natural after you said you were going for a natural look haha!
    Yay for another interview!!
    And congrats on 400 followers! I'm sure there's no need to stress over what to include in the giveaway...!

  4. HAHAHA okay so I was on the adambeauty site and I noticed on the drop down product list, the last one says "more bread" instead of "more brands" HAHA I had to check the chinese to make sure that's what they actually meant. So funny. Anyways I assume this site is legit but you have to admit it looks a little dodgy LOL!

  5. Love your new purchases, those clutches are gorgeous!

  6. I used to use Perfect Whip. Good cleanser! :) thanks for the comparison review too. i have the dollywink. I'm searching for a dupe though I heard the drugstore Physician's Formula eyeliner is just as good. Haven't tried it out yet though. And I've ALWAYS wanted one of those interior-fuzzy jackets! They're so warm! I should buy one when next winter rolls around. LOVE the boxy purse too! so cute. last but not least, congrats on 400 followers! that's awesome stuff :)

  7. the box shaped clutches are so cute! i especially love the purple color. it's a shame you can't fit much though but like you said, at least it looks nice XD
    thank you for the reviews! the moisturizer looks adorable. and i haven't heard about the sana eyeliner before but it's nice to know what other brands i can look for when i can't find DW or K-palette. i've always ordered from sasa...i think i need to check out adambeauty now lol
    oh mannn i want those lenses in brown. i really like the design >< but it's a good idea that you stopped wearing them for the time being. her whole experience made me question dueba lenses but luckily, i only own 1 pair from them...
    and don't worry about your giveaway, i'm sure it'll be great :)

  8. You are making me want to jump out of my seat and run to Birkenhead Point. Love the purchases, esp the blue glittery clutch! I had no idea adambeauty existed lol, I will be sure to check the site out. Thanks :-)

  9. amazing stuff ♥ i love those clutches.

  10. Love the clutches!! (my fav one is the glitter one <3)
    Btw love your blog!! thanks for visiting mine :)


  11. wow! my type is skirt and jacket! lovely! <3
    and you are so beautiful!!!

  12. I really enjoy this post! Love your buys! I really love the boxy bag! Is so cute!! I'm going To check the web of cosmetics!;)

  13. The boxy bag is so adorable D: I absolutely love it ~ I also think that the sunnies are so cool *^* I'll have to get one in that shape.
    Thanks for the reviews!

  14. Oh wow, those clutches are gorgeous! Shame they're not terribly practical, but when they look that gorgeous, they don't really need to be, haha! xx

  15. Sounds like you were having an awesome time!
    Like the blue clutch and pink skirt.


  16. I love everything that you bought from the FN outlet dear! Haha and I'm jealous that you got the boxy bag at such a good bargain! I'm so gonna trawl through FN at Birkenhead point when I get back to Sydney. ;)

  17. So many amazing items! I loved those clutches and those contacts make your eyes look so nice!

    The Lovely Memoir

  18. Wow, what a great collection of things! I love that blue glittery clutch and the furry jacket <3
    And wow, the makeup is amazing haha you look gorgeous!

    Trendy Teal

  19. Hi darling! I really love the clutches and the skirt. Thanks a lot for your comment in my blog. a big kiss :)

  20. oh my, you definitely are a big shopper. SO much awesome goodies! but I still managed to find that one favourite item and this is the boxy bag. one of the most amazing bags for sure! :P
    btw, thank you for the comment in my blog!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  21. Those clutches are so pretty !


  22. The vision of boyfriends outside stores waiting for their girls is SO familiar ! :D I don't go shopping with my bf when I'm searching for something, since I might take my time in the shops.. and thrift stores :D But when he's the one we're shopping for then it's completely another story :)

    I fell for your white box bag, looks so cute! I have some clutches like the first ones too, and it's true they're pretty unpractical pieces. But gorgeous, for sure.
    That skirt is also very adorable :> Can't wait to see the results of photoshoot!

    x Satu
    Indie by Heart

  23. Okay, that box bag is probably my favorite. It's so freaking cute! I'm guessing Forever New is a bit like Forever21 in the sense that it's a huge chain store with cheap, trendy stuff? Haha but man that bag.... perfect for summer!

    I loved my 1-Day Tattoo eyeliner when I had it, haven't tried any other felt-tip liners in a while but I have been thinking about getting a Dolly Wink one. Nice to see that you tried out the Sana one too! I miss how precise the lines are and how quick and easy application is lol.

  24. Love all your purchases! Esp your box purse from Forever New. This post makes me want to go shopping!!! I never even heard of Forever New hmmm

  25. I've never heard of Forever New but I love everything you bought! The skirt and clutches are gorgeous!! Thank you so much for voting for me by the way. It really means a lot to me. If you have another opportunity, you can vote everyday until 4/18 :) Thanks again!


  26. i love the orange skirt~~ it's a really chic looking. i've got to try that kate eyebrow pencil :) looks so nice on you! you look so pretty~~


  27. How good is Birkenhead Point?! I went there when I was last in Sydney and got so lost driving there, haha. It takes ages to drive anywhere in Sydney! I am highly jealous of your purchases :)

  28. Those little clutches are so cute even though they are too small to carry much. And love that wrap skirt! I tried sewing one a few months ago, but I didn't do the pattern correctly and so it didn't turn out right. I need to try again. :) And that's kind of scary about the circle lenses. I honestly have never heard of those lenses before starting my blog again, and even though I've thought about wearing colored contacts, I don't think I'd ever do it. I'm a scaredy cat. LOL. Hope you had a good Easter! <3


  29. The first three clutches are so pretty! I heard the KAte eyeliners are amazing, thanks for the lense review, they look great on you!

  30. hi, how much was the forever new jacket?
    love all your purchases!

    1. hi there,
      sorry for the late reply. It was discounted to around $36!
      thank you :)

  31. Haha I used to work at Forever New and seriously now I can't go in without feeling a little sick haha!
    It's just that I wore way too much pastel and girly stuff during my time there :P
    Love the's shame they might be damaging :( 'cause they look awesome!

    x Stace

  32. Darling Izzy! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Your blog is fabulous and your taste is inspiring. So nice to come across another forever new lover! Say hello to your newest fellow Australian follower. I hope you will follow me back! Love Barbie xxx

  33. That skirt is from forecast?? Omg, I am so getting my hands on it!! <3 Also love those sparkly clutches. Birkenhead point is such a great place for awesome steals.

  34. Love the FN haul! I have that same boxy bag! It is adorable~
    Wow, it's been a while since I last went on a 6 hour shopping spree! You came home with a lot of great stuff <3
    And wow, those lenses do look a bit icy, but the pattern itself looks really natural!

  35. I've just posted something new, maybe you will have a minute to check it out? ♥

  36. Gorgeous skirt!!

  37. Impressive haul! You got so many great things I especially like the bags you picked out they are super cute :)

    Beauty Flawed

  38. Hi dear Izzy! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :o). So lovely your blog. I like it very much. If you want, we can follow each other! Have a nice day. Xoxo V.V.

  39. Stunning haul O_O I want your purse so bad!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  40. What a nice shopping spree! The clutches look super cute and I have the same problem too sometimes: trying to find one small enough to hold everything...LOVE the nude wrap skirt & I absolutely ADORE that boxy bag! Can't wait to see your photos Izzy!


  41. The sparkly laptop case would have drawn me in too. haha! Nice haul!

    xoxo, Melissa

  42. Wow these clutches are stunning, love them!

  43. Great haul! I love the bags, especially that boxy one (so retro-gorgeous) and those sunglasses are amazing. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment on my blog! xox

  44. Great stuff! Love the contact lenses effect! You look so pretty. I am following you :) Check my blog and if you like it, you maybe wanna do the same? Kisses! <3<3

  45. Forever New always delivers when you're searching for a pretty dress or bag! There's one opposite my work which is handy :)

  46. Those Forever New clutches are gorgeous~!! I especially love the matt blue one =)

    I love KATE cosmetics too~ Their eye make up are fantastic! I restock heaps whenever I'm back to Hong Kong =P

    Hope you're well dear <3


  47. I used to shop at Forever New all the time too when I was living in Melbourne, I miss it so much.

    I have been wanting to try out 3 tones circle lens. It looks so nice on you that I definitely want to buy some for myself now.


  48. Beautiful post! I love the bag!

  49. Love the glittery clutches!
    xo Annie

  50. i skipped a heartbeat seeing those superb clutches.


  51. Hey Izzy! Great reviews! I never heard of this site, and only recently learned about Sasa (Yeah, super late from the rest of the world, lol) But this is so tempting with the $2 shipping! I think I will try the eye liners you listed, they look so precise.

    You also got SO many great items!! I love that skirt, can it also be used as a top? And that boxy purse is ADORABLE!!! And lovely jacket and so sweet of you to get it for your sister. :)

    The contacts look so pretty on you! Wow, it is a little intimidating lol!

  52. I'm in love with the boxy bag, it's so gorgeous!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  53. Oh wow that sparkly clutch is just incredible!!! The nude skirt is beautiful too, v.glamourous! Xxx

  54. lovely, I love the lens on you, so cute!!!

    If you heck my blog, that will be my pleasure...

  55. I love the little clutches! Cute blog!

  56. Such a cute clutch and nice eyes liner.

  57. loooove the lens!! with the eye makeup you've done, it's just perfect!! the wrap skirt and the boxy bag are gorgeous!!


  58. The wrap skirt is really amazing, I adore it! And I've really got a crush on all the bags... In summer I'm planning on visiting South Korea and I really want to get some circle lenses there too, they're making you look so cute and gorgeous!

    Love Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

  59. GREAT photos, girl! I'm new here and I LOVE the look and feel of your site so far! Off to check out some more posts. Have a wonderful week! xo

  60. So many great products!
    Love all the make-up items and all the beautiful clutches,

    Lacey xoxo

  61. the glittery clutch surely made you look gorgeous as you partied all night long :)
    you look even prettier with your lenses on! :D looking like a fairy..:)

  62. nice clutches, i couldnt know what i'd prefer


  63. I'm loving that 2 new items from Forever New. The jacket looked so comfy like you can just melt in it =D The bag is so darn cute! You must having a good time shopping cos I see all the stuff that you've bought are really cool!

  64. ive never heard of Forever New but everything you bought there is amazing! im your newest follower!

  65. Absolutely love those clutches!

  66. How did I miss this post!? That boxy bag is soooo cute, it looks like it could contain quite a bit too, which is always a plus. I didn't know about Adambeauty before, I might haul later on since it has so many Asian brands I'd like to try. :) xx

  67. So I read the story you linked on circle lens... Oh my god. I like how they look but my eyes really are precious to me. I love the body bag and the wrap skirt! But I agree with your comment on the bags--small!

  68. i loved your blog really, you and your combines look very stylish and elegant.i am following u if you follow me too i would be so happy :)

  69. Haha,

    I'm not at the stage yet where I can sacrifice practicality for prettiness when it comes to bags. Getting there slowly with shoes, but bags...don't quite understand them yet! :P

    Congrats on winning the giveaway, and wow, you really do look like a different race with those lens ~ possibly Eurasian. However, health is way more important than beauty, so good call on being wary of those lens.

    Yishi x

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    I really enjoy browsing your blog.

    Your blog post is mostly about Fashion and beauty stuff.

    If you need additional beauty ideas that enhance your eyes, making them brilliantly bright and beautiful, you may want to check out for more exciting brand colored circle lenses.

    Enjoy and stay pretty :)


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