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Clearasil giveaway #4: Summer glowy skin edition

(this post is sponsored by Clearasil and Nuffnang)

I’m back with my fourth and final installment of my collaboration with Clearasil! In this edition I’m showing how to achieve a natural look for summer, with a focus on glowy and dewy skin. This is a really simple look where the eye makeup is kept minimal so that your radiant skin is the point of attention.

You will need to start with a really clean base, as summer time means more sweating and makeup sliding off, so you don’t want to use too many layers of foundation to cover up acne rather than fighting it directly. I recommend Clearasil Perfectawash for achieving clear, pimple-free skin to begin with.

Clearasil Perfectawash, Missha Super Aqua Deep Hydro Cream

I applied only a thin layer of Meishoku Moist Labo BB cream. I chose this one as it has SPF40+, which is actually really high and perfect for the harsh Australian sun! I also patted concealer underneath my eyes with Sana Pore Putty concealer. I used a thin layer of Missha Shining Stick eyes, which is a shimmery white eyeshadow pencil to make the eyes subtly pop. I then applied a brown eyeliner pencil by Missha around my eyes.

This is the final look before contouring (with just the BB cream and eyeliner). Although the skin looks clear and matte, I look kind of lifeless and sleepy! So I usually like to contour it for glowy skin.

And this is after contouring. Can you guys see a difference?

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher, Etude House Top 10 V-Line Maker (highlighter and bronzer)

(here I get to show off my incredible drawing-on-the-computer skills! lol)

To achieve the glowy skin it’s really all about applying highlighter and bronzer in the right areas. The light yellow area is where you apply highlighter. The brown area is where to apply bronzer. To achieve radiant skin the highlighter does not go everywhere on your face, otherwise you will look unnaturally shiny and oily. The great thing about contouring in these areas is that not only does your face look more glowy, but it also has a slimming and flattering effect. You create a sharper, more prominent nose, a more V-shaped face shape, and you bring out your cheekbones as well.

I recommend using a wide contour/bronzing/highlighting brush to avoid unnatural streaks. Start off with a light hand to keep the bronzer looking natural and don’t forget to blend. If you have a liquid highlighter and bronzer you can use your fingers as well, but pat small dots on before blending.

For the lips, I rubbed on Skin Food Fresh Fruit lip & cheek in Apricot on my lips, and dabbed a bit of BYS Wet look lip gloss in the centre. This adds a subtle sheen to the lips.

The final look:


This is just my personal method of achieving glowy skin, which is really simple because the highlighter and bronzer are only enhancing already clear skin. To help achieve that clear skin, Clearasil are giving away a PerfectaWash Dispenser & Refill valued at $39.99.

Just answer this question, in a comment below:

"have you tried the new Clearasil PerfectaWash, and what were your thoughts?"

Terms and conditions can be found here. The competition is open to Aussie residents only and ends at 5pm AEST on December 18th 2012! Good luck :)


  1. You look gorgeous!
    I haven't tried it before but I would like to! I'm always looking for something to help clear my skin :)

  2. Oh wow! I do see the difference! You should make it a gif(?) that flips back and forth between the before and after photo. Man I wish I was good at makeup....


  3. Ah! I love your makeup :) You skin looks amazing, I've never tried this before, but it looks interesting!

  4. I seriously need to invest more in skin care products and makeup...the results are amazing!

    Trendy Teal

  5. You have the best skin!
    Oh I have not tried the product yet, but would like to! x
    - Thao

  6. Such a great post and tutorial! And the giveaway is pretty awesome too! Unfortunately I have pretty sensitive skin so I won't be entering... sigh...


  7. Your skin looks amazing! Love the soft contour that you've done as well :) I've not tried the Perfectawash, but it looks really intriguing :p

  8. I've not tried the Clearasil Perfectawash. Looks like a good product though!!

    By the way, I am having my 2 year blog anniversary giveaway. I am giving away a Deborah Lippmann nail polish and a golden star necklace. Come check it out!

  9. why were there so many amazing product in Australia but not in the states >< waah

    I suppose I need to shop around and work with what we have :)


  10. You look so beautiful here Izzy! Your skin is literally flawless, so jealous!
    I totally agree with you on contouring too, I wouldn't be without my touche eclat for highlighting, the difference it makes is incredible! I've never found a bronzer thats light enough to use for shading though, as my skins pretty pale & they all look so harsh on it no matter how lightly applied! I'm intrigued by the one you mentioned though, as you look quite fair like me too & it looks really natural on you :)

  11. You have amazing skin!! I love this post. :)

    xo - Sheila

  12. You look so gorgeous! I'm so jealous of your beautiful skin :)


  13. You look so great Izzy! Your skin is definitely glowing dear ;)

    XoXo, Kimberly

  14. gorgeous! i love skincare products.


  15. Hi Izzy, you were stunning even before the makeup, it just enhances your natural beauty :) I have been meaning to try out this clearasil wash, I think I might give it a go.

  16. very pretty!

  17. My skin gets irritated really easily so I haven't tried very much of their line, but that BBCream looks delightful!

  18. You look super fab! Thanks for sharing.

    Mind to follow each other?

    jessie xx

  19. Gorgeous! You have such beautiful eyes :)

    Enter my give-away to win a dress of your own choice!

  20. What a great blog and great review!
    You're beautiful!

    Love your blog! I follow back :)
    Hope we can be friends x

  21. Nice picture

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  22. hi sweety, very nice blog, now I'm your new follower, i found it so nice!
    If you want see my blog and tell me if you like my style..

    kiss jexika lyter

  23. you look pretty! nice review! :D

  24. You look really very sweet with light make up.

  25. Lovely review and thanks for the tips! :D It's really useful :)


  26. U are beautiful *.*

    nice blog : D
    Najka , oxox

  27. Izzy you're gorgeous and your skin is perfect! Love the soft features and your lovely eyes~ the earrings are perfect! :)

  28. Gorgeous, your skin looks so flawless =)
    This light make up is awesome on you!

    Love, Denise

  29. You have beautiful eyes!

    xo Jennifer

  30. I havent seen a face wash in pump version.. love your make up.. pretty!!

    thank you for the lovely comments.



  31. i wish it was summer here so i could put this into practice!



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