Friday, July 27, 2012

Hop Shop Go experience + Forever 21 Review (part 1)

Hop Shop Go experience

I made a few orders from Forever 21 and Amazon recently, using a shipping service called Hop Shop Go. I used this service because international shipping rates from Forever 21 are quite steep normally, and the items I ordered from Amazon were not available for shipment outside the US. Therefore, I signed up to Hop Shop Go for free and decided to use their service to provide me with a US address I could get packages delivered to, and then have HSG deliver everything to me in my home in Australia. 

I placed an order on Forever 21 and got free domestic shipping for my order worth $62, as you get free shipping for orders over $50 within the US. For international orders this order worth $62 would've cost $48 for shipping. In the billing address I put in my normal address in Australia, and for the shipping address I logged into Hop Shop Go to find my US address. It was some place in Oregon and I just put that in.

After the order was processed, and shipped from Forever 21 to the address in Oregon, I received a notification email from Hop Shop Go saying my order had arrived. The email also said at the bottom "We provide free storage for your package in the U.S. up to 30 days." This is not entirely true, as if you go to this page here you only get 15 days of free storage, and only Hop Shop Go Prime rewards members get 30 free storage days. You won't become a Prime member if this is your first shipment using HSG's services, so I really only got 15 free storage days.

I actually overlooked the fact that storage fees existed at all and ended up paying $62.15 to Hop Shop Go because of the storage fees included. This sucked, as this meant I paid more than if I had simply ordered from Forever 21 directly and paid $48 for international shipping.

Nonetheless, this mistake of mine makes for a really good lesson to myself in the future and to any readers of my blog who might be interested in using Hop Shop Go. The broader lesson is to read the fine print and to log into your account, to check if there were any unexpected fees added on. In this case, I found out you only get 15 free storage days and according to that page here, you cop $1 storage fee per extra day past those 15 days.

My initial plan was to consolidate several different packages together and then ship them out all at once, to save on shipping fees. However as the storage fees had become quite high already ($33) and would only be creeping up more and more with each day, I decided to ship this package out first.

I then received this shipping confirmation email. Below are also the additional costs Hop Shop Go charged.

(I blanked out the shipment reference no. and shipping address).

more after the link below:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

float on

Furry hat: Sportsgirl
necklace: Sportsgirl
Military jacket: Bardot
Ankle cuffs: ebay
Heels: Novo

As the latest photoshoot outcome graces itself across my laptop screen, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the photos barely reflected the difficult and hostile conditions they were conceived from. Even when I was on the grass, I was battling a ferocious, sharp wind that I felt would toss me out to sea. It was even harder to maintain stability whilst standing upon uneven rocky ground in high heels. I can't even begin to describe how freezing cold it was as well. I always get headaches when exposed to these knife-like cold winds- it feels like giant blocks of ice are squeezing your head in!

To top it off were these new Ebay metallic ankle cuffs I had worn out for the first time, just to add a bit of extra embellishment over my new heels. However I had to take them off almost straight away as although they're loose around your ankles, every time the bone there moves (bottom of the tibia?) with the slightest twitch, they will cut your feet like a b*tch. 

Luckily these photos ended up masking any remnants of suffering and the sting of buyer's remorse (damn you  crappy Ebay cuffs!), and were in my opinion enriched with a sense of serenity and airiness. Despite the harsh conditions, just looking at the amazing rock formations and water in the background makes me feel light, carefree and a sense of knowing that we'll all float on ok-  just like a certain band called Modest Mouse once prophesied. (one of my all-time favourite chillout songs!)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

latest purchases + my exercise regime as requested

This is just a quick post to keep my blog flowing, because the weather has been an absolute funbag of rain, windiness and cold lately and so I haven't been able to take outfit pictures. Here is some sparkly and bright stuff I bought over the past few weeks to find some cheeriness under this dismally bleak sky.

from L-R:
glitter silver loafers from Shoe Box- $30-> $20
glitter ankle boots from Wanted- $120 -> $30
Siren kitten heels from Sheriton Shoes (for work)- $110-> $56

more under the link.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


When I first received these gorgeous sakura (cherry blossoms in Japanese) printed leggings from the always generous Shop Market HQ, I had soo many different ideas about how to wear them! I had a myriad of images swirling around in my mind and in the end, I couldn't stick to one look but extracted bits and pieces from each style. Here is the process I went through to achieve my final look:

One idea was the retro, pin-up look of the 40s and 50s, with big doll-like eyes encased by thick heavy black eyeliner with winged tips, and sultry red lips. As I've probably mentioned before on my blog my makeup skills are pretty shocking, so I only incorporated black winged eyeliner and toned down the brightness of the lips. Plus a defining feature of the whole retro glam 50s babe look is a voluptuous figure with enviable curves bursting out here and there, which is impossible on my frame and I didn't have the proper outfit to suit it anyway.

Because I was wearing leggings and most likely a long top I wanted to create proportional balance with a short, rather than long jacket. In my opinion there's something about the cropped fit and elastic waistband of this light blue denim jacket that reminds me so much of the 80s. I've never watched the clip but as soon as I wear this jacket, a mental radio switches on in my head and plays the 80s hit "Borderline" by Madonna over and over. 

And after slipping on the jacket I felt like I needed to match it with my matching light blue usamimi headband with silver star studs on it. Please don't question me on how bunny ears factor into the fashion timeline. A layered, chiffon white top then added a romantic, feminine vibe.

In the end, I'm really not quite sure I can say what era or style I was working towards, but like I've just described, I took various elements here and there to create a mish-mash of everything I had in mind. The final result is definitely a bit out of my comfort zone, but regular readers of my blog probably know already that I love to try different looks! :)

Usamimi headband: Gmarket
Layered chiffon top:
Denim jacket: Sportsgirl
Sakura (cherry blossom) leggings: Bam Bam, courtesy of Shop Market HQ (currently sold out)

Caught a sunset that made the sky and ground look a bit out-of-this-world! Next time we're definitely heading back here with a matching electrifying and vibrant outfit to suit the background.

Oh and some of you wonderfully observant readers have already noticed the changes to my blog layout- all credits go to my friend Wayne! The tweaking you've done has made such a huge difference in professionalism and cleanness. Thanks heaps! :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

aquamarine dreams

I will never tire of adding another beautiful blazer to my insatiable collection! I've already amassed various colours and styles from corporate and structured to romantic and flowy, and now with this gorgeous white/aquamarine piece I've found the perfect one for spring. I love how the gradient effect of the two refreshing shades adds such a kick to a plain blazer! Just for a few days, I've been able to take advantage of some long-craved sunshine to wear this lightweight, airy piece out. This blazer paired with some high-waisted denim cut-offs, a basic tee, and either light heels or white sneakers will probably become a staple outfit of mine during the warmer seasons. I can't wait until that time rolls around! :)

Dip dye blazer: MinkPink, courtesy of (link here)
Shredded shorts: Total Recall Vintage

Ring: House of Harlow
Cube bangle:

Panama- Magic

I also wanted to share this amazing new track I've been so obsessed with at the moment. It's the perfect accompaniment to the summery, warm weather we've been looking forward to so much!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

latest wardrobe and beauty additions

Sportsgirl fur hat
free size

Back with another post featuring my latest goodies!! Most of these pictures have been taken back at my old house as I've moved back there temporarily so I can take care of my sisters.

First off is this super fluffy and warm Russian-style fur hat, which I nabbed instantly from Sportsgirl once I saw it on the lovely Priscilla from Candy Pop L'Amour. I'm convinced I need fluffy hats like this in every colour and this deep aubergine shade is a wonderful way to kickstart my latest winter addiction. BTW- a total steal at only $10.

click on the link below for more:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

shine in tangerine

Not going to spam your computer screens with photos today as I usually do, so fear not capped ones! We wanted to capture a lovely golden pink sunset, to provide the perfect backdrop for my tangerine orange blouse and bronze sequinned shorts. The sun started descending a lot faster than we anticipated so we didn't come away with that many pictures. We're still happy though- quality trumps quantity :)

I'm glad I was able to wear out my new Chicwish blouse for a short while, before the freezing cold chases it away into the depths of my summer wardrobe. I love the slouchy, baggy fit with the batwing sleeves and large pockets, and the way it opens up so you can choose whatever singlet to peek out at the top. There's something about the vibrant tangerine shade and the bronze sparkles in the shorts that strongly reminds me of one of those humid, late summer nights. Obviously, I have practically zero understanding of the concept of winter.

Blouse: courtesy of Chicwish (link here)
Sequin shorts: Mika and Gala

Bracelets:, Forever 21,

Has anyone had that awkward moment when you realise your outfit looks better without stockings, and you take them off and after leaving them far, far behind you are struck with the sudden fear of exposing hairy legs on account of not having had to shave them for an extremely long time due to cold weather??

Despite the lengthy and detailed description it seems to have happened to me a few times before. I had stockings underneath the shorts for the whole day and right before photo-taking my boyfriend strongly recommended they be removed for the photos at least. I completely forgot that my legs were meant to be in winter hibernation, which was not to be disrupted without undergoing a rigorous shaving session and a healthy dose of sun tan. Fortunately and strangely enough, my legs were less pasty than expected and a wild forest could not be seen. Ironically, this is probably because I don't shave very often. Sighing with relief!



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