Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Taobao haul #4

Those who follow my Instagram (here) may have seen some pictures referring to a Taobao haul. Sorry that it's taken so long to post up a haul and review post! It actually takes a really long time to take photos of everything, find the links and then write the reviews. I thought about simply not doing one, but as shopping on Taobao gets more and more mainstream I decided to complete the post as a lot of people might be interested in the quality and the shopping experience.

Taobao is like a huge conglomeration of China-based online sellers offering various things including clothing in an amazing range of styles. In a nutshell, Taobao is attractive because the clothes are often dirt cheap, but as the sellers usually don't ship outside China you will have to engage the services of an intermediary agent. This agent will order the items from the domestic Chinese sellers, to an address in China. You will be required to pay both that domestic shipping and then the international shipping from that Chinese address to wherever you are. Often there are service fees payable to the agent as well.

I used an agent called Taobaospree. There are several such agents available, if you just google "taobao agent". Others might offer cheaper service fees but I personally can't say I know anything about their reliability, as I've only ever used Taobaospree.

If you are going to go with Taobaospree I have done a sort of Guide to using Taobaospree, in a previous haul post here.

As I've already discussed the mechanics of ordering from Taobao using Taobaospree as an agent in that post, I'm just going to jump straight into the clothing reviews now! 

These are the stock photos of what I ordered. To view more and bigger photos, you can click on the links for each individual item. For the galaxy leggings, I actually ordered 4 different designs.

more under the link below.

Shredded cross knit

price: 52y (~8 AUD)

The colour in real life is also different to that pictured in the modelled pictures. In the modelled pictures the knit seems more light pastel blue, no hint of shimmer, and seems to be thicker and soft.

However in real life the colour is more like a darker blue with a hint of purple. It is more of that scratchy material, is very thin and sheer, and it has all these sparkly flecks in it. Quite different to what I expected but it's still a cute knit and the overall style is the same.

The shredded areas are also very delicate. You need to be extremely careful not to have things caught in them (which is really easy!) and cause long loose threads to hang.

Imitation of: Wildfox Gothic Cowgirl Lennon Sweater



Varsity jacket

price: 63y (~10 aud)
size: free size

I've been looking for a cute varsity/baseball jacket for a while, and now it seems so impractical as I'm sitting here roasting my ass off. However this jacket is an amazing find at such a great price. I was honestly quite impressed with the quality. The material is very smooth and satin-y, and is exactly the same inside. The zips are sturdy and there's hardly any loose threads.

What I didn't like about the jacket was the Engrish on the back. I have not worn something with terrible Engrish for years, since when I had my major Asian clothing phase. When I wear this jacket I'm really self-conscious about the back but luckily my long hair manages to cover most of it!


Floral jacket
price: 24y (~3.7AUD) (I know, ridiculously cheap right!)

I love how thin and breezy this jacket is! I adore the floral print and it is just so comfy to wear. I don't really like showing my arms, so I can just go out in a singlet and pop this over. It's such a huge relief!!

The jacket comes with light shoulder pads. I'm not sure they add much purpose as they are so small, but their existence doesn't bother me at all. The jacket also comes with a button so you can wear it closed.

I have also worn a really similar one, from Stephieshop before on my blog.


Galaxy leggings

the prices are even cheaper now- 34y! 

price: 45y (~7 AUD) each
size: free size

I got 4 different designs. The first one (the one I modelled) is my favourite. The colours blend in so smoothly and the overall design is so soft and pretty!

For this price the quality is actually pretty decent. They do look a little wrinkly when laid out, but once you put them on you smooth out all the wrinkles. The material is a bit thinner than Black Milk ones so you need to take care when putting them on, but they feel soooo smooth and comfy when worn.

The only real issue is the fact they only came in one size. It's supposed to be 'free size' but I can only sensibly see them fitting Aus 6-8, or US 0-4.

I'm thinking of doing a giveaway of these galaxy my opinion the one I modelled and the one on the left (clouds) are the prettiest so I'm contemplating doing a giveaway package of those two :)

Another interesting thing to note is that in the stock photos, it looks like these galaxy leggings are being sold in (physical) Chinese markets. For those planning to travel to China, maybe keep an eye out for these leggings!


Sequin clutch

price: 29.5y (~4.5 AUD)

The sequin clutch was just like the stock picture and even better! Firstly the outside- the sequins were all stuck on nice and sturdy. I was also surprised to see a pretty leopard print inner material.  There is a hidden zip pocket inside as well. This was probably the best quality item out of the whole haul. I could totally see something like this being sold in the shops for like $60 (but look, it didn't even cost $5 AUD!!!)

The pumps in this picture were also part of the haul (keep scrolling down for review).


Silver satchel

link here:
price: 65y (~ 10 AUD)

The shoes were packed inside of the bag, which was clever in preserving space as well as the shape of the bag, but nonetheless...

I have to admit for this item, the stock photos looked sooo much better than what I received. See how in the stock photos the bag looks very sturdy and not wrinkly at all. Although I received my bag brand new, the fact that it's already got so many wrinkles and creases (from simply packaging) means that the material is quite flimsy. If you carry it around after a few weeks, it will probably start looking very old. Not really happy with this bag at all and will probably sell it for dirt cheap as it looks second-hand already! 


Black heels

price:  49y (~7.5 AUD)
size: 37

how sexy is the long, thin heel?

I just need a simple pair of black heels. The only black ones I had, had small, kitten heels and were accumulated for work purposes. For the price, this was a really good deal. Solid heel, perfect sizing and everything. The red underside is kind of tacky though. It's plastic-y and cheap but I guess I don't really mind as people don't pay much attention to the undersides of your shoes anyway.

The total cost of this haul was 92AUD, including domestic shipping. International shipping was about 43AUD. Total paid = 135AUD. The weight of the parcel was 2.5kg. This time Taobaospree requested me to pay them in Hong Kong dollars only though (usually pay in USD), not sure what was up with that.


  1. Wow such a big haul! I love that floral jacket, and the prices look amazing! :)

  2. love your hauls. favourite is the floral jacket.

  3. I love the sequin clutch, floral jacket and black heels! I'll probably buy stuff from taobao when I get back to Singapore. :D

  4. The varsity jacket is so cute and girlie! But the engrish is a bit weird :P
    And those black stilettos are amazing ^^

  5. i love love the varsity jacket
    and your comments in my blog always makes my day! Do come back :)

  6. wow great deals for those items! love the floral jacket especially!

    Laura x

  7. Wow, everything is so lovely! I hope I'll get money for Xmass, as I think I know where I'd go spend it! :D

  8. oooh wow everything off there is so cheap o.o however shipping seems a pain. Ive tried to browse on there since seeing your first ever purchases from taobao but ahaha >=/ i cant really read chinese so everythings abit confusing for me so i sorta gave up!! You always seem to make the cheapest things look extremely classic on you and not tacky! I admire you for that! If i even tried to wear that varsity jacket i'd look really fob and international student hahaha >__<"

  9. this was such a great post and a really great read. i think all in all the items are pretty good. i would agree the bag is a bit disappointing. i find the first top a bit disappointing too cos it is so different than the photo that was posted. however i LOVE the galaxy leggings and the varsity jacket. i actually find the engrish all kinds of amazing. this makes me really want to shop from taobao but the custom fees are just too high in germany.
    xx rae

  10. loving everything, the varsity is a fave, and the galaxy leggings are so cute, and sounds like a very good bargain, you look as pretty as ever.

    anyways, check out my latest photographic portfolio "Oriental Heartlines" featuring my beautiful mother

  11. LOVE the galaxy print leggings. I really need to buy one! I must agree about the varsity jacket. I really liked it from the front because the colors, esp the purple sleeves. But the writing on the back throws me off.

  12. I looove that shredded sweater!! :D
    Win a Gold Peter Pan Collar Necklace here!

  13. great bargains! love the sequin clutch and the sexy heels and the metallic bag ^^

  14. Great haul! I like the faux Wildfox sweater a lot, and also the galaxy leggings!

    xo, alison*elle

  15. I have that wildfox look alike too! I wasn't very happy with how it looked in person...I dislike the glitter/shimmer!
    :( other than that, great haul! <3

  16. Thank you for showing your bargains! I really love the Galaxy Leggins - they are sooo cool! (Although I wouldn't wear it) I love the freaky print ^^

  17. i think it's a great haul overall. the floral jacket is my favorite from this set. if not for the funny Engrish, i would have chosen that varsity jacket. it looks so cute! :)

  18. Interesting posts, I think the items look good! (:


  19. Great haul! I think I woudl be too big for all their clothes lolxx

  20. the sequin clutch is so cute!

  21. That blazer is so cheap! And the tights are awesome, like they actually glow or something @.@

  22. What an awesome haul! Shame about the bag though - I really thought it looked amazing. I hate when items come in the mail and they look nothing like they do in stock photos. *insert angry face here*


  23. Oh I remember seeing these photos on your Tweets :D YAY a haul! I'm glad there are other means for shipping, international shipping can be just a massive turn off. And hurt the wallet. I really like your shredded sweater, enough shred without the overdone factor and plus its sheer! I did wonder if the shreds were delicate, good advice Izzy n_n AWW that varsity jacket is just so cute! I don't think I've ever seen a pastel one before and it suits you so perfectly! Engrish is a good conversation starter, but we can always ignore it :# I love your floral jacket too, ITS A MASSIVE STEAL *_* And it's not thick at all, what a lovely lightweight coverup. I didn't actually notice that there would be shoulderpads, but they don't look horrible jagged like a footballer, perfect! I must say, the leggings you modelled do seem the best, I love the gradient of green incorporated also! You'd be incredibly generous to have a giveaway, but I reckon you could rock all of them in any sort of outfit! I think the sequin clutch is really cute! The leopard print inside is pretty AND THERE'S A HIDDEN ZIP POCKET, I love hidden pockets. For keys and such haha. I totally could see that in Forever New for like $60 or something, so ridiculous, great buy! Wow, they really went all Tetris packing your delivery, shoes in the handbag and whatnot. The metallic, I thought, would be too garish but its quite a muted silver which I like! But oh dear, I really hope the wrinkles don't make a mark so soon, how disappointing >__< Black heels are such a staple, I love the cigarette heel, although I feel unstable when I walk in them, they're just so classic! Great haul Izzy :)

  24. Ooooh, looks like overall it was a good haul. Honestly, for those items, I'm surprised by how much better quality they ended up being. Like the glitzy clutch and sexy heels! Plus, that floral jacket is super cute. Fantastic items you picked! :)

    Trendy Teal

  25. Can you believe; I was just browsing online for sequin clutch, and you've got the same one I just saved for my want list ! Heh :) Also love the floral jacket and leggings look so cool.. Don't know if they'd suit me but I'm definitely smitten about the print. ^^

    Indie by heart

  26. Cool I know someone else that shops a lot with Tabao

  27. What a great, informative post Izzy! Thanks for the info dear ;)

    Hope your exams are going well!

    XoXo, Kimberly

  28. Amazing haul!!!! I wanna go shopping now :)

  29. awesome haul! I really like the sequinned pouch, something I wouldn't usually go for :D

  30. hey babe! check out my newest taobao haul too :)

  31. link: ...

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  33. Sequin clutch made of sequin fabric add sparkle in any outdoor party.


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