Friday, July 27, 2012

Hop Shop Go experience + Forever 21 Review (part 1)

Hop Shop Go experience

I made a few orders from Forever 21 and Amazon recently, using a shipping service called Hop Shop Go. I used this service because international shipping rates from Forever 21 are quite steep normally, and the items I ordered from Amazon were not available for shipment outside the US. Therefore, I signed up to Hop Shop Go for free and decided to use their service to provide me with a US address I could get packages delivered to, and then have HSG deliver everything to me in my home in Australia. 

I placed an order on Forever 21 and got free domestic shipping for my order worth $62, as you get free shipping for orders over $50 within the US. For international orders this order worth $62 would've cost $48 for shipping. In the billing address I put in my normal address in Australia, and for the shipping address I logged into Hop Shop Go to find my US address. It was some place in Oregon and I just put that in.

After the order was processed, and shipped from Forever 21 to the address in Oregon, I received a notification email from Hop Shop Go saying my order had arrived. The email also said at the bottom "We provide free storage for your package in the U.S. up to 30 days." This is not entirely true, as if you go to this page here you only get 15 days of free storage, and only Hop Shop Go Prime rewards members get 30 free storage days. You won't become a Prime member if this is your first shipment using HSG's services, so I really only got 15 free storage days.

I actually overlooked the fact that storage fees existed at all and ended up paying $62.15 to Hop Shop Go because of the storage fees included. This sucked, as this meant I paid more than if I had simply ordered from Forever 21 directly and paid $48 for international shipping.

Nonetheless, this mistake of mine makes for a really good lesson to myself in the future and to any readers of my blog who might be interested in using Hop Shop Go. The broader lesson is to read the fine print and to log into your account, to check if there were any unexpected fees added on. In this case, I found out you only get 15 free storage days and according to that page here, you cop $1 storage fee per extra day past those 15 days.

My initial plan was to consolidate several different packages together and then ship them out all at once, to save on shipping fees. However as the storage fees had become quite high already ($33) and would only be creeping up more and more with each day, I decided to ship this package out first.

I then received this shipping confirmation email. Below are also the additional costs Hop Shop Go charged.

(I blanked out the shipment reference no. and shipping address).

more after the link below:

Amounts charged:
Total declared value:
$62.38. This is the value of the items in the package from Forever 21. These are not included in HSG's charges because I already paid for them to Forever 21.

Storage fees: 
$33. As I already mentioned, my stupid mistake was not knowing HSG charged storage fees past the 15 days of free storage.

International shipping charges

Fuel surcharge: 
$3.36. Calculation of fuel surcharge is explained here.

Mandatory insurance: 

This means that had I not incurred the storage fees, and if I had shipped this package out by itself, using Hop Shop Go's service is still cheaper than international shipping directly from Forever 21:

Forever 21 would've charged $48 for international shipping to Australia, and Hop Shop Go would've charged me $29.15. This is a saving of $18.85. Despite the inclusion of fuel surcharges and mandatory insurance, it was still cheaper to use Hop Shop Go.

The shipping from Hop Shop Go was also very fast. That shipping notification email was sent on the 22nd of July and I received the package on the 26th.

Would I use Hop Shop Go again?
I like how HSG provides notification emails for when your package arrives at the US address they provide you. When you log into your account at HSG, you can easily see how many storage days you have left, how much in storage fees you have incurred, and the invoices for each package. (I obviously did not log into HSG very often at all so I totally missed seeing all those unexpected storage fees.)

If you however remember to log in regularly or simply never leave your packages over the 15 day storage limit however, HSG is actually a very useful service. Some places impose such ridiculously high international shipping fees, and some places might not even ship to your country at all. With HSG you can access all those items you need and often at a lower shipping rate. So for those situations, then yes I would use HSG again.

Forever 21 review 

Forever 21 is a clothing chain store that is really popular in the US and Canada, and seems to market itself towards teens and young women looking for the latest trends at very affordable prices. No physical stores have opened up in Australia, but international shipping is available on the Forever 21 website. However in the past few years I think the shipping fees have become quite unreasonable, by increasing with the more you purchase. Before that, there was a cap where above this amount, international shipping would be free. Now it seems there is no longer that incentive to add more to your cart. This is why I resorted to Hop Shop Go to cut down those shipping fees.

For those of my readers who haven't been able to physically walk into a Forever 21 and check the stock out themselves, I've done a little review of the stuff I ordered. I know a lot of people are curious about the quality of Forever 21's products because of how popular this brand is. Most of the items here are sold out however because of how long ago I ordered them.

Meow Kitten Top (currently sold out)
Price $8.99
size: small

My little sister really wanted to order this one top, and I thought this might be a good opportunity to try out Hop Shop Go. I wanted to get free domestic shipping first so I tried to make the items in the cart add up to at least $50. To do this I stuffed it with some random things I really didn't need, now that I look at them in hindsight.

For this top, the material is actually very thin and I had expected something a bit thicker like a jumper. However it doesn't look cheap, and as soon as I took it out of the packaging my sister and I both squealed in delight over how cute it was! Suuuuper cute in person and I think it fits more like a cropped top and the sleeves aren't long enough either, which I suspect is probably why it went on sale. However the seemingly poor design is more like a win for my little sister, as she is so tiny and petite that this top just fits like a normal top on her. I really wanted to take photos of how this looks in person but she wouldn't let me >:(

Beaded Shells Top (currently sold out)
Price: $13.99
colour: jade
size: small

I honestly don't remember ordering this! Oh well. This came in a separate plastic wrapper of its own, probably to protect the delicate beading. Overall it's a really cute top and the quality is reasonable for what you pay for. It would be really difficult over here to find something like this under $20. This is definitely something I'd wear a lot when summer comes around. I'm anticipating that the whole mermaid/aquatic trend is going to be big in the next few seasons so the jade colour and the seashell-like embellishments are perfect.

Asymmetrical Peplum Dress (currently sold out)
(gee this model looks like she's about to disappear..)
Price: $22.80
Colour: Magenta
Size: small

The material of the dress is much thicker than I expected. However it's very smooth and comfortable! The design is also very flattering as the placement of the peplum cut creates an illusion of a smaller waist and wider hips.
For a dress like this over here in our local chain stores you'd expect to pay at least $40. However like I said with the top above, you are getting what you pay for and I personally think $50 is the limit for a dress like this.

Leopard Pattern Bodycon Skirt

Price: $12.80
colour: black/cream
size: small

I don't remember ordering this either haha! I'd be very surprised to see a skirt like this instore for a little over $10 though, so I'm happy I still scored a bargain. The quality of this skirt is pretty average. It's super comfortable to wear as the waistband at the top is quite loose and generous, and the material is thin and unrestrictive.

Scalloped microfibre and lace underwear (currently sold out)

Price: $3.80
size: small

Aaand I'm not going to model this one. Obviously haha. But it does look true to the picture, and it's realllly comfortable! Love touching it!

In conclusion:

I think Forever 21 is definitely worth the hype and if they ever opened shop down in Australia (and maintained similar prices to the US), they would be HUGE and really give a lot of the stores here a run for their money. This is because the quality is actually quite good for what I've reviewed, and these low prices are so unheard of. There are a bunch of random boutique stores over here that also aim to sell trendy stuff at low prices but Forever 21 has that extra edge because of its existing reputation overseas, so ultimately I really believe Forever 21 will be very, very competitive over here. As for how consistent sizing is, I got size Small for all the items and they all fit like sizes 6-8 Australian.

If you end up using a service like Hop Shop Go and the shipping is cheaper than it would be to order from Forever 21 directly, then even including shipping fees you are definitely getting what you pay for (maybe more!) from Forever 21. However with those shipping fees Forever 21 imposes on international buyers for direct orders, this might make everything more expensive than what they're worth.

I have three more packages sitting at my US address, waiting to be shipped out again using Hop Shop Go. This is why this review is part 1, and when I get those three packages (mix of Forever 21 and Amazon stuff) I'll do a part 2 review.


  1. Great review! you always have the best insider tips, Izzy ♥

  2. Wow their clothes look so good! Especially love the colour of the peplum skirt, so vibrant although I wouldn't be able to pull it off heh :x The cat top looks so cute too! One day I shall go to F21 :)

  3. Oh wow, Hop Shop sounds so convienent and easy for our wallets! Delivery rates are such a killer, and put me off from even buying online at most times! Oh wow, damn the storage fees - but at least you've learnt how to go past awful shipping prices now hehe :) I didn't expect the shipping notification to be sent and delivered in such a short span, how great is that?! The cat sweater does look fairly 'cropped' in size, but the design is so minimal and cute! Haha, aww your sister is camera shy. The shell details are quite quaint but not garish? I'm always seedy when it comes to anything with beads or motifs on my tops cause it might seem tacky but it looks really cute! I love the peplum dress on you, it's so gorgeous and flattering! And what a bargain o_o It's nice to see a leopard print that isn't against a mustard, I do like that you can't necessary see this chunky black waistband elastic that you'd normally find with shape-loving skirts so it's great! :D Oh my, there's even little corset detailing on the underwear, how cute! Great post Izzy, thanks for such helpful tips! :D

  4. Ahh so insightful, thank you Izzy! I always get turned off ordering with Forever 21 because of their high international shipping rate (I get turned off by any shipping charges actually), and although I've heard about intermediate shipping services I never looked into it. Being a Prime member would be so beneficial, 15 days of free storage is too short to accumulate items to make your order super worthwhile (without burning a hole in your pocket)! But luckily, it seems becoming a Prime member just involves multiple orders (as opposed to paying for a membership or something). Thank you again, I'm keen to order from America exclusive sites now :D

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH for introducing me to Hop Shop Go lol! You have no idea how long I have wanted to make an order from F21, but every time I fill my cart, I never end up checking out because the pricey shipping always gets to me. :(
    'Apparently' F21 is coming to Australia! I've been hearing that they are currently looking for store locations- I hope it's true!

  6. Really good review, thank you!

    I've used hop shop go before and found the shipping charges can be a bit excessive, they seem to have gone up now they are using fedex. Still, when places don't ship outside the US it's a good alternative :)

    The forever 21 pieces look great too, especially that dress!

  7. Great haul~ Thanks for this post, will definitely use hop shop go when I want to make a purchase from the US~ ^__^ HAHA, i actually thought the stock photo was you modelling it ~ I love all your new purchases, definitely seems worth the money!

  8. This sounds like such a good idea for all of us not living in the US! I always want to buy things online then realise that they don't ship internationally. Some really lovely items, lurv that meow top and the pink peplum dress

  9. Can't wait for your part 2 review. :D I remember the days when shipping from Forever 21 to Australia was reasonable. :( I'd buy so much from there if there were still low shipping fees. :/ Now they're just ridiculous. The quality of Forever 21 seems great for the price! xx

  10. Great review! Nice buys! I especially like that dress!

  11. Thanks for sharing that experience......Nice F21 selection, love the peplum dress best!


  12. Nice bargain hunting! Looking forward to outfit posts :) Hope you don't get caught out again by those fine prints and get your next lot of stuff real soon ;)


  13. The scalloped green top is lovely! :)

  14. thanks for the review - it's so helpful!

  15. Thank you so much for taking the time and writing down a review on this subject, I really appreciate it. I've the same problem with some of the websites like Bluefly where you have to provide them with a US adress in order to get your purchases shipped to you and your review was helpful and insightful at the same time. Again, thanks for that.

  16. Oh man, never forget about the fine print! But sounds like next time you use Hop Shop Go, you'll be set.
    This is such a thorough review, thank you so much! This will be sure to help a lot of people :)

    Trendy Teal

  17. If you wanted to get order from forever 21. you might ask one of you close friend who live in state that's much more easy.... Can't believe that super expensive.. anyway thank you for sharing this review :-). it such a helpful details and idea for everyone.

  18. i never knew there was a such thing like hop shop go. stinks it didnt really work out for you :(

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  20. Living in the US, I have to say, more than half of the stuff I own is probably from Forever 21. The prices for the trendy styles and the quality you get seriously can't be beat. I'm always jealous of the brands I always see Aussies have, but I gotta say, it sucks that there's no F21 over there! Really surprised they haven't opened one up there yet.

    1. haha totally! you win some, you lose some. we've got some great local brands here and for those ones that do ship internationally, unfortunately the rest of the world suffers expensive shipping fees (just like F21 for us)! I'm also very surprised F21 hasn't opened shop down under!

  21. izzy, how would you style the peplum dress? would you wear a belt? what colour/type of shoes, accessories etc :)?

    1. I think I would wear a thin belt around the waist if I kept my accessories simple. I would ditch the belt if I had a bold, statement necklace I wanted to show off as there's already quite a bit going on with the dress (asymmetrical, peplum, bold colour). I think emerald green and yellow shades would go nicely with the dress for the accessories. But I'd probably want to keep it more toned down with a pair of nude heels and nude clutch!

  22. Big fan of Forever 21 too. I love your blog! New follower!

  23. I hope F21 opens a store in Australia! I love that place. And Hop Shop Go sounds really convenient - I might have to use that when I go to Japan :)
    Twitter: @samantha_mariko

  24. What a helpful post thank you! xx

  25. cute leopard skirt!

  26. That sounds like a great service they're providing! Luckily, I live in the US.
    F21 has some really nice stuff, but also some really poor quality things. They've improved a lot over the years, but I've always prefer to check them out in person. LOL When I scroll down to the underwear, I was like OMG! xD I'm glad you didn't expose yourself.

  27. I'm a fan of Forever 21 too!! Following you now :)

    xoxo, Elle

  28. such a great find on shipping,, international shipping is so expensive!!

    thanks for the sweet comments and dropping by our blog:)


  29. Omg, that peplum dress is GORGEOUS!! Want!! You look great in it

    We have Forever21 here, but I've never actually really fallen in love with the brand. I don't think I own anything Forever21. I much prefer H&M. I guess it's cos I used to shop there a lot when I was still in the UK

  30. The peplum dress and beaded shell top are awesome!


  31. Great post! Lovely pictures!

  32. Great review! I aplaud you for going through all this hassle for the clothes haha! :) And you're right - some shipping prices are just ridiculous.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog dear. Hope to see you again soon! :)

  33. I reealy like pictures on your blog! Good job :)

    Have a nice day!

  34. Love love love the peplum dress! ♥ Great buys, but such a pity shipping is so expensive!

    XO, Imke

  35. Love love love the peplum dress! ♥ Great buys, but such a pity shipping is so expensive!

    XO, Imke

  36. Ah, I love love love F21. Granted, some of their things are questionable with not so great fit, but whenever I need something cute or simple, I go to F21 because they have the best at a great price! ^^
    That peplum dress looks absolutely amazing - great find. Thank goodness I have an F21 close to me.
    ♥ xixia |

  37. Aww that's a bummer for the extra shipping fees. This is definitely a good review and I'm sure you've helped many others. Good luck on your next packages Izzy!

    XoXo, Kimberly

  38. Ouch! Too bad you incurred those extra fees.. but its great to know that HSG is out there for international shoppers! But that means more shopping for you too.. :P

  39. Thanks a lot for sharing these tips, I will be more careful from now on!!
    And i love the peplum dress!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  40. Nice review Izzi hehe.
    I love the pink dress! You look so great in it.
    I wish Forever 21 will open in Australia asap D:

  41. International shipping is SUCH a pain. I've considered HSG but I've never wanted anything that much to utilise it, it just seems like such a bother :p The peplum Dress looks amazing on you, the colour, the fit, everything :)

  42. I love that peplum dress, and the beaded shell top! Great buys, even if you don't remember them all haha. I might just have to try hop shop go.. xox

  43. International shipping is the main reason why I'm not buying stuff from the brands I salivate over virtually. That and the exorbitant tax Customs charge here in my country. But your review is so helpful Izzy!


  44. Amaazing blog and I really love it.

    Very nice photos :))

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  45. I love everything you ordered from Forever 21! Wow, shipping is so expensive!


  46. it's good to know. thanks for sharing! love the peplum dress xx

  47. That sucks you had to pay over what your items cost for shipping >< But hey, everything is a good learning experience! Thanks for sharing.

    I really like the pink magenta dress :) The cut is really flattering on you and edgy! LOL i love f21 underwear..they're affordable and comfy! I own a few plain ones from them. good stuff!

    Joyce @

  48. Great post dear!
    I really love all your items (:

    xx from

  49. Ahh, I've actually never heard of this service, but will definitely be looking into using it, as we don't quite get the same variety of F21 or Victoria's Secret products in the UK as they do in the US - it's such a shame you ended up being charged for the shipping fees, though!
    Your purchases are lovely, by the way! xx

  50. You got some really cute things! I love forever 21, they have practically everything there, and at amazing prices!

  51. I'm definately going to give this a try as I always want to order things from America that don't ship to Europe. Really useful, thanks for sharing! I love that peplum dress btw!

  52. Great post! :)

  53. hop shop go sounds like a bit of a nuisance to be honest, a bit unnecessary. although i love the f21 pink peplum dress that's lovely :) x

  54. That asymmetrical peplum dress is gorgeous! I love that color.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  55. Great pics! I'm glad you got the shipping worked out! just stumbled upon your blog and I really love it!

    D a n i e l l e |
    ps. I am hosting a giveaway on my blog and I would love it if you won! :) Enter to win artwork by Mui-ko!

  56. HSG sounds like a very useful site. I didn't know there were services like this that even existed. I wonder if they have something similar in Asia or the UK that will collect your packages and send it to the US. Some of the international webstores I see don't ship to the US.

    I love the peplum dress on you! The fit is perfect and the color is so cute on you :)

  57. the sequined pants look soooooo COOL!!! :D

  58. I just found your blog and adore it!
    Follow each other on Bloglovin / GFC? Let me know in the comments... I will be more than happy to follow you back!

  59. I love the items your picked out! The peplum dress looks gorgeous and the sweater with the cat on it is adorable!

  60. i love forever 21! that's like the first place i go to when i have to go shopping. lol and i love that hot pink dress!

  61. I love Forever!

    I choose one of your outfit for "The best of the week", you can find the post here: :)

  62. Love F21 to death!!!! Nice review.

    I want to try HSG soon! :)


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    will definitely take a look at HSG!

    Ginger and Lace

  64. Very inspiring post. Your choices are so stylish and refined!!!!
    Thanks so so much for your lovely comment on my blog.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  65. Thank you for this review.
    It's quite good!


  66. hmm.. that's a good concept helpful for international shoppers! Sorry that you had to pay the 'hidden' stirage fee-lesson for next time! Thanks for the review..I love the green tiered top! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    Style-Delights on Bloglovin

  67. Thank you for this review. Good thing all the items weren't expensive, so your total amount wasn't ridiculous. You got some pretty stuff, especially love the seashell top. :) It bet that peplum dress will look great on you aswell!

    x thanks for the comment! I had a blast at the festival, more to come. x

    Indie by heart

  68. I am loving your blog!
    I just followed on GFC/BlogLuvin. Follow back?
    I'd really appreciate it:)

  69. I am totally digging your blog! Gorgeous and classy outfits, and absolutely lovely photography!

    As for Forever 21, it's kind of a love/hate relationship here in the USA, at least from what I've heard. People love the fast fashion and affordable prices (especially for trends that seem to dissipate with each passing season), but gripe about the quality. I've pretty much only exclusively shopped that F21 and H&M a year ago during my college days, but to be honest... I still shop there! Haha. Like anything else, you just have to pick and choose for pieces that are of somewhat substantial quality. By the way, I have the cat top you got (because I'm admittedly a huge cat lady). It's such a fun don't-care-day top!

    Hopefully the rest of your Hop Shop delivers! I may check it out (and read the fine print carefully, haha) for future international shipping!


  70. thanks for the info!!


  71. Ah great review! I love that pink dress!!

  72. The pink dress is awesome!

  73. Lovely buys! This is the first i've heard of hop shop go's services. Will keep in mind for when i shop online next.

  74. I'd never thought about this before, but it makes sense that someone is capitalizing on the ability to make international shipping better. As far as Forever 21, their clothes quality is overwhelmingly dissatisfying when you set foot into a real one--they get clothes in daily as if it were produce, so I try not to go there. Almost all of my XXI buys are from thrift stores.

  75. Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information with us readers. I'm sure comparing to millions, this is a small price to pay for learning a lesson. I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through this.
    I also wish that Forever 21 charges the amount (dollar to dollar) they charge in US over here but noooooooo.... Over here, they charge arm & leg at F21!

  76. everything is so cool, but i really love the peplum dress(: looks amazing, and it will look perfect one you! i love forever 21, but i dont have it in spain either...!

  77. The asymmetrical peplum dress is really very flattering. I feel like I need one too. I like the microfibre lace underwear. They are so cute and sexy and I would love the smoothness of the material.

  78. Such cute stuff! Love the cat shirt and the peplum dress!

  79. I had no idea you guys didn't have a F21 there! I do like a lot of the styles they carry but their quality isn't amazing. The stuff just doesn't last long, sadly. However, I hate paying for shipping charges from American sites too.. they also beef up the shipping even though I live right next door to them!

  80. Great post, thanks so much for the useful info!
    Btw thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog, I just followed you, hope you did the same!

    Have a nice day,

  81. great post! thanks for this review!

  82. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    I've actually been looking for something like this as well, will definitely give it a try next time, thanks for the great review :D

  83. That really sucks if you have to pay storage fee of $33 but thanks for sharing this as if I were to use their shipping service, I will definitely keep an eye on their sneaky storage fee :) And I love forever 21!!!

  84. What a nice deal with this
    HopShopGo deal c:
    We have a F21 nearby so the
    shippingfee is a bit cheaper!
    Can't wait for your outfit
    posts c:


  85. I'd go for Hop Shop Go then!!!
    great shipping fee.

    I love many items from this post!

    Following u now via Goggle +/ bloglovin/ facebook. Follow me back if you like! ♥
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  86. Ho, this sweat is so cute! I love the dress!!

    XX, Gwen

  87. Thank you for sharing a lot of helpful tips for online buyers out there! :)Speaking of Forever 21, i'm so hyped up for their opening next month somewhere near my place! yaaaay! :D

  88. I really love Forever 21, it's pretty much one of the only physical store of its kind in terms of price and quality. Great review! A lot of people like to call Forever 21's clothing cheap looking but I disagree. You got some really cute stuff by the way; I love that dress!

  89. Great post! A lot of great advice and good tips!

  90. great post. and you have a lovely blog :)


  91. Love the items you picked out especially the peplum dress!! I use HopShopGo now and again but I have heard that the rates that they charge is on the high side. But I just use it since it's affiliated with Paypal so I feel like it's more secure.


  92. Oh god, quite extortionate storage prices! Glad you love Forever 21 as much as I do! There's been 2 stores in England for a while now, so excited that lots more are opening! xxx

  93. I really love F21 and am so happy it opened up here in Canada! The panty you bought is so adorable haha and the fuscia dress fits you to a T!

  94. Forver21 is amazing! I always go there when I go back to Thailand but this time I didn't get anything :/ Which is very unlike me haha.
    I'm not sure why some people in Australia relate the comparison to Forver New though. Totally different.

    Anyway, nice post :)

  95. I've always considered a US shipping service to save on shipping from some US sites but have been very scared of possible hidden/inflated costs. Thanks for the review. Now to shop from and all the other US sites that are much cheaper than the Australian counterparts

  96. Hi,

    I also shop through HSG.
    Since you are an avid online shopper, why don't you try Extrabux. It gives you cash back on every online purchases you made. But unfortunately, you can't get cashback if you shop through HSG 'Buy For Me'. But they give cashback on items you purchase with your paypal/credit card. Here's the link

  97. Can anybody tell me how to purchase from hsg and i am from india

  98. Who else are using for shipping? I am using this company and 100% satisfied from fast delivery :)

  99. I am using it too.
    Is the model in picture was you?


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