Friday, November 23, 2012

Under the sea

Skirt: by MinkPink c/o ShopMarketHQ
Heels: c/o FashionValet (link here)
Clutch: Forever New

I don't know how a garment can speak to me so well by being the perfect embodiment of two of my biggest loves- sequins and mermaids! When I first saw this beautiful scalloped skirt from MinkPink, I knew immediately I had to take its sparkly goodness into my wardrobe. To complete the look I wore it with a top with gold embellishments around the neckline, which kind of resemble fish scales (in a way....). And of course, my lovely Forever New sparkly clutch with a scalloped edge that reminds me of a shell. I think if I really was a mermaid, this is what I would put together for a party, gathering materials from the natural surroundings for my outfit! Wish I could really wear a shell bra though, a la Ariel from The Little Mermaid...

These patent pink heels from Fashion Valet are pretty much the perfect staple pair of heels for a night out. The almost-nude shade plus the high platform elongates the legs so well!
 Fashion Valet is actually Malaysia's first online fashion store, and stocks over 150 different brands from amazing local designers. I was pretty interested to see a whole range of modern and stylish clothing, amongst traditional garments including those worn by Muslim women! They ship worldwide and have free shipping within Malaysia and a flat rate of RM50 to Australia. New registered members get 10 loyalty points immediately, which equals 10RM.

Monday, November 19, 2012

wish in wonderland

"Wonderland" pants: c/o Wish (link here)
Singlet: c/o ShopmarketHQ

The lovely team at Wish recently sent me these amazing printed pants, part of their dreamy "Wonderland" collection! I've made it no secret on my blog that I really dislike pants, but the fit of these is perfectly relaxed and not too loose, creating elongated and slim pins! The print is also a beautifully vibrant mix of blues, greens and purples, and up close you can see that it's really a whole lot of multiple opaque layers upon each other, creating a truly stunning, multi-dimensional effect. When I received these pants my inner artist was highly impressed at the level of detail in the print- definitely an artwork in itself!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Clearasil Giveaway- Night Out edition

Firstly, sorry guys for the lack of outfit posts! Don't worry, exams are nearly over and I'm about to receive 3 lots of photoshoots from the photographer boyfriend, so stay tuned! :)

(this post is sponsored by Nuffnang)

Thanks for all the positive responses to my collaboration with Clearasil! I’m back with another edition, this time for a night out. Again, at the end of this post I’ll also be doing a giveaway of the popular Clearasil Perfectawash (RRP $39.99) to 5 lucky Australian readers :)

I usually do heavier makeup looks for going out at night time, but sometimes simple and lighter looks are preferable in hot and humid environments eg clubbing. For this look, the focus is on the eyeliner flick, and red lips. These points involve precise, sharp lines to create a clean look, so having a flawless skin base is absolutely essential to complement the look. With Clearasil’s acne-fighting yet also nourishing properties, your skin will look radiant and immaculate and you’ll feel more confident wearing this makeup look on a night out.

Rimmel London lipstick in Alarm
Bourjois Lipliner in Rouge Seduction
Dolly Wink black liquid eyeliner
Princess Mimi circle lens in Almond

more under the link below.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Taobao haul #4

Those who follow my Instagram (here) may have seen some pictures referring to a Taobao haul. Sorry that it's taken so long to post up a haul and review post! It actually takes a really long time to take photos of everything, find the links and then write the reviews. I thought about simply not doing one, but as shopping on Taobao gets more and more mainstream I decided to complete the post as a lot of people might be interested in the quality and the shopping experience.

Taobao is like a huge conglomeration of China-based online sellers offering various things including clothing in an amazing range of styles. In a nutshell, Taobao is attractive because the clothes are often dirt cheap, but as the sellers usually don't ship outside China you will have to engage the services of an intermediary agent. This agent will order the items from the domestic Chinese sellers, to an address in China. You will be required to pay both that domestic shipping and then the international shipping from that Chinese address to wherever you are. Often there are service fees payable to the agent as well.

I used an agent called Taobaospree. There are several such agents available, if you just google "taobao agent". Others might offer cheaper service fees but I personally can't say I know anything about their reliability, as I've only ever used Taobaospree.

If you are going to go with Taobaospree I have done a sort of Guide to using Taobaospree, in a previous haul post here.

As I've already discussed the mechanics of ordering from Taobao using Taobaospree as an agent in that post, I'm just going to jump straight into the clothing reviews now! 

These are the stock photos of what I ordered. To view more and bigger photos, you can click on the links for each individual item. For the galaxy leggings, I actually ordered 4 different designs.

more under the link below.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Work hard play hard

Jacket: c/o (link here)
Shorts: c/o (link here)
Wedges: Therapy
Matte black cuff: Colette Accessories

The fantastic thing about black and grey is that you can experiment with all sorts of clashing textures and prints, without creating too much of a sight for sore eyes. This awesome jacket from MissGuided features the unlikely duo of tweed down the front and leather in the sleeves, and even a subtle metallic sheen. The paisley print on my denim shorts also from MissGuided steps in to add as always, a girly touch from me. Black and grey can be so fun when you incorporate such a mish mash of various elements!

Sorry for the absence guys. Currently prepping for my final exams, after which I'll be done with uni forever and ever! :) Countless hours spent trudging through confusing caselaw, tedious legislation and uninteresting academic debate- you will not be missed.



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