Saturday, December 22, 2012

shake it out

Galaxy jacket:
top: c/o
shorts: Lee
spiked shoes:

Accessories: ASOS,, Sportsgirl

I think Florence and the Machine (one of my favourite bands!) said it best in songs like Seven Devils and Shake it Out. Dark memories, thoughts and negative energy can really feel like a devil stuck on your back, and you need to shake him off to avoid the darkness closing in entirely! Some of the best distractions are watching tv shows, talking to people, cooking, reading or taking up any sort of hobby! Personally I love to put on my Nikes and run- something that is physically beneficial by causing your brain to release endorphins ('feel-good' chemicals!), as well as mentally rewarding by knowing you are treating your body well by giving it exercise.

Hope everyone stays positive! :) what do you guys like to do to lift up your mood? I'd love to know!

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  1. Your jacket is so pretty!
    Good distraction ideas too!

  2. I like to get outside! Doing anything outside can instantly make me feel better. I love walking around and just feeling the fresh air. Unless it's 100 degrees, and then I'd rather be swimming. LOL. I feel like I never see you wear denim shorts, but I love it!! They look amazing on you and I love the jacket. It's so pretty! <3


  3. i agree..after my kids go to bed, i love to get on the treadmill and run at night. i always feel great after.

    loving the jacket here!!


  4. ooh love this look :)

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  5. That jacket is SO cool..Love it & want it! ^^

    ♥ Satu
    Indie by heart

  6. I agree, you've got to do positive things to stay positive.
    I like listening to upbeat music, hitting the treadmill, and hanging out with close friends to remind myself that even though sad things happen, there is still a way to find happiness. Through little, meaningful things.
    Anyway, love Florence and the Machine too! As soon as I read your title that song started playing in my head lol
    That galaxy print jacket is stunning! I've been wanting one like that for forEVER <3

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  7. Great tips on "shaking it out" Izzy! Your galaxy jacket looks amazing on you dear, well everything always does! ;)

    XoXo, Kimberly Luu

  8. Love your outfit, beautiful jacket! And great tips!

  9. I really love this outfit, the jacket is something I would've never thought of incorporating a galaxy print with and best of all, it looks loose and billowy, not uptight and starchy! And the pairing with denim shorts and boots are perfect for that edginess! I really like how you stuck with a basic white tee as a foreground for your necklaces. I haven't listened to Florence + the machine in ages cause 'You Got The Love' was so overused everywhere on TV haha, but that lyric speaks volumes. I think... I like socialising to lift up my mood, only because you're actively talking to your friends and its always gonna be something memorable

  10. you look amazing!

  11. I love your entire outfit, you're so stylish as always :D It looks so casual yet glam. Haha I also just realized how long your hair really is.

  12. Loving your jacket :)

  13. soo gorgeous babe! those shoes are amazing!!!

    Laura x

  14. love the jacket and shoes! you look so pretty! :)

    XO, Mish @
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  15. You rawk the galaxy jacket look a lot! Love how you accessorize too.

  16. the galaxy jacket really really stunning :)you have the prettiest stuff in the planet

  17. where in heavens name are you that you can wear shorts?! You are making me so incredibly jealous :)
    You look stunning, as usual - but more than that I love your words! You're right, you totally need to get rid of things that hindering you from true happiness and light.
    + I LOVE florence and the machines!

    tiana of l'esthetique

  18. Love what you're wearing! It's so odd to see you Aussies in shorts while I'm sitting here, freezing haha. But it's so refreshing! Loving your jacket and accessories~~

    xx maggie

  19. Love that jacket! The cut and print are amazing on you :)

  20. Izzy, that galaxy jacket is GORGEOUS on you! LOVE it so very much :) I wish I was one of those running types, but alas, for me, it's reading comics! :)
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  21. Love all your accessories and the jacket! Looks like it's starting to get warm where you are =)
    P.S. Check your email or my blog. I think you'll be happy when you see it =D

  22. i think music helps a lot of ppl to feel better :) whenever i hear my favourite music, i automatically start singing & clapping hands, sometimes i take my guitar & play a few chords which makes me feel a lot better! physical activity is also great, even if it's only a few sit-ups!


  23. OMG Izzy! I love your outfiy so much especially the boots!!!!!!! :) You rock! :)


  24. you look awesome Izzy! I love how you are just spreading good vibes. For me, I play badminton two times a week, read and watch k-dramas and k-variety shows! Anything geeky lifts my spirit up. hehe. :)


  25. Hi Izzy, I completely agree, we have to shake the negativity off to make ourselves a little lighter. Love the cosmic printed jacket, looks amazing!

  26. I watch funny youtube videos when I'm feeling down or stressed. I've started exercising a bit too, and I'm surprised by how much it helps!

    I'm lusting after your boots so hard right now! I've been eyeing a few online, but yet to buy since they probably can't be worn until after Summer here in Perth.

  27. great outfit as well as the great messages! :)
    you look adorable.

  28. lovely outer :333 love you shoes as well!
    anw i always go to sleep when i'm not in a mood, for me sleep is the best medicine, ever haha :D
    have a nice day! xo

  29. u feet so beautiful ^^d like SNSD ~ girl bands Kpop.

    and you are really gracefull.

  30. You look gorgeous! I love the relaxed feel of this outfit as well as the soft color palette.


  31. I agree with what you said! Florence and The Machine are amazing! You look gorgeous! :) xx Laura

  32. Amazing jacket!
    To feel better I:
    1. Throw fists like I was punching someone in the air;
    2. Listen to music (Prince, Sheila E., Mary J. Bilge and some Joan Jett and Nina Simone);
    3. Watch movies or TV shows. Recently I watched Bend it like Beckham, Model Behavior, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, other movies whose titles I forgot, and Ellen from the coming out episode. I also watch Jamel Debouzze, Ellen Degeneres and Coluche spectacles (ah ah sorry, two of those are french humorists!) I plane on watching House of Elliot. Sometimes I watch short movies on Youtube. Now what you might need to see to feel better depends on you;
    4. Read fashion blogs and think about fashion and stuffs;
    5. Play chess.
    Hope it helps. At least you've got new movies suggestions. I prefer not thinking too much about the movies I'm watching if I'm really bad, but sometimes it's also better to THINK about it if it helps you thinking about something else.

    1. I mean from the coming out episode to the end. Great boots as well :)

  33. dyou have the exact link for the jacket?? :D searched taobao for "galaxy jacket" and."cosmic jacket" and other variants for an hour but nothing even close to this pretty :(

  34. Really, really love this outfit!
    The galaxy jacket has been added to my lust list! >W<

  35. Awesome post! And i love your blog:)
    Follow each other?:)

  36. I love your style and blog;) You look amazing:) Anna ANTJE

  37. cool as jacket and sick as boots!
    your outfits always look so good Izzy. this is like perfect for those summer days that just ain't clicking the heat. I can't get my eyes off the galaxy print hun ^.^


  38. hi!!
    i have just discovered ur blog!
    i really love it and this post is so nice!
    wanna follow each other?

  39. Lovely outfit, the jacket is great :)

  40. Gorgeous look! And love your advice... I think it's especially important to cleanse your life of negative energy before the end of the year.

  41. Sometimes it really is hard to stay positive but looking at that jacket you are wearing helps!

    Ali of:

  42. I love love love the jacket!!!


  43. This jacket is so amazing! Love it, and I also love your rings :)

  44. You look fantastic!
    I'm in love with the jacket
    Amazing as always <3

  45. love the jacket so much, so fab! <33 how to make smokey eyes like yours? Please make a tutorial :D


  46. so jealous that you're somewhere so warm! that blazer looks amazing!! love the splashes of color and the hue of the photo really makes the photos look beautiful. Your boyfriend is a talented photographer! You guys really complete this blog together :)


  47. I just love the whole outfit! <3

  48. The whole outfit is awesome! Your galaxy jacket is the best thing ever!

  49. nice outfit and i love the song "shake it out"! i saw florence and the machine at the southside festival this year :) they were awesome.
    i'm always singing when i want to change my mood haha

  50. Your shoes <3


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