Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gothic and Leather


"Gothic Placement" dress: courtesy of Motel Rocks (link here)
Leather jacket: Saba
Silver shoes:
Spiked necklace: Lovisa
Silver bangles: Lovisa, Colette

I've seen this gorgeous blue and white, vintage glass window print from Motel Rocks on bloggers everywhere, and I couldn't wait to try on the dress version their lovely staff sent me! There's something about the shapes and design of the print that creates a grungy, romantic-gothic feel, setting it apart from your average sexy bodycon dress. Although it's a tight-fitting dress, the material is perfectly thick enough to not cling to every bulge and bump and let the world know what a big feast you just had (we always seem to take photos right after eating! And everytime I eat out I have to eat large lol).

I preferred wearing this dress with the jacket over it, as to not attract so many stares especially considering how short this is on me (I chose size XS/8 and I think S would've been better). The zip jacket from Saba is shared between my mum and I, and being pure leather it is definitely the most expensive item in my wardrobe (not disclosing the price!) Everytime I take it out I'm terrified of accidentally tainting it, but its buttery soft, and luxurious feel makes the jacket totally worth it. As the fit of the jacket is just a tad baggy for my preference, I popped it over my shoulders to divert the overall look from sexy, to edgy and fierce :)

I know I say this so often about our photoshoots, but this one was in such windy conditions that one of my false eyelashes fell off! Luckily the weather gods were gracious enough to time this disaster right after the shoot, so there's no awkward big eye/small eye fiasco going on in these photos.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Interview Outfit + Tips

(post is sponsored by Nuffnang and Clearasil.)

As promised a few posts back, I got a graduate position through an interview recently and I was going to do a post on what I wore, hair and makeup, and some interview tips. I thought this would be a good time to dish some advice as we're approaching the end of the year and therefore approaching holidays or graduation. Not all of us are fortunate enough to be using our much-needed vacations to be jetting around the world, but are instead stuck looking for ways to earn some money haha.

Why is the interview so important?

Anyone can spend hours and hours writing a stellar resume, and make themselves seem like the most impressive candidate in the world on paper. But it is the interview, that really gives the panel a brief snapshot of how you fit into their worklace in real life.

Interview Outfit:

So because you only have a tiny timeframe to show yourself off to the interviewers, first impressions really count. Before you even open your mouth, the second you walk through the door the interviewers are ready to judge you. Apparently it only takes 30 seconds to make a lasting impression.

Here is what I wore for mine:

Skirt: Tokito
Kitten heels: Siren

more after the link below!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Belt: Ice (very old!)
Bag: Forever New
Shoes: Sportsgirl

I'm not really sure what I was going for with this outfit! I started off with this burnt orange-coloured pair of pleated culottes with gold buttons at the top, which in my opinion was reminiscent of a Japanese schoolgirl uniform. The reason I pulled it out was because I had never worn it out since, and I didn't just want to leave it to collect dust. However I encountered great difficulty in trying to match it with my other clothes. I think the culottes are now too young for my style and I just didn't like them anymore, a fashionable reflection of a bygone age of my life.

The navy blue blazer I ended up pairing the culottes up with, seems to be more work-appropriate and an indication ahead of my imminent corporate life. I didn't intend to wear the clothing items like this, but the contrast between the schoolgirlish culottes and the corporate blazer really does reflect reality. I'm about to graduate soon and can finally put an end to years of hard study since 1999 (I started going to tutoring when I was 9 in preparation for the OC Test! I can't believe I have been studying since!)  I'm so excited to start working as I love the idea of earning money rather than spending it on uni fees, but it will be difficult to get used to! Therefore in a corny sense, this outfit does sort of reflect my real life situation of being in a transition stage, going from study to work lol.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Silk and Floral

Silk tee: Staple the Label from ShopMarketHQ (link here)
Floral shorts: May from ShopMarketHQ (link here)
Crochet blazer: boutique in Market City
Floral wedges: Sportsgirl
Silver bangles: Lovisa, ASOS,
Rings: Lovisa, Equip

The arrival of spring means that we get to pull out all of our pretty floral pieces, and fully utilise an array of gorgeous shades! I couldn't help but accidentally pair floral with floral with these amazing May shorts and my Sportsgirl wedges, but hopefully the dominance of white and cool blue tones of my shorts provides a refreshing contrast to the bright, warm shades on my shoes. Besides these beautiful shorts, I'm so in love with  this 100% silk tee from Staple the Label. It may seem like such a simple, unassuming top but the smooth, delicate material and the perfect shade of crisp apple green makes it the perfect "staple" tee that will see me through the start of spring to the end of summer!

Giveaway for a free night out at a Hotel and Dinner, thanks to Veet Easywax!

(this is a sponsored post thanks to Nuffnang).

If you girls are anything like me, I leave everything to the last minute when it comes to prepping for a night out (oh, and for everything else in life). And in those hasty couple of hours, all I’m fussed about is doing my makeup and choosing an outfit whilst climbing over all the clothes trawled on the floor. It’s so frustrating as you pull on that final chosen dress, to remember that your legs have been in the midst of winter hibernation!

Having to jump back in the shower to get out the shaving cream and razor is inconvenient, and conventional waxing strips always leave sticky wax residue on my hands. That’s why it’s so good to know that Veet has come out with this little waxing package that gets the best of everything! Convenience and neatness are your top priorities for anything that requires you to be out the door in less than half an hour.

The Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit is a nifty little set including a wax cartridge, applicator, reusable strips and finishing wipes.

It looks pretty complicated but it’s actually extremely simple.

Here’s how you use it:
(btw there is already a really helpful instruction sheet inside if these instructions aren't enough!)

1. Simply pop the wax cartridge into the device. Attach it to the electrical cable and socket, and plug it in a power point.

Immediately the red light should pop up, indicating it is heating up. After only about five minutes I could feel it getting warmer.

2. The time stipulated on the instructions is 20 minutes. After unplugging it, the wax inside the refill cartridge should be hot enough, so that when you apply the device the wax just glides on. However I kept regularly checking and I found that it took about an hour before it glided on smoothly on my legs. The fact that my house is generally pretty cold may have something to do with that lol!

If you’re worried about it not warming up in time, you can pop it into the socket a bit earlier. For example, right before you get onto your makeup and hair routine! :)

3. However once it is actually ready, the applicator does glide on very smoothly! The best thing about this is my fingers didn’t have to come into contact with the wax at all. Just roll the applicator on your legs and the wax comes out from within the device fuss-free.

4. That’s pretty much all that’s unusual about the EasyWax. Once you have the wax on your legs I’m sure the next step is very familiar to everyone- applying the strips and pulling them off! 

and lo and behold, smooth and silky legs! :D

To be honest I didn’t really have much hair on my legs to begin with, but even so the Veet EasyWax removes hair as short as 2mm! This is a dream for those who have dark hair, where even short ones might still be visible.

enjoying completely hair-free legs!

(and no I don't usually wear heels when waxing! think of this as a glamourised version of my waxing procedure, or alternatively a way to disguise my unattractive feet).

The EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit is $39.99 at leading supermarkets, pharmacies and independent retailers worldwide. It might seem a bit pricey at first, but you are paying for a waxing kit that will last you for ages, as well as the luxuries and benefits of in-salon treatment- such as clean hands and convenience!


To celebrate the launch of the Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit, Veet are hosting a giveaway for one lucky Australian reader to be pampered with a night out at a local hotel and dinner at a local restaurant.
Hotel & restaurant details will be provided once winner is selected.

All you have to do is leave a comment on why you think the Veet EasyWax would be a great addition to your pre-night out beauty routine.

Please refer to the terms and conditions here. Basically we will be looking for the most creative entry! The giveaway is open from now until 5pm 19th of September. Happy writing, and good luck! :)

The winner has already been announced! Congratulations to lhnguyen. I have already emailed you :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pretty peplum please

Lace "bodysuit": Kimchi Blue from Urban Outfitters
Peplum Skirt: courtesy of Rosy Ruby (link here)
"Oui/Non Belt": ASOS
Shoes: Marco Gianni

What seems to be a top/bodysuit that I'm wearing was actually advertised to be more like a dress on Urban Outfitters! However being the silly person that I am, I didn't check the length measurements and received a "dress" for some, but an awkwardly long "top" for myself (as has happened many times!) It's an awkward length because I'm not short or tall enough to pull off either one lol.

Luckily the tight-fitting, bodycon material is not only easy to tuck into skirts/pants and wear as a bodysuit, but it actually also provides the perfect accompaniment to a peplum skirt. Peplum has been all the rage this year, but the extra flare can either flatter or completely disrupt your body shape. As this gorgeous turquoise mint one from Rosy Ruby adds extra volume to my hips, I opted for a tight-fitting top to create more of an hourglass silhouette. If you wear a cropped jacket/top with a peplum flare at the bottom, you should go for slim fit pants or skirts.

Peplum can be your best friend if you use it wisely- I worked this skirt in my favour by creating the illusion of wider hips so my waist looks smaller :) The key is to realise the peplum flare can already completely re-shape your natural silhouette, so you need to work around it to create balance :)



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