Tuesday, May 29, 2012

city pastels + Westfield $150 voucher giveaway by Skinny Cow!

(scroll down if you want to read more about the giveaway)

city pastels

Lavender knit: tag says Dazzling
Scalloped pink shorts: zipia.net
belt: asos.com
bag: Forever New
bangles: Diva or Equip?
necklace: etsy.com
Heels: wholesale7.net

This set of photos was actually taken about a month ago. I never uploaded them because they seemed a bit dark and the street lighting wasn't the greatest. On this day I actually went out with some friends for my boyfriend's birthday dinner, so of course I couldn't let my dieting restrictions get in the way of a great time. I was too happy to indulge in a great serving of my favourite Japanese dish (karaage chicken curry) and Max Brenner's dark Italian thick hot chocolate! A session of jogging the next day helped combat the inevitable bloated feeling afterwards.

Westfield $150 voucher giveaway by Skinny Cow!

(Sponsored by Nuffnang and Skinny Cow)

This rest of the post is a bit different in that it is non-fashion related and somewhat wordy, so there is no obligation to read on. BUT if you are based in Australia, I highly recommend you at least scroll down for an opportunity to win a $150 voucher at Westfield Shopping Centre, for sharing your own experiences with indulgence!

Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions. We put them on the food we eat and on the things we buy. See a picture of Miranda Kerr looking ever so fit, fabulous and swimsuit-ready doing something as mundane as walking her dog, and we tell ourselves we’re only snacking on carrot sticks for the rest of the week. Open your wardrobe to be swallowed in a sea of clothes with the tags still attached, and we begrudgingly hand over our credit cards to our boyfriends to hide them (who do so with immense pleasure).

As a young woman in my early twenties, I still feel constrained and hounded by the societal pressures of body image, just as they did when I was a wee teen. Just a quick scroll through Lookbook.nu and Blogger and seeing all these beautiful, lithe bodies, is enough to make one feel massively guilty for not exercising that day, or gorging oneself silly over an icecream bonanza the previous night.

But is it really necessary to feel so bad, so naughty for treating ourselves to a little splurge? Sometimes we deserve it after a grueling day of work, or after a month of regular gym sessions. Or sometimes we feel particularly down for some reason, and we know that a few blocks of chocolate could be the perfect thing to bounce us back into our bubbly selves.

And the best kind of reward or indulgence is one that actually has no reason to make us feel guilty. The fact that the new and improved Skinny Cow icecream cookies are only around 130 calories each, has got me so excited as this means I could easily incorporate one into my diet every day, whilst maintaining healthy eating habits. I actually have a notoriously sweet tooth and cannot not last one day without a morsel of chocolate, so this is absolutely perfect for me. There are three scrumptious flavours available- vanilla (127 calories), caramel (127 calories) and chocolate (129 calories), but I think we all know which one I'm going to be reaching for the most! 

Would you like to try some? :3
This is the chocolate one, my favourite. The size of the cookie was way bigger than I had expected! The Skinny Cow icecream cookies are actually now 15% bigger than before, which is amazing knowing that there are only a bit more than 100 calories packed in there.

Caramel flavour. Look at how thick and generous the icecream inside is!

Well that's enough from me. Here is the most exciting part!

To celebrate Skinny Cow's month of indulgence, Nuffnang and Skinny Cow are providing the amazing opportunity to win a $150 Westfield voucher (sorry, only for Australian residents!)

All you have to do, is write about your own experience with indulgence, in the comment box below.
(please also leave your contact email address)

It doesn't have to be food-related, but can be about a rather expensive shopping spree, for example. The great thing about this is it's more of a contest based on your expression of a personal story or experience- rather than on pure luck. I will select the five best entries, and then send them over to Nuffnang and Skinny Cow, and they will select a winner. My comment box is awaiting, and I can't wait to read your stories!

(contest ends 5pm 8th of June AEST)

the giveaway has now ended. Nuffnang and Skinny Cow have chosen chocoholic_k[at]hotmail.com as the winning entry! Please check your inbox for the email I have just sent you :)


  1. The city scenery looks so beautiful! I don't see a lot of that here :( and that icecream :F It's so bigg!! haha

  2. love the location ~ and the ice cream sandwich is making me hungry :p


  3. Those pictures are beautiful, I really like your lavender knit :) Great competition too!

    Thinking about my indulgences one thing comes to mind - handbags! If I'm not waiting for one to come in the mail I'm looking online searching out pictures and reviews and figuring out just how much I need to save to get one to come in the mail! It's definitely my biggest indulgence in life. Some days you want nothing more than to click "buy it now" on a stunning bag. My reasons are many. "I've saved up enough for it", "I've had a hard week/month", "I've got something to celebrate", "I have to have it in THAT colour", "It's so much more practical than any of my other bags".... and my most used reason: "It's on sale!". :)

    my email is awayfromblue[at]gmail[dot]com

  4. that icecream cookie looks scrumptuously large! hahaha

    skincare. definitely. every time i see someone or a poster girl with amazing skin, i get sucked in :( even if i have plenty moisturisers already, i tell myself 'oh but i don't have this brand!' hahaha :/ and the photos are usually photo shopped too... but it doesn't ring a bell at the time.

    email: catherine_xxoo@live.com


  5. I love the lavender knit so much! The photos are lovely, as always, even though it's a dark landscape ~
    I love skinny cow icecreams :D but I'm refraining from junkfood of all types unfortunately :/

  6. does a nail polish addiction count as an indulgence? im sure my nails translate to the human eye as yummy anyway, what with all the colours and designs I do... LOL jokes.
    although now that you mention it, with all the different nail polish colours, I do love macarons, and how they come in all differnt flavours, exotic or classical. I feel they're an indulgence since they're about $3 a pop but worth every cent cos its so rich and delicious :D nail polish and macarons is love :)

  7. oops forgot my email n_n

  8. oh no fair! there are westfields in california... well the usa, too! :) you look fabulous and those skinny cows look soooooo delicious :)


  9. I love the photos you took! It's got that really nice urban but serene vibe to it! And pastels at nighttime? They totally work! I love it!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  10. I love your bag ^___^ Our forever new bags don't look nearly as good as the ones you seem to have in Oz!

  11. wow i absolutely adore your knit... that is an amazing colour, and it goes so well with your shorts!

  12. I think indulgence is something you have to allow yourself to experience every once in a while!
    For me, my personal indulgence is anything chocolate-related - Tim Tams, hot chocolate, choc chip ice cream, you name it - chocolate is definitely the food I can't seem to stay away from!! I have the biggest sweet tooth.
    I could never be one of those people that eat it everyday though, because I like to have some self-control!! So once a week I allow myself to buy a block of chocolate (but only one!) and that way I don't over-indulge :)


    Love your shorts Izzy btw, you're freakin gorgeous I doubt you'd even need to watch you weight hehe xxx

  13. I love that sweater!


  14. Great photos! Love the sweater xx


  15. chic outfit! loving the shorts :)


  16. I love this outfit, especially your gorgeous knit! And the night photo's are absolutely amazing Izzy!

    P.S I have the same bag, aren't they just beautiful? =)

  17. Gorgeous outfit and the photos - the lights in the background are perfect.


  18. I'm really loving your shorts! They're so cute :D

    Indulgence to me, is something that allows me to fully enjoy no matter how big or small. It allows me to take my mind away from things, and just enjoy what I am doing at that point in time. It can range from catching up for brunch with friends, splurging my money when shopping, bingeing on junk food but at the same time, I find that even simple things, like a nice coffee to start the morning, is a form of indulgence to me :)

  19. :D I love your lavender knit. Wonderful outfits and photos. >:] And caramel icecream! Yum! I'll probs write something later about indulgence, if you don't mind me double posting. xD

  20. hanging with friends,
    eating my favourite foods and desserts,

    spending time at home with my kitten,
    is a different kind of spending that doesnt hurt

    buying new things
    or receiving something new

    these are my main indulgences
    just to name a few :)

    tee.i.n.k at gmail dot com

  21. I love your lavender knit. Those skinny cow sandwiches are delicious!! I'm so happy I discovered them recently. I'm currently doing this health challenge and it's hard to follow the diet. I always have cravings! But I'm excited to see results when I'm done :)

    XO J

  22. The pictures are beautiful with the city lights in the background! Love the outfit.

  23. This is the first I've seen of the lavender-pink combo and it's so so cute! I love that knit top!

    Indulgence for me is when I can spend the whole morning all cozy in bed (on lazy weekends), especially the way the weather's been lately! It's such a comfort when you can happily procrastinate (on the phone & lappy, reading or watching tv) while staying 100% warm!

    I'm pretty sure my answer is influenced by my recent return to uni and I'm not used to waking up at 7 am all the time. Oh man, those skinny cow sandwiches look so good! That will be something I'll look for when summer rolls around again and I'm craving ice cream-y goodness. :D

    cc932005 at hotmail dot com
    Cass (I'm a book blogger, thus the Google name)

  24. You look lovely hun, lavender is so pretty on you and I like how you mixed it up with that gorgeous brown bag and beige shoes. I love the city lighting in the background even if its a bit dark.
    Btw, the skinny cow ice cream looks too yummy to pass, if I was in Australia, definitely would enter.
    (Oh, now I'm craving an ice cream cookie :( )


    Nia. x

  25. I have the same ASOS belt, except mine is in neon yellow! :)

    That skinny cow biscuit looks so yummeh! :) :) Too bad im not in Australia now.

    Looking fabulous as usual!

    accidental encounters

  26. Those pictures are lovely! Wish I had somewhere like that where I could take my blog photos!!! <3

  27. I love Skinny Cow ice cream!! So yummy! :) And I kind of like these night time photos. It gives off a kind of downtown city vibe. And I love those scalloped pink shorts!! So cute! <3


  28. The photos are incredibly beautiful! You look so good! (So does the icecream ;) )

    Love, Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

    you're gorgeous girl and you have a great body!
    don't fell bad after eating something sweet once in a while!

    greetings from germany!

  30. GAH! If only I lived in Australia...I'm seriously craving ice cream now...aha.
    Anyway, gorgeous outfit, I just love the soft colors. And seriously, what camera do you use? It takes amazing quality! For night shots, they turned out pretty decent.
    I love that lilac knit sweater and the cute scalloped shorts!

    Enter to win a $50 voucher for Dark Horse Jewelry!
    Trendy Teal

    1. Oh...haha, found your camera info in the side bar ;)

  31. the pastel color combinations are soo pretty !

  32. Thank you for your comment on my blog! :D The lead actor's called Nicky Wu. But please don't google him up! The pictures of him are so ugly. Hahaha. Go watch the drama! ;) Hahaha.

    Anyway, I love your knit top! :D

  33. ^.^I really like those pictures :) your outfit pictures do always look super professional xD I wish I was that skilled too :D

  34. OOooohh that knit is so so cuteee!!

    Nora Finds

  35. I know you think that the lighting in these is a bit off but I personally love it! So gorgeous.
    Ahh indulgence..... I am pretty bad at avoiding my addictions. Online shopping for one. This isn't a story about avoiding it because you asked for my experience with indulgence so I shall tell it from that point of view :) So anyway, don't know if you remember but at the start of February I made a blog post saying I was banning myself from online shopping for 6 months. HAHAHAHA WHAT WAS I THINKING? I know it's not really indulging if you do it all the time but for me it's my stress relief, and the way I keep myself positive. I know I sound like a snob, buying things for contentment. But I do try to score bargains and wait for discount codes of course, and buy things that I will actually use or need. I will say that one purchase was most definitely an indulgence though - my month old Marc By Marc Jacobs watch! As much as this comment may sound otherwise, I am not really an impulse buyer and will think things over carefully before making the final purchase. I had been lusting after a rose gold watch for a really long time so when there was a 20% off code, I decided to treat myself. My regular online purchases rarely exceed $30 so blowing $200+ in one got definitely seemed like a treat for me! So in my case, I could justify this purchase because 1) I have wanted one for over a year, 2) It was on sale and 3) I will DEFINITELY get my money's worth - I am head over heels in love with it and see it as an investment piece that I will continue to wear as a daily piece of my outfit.
    I'm so sorry if some of my sentences are structured badly or don't totally make sense, have been at uni ALL day until 8pm studying for exams so I'm just a tad tired haha. Anyway, wonderful giveaway Izzi, Nuffnang and Skinny Cow! I will definitely pick up some of those ice creams, I'm a massive fan of ice cream cookies/sandwiches :D Another mini story just cos I'm procrastinating - when I went on a central Australia tour in year 10 with my school, I literally ate 3 Maxibons a day because it was so hot up in the NT... and they cost me so much too because we bought them from tourist and souvenir places! Totally worth it though - walked off all the calories with our hikes haha yum!
    sue.love.xx@hotmail.com :)

    1. Oh WOW I did not realise I wrote so much.... I really am tired from so much studying, babbled on way too much!! SO SORRY!

  36. I love the pastels, you look beautiful! Your lavendar knit is so pretty!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  37. Indulgence is walking into a cafe whilst on a trip in New York and purchasing 40 macaroons to slowly savor even though you know that you won't be able to finish them.


  38. Beautiful bag! Your blog is great so i'm following you now :)


  39. The backdrop looks like the Docklands, are you in Melbourne? Great outfit as usual.

    xx http://camomeetscouture.blogspot.com

  40. Gorgeous! Those shorts are stunning!

    Out Of The Box

  41. i love the sweater shorts combo, wore a similar pair in my last post :) and sometime you just gotta indulge right!?


  42. I love love loooove your bag and knit! Oh and that place looks amazing! <3


  43. wow beautifull styling, you look amazing!:) i follow u

  44. Thank you for your comment.
    You look so lovely! The colours
    are well combined.


  45. I'm so glad you decided to upload these photos eventually, because they are so beautiful! I really love this outfit.
    Honestly I'm in love with all your pretty outfits and the beautiful photos in your blog!

    Fang Ting

  46. such a lovely look!! Your shorts are awesome! :) And the pictures are such so stunning, love it!


  47. I love the color of your top so pretty and purple just like the polish I posted ;) Skinny cow is really good they are kinda pricey here in the states tho.

  48. This sweater has a very beautiful colour, you look amazing! Talking of the tablet: you should definitely give it a try, I think results are very nice!

  49. great outfit, you look so pretty

    from, helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com

  50. Adorable look on you! :) I have to put my shorts to more use [but past couple of days the weather has been a bit too chilly]. Knit is really sweet aswell. Nice accessories ^^

    Indie by heart

  51. I feel so so so deeply sad the giveaway is only for AUS :c
    I want to take a bite out of the low calory Skinny Cow! ♥


  52. Classy and chic! I adore your outfit!

  53. Your sweater is so adorable, I really love the colour xxx

  54. My big indulgence of late has been yarn for knitting. If I am making something for myself or for an adult I make sure I am getting the good yarns. Yarn can be quite expensive and sometimes it is cheaper to just either buy a pair of socks or a sweater rather than make it. But I love to feel the yarn through my fingers as I knit it is soothing to me.

  55. Love the lilac sweater and this bag is so gorgeous! You look beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    PS. New post is up on my blog. Check it out whenever you have time!
    Style-Delights Blog

  56. Just adore this outfit and I quite like the mood set by the street lighting.

    As for indulgence....oh my....the absolute most perfect free day would be spent shopping and eating whatever I wanted for the day. I tend to eat quite healthy, so an indulgent dessert is particularly appealing. Heaps of chocolate and caramel and the sweeter the better. This is also my most perfect indulgent holiday—a day of shopping and eating!! I tend to buy one thing for the house, one designer item for me and one "trendy" less expensive item when splurging. All followed by a decadent dessert of course!!! ha ha!! GREAT giveaway. See you again soon!!!

    Dressology HQ

  57. I love the femininity and the attention to detail of your outfits, the way you manage to put together different colours and textures and cuts so that it all works. Really gorgeous :) The night shots are something a bit different and I think they're really well photographed, night lights are so pretty in the background. As for my biggest indulgence, it's probably the absolute exorbitant amount of money that I spend on food and drink on a daily/weekly basis. It's truly frightening, but it's something I don't really cut back on :p

  58. To me indulgence is not needing to multitask. Life has just become so busy and hectic that indulgence is currently defined as being able to take things slow! An indulgent day would involve doing and concentrating on one thing at a time. I think that's a real luxury in itself.

    It's about sitting in the garden on a lazy Sunday with a cup of tea or good book. It's about lying in bed completely relaxed and listening to music. It's about sitting in front of the fireplace and sketching until your ready for bed. It's about spending time on your own rediscovering your interests and passions. It's about taking time off from the demands of the world to just do what you want - one thing at a time!

  59. You look absolutely gorgeous :)
    Unfortunately I cant participate of your giveaway because
    I'm from Brazil,but good luck girls :)
    Have an amazing day beautiful,

  60. WOW! Jaw-dropping photography.. amazing indeed.
    You look gorgeous as per usual, i'm loving this pastel palette on you!


  61. these pictures are soo stunning! x


  62. Aww, I wish I could enter but I'm not australian!

    These pictures are amazing, I like how you got them so bright, and those scalloped shorts are gorgeous! xx


  63. The color of that sweater is stunning.


  64. Beautiful photos and the Skinny Cow ice dream sandwiches look so tasty! ^^

  65. I love your pairing of the scalloped shorts and loose knit!!
    And Max Brenner's is one of my favorite places for dessert :)


  66. beautiful night scene photos! your bf really takes great photos! and of course he has a beautiful model to make his photos shine even more!! :D


  67. That lavender shade is STUNNING on you!


  68. I want that lilac jumper...
    soooo sweet and soft.
    love it!


    Find me on:
    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  69. wonderful leather shorts! I love them:) you look great as always:) thank you:) I follow you to:)

  70. Skinny Cow ice-creams are bloody lovely! I'm not sure if we have the ice-cream cookies in England, but I hope we do, they look amazing!

  71. Nice outfit! I really like the sweater!

    xx Marije

  72. They are so yum, I have them permenantly in my fridge!

    I love your outfit, the colour of the sweater is gorgeous. xx

  73. Skinny cow would be a grand prize to win, too bad I'm not in Australia :)

    Izzy, I think this has got to be one of my favorite outfits so far... I absolutely love the sweater with the shorts and the shoes, it all matches so beautifully together!
    And the purse is gorgeous.
    Absolutely love this one girl :) You always look so beautiful!

  74. i think the above photos are beautiful and i actually really like the dark lighting of them. i mean they ARE night time photos after all haha. and i really think those little skinny cows look so yummy. i know what you mean the pressure is really high and i feel it too - some how i am too lazy though to change my foot habits (i eat whatever i want) or exercise (i spend most of my time on the couch haha) but it doesn't stop me from feeling bad about myself if i see a photo where i feel fat. although you really have a great figure i am not sure u need to worry at all. do you exercise and watch your diet very strictly?

    xx rae


  75. such a cute outfit! love the colors!! best of luck everyone for the giveaway!


  76. pastels!!! lovely! great giveaway, girl!
    xo TJ

  77. OOOOO I love love love this look! I love those shorts! the color and the scallop hem are perfection!


  78. Awww, you look amazing, and i love your style!!

  79. I always love your outfits, and this one is simply stunning. I adore the colour of your sweater, and you look beautiful in your pictures :) xox


  80. I actually lovelovleove this outfit and the background you used. The pictures aren't dark at all. They have a cool, city quality to them that I just adore.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  81. You always have such pretty photos Izzy! Love looking at them and reading your interesting stories! :))

    XoXo, Kimberly


  82. the lilac pastel works so beautifully against the tan shorts and purse! the city nightscape is beautiful. i'm inspired to take more night photos! yum yum yum yum ice cream sandwich! it looks soo good. have a great day izzy!

    pandaphilia style
    blog sale

  83. I know what you mean about the pressure and it never seems to go away. I always try to stay positive about my body and try to find that balance between healthy habits and happy living. I absolutely LOVE the lilac sweater. Gorg!

  84. woww I love the outfit and let me tell you that the first picture is the most amazing one I have seen in a while!! :D :D


  85. I've just been scrolling through your blog and have to say I am your newest follower! You have such sweet style :) x

  86. OHHH my god.. why you are so amazing and have a really great blog? :D Tottaly love all your clothes <3 You are so pretty too :)
    Im following you now, mind to follow back? <3

  87. you look soo beautiful! i love your sweater! the color of it is soooo pretty :)


  88. love the pastel coloured outfit and the photos are so pretty!

    could you please do a small tutorial on how you curl your hair please? can never get my hair curled like yours :(

  89. Love this look! You look great and it's an absolutely beautiful scene too :)

    My greatest indulgence would be the little things that add up. The smallest piece of chocolate because I've "been good" all day or the little purchase of a cute pair of earrings or a Revlon lip butter because they're on sale and they "don't cost too much". So hard to control yourself when you tell yourself it's only a little bit!

  90. Love your outfit.

    As for indulgence, it has to be either shopping, eating my favorite food, or even relaxing without doing anything on my off day. It simply frees my mind from my work and study. To me, self-indulgence is necessary for our general well-being. It doesn't have to be something expensive. It may not involve money. It can be something simple. As long as you are happy at the end of the day.


  91. パステルいいね♪


  92. That lavender top is adorable! :)

    My indulgence is stationary heheh :P I can't tell you how excited i get inside an Officeworks store. Come start of semester, you'll find me browsing the stationary section of Big W with a big smile on my face. I think it's because i love being organized and having an array of awesome tools to use at uni. Plus, i prefer not to have a boring lecture note page. Mine has a number of headings and dot points in sparkling rose-pink pen and all the boring journal articles i have to read come to life with a little bit of jade green highlighter on them :)
    scoiattolorosso123 (at) gmail.com

  93. gorgeous top!

    My family comes from a very humble background- so we're not used to indulging ourselves in little luxuries. Nowadays even though we are well off, stinging on things and not allowing luxuries is still a habit of my parents especially! Ever since the group buying sites have hit off, I have been buying a coupon for a little indulgence every time I go home. The last time I went back, I took my family out to a high class restaurant, and the time before that, I got a gorgeous Thai massage with Mum. I'm going back home in a few weeks and have booked another fancy restaurant for my family! My Mum still complains that everything is "too expensive" but I reassure her that I'm saving heaps by using the vouchers =P I love sharing indulgence with family- it makes me feel so good to be able to treat them.


  94. I really love that lavender knit!

    My main indulgence has got to be shopping!
    I love looking at clothes online and in person. Whenever I see something that I really like, I'll keep looking back at it to see if it ever goes on sale. Sometimes it does, and even when it doesn't, it ends up finding itself in my closet! haha

    I also loving shopping for accessories and these days I've been on the bracelet spree. I've been into the whole bracelet stacking trend and feel like I need more bracelets when I probably don't need that many haha xD


  95. That pastel purple looks amazing on you!

    My most recent experience of indulgence has to be mothers' day last month. I booked my mum and I into a hair salon to get a hair wash, cut, style, and blowdry. It was so relaxing and because we were the only customers late in the afternoon, we had all the stylists attending to our hairstyles and casually chatting with us. Then after dinner, I had prepared a rich, delicious chocolate cake which I admit, I ate too much of... I just wish it had only 100 calories per slice! Even though it was a special day for my mum, I think we both enjoyed ourselves immensely :)

    If I am fortunate enough to win this incredible prize, I'll be handing over the voucher to my mum who refuses to spoil herself and as such, hasn't bought a formal dress in years because she avoids going shopping for clothes. I think she definitely deserves a bit of indulgent shopping so that she can feel gorgeous. And a sweet ice cream cookie so she doesn't feel guilty about a little snack once in a while!

    Being young means that I still have years to indulge myself without needing to think of financial complications or post-pregnancy weight gain. But I will treat myself to a bubble bath once exams are over ;)


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