Tuesday, June 26, 2012

lavender mint

Doesn't lavender mint sound like a perfect blend of two exquisite scents? In my opinion the two colours combined together also reflect the freshness and uniqueness of this heavenly and invigorating aroma.

I'm yet to be swayed by the idea that pastels can only be done during summer/spring, accompanied by bare skin and loose flowy materials. It was still under 20 degrees when I did this photoshoot, but I kept myself warm with a long-sleeved blazer, pants, and a bias towards standing in the sun and soaking up the warm rays to take photos. As for the association of pastels with candy colours and babyishness- a structured blazer with a chiffon shirt tucked inside will eradicate all sense of childishness and unprofessionalism.

Mint green blazer: courtesy of Chicwish (link here)
Blouse: courtesy of Supre (link here)
Pastel purple pants: Miss Selfridge
Floral wedges: Sportsgirl
Rings: Diva, House of Harlow
Necklace: Etsy

I'm using this rare opportunity of realising I've allocated a few too many hours to a particular subject to study for, by sneaking in this blog post! However it's always a good idea to prepare as much as possible, and right as I finish writing this I'll be off back to studying. Another example of a rare opportunity in my academic experience, is me actually enjoying and looking forward to studying (intellectual property law is actually really exciting!). Getting my nerd on! A string of green tea refills and chocolate bars will help sustain this zealous and totally un-cool mentality through the early hours of next morning.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

snakeskin and glitter

Does anyone recall the first time they held a snake? Initially I was a little bit shaken but upon the first touch, I quickly discovered it was so different to what I had expected. It was warm, exceptionally soft and smooth, and had a heavy mass about it that was strangely soothing, when it coiled around your shoulders and arms. Besides the tactile aspects, I've always loved the beautiful pattern formed by intricate grooves and scales on its skin, twisting and turning with every movement in a mesmerising, almost hypnotic way.

I love how this bodycon dress wraps around my body, and the way the snakeskin print bends and changes with the slightest turn, just like it would on the real thing. I popped a blazer on top to tone down the bold and eye-catching print, and added some matching blue and gold accessories :)

Snakeskin dress: Courtesy of Supre (link here- on sale for only $10!!)
Blazer: Courtesy of Supre (link here)
Necklace: Lovisa
Claw cuff: taobao.com
Bracelets: zipia.net, Forever 21
Rings: Disney Couture, taobao.com
Glitter clutch: Forever New
Gold heeled shoes: Sportsgirl

I tried to match my nails with a midnight blue shade, and gold glittery tips! The glitter tips aren't very obvious in the photos though.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

muted ombre

Firstly I need to apologise for the rather lengthy blogging break! I've literally just finished a 5000 word essay I've been working on all week, and like the assiduous and eager blogger I am, the first thing I did was jump onto this blog post. I'm so dedicated that when I was researching Japanese law (focus of my essay) I stumbled upon the text of the Japanese Constitution conveyed in a series of Youtube videos, and I didn't even let myself start watching them yet! And now that I've had time to properly adjust and immerse myself in blogging land, I just realised that I have no freaking clue why I would be so keen to watch/read the Japanese Constitution. I need a life, maybe.

Onto the outfit now! I'm often only scouring Cotton On to nab some cheap basics, such as a plain tee, sports bra or PJ pants. Therefore I was so pleasantly surprised to clap my eyes upon this one gorgeous number that combines two of my most sought-after trends at the moment- a fur vest and ombre. It was such a cheapie ($50) in relation to most other fur vests, yet it's the kind of quintessential piece that adds instant glitz and glamour to any outfit dedicated to a special night. And of course, as I'm sure a lot of people who have had the pleasure of being acquainted with furry clothing can attest to- yes, it was difficult to resist stroking myself with this super soft and smooth thing on.

Faux fur vest: Cotton On
Dress: ASOS
Wedges: taobao.com

Necklace: Lovisa
Bracelets: taobao.com
Ring: House of Harlow

I realised I sounded like a little bit of a Debbie Downer in my previous post, but I can assure you that all is well! :) Once again, I can't help but feel so overwhelmed by the kindness of all my readers. I really, really, super duper appreciate all the lovely and sweet words. It really makes it such a pleasure to read comments, and makes me more and more motivated to keep delivering decent posts and pictures for my readers!

(ps. thanks also to everyone who entered the Skinny Cow giveaway. The competition has already ended, and I've picked out my top 5 stories so that Nuffnang and Skinny Cow can decide on a winner! Good luck!)

(edit: to Serena who requested a tutorial on how I curl my hair here, unfortunately I haven't done a tutorial but it's really simple! All I did was wash my hair at night and sleep on it when it was still damp. So when I woke up in the morning, it already had these natural waves and kinks in it. The waves weren't perfect obviously so for some of the odd-looking or still straight sections of my hair- I just got my GHD straightening iron and curled those bits. When I curled them with the hair straightener I did it lightly and didn't leave the hot iron on the hair for too long, for looser waves! hope that was useful to you! :) )

Friday, June 1, 2012

garden party

One night I decided I was craving a pair of mint-coloured skinny jeans, and I quickly snapped up this and a lavender pair from Miss Selfridge, in a single, hasty and hurried transaction. Sometimes my fingers are flying too fast on the "click next" button and filling in all those name, address and credit card details...and then all of a sudden there's a new email alert for my order confirmation. All before granting myself a reasonably sufficient period of time to mentally process the decision to purchase. Has this ever happened to anyone before? Only when I've already made the purchase does the wise, frugal part of me finally rear its sensible head, and then the shopaholic me feels guilty and remorseful and goes off to demolish a packet of Oreos to feel better.

Blouse: http://english.gmarket.co.kr/
Mint jeans: Miss Selfridge
Heels: Bon Bon

Necklace: Lovisa (thanks to Kim!)
Claw bracelet: ebay.com
Rings: Diva, Disney Couture
Fan clutch: Forever New

I feel bad when I take photos and what could be an amazing photoshoot, with wonderful scenery, perfect camera settings and angles, the model (myself) somehow lets the whole thing down. It doesn't show too obviously in these pictures, but for the majority of photos my facial expression and posing were rife with anxiety, discomfort and insecurity.

I wish I could master the skill of wearing everything with confidence, or at least find some way to disguise the lack of, when infront of the camera. This time the problem wasn't really the people walking around (although there were a few people sitting on the benches directly across), but being insecure with the way I looked that day. I have never really liked myself in jeans and I seemed to have temporarily forgotten that! I am nowhere close to being a professional model if I can't mask those nagging thoughts of insecurity. I've always thought that one thing the world could really benefit from, would be some sort of confidence-injecting drug! 

But perhaps the value of true self-confidence lies in the fact that it comes from persistent motivation, positivity, and strength from within. Not something that can just be bought or otherwise easily attained, because there's a great deal of admiration to be had for those who put in the effort to be confident all the time. With great confidence comes great things all around, and the fact that I lack it in so many ways, should make me work harder to achieve it.

(sorry, for my rambliness. Just another one of those contemplative nights!)



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