Thursday, October 18, 2012

Clearasil Giveaway- First dates edition

(post is sponsored by Clearasil and Nuffnang)

I’ve introduced Clearasil’s Perfectawash to you guys previously on my blog, in this post here. Having confidence in yourself and your skin are highly important in interview situations, and in this post I’ll show how equally quintessential it is for the nerve-racking first date scenario.

Below, I’ve whipped up 3 first date outfit ideas suitable for different date settings. All these outfits are quite demure and feminine, without having to flaunt too much keeping in mind the hot Australian summer looming up. As the harsh sun shines down on us you also want to make sure you’re not wearing too much makeup on your face which will cause an unattractively oily look. The solution to that is naturally clear and radiant skin, which Clearasil’s Perfectawash will gladly help you out with!

But firstly, picking out a cute outfit:

A dress or romper with cut-outs at the back like this one, is perfect for cooling down your back during the hot climate. Exposed shoulders and collarbones, and a cinched waist are great ways to subtly highlight your femininity.

Romper: Forever New (I’m selling this by the way! email me if interested)
Belt: ASOS
fun fact: I really did use this bag on my first date with my current boyfriend!

The fun shape and style of the romper and bright floral colours make this a great get-up for a daytime date. Think picnics, bowling, brunch…

more under the link!

Blouse: c/o Stephieshop
Stockings: Glassons
I love the beautiful lace detail on the sleeves of this blouse. I like this outfit for a date primarily during night-time, when stockings would be useful keep you warm. The interesting detail from the knees down reflect a unique personality.

Top: Forever 21
Lace shorts: Ebay

This outfit is perfect for those long strolls besides the water! The simple sleeveless top + shorts combo suit a pretty casual outing, but the sequins and unique scalloped design of the top accommodate a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant afterwards :)

As I mentioned earlier, you will still need to keep your makeup minimal to prevent having an oily face throughout the middle of the date. After picking out a great outfit, you will still need to have confidence in your skin and Clearasil Perfectawash can help you achieve just that. If you can tick off a cute outfit, plus clear skin, you should be equipped with plenty of confidence for the duration of the date.

Clearasil and Nuffnang have also been generous enough to give away this amazing product!

The ultimate aim of the Perfectawash is to create the perfect balance between pimple-fighting and nourishment. The PerfectaWash dispenser contains active ingredients to fight breakouts, yet also contains anti-oxidants and Vitamin E which are known for their soothing properties.

In my opinion the coolest part is that you only have to put your hand underneath the dispenser, and it will automatically distribute exactly 1.5ml of product onto your hand!

This is what’s in the product kit:
- 1 PerfectaWash dispenser
- 1 Superfruit Extracts
- 3 x AA batteries (so you can use it straight away)
(you can also buy the Soothing Plant Extract as a separate refill)

So you can win that entire product kit, with the soothing plant extract refill!  All you have to do is:

1.       leave a comment down below with your name and contact email, and
2.       let me know if you’ve tried the Clearasil Perfectawash, and what did you think of it?

This is only open to Aussie residents, sorry! The giveaway ends on 5pm 28 October 2012. You can find the terms and conditions for the giveaway here. Have fun commenting and good luck! :)


  1. You seriously have the best collection of fashion tights! And you always look good in them. The romper with the cut outs is so cute and is totally summer. The green scalloped tank in your last photos is adorable. These are perfect date outfits! <3


  2. Loving all of these cute outfits, but I must say that the first one is my favorite, because I love rompers and flirty cut-outs and I really dig the last one because of the adorable layering of scalloped and lace textures! I also agree with the commenter above me; you have an enviable and amazing collection of gorgeous patterned tights! :)


  3. Ugh another aussie only giveaway :( Love your date outfits though, that romper is too cute!xx

  4. Name: Maggie

    I haven't tried the Clearasil Perfectawash but I have heard many good things for it and would love to try it!

    I also love all of the outfits!

  5. Name: Sheri

    I haven't tried it before but I know someone who has and she really likes it!
    Cute outfits btw, I love the second one especially!

  6. olivia,

    i havent tried this yet, but i would love to one day!

  7. Those stockings are so gorgeous! Also every outfit in this post.


  8. These looks are adorable! <3

  9. My fave outfit you posted would be the romper. It's really girly with the florals and I agree that it's perfect for a picnic!

    Name: Ivy

    I haven't tried PerfectaWash yet but I have seen a stack of reviews on it so it would be great to give it a go! Love the automatic sensor too ^^

  10. You look so gorgeous as usual Izzi and I'd totally want to buy that romper off you except I have some bacne and scarring on my back so... yeah not quite ready to expose my back so much yet!

    I haven't tried the Perfectawash but we have a really similar looking 'contraption' by Dettol I think that's just soap. I like that it avoids germs being automatic but sometimes it randomly goes off by itself which is very wasteful! Even though we've changed the battery, it keeps happening.. =/ but yeah the face one looks interesting!

    Name: Sue


  11. Hi Izzy, when you give us three exceptional outfits, its so difficult to pick a favourite! Love the cute floral romper, its flirty and fun. The second look is very elegant and the colour in your third look is so pretty. Amazing outfits!

  12. really lover ALL your outfits! the second one is so feminine yet cool :D
    you're the best!

    have a great day!

  13. I love all of those outfits, very cute :)

    Please enter me into the giveaway:

    Name: Joanne

    I haven't tried the PerfectaWash before, but my poor sister has been breaking out near the chin lately and it's been really getting to her, so I would love to win it and surprise her! :)

  14. You create the cutest outfits! The Clearasil PerfectaWash seems like a cool idea although I've never used it. I'd like to try though :)

    Name: Michelle

  15. Such cute outfits! I really like the third one the best, it's beautiful :)

  16. Really random but the reflection of the view from your balcony looks amazing!:D

  17. I love the second outfit the best out of the three! I really like the detailing on the stockings!

    Name: Elaine
    Contact Email:

    I haven't used the Clearasil Perfectawash before so would love to give it a try haha :)

  18. major love all the outfits
    you look pretty as always ♥

  19. oh honey you look absolutely sweet in the floral open back playsuit!
    would you like to follow each other?

  20. izzy, you look flawless as usual, loving the playful floral jumpsuit, the back part of the outfit is just flawless, you look flawless yourself. lovely.

  21. I loved all three outfits, they all look really feminine yet demure, perfect for going on dates :)

    Name: Jessica

    I haven't tried out the Clearasil Perfectawash but I've heard rave reviews about it from people everywhere on the blogosphere!

  22. Whoaaaaaaa! I love this <3
    I just love all of em its so stylish fashionable yet classy <3
    Name : deyn
    Email :

  23. nice outfits...kinda cold over here in the uk so don't think we could wear em here lol

  24. estas guapisima!


  25. Love the first two outfits, so cute and pretty!

  26. Oooh, love love love these outfits girl - you're almost making me long for summer! :)

    Trendy Teal

  27. gorgeous outfits! All the clothes are stunning aswell

    Hayley xx

  28. thank you :)
    you always look so amazing!

    xx, rebecca

  29. Amazing looks! I adore your style! The romper is so beautiful!

  30. The first and last outfit are absolutely gorgeous! And totally perfect for Sydney's cold then hot bipolar weather as well!
    Name: Anh
    Email: lightmydarkness(at)gmail(dot)com
    I haven't yet tried this face wash, but my friends have it and ALL of them highly recommend it, so I'm eager to test it for myself :)
    Have a lovely day xx

  31. I love all of the outfits, so cute (:


  32. I know you're a law student but I'm sure you can go into modeling/fashion styling and make a killing there too. Just sayin'....

    Second outfit is my favorite! Any guy who goes on a date with you in that would probably feel like the luckiest guy at the restaurant!

  33. I love the dispensing mechanism for the product!
    & the romper is the cutest outfit of the three IMO - but you always look good in everything!

  34. I guess it's needless to say how envious I am when I see this outfit; I'm sitting here with jeans and a super thick knitted jumper because it's freaking cold where I live u__u" I really should move into warmer climate!
    For the romper, I think it is just amazing. The colors are stunning and so is that cut-out back :)

  35. oh my i absolutely love the prints on your romper! why are you selling it :O

  36. I love this romper! what fun colors!


  37. Fantastically cute outfit! I really love the back detailing!

  38. I love the back of that romper! And the pattern... I wish it was sunny enough here to be able to wear one! *cry*

  39. Jenny

    I've only tried the original clearasil and I love it!! The dispenser seems so cool!

  40. All 3 outfits are so beautiful!! The romper is gorgeous and I really adore the detail at the back. I haven't tried out any Clearasil products before. Too bad I can't enter the giveaway >-<


  41. You are absolutly stunning!

    Huge hugs

  42. Hi Izzy, cute outfits and too bad this giveaway is not international. What a cute idea!

    xo Jo

  43. Name: Jackie
    Contact Email:

    I haven't used the Clearasil Perfectawash before but I have seen few positive reviews regarding it.

  44. I adore that second date night outfit. You make lace look modern and stylish :D

    You've been doing so many giveaways!! Thank you.
    Name: Phuong Nhi
    Contact email:

  45. Oh, so many lovely outfits. It's impossible to choose which one I love the most..

    - Victoria

  46. What an absolute adorable romper - especially that open back! And love the navy + black in outfit #2 as well as the scalloped edges + lace in the 3rd outfit. That's so cute that you actually wore that purse on your 1st date with current boyfriend ;)

    XoXo, Kimberly

  47. I haven't tried the Perfectawash before but I have very acne prone skin and every product on the market seems to dry my skin out and gives me even more break outs. Those products that don't dry out my skin aren't strong enough to control my oil an acne. Perfectawash sounds like the perfect solution to my face wash dilemma!

    Name: Jenny

  48. You look pretty in the first outfit <3


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