Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Latest purchases and Soompi gift pack

Disney for Peter Alexander sleepwear shorts $50-> $10-$12

More in the link below.

Aren't they soooo adorbs? Kind of funny how I've never seen most of the Disney movies (including the deer one and Sleeping Beauty (I think the second one is Sleeping Beauty?)) but I'm so in love with the beautiful designs and characters.

How the shorts look when worn. They've got pockets on either side! They also have an elastic waistband, and have a really smooth, silky feel to them. Super comfy!

Dazzling lavender knit $40, Supre green knit $30, coral knit from Mink $25

(I let my little sister wear a very similar green knit that I bought recently from Supre as well, but she ripped a big hole in it and so I bought a new one.)

Orly nail polishes in Glitz and Opal Hope $4 ea
Lush "American Cream" conditioner ~$14
Bourjois "Healthy mix" foundation ~$32
Models Prefer corrector pen ~$13??

A few gifts:

Sheer maxi skirt courtesy of Sheinside (link here) in Small.

I've already done a shoot with this skirt but we're planning to re-shoot it!

(I'm so sorry for all the ugly bruising!!)

Ebay metallic ankle cuffs ~$14

I know some of my blog readers have come here via Soompi, and may or may not be aware that I won the Soompi Ulzzang contest which ended a few months ago. I know some people were interested to know what I received in the winner's gift pack. Besides two iTunes gift certificates, I received:

This awesome Soompi t-shirt!! It's so cute, it came with these two mini badges on the right which say "I love Kpop" and "Soompi". The print (which is in a star shape!) on the shirt also has super cute little graphics of cats, icecream, balloons and heaps of other wonderful things!

Etude House "Missing U" hand cream set
makeup purse with Skinfood, Innisfree, The Face Shop, Etude House samples inside
Innisfree olive real bodycare kit
Etude House juicy pop tube
The Face Shop lip care cream

The Etude House "Missing U" hand cream set is made up of four gorgeous little animals! Each animal even has their own story on the packet. For example this is the panda one:

I modelled with the panda one since it's my favourite haha.

The makeup bag.

Thankyou soooo much Soompi!! For anyone interested in K-Pop (I know a lot of people secretly are!) and likes keeping up-to-date with their favourite actresses and singers- Soompi.com is totally the place to go. Apart from the latest album reviews, articles, and charts- there's also a really active and interesting forum including a "Beauty and Fashion" section, where I've learnt sooo much valuable knowledge ever since I joined in 2007.


  1. Great new purchases, and what a fun prize pack you won! I love the panda :)


  2. AAH, I've been meaning to buy those etude hand cream animal thingies forever. So cute.

  3. OMG! Those P.A shorts are too cute!!! I love them and so cheap!! urghhh!!! I never get their stuff at a discounted price :(

    Btw, I often go on Soompi too to stalk k-pop artists!! Best place to go! Been visiting their website ever since my teens!

    accidental encounters

  4. The Disney pants look so cute! D:

  5. I love Soompi! Definitely my favorite Kpop news site. Which KPop groups do you like? And congrats on winning the Ulzzang contest!!

    Those Disney shorts are so cute! Thee deer one is Bambi and you were right, the others are Sleeping Beauty :)

    Your sweaters look nice too~ So sad sweater season is over in Cali.

    xx maggie

  6. Love all the items. The shorts are adorable and the shoes are super gorgeous!


  7. I love all the colors of the knit sweaters you have chosen.
    That Soompi t-shirt is so awesome. You even look great in a t-shirt, hehe.
    The packaging on those hand creams are the cutest things I have ever seen. I love the panda one too. :)

  8. I love the disney films, in my childhood it was always a big highlight watching them with my parents :) I really like the colours of the knit ^.^ soo cute! chubby pandas are the cutest :P

  9. WHOA! I love those Disney shorts!!! I actually only seen parts of Bambii once (the deer one) and only remember crying a lot.

    And that's SO awesome you won! I am not surprised! You are a true beauty that does not need to hide behind a lot of the special effects people add to their photos.

    I don't visit soompi anymore but I loved their market place. I was able to find so many cute items! However, a few people tried to scam me and even though I reported it to the Mod they both (sellers) blacklisted ME and it went through. One of them even disregarded the black list rules and used a lot of profanity about me. I had all the proof she was scamming me but it didn't matter. They black listed me first before I had the chance. I was so fed up, I didn't bother black listing them after they gave me the bad markings and just decided not to utilize that forum.

    Also I am so in love with those metallic ankle cuff heels!!! $14!!!! *__* wow!

    - Josie :: 8bitgrayscale

  10. Aw your shorts are beyond adorable! And those ankle cuffs, oh my GOODNESS I just love them! I'm also on the lookout for them, they're stunning:) Xx

  11. Haha~ The shorts are so cute! >U<
    And the pack is also just as cute! ^3^
    You're right - the panda is the cutest!! ^^

  12. man...i regret not getting that star shirt T__T LOL.

  13. Those shorts are so cute! and congratulations again for winning the SUC, you deserve it :) I love Soompi's forums, especially the Beauty & Fashion and Health & Fitness forums.

  14. Aw...those Disney shorts are soo cute! I want Little Mermaid ones! And those ankle cuffs are amazing!! I thought they were actually part of the shoe at first. You always have such great hauls. Which does not help my shopping addiction. LOL. <3


  15. SPEECHLESS...a lot of sweet products...amazing shorts, cool sweater and perfect health cosmetics =)

    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne

    You can check my DALI OUTFIT in: www.laviequo.com

    I open my 2hand and news shop in : http://laviequo.blogspot.com/2012/04/laviequocom-shop.html

  16. Your new shorts are so adorable! Aww, I used to grow up warching Disney movies - I thought they had the best childrens films. By the deer movie you must mean Bambi <3 I would love to get all of the films on dvd, my mum has saved all our vhs-movies but I don't have a player for them. Your sweaters and giveaway prize look so cute too ! Nice haul ;) x thank you for the comment! I'm replying via my mobile so just a quick response! ^^ i can't remember if you asked anything, hehe. Love, Satu

  17. the shorts and the heels!!! i love them. so fab!

    Find me on:
    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  18. Haha, crazy! I have so many friends who would die for these!

  19. Ah congrats on winning the soompi pack. >_< It's too cute! Panda! The deer movie is bambi. ;_; It's so sad, you should watch it haha! Oh the the bourjois foundation is really good, I find it a lot more 'healthy' than other foundations haha. o:

  20. Congrats again with winning SUC2011 XD!! Everything in the gift pack is sooo cute, even the shirt D: They're so generous!
    I really like the lavender knit you got too! I think its the texture.. looks really soft and comfy.

  21. "the deer one" LOOOL you're too cute!
    Loving the knits!
    I recently got Opal Hope as well and I just applied it last night, it's more sheer than I was expecting but the colour is lovely, a holographic sort of colour, unlike any pinks I own :) I've heard great things about the Lush American Dream so I hope it works wonderful for you. I also loooove Bourjois Healthy Mix!
    So many goodies from Soompi, congrats!!

  22. Your shorts are adorable! I love Disney, especially Sleeping Beauty and seeing the print on the shorts makes my inner child appear and giggle like a 9 year old haha. :p

    Also, congrats for winning SUC! I would have congratulate you earlier if the news reached faster in my ears. Anyhow, you totally deserve it! The gifts are well chosen, especially the Soompi T-shirt. The contrast colors between black and hot pink are nice, but I think it's a shame that they didn't printed another one with white and hot pink. I think that combi would look very good on you too. Either way, that doesn't make a difference on the pattern, it's still cute. *___*!

    The missing u hand creme from Etude House is super cute, my favorite is the panda as well. I love the fruity peachy scent, I can't stop smelling it. xD

  23. Oh my god those shorts are so cute! Love the bambi ones.

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  24. Oh I love everything you bought! Those disney shorts are adorable!!

    xoxo, Laura

  25. great stuff! the shorts are too cute :)


  26. Oh my goodness! The Bambi shorts are soooo cute!!



  27. Those shorts are amazingg!
    Hahah "deer one" :P Watch disneyyyy ! It's the best :D And ee, your prize for winning the ulzzang comp is awesome! (I can see why you won ^-^)

  28. ~wah congratulation. (so you are the beautiful ulzzang winner hehe =D). I love it! and the disney shorts are to died for =D
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  29. It's like you're taking me back to my childhood!


  30. Super cute tee and shorts! I think the deer is Bambi .. with his lil rabbit friend, Thumper!

  31. love the disney shorts--they look so comfy!! having childhood flashbacks :)
    the ankle cuff and skirt are great too--love to add that to my wardrobe
    keep it up girl!

  32. oh gosh... i love those shorts! they are so adorable! and you bought so many things, which reminds me that i should go shopping soon. just to clear my head! lol

  33. Those Disney shorts are so cute! It's getting quite cold now though, so they'd have to be put away for a few months. Nonetheless, they are adorable! Congratulations on winning the Soompi competition. :D I always stalk their beauty and fashion forum but never post, hehe. xx

  34. Those shorts are super cute and love the skirt!


  35. Aww those shorts are adorable I love them! I must get some! And I can't believe you've never watched sleeping beauty and Bambi! let alone all the other Disney films , you must watch them they are amazing! I will be very shocked if yu dont like them :) <3


  36. you are so cute! Love the black skirt. I can't wait to see what you pair it with!

    Dude I have been looking for ankle cuffs. I actually bought bracelet cuffs to wear them as ankle cuffs (from HM).


  37. wow love the motives
    Disney Couture <3

    X the cookies

  38. Congrats on winning the contest! I haven't been on Soompi in years but I used to post there all the time! Love all your other purchases too, especially the fun coloured sweaters.

    xo, alison*elle

  39. Those bambi shorts are so adorable!! I love them! I would totally rock those outside. Also loving your gold cuffs. Great find!


  40. Those shorts are so cute! Sleeping Beauty was my favorite movie. How did you get them for so cheap?
    I saw those hand creams at Gmarket yesterday, congrats on winning them, they're really adorable :)

  41. That is a lot of goodies!! Though the bambi shorts are absolutely CUTE :O (actually way tooo cute)!!!! Ooo I see a mannequin in the background, where did you find one D: ?! I've been looking for one though I was told if I buy it from a store, it would be overpriced :P

    Jo Bao ♥

  42. oh wow, everything looks simply adorable, especially those shorts with Bambi-print. I would totally wear them in the streets as well, haha :P oh, and I love those sweaters!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  43. omg the shorts were a steal at that price! they are so cute, i dont think i could pull them off though :( they look great on you!

  44. Oh my word, the Disney shorts!! <3
    Haha, that's just too cute. Also the knit sweater and half-sheer skirt look gorgeous.
    Ankle cuffs!! Haha, too cool. Love the fun detail.
    Congrats on winning all those goodies too :)

    Trendy Teal

  45. Aww those shorts are so cute!!! Love the knit sweaters! Thanks for the sweet comment :)


  46. Haha aw those shorts are adorable. How have you never seen Sleeping Beauty?! I'd love a pair like that, I'd feel like such a kid in them :))

  47. The knitted tops are a good steal.
    Pretty solid colors too :)

  48. The disney shorts and ankle cuff shoes are SUPERB! love it<3

    .Le Reveur.

  49. Oh my gaaaaaah the Etude hand cream is so cute! Wtf man, I hate stuff like that. The packaging's so cute that you just HAVE to buy it. *__* And those ankle cuffs. I might have to get them. They look like they'd make me feel like a bad ass superhero haha. Congrats for winning the contests!

    And those Bambi shorts could be worn outside, what the heck. The floral print obscures any cartoon animal you may find in the scene. o_O

  50. wow big purchase and great haul :D
    what a cute panda cream from etude house :O
    and i am so jealous because you own disney sleepwear D:

  51. oooooh the shorts are soooo damn sweet! And the skirt ... amazing. And the shoes - wow! :)

  52. I love all these items, the shorts and the skirt are gorgeous! I'm considering buying those beautiful disney shorts :o they are one of the most adorable things i have ever layed my eyes on <3

    Great blog :)

    Love Ana,

  53. Those are so sweet :)

    check out also my blog

    xx ketty xx


  54. Wow, love your new purchases!
    The shorts are definitely too cute haha <3 and those knits look fabulous, specially like the lavender one!

    Love, Denise

  55. Cutest disney shorts! Love the latest purchases x


  56. Soooooooooooo frickin adorable! Everything in your haul is and im mildly jealous that you omanage to snaffle so much wonderful treats. Have been OBSESSED with K=pop in the past but totally takes too much of my time haha. I had to eith pick the drama or the music. K-drama won out haha.

    Eeli xo

  57. Oh, those Bambi sleep shorts are the cutest pair I've ever seen...and wow the price is great too! Don't think I've seen Peter Alexander stuff that cheap before >_<

    Those Missing U hand creams are adorable, I think I like the Panda the best too.

  58. Well done on winning the prizes! I LOVEEEEE the sleep shorts! I so badly want them, they're the most adorable things I've ever seen xxx

  59. The shorts are so cute! :D You really should watch Disney movies :) They're the best!

  60. So cute, love them!!


  61. Love love love the bambi shorts!! Soooo adorable. Same with the panda hand cream! But Bambi wins, haha :)

  62. all those things are just amazing, especially cuffs. really good job, nice blog :) maybe we could follow each other?

  63. I love the Sheinside skirt, the ankle cuffs, and the pretty knits!! Such beautiful items!


  64. i'm drooling for the disney shorts and the sweaters! the colors are too pretty <3

    Laces on My Dress

  65. loving the bambi shorts! the print is just so so cute :) followed you as well! x


  66. love the sleepwear!! they're so cute! :D i'd even wear them during daytime haha i've never seen ankle cuffs before! wow! super nice! ;D


  67. awesome shorts, it's so perfect!!! and i'm so jealous of your soompi shirt, i want one too :(

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  68. I just love everything about this post. Love Bambi, those shorts are so cute <3. Love the knits, in love with the colors. :-) And that maxi sheer skirt and those ankle cuffs <333 love.. Great purchases! :3

  69. Funny shorts!


  70. those disney shorts are cute! i like the bambi one more. my legs are just like yours forever covered in bruises except mine are shorter & stubbier ^^ congrats on winning!! not a k-pop fan :P


  71. Great finds! Love the Bambi shorts! Too cute!


  72. Awhh, those shorts are too cute! ♥

    And those ankle cuffs are amazing!

    Xo, Imke

  73. OMG those cuffed heels are super gorgeous Izzy! Don't worry dear, I bruise easily too :/ Hope all is well!



  74. So adorable. I love the Bambi ones!


  75. Those shorts are really cool! It looks better when you wear it actually and I can't wait to see you in those colorful knitwears! They look comfy and great. The Pamda cream is so adorable!! Lol!! Does it smell good?

    1. thanks Yen ^^ I don't remember, but they didn't seem to have much of a scent? I haven't used any of them haha!

  76. The Bambi shorts are so adorable.

  77. Love the shorts and your shoes.The gold rim around the ankle is so stunning.
    Do you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin? Let me know will love to follow back.

  78. great haul! loving those shorts, they are super cute and unbelivably cheap which is a grand thing! those mettalic cuffs are superb, love them to bits.

    with love,

  79. Great haul !!

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    Enter RED HOT Clutch Giveaway
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  80. Thank you so much for the comment sweetie ! ^^
    Last time I visited with my phone and images weren't as big on the computer screen so now I can say WOW those shorts are so cute ! I want Bambi's too heh ^^

    Have a lovely weekend,

    x Satu
    Indie by heart

  81. I just keep 'aww' and 'ahh!' cuz
    your haul is so cute and cool!!

    I recently bought a similar
    black sheer skirt from ASOS,
    The handcreme panda shaped ones
    are so so so adooorable!


  82. Oh God, this shorts are incredible ! Love them so much ! Sweet ! Kiss x


  83. Those shorts are so cute! Bambii (the deer one) was one of my faves as a kid. Those ankle cuffs are so unique great buy. Epic haul my friend!

    Beauty Flawed

  84. these are sooo cute!!


  85. Adorable shorts!

  86. Fantastic shorts!!


  87. ohhhh those Disney shorts are adorable!! love Bambi's! so so cute :) & I also love Lush cosmetics and the metallic cuffs!

  88. really cute shorts - you pull them off so well!

    I also love your shoes and I wished I was tall enough to pull off that sheer maxi skirt.

    You are so pretty!

  89. These are really awesome shorts and it looks like you got some great items this month!

  90. Soo cute, you always have the best stuff. I Love them xx

  91. omg the Disney shorts are so cute! *-*
    And I have the Etud House panda handcream too and it's so cute ^^ It also smells so nice~


    ♕Project Glamour.

  92. Such cute shorts!! You will look so pretty in them! I love the ankle cuffs, have to scour the shops/internet for them! They make a pair of shoes look extraordinary! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    NY Style Examiner

  93. Lovely purchases- those shorts are so much fun and the panda, soooooooo cute!

  94. I am so in love with those knit sweaters. The colors are gorgeous and they look so comfortable!

  95. Those disney shorts are adorable and I love those knit sweaters! Xx

  96. These are adorable shorts dear, also digging the ankle cuffs, super stylish!
    Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog btw, I'm now following yours via GFC.. hope you follow me back?


  97. Me encanta el blog!!! Todo lo que nos enseƱas es precioso. I love shorts. You are very very beautiful. Kiss


  98. Love these shorts! You look so pretty.


  99. cute purchases!! :) Love those heels and shorts! And no surprise you won the ulzzang contest! pretty girl :) Congratz on winning that super gift pack! kpop ftw!!! haha


  100. those shorts are so adorable! :)


  101. i literally LOLed when you said "THE DEER ONE" hahahaa Bambi! but the shorts look really cute! and i agree, the design is really pretty and unique too! and LOOOVE the ankle cuffs! idk when i first looked at it i thought they were part of the shoe!

    wow, congrats on winning that contest! that's so cool! and the soompi gift pack looks great! so much cuteness!~~ *o*

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  102. Congrats on winning! Everything is so cute. Especially those shorts!! *^_^*

  103. The shorts have cute prints! I want one for myself! haha.



  104. cute!


  105. I love the Disney shorts! Where did you get them?

  106. Gosh those disney shorts are cute as can be! AND SO CHEAP?!!! Ahhh of course you would win the Soompi Ulzzang contect you're super pretty that panda is so lolol funny shaped but cute! Those ankle cuffs are fierce i wanted to get some from Asos a few months ago but didnt >_<


  107. Love this cute shorts! Looking forward to see them in an outfit!

  108. I actually found your blog through soompi lol! I didn't know you won though, so congratulations :)
    The Etude House hand creams are so cute! I should get my hands on some! I've actually got two of the Etude House Bee Happy range of hand creams which is similar to the ones you have and they are just as cute hehe

  109. Love these shorts! You look so pretty.^^

    i've follow you..
    follow back honey..^^

  110. great purchase!! love that golden cuff

    Would u like to follow each other on Gfc,Fb or Twitter?

    My blog



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