Sunday, August 26, 2012

Love a little lace

"Manhattan" red lace dress: courtesy of Rosy Ruby (link here)
Heels: Novo
Bangle: Lovisa
Rings: Lovisa, House of Harlow

This was another brutally windy and cold day, but once again it appears you can't really tell with warm sunshine rays permeating these photographs. I was initially going to wear the black blazer (as in the photo above) for the entirety of the photoshoot, but I decided to leave it aside as it was such a shame to cover up this gorgeous red lace dress!

I'm honestly really not much of a red lover (it's my least favourite colour and I have a strong aversion towards maroon red cars in particular- sorry to anyone who drives one! :( ) but there's something so seductively feminine and provocative about red combined with lace. Opt for a high neckline and a flare cut, and you'll successfully take the concept of red lace outside of the bedroom and into the perfect day or night dress.

I'm sorry that I've been a bit slow with blogging! I've been receiving lots of work from uni and other commitments, but fortunately in the midst of everything I'm glad to say I finally landed a graduate job for a competitive Government position! I'm so relieved because practically over the whole five years of my uni study I've been really inactive with job-seeking. Now, I was able to get the only graduate job I was actually motivated enough to (seriously) apply for. Although I've been quite lazy over those five years, only working in retail fashion every now and then during the holidays, I have to admit I did put in my absolute all into the interview for this particular graduate position. It's such a great feeling knowing that if you put in 100% into something, you will achieve it. 

I'm planning to do a blog post on what I wore for the interview, makeup, and other helpful (hopefully) interview tips, but that will be in September. Just giving a heads up now, though! :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Tweed and Bows

Tweed jacket:
Beret: Forever New
Bag: Colette Accessories
Stockings: Glassons
Heels: Pinet

Have you ever purchased something you considered so special, so beautiful that you simply didn't want to wear it and just leave its majestic presence hanging in your wardrobe for all eternity? I bought this tweed coat from a few year ago and just thought it was too good to wear out, so I put it aside for all these winters that passed by! It was a great find at only $49USD but I don't think that deflates the worth of this coat at all- I have no idea where I would find a replica elsewhere for a price even close to that.
I love the tweed material, the flecks of gold woven into it, the bow-shaped pocket and of course the black and gold buttons with the little bows inside! The fitted design and length of the coat are also perfect- you can still show off your figure without having to succumb to cumbersome layers and a bulky silhouette we all dread so much in winter-time.

I ended up dragging out more relatively old items ('old' being a few years), such as this Forever New beret and the heels. The heels have soft, fabric bows on the front and the hat also features a large bow on the right side. Combined with all the bow details in my coat as well- I think it's pretty clear what my fashion obsession was a few years back.

It's no coincidence that in the last two shoots my face was either mostly down, or expression largely obscured by a pair of sunglasses, with barely a hint of a smile, whereas in this one my face is lifted up and beaming. The past two shoots were in the midst of a brutal and inhumane self-imposed chocolate ban. During this photo shoot however, I had already wholeheartedly embraced a flagrant and very aggressive breach of this ban- primarily in the form of boxes and boxes of chocolate chip cookies and Lindt hot chocolate mug refills. So yes, I swear this is the reason why I was able to turn that frown upside down for the majority of these photos. I would be smiling even wider with teeth but I don't think anyone wants to see brown chocolate stains or cavities galore.

Chocolate truly holds so many benefits- it helps you stay thinner than people who don't consume it (source),  prevents cardiovascular disease (source), wards off wrinkles (source), and is the key to lifelong happiness (source: the Law of the Universe.) You can dispute the integrity of these research methods but you simply cannot argue against the Law of the Universe.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Angel Wings

Dress: Wayne Cooper
Necklace: Lovisa
Bangles: Diva
Clutch: Forever New

This divine creation is from Wayne Cooper's Summer 2012 collection, and is aptly titled the Georgette angel sleeve dress. The beautiful folds and draping combined with the way the sleeves softly cascade down cleverly evoke something ethereal. However my favourite part of the dress is how I can raise my arms, to slowly unfold a majestic set of hidden angel wings tucked within these billowing, lavish sleeves. It's truly amazing how one spectacularly crafted dress can make us feel like we've just stepped into the otherworldly!

Sunday, August 5, 2012



Blouse: Supre
Shorts: Total Recall Vintage (won from giveaway)
Wedges: Therapy
Sunglasses: Le Specs (won from giveaway) 


Necklace: courtesy of Rire Boutique (link here)
Rings: Disney Couture, Colette Accessories

The other day I had a yearning to pull out this checkered crop jacket I bought off a few years ago! With the influx of soft pastels and blinding neons taking the blogosphere and shops by storm lately, the dark bottle greens and mustards of this jacket seemed so out of place when people are rocking pastels even during winter. Nonetheless, I hate the idea of not being able to wear something just because it's not in trend anymore so I wore this anyway! To me the checkered pattern on the jacket embodies "preppy" but I wanted an edgier look. I popped on a pair of Le Specs shades, distressed denim shorts and these awesome faux-socks stockings with the line across the knee.

How adorable is this bird potion necklace? It's a little crystal-clear potion bottle with a tiny bird figurine sitting atop the cork lid. You can take off the cork lid and spray a bit of your favourite perfume inside, and open it any time you need a pick-me-up. The outfit was already a mish-mash of edgy, preppy and eclecticism; why not add a touch of sweetness? :) It was so difficult to pick something for the lovely people at Rire Boutique to gift over to me- they have so many sweet and feminine dresses, necklaces, bags and more.

In other news of my incredibly boring life- another semester of uni has started again and seems more tiring and tedious than ever upon knowing it's my last semester. Also, about two weeks ago I put myself on a chocolate ban so I can do a total overhaul of my shocking eating habits (processed sugar = like 90% of my daily intake). I'm quite picky when it comes to savoury foods so before I would sometimes each a block of chocolate or a packet of choc chip cookies and call it lunch. People are surprised that I haven't gotten diabetes yet. Right now I'm coping better than I expected...probably because I'm cheating with extra sugar in my coffee and the discovery of banana muffins *drools*

Oh and the song title is from Sassafras by Timmy Trumpet and Chardy, the latest electro gem I've been so obsessed with lately!

ps: and thanks so much to Lisa for featuring a previous look of mine in her digital magazine! I'm in the latest issue (18) of Just Another Fashion Magazine for the Ombre trend, and you can download the app for the iPad here.



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