Friday, November 16, 2012

Clearasil Giveaway- Night Out edition

Firstly, sorry guys for the lack of outfit posts! Don't worry, exams are nearly over and I'm about to receive 3 lots of photoshoots from the photographer boyfriend, so stay tuned! :)

(this post is sponsored by Nuffnang)

Thanks for all the positive responses to my collaboration with Clearasil! I’m back with another edition, this time for a night out. Again, at the end of this post I’ll also be doing a giveaway of the popular Clearasil Perfectawash (RRP $39.99) to 5 lucky Australian readers :)

I usually do heavier makeup looks for going out at night time, but sometimes simple and lighter looks are preferable in hot and humid environments eg clubbing. For this look, the focus is on the eyeliner flick, and red lips. These points involve precise, sharp lines to create a clean look, so having a flawless skin base is absolutely essential to complement the look. With Clearasil’s acne-fighting yet also nourishing properties, your skin will look radiant and immaculate and you’ll feel more confident wearing this makeup look on a night out.

Rimmel London lipstick in Alarm
Bourjois Lipliner in Rouge Seduction
Dolly Wink black liquid eyeliner
Princess Mimi circle lens in Almond

more under the link below.

I lined my eyes along the top with my Dolly Wink eyeliner and then made about a 45-degree flick at the end. On the bottom I didn't line my eyes around the natural shape, but drew a horizontal line instead (or as close as I could to a horizontal line). On my lips before applying the lipstick, I patted a little foundation (Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation) around the outer parts of my lips. This creates the illusion of smaller, doll-like lips which is really accentuated by the bright lip colour.

What I’m wearing:

Spicyholic One-shoulder Dress, from Yesstyle

If you’re confident with clear, beautiful skin on your face you’ll also be more confident wearing a skin-bearing and figure-hugging dress for the night out. There is no point in wearing a great dress on a great figure if you’re self-conscious about your face.


So once again, Clearasil and Nuffnang are generously giving  away one Clearasil PerfectaWash Dispenser & Refill! (RRP $39.99) Don't worry if you didn't win one last time, here's another opportunity! (Nuffnang has already selected the winner from last time, please check your email Jenny! :))

All you have to do is leave a comment below, answering this question:

Have you tried the new PerfectaWash yet? What are your thoughts on it?

Don't forget to leave your name and email as well! This giveaway is open to Australian residents only and ends November 22 2012, 5PM AEST. The terms and conditions are here.

Good luck! :)


  1. I love your look! <3
    And the dress is pretty (:


  2. Lovely dress! :)

  3. You are sooooooooo cute Izzy!!! The dress is lovely too!! :)


  4. Hi Izzy, wishing you everything of the best for your exams, I am certain you are going to ace it! Your makeup looks beautiful and the dress is a lovely feminine piece. Fit is incredible on you!

  5. pretty! <3
    i love your dress~ stunning <3

  6. awww I wished I lived in Australia. :( I've been having issues with acne on my face. I used to use proactive, but even that doesn't work anymore...maybe I need to try clearasil. In all honesty though, is it your absolute favorite product to fight acne? (I guess I ask this because I assume you emphasize this product because they sponsor you. but can I get your honest opinion? please? :D)

    wow that dress is jaw dropping! It really emphasizes your curves. You are a sexy beast ;)
    Hope you had fun clubbing - a great way to take a break from your exams! Hope they all went well :) you're almost done!!


    1. haha thankyou for your sweet comment! I'm sorry to hear that you have been having so much trouble with acne. Clearasil Perfectawash is a good product for myself and I do genuinely use it, although only once a day as I don't like to use too much skincare product on my face. I would recommend it, but of course everyone's skin type is so different! if you have a friend with the product I guess you could always trial it first. there are also heaps of reviews (non sponsored ones too) out there on the internet and maybe you could look them up :)

  7. Lovin the black lace dress and the vibrant lips Izzy!

  8. Verrrryyy sexy dress! Would love to go partying in something like that...

  9. I usually do a cat eye and sometimes add a little bit of eye shadow but I'm a pretty minimal type of girl when it comes to make up. Loving the red lip!

  10. That dress is so pretty! I love the lace. And your eyeliner looks perfect! I have yet to perfect the "flick", but I'm getting better. :) Good luck with the giveaway! <3


  11. You look absolutely stunning!

    I haven't tried the Clearasil Perfectawash yet but I want to!

  12. you look gorg, adore your lace dress <33 anw you look like a doll here :D

  13. I'm seeing ths perfectawash everywhere! it looks so neat and I'd love to try it out!
    looking forward to your upcoming photoshoots ^^


  14. Thank you for the makeup tips for a fun night out! Your skin is perfect!!

    I haven't tried the Perfectawash yet but I've heard heaps of good things about it so I really want to test it out for myself (:

    Name: Jessica

  15. You look absolutely stunning! i love your make up :D

  16. You look so beautifull!!

    -xoxo- lorena

  17. Loving the makeup! Just the right amount of quirk and glamor. xx

  18. Love your blog!! Amazing photos,

    Check out mine, will follow you back on Bloglovin' & GFC!



  19. Haven't tried Clearasil yet. Seems like a good system to reduce waste of product. =]

  20. You are such a beauty! And the dress is amazing!

  21. you're so pretty! thanks so much for you sweet comment on my blog, i appreciate it very much. and i adore your eye makeup :)

  22. very cool makeup :) i just figured it out! You remind me of hyuna. I think she is so talented and cute and hot.


  23. Hnnggg you look super amazing!
    And asofihasf need to teach my bf to take photos like yours hehe!

    I haven't tried the PerfectaWash yet but it does seem interesting to try outt! ( x

  24. Lovely post, unique style. You always upload the best of things.
    Best Regards.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  25. Great giveaway, and you look gorgeous !!!

  26. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other? :)

  27. Yes I have! It is absolutely amazing and I love not only the automatic pump, but the consistency of the face wash!!

  28. Awwwe ... how I wish its open worldwide! :( Maybe next time.
    Lovely pictures!

    Angela Ricardo

  29. What a beautiful makeup! It's perfect for this lace dress! So looking forward to your upcoming outfit posts!

    Fang Ting

  30. You are soooo picture perfect & flawless as ever....that dress is so faB!!!!


  31. I haven't tried it before, but I love the idea, and the fact that there are different types of refills for different skin types.

    kate1485 at hotmail dot com

  32. Hi!
    I haven't tried the Clearasil Perfecta Wash but would love to try it! I love the idea of how it pumps out the right amount of cleanser you need without having to open up any bottles!
    Thanks for the giveaway
    Name: Maggie

  33. You look stunning in that lace dress!


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