Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Year's Eve or Holiday Outfits Lookbook (also video)

Hey all! :) This is the new YouTube video I mentioned I was working on, in my previous post. The theme is New Year's Eve (or Holiday) Outfits, and I have 5 outfits to hopefully inspire you today! :) As always, I have a blog post with a video to go along with it.

A lot of us always get really excited for NYE celebrations as it's a great excuse to dress up, especially for those attending parties and watching the fireworks on a night out! I have a mix of different outfits though, from the glam, party situation to more cosy looks spent with a close group of people on a quiet night. And of course if you're not celebrating or you couldn't care less about NYE festivities, you can spend the whole day in your PJs like I have before! And just have the most amazing long slumber and wake up into a brand new year. Haha anyway I hope you guys enjoy this post and my video!

Look #1: Turn heads in Tangerine
Orange dress: c/o Dollygirlfashion (link here)
Metallic belt: c/o Lookbookstore (link here)
Clutch: Choies

Sequins and shimmer aren't the only ways to stand out during the holiday season- a hot little number in a bold colour is just as good! You can wear this outfit clubbing or a house party, hotel, cruise, etc.

I really like all the attention to cut and shape in this dress, making it as unique as it is glamorous. The plunging neckline is a great show-stopper, and the shoulder structure gives the dress a fierce look. I personally love the drapes on the front sides- it's a tight dress but loose where it counts- that bulging belly after New Year's feasting of food and drinks!

Check out Dolly Girl Fashion for more party dresses and other cute clothes. They are an online Australian boutique and offer worldwide shipping, and free shipping over $50 within Australia. If you absolutely cannot wait to pick up an amazing piece from their collection, they actually have physical stores you can walk into around Sydney! Check out the store locations here. I have personally been in a number of them and I always want to buy everything there haha!

I added a metallic belt from Lookbookstore to make it a touch more glamorous! New Year's is a great time to add in chunky metals :)

Look #2: The New Year's BBQ
Striped off-shoulder dress: c/o Showpo (link here)
Cat eye glasses: c/o Oasap (link here)
Blue scalloped clutch: c/o Oasap (link here)
Metallic heels: Missguided

If you're spending the majority of the day in a more casual rather than relaxed environment, a glitzy party dress may not be the first thing on your mind. Black and white stripes and a sexy yet elegant cut makes this dress from Showpo perfect for this situation!

The casual vibe makes this great for spending NYE with close family and friends in the backyard, with a few drinks.

You can pull the dress up or down, depending on if you want a sexy off-shoulder look, or a shorter dress with a boatneck cut at the top! Both looks work! The other great thing about this dress is that it defies the rules of never ever wearing horizontal stripes- this is a flattering dress and gives a slim and sexy silhouette.

I topped off the look with some classic red lips (love to pair them with stripes!) and some feline, cat-eyed sunglasses :)

Showpo are an Australian online fashion boutique with such a wonderful selection of cute, sexy and gorgeous pieces to suit every occasion...I definitely recommend heading over there for some more New Year's inspirations or general party outfits! Everything is so gorgeous, and they offer express shipping within Australia :)

Look #3: Summer Night Out
Tropical birds romper: Sabo Skirt
Neon bag: Missguided
Sunnies: Sabo Skirt
Shoes: ebay

In Australia it's summer so it makes sense to wear something with a fun breezy, beach look! You can wear this relaxed printed romper from Sabo Skirt whilst camped outside to watch the fireworks.

To complement the summery vibe I wore light-rimmed sunnies from Sabo Skirt as well, and a fun neon bag.
And how great is the loose fit! It means you can hide all the gastronomical damage! :)

Besides the loose shape, this look is more practical because of these comfy and light shoes! Strappy and chunky bright white sandals seems to be very on-trend at the moment, and I've bought some cheapass dupes from Ebay. The material is so foamy and lightweight which may make the shoes seem bad quality from up close, but it's not too noticeable and it means these shoes are just really, really comfortable! :D

Look #4: Cosy and Cute
Tights: Glassons
Velvet dress: Taobao
Cropped polka dot jumper: Forever 21

Because there are two different sides of the world celebrating New Year's in polar opposite weather, here is a winter look for those in the Northern Hemisphere! This look is a cosy and cute one, and is great for a house party with close friends and family. Nothing spectacular, just good company and food :)

So I chose something cute and appropriate, with these heart-patterned tights to keep warm, a rich velvet dress, and a snug polka dot jumper on top :)

New Year's isn't so far off from Christmas, so I stuck with the Christmas festive colours and chose a vibrant red for a pop of colour!

Look #5: Warm in Sequins
sequin jacket: Portmans
top: ShopMarketHQ
necklace: Tree of Life
Clutch: Zu

And here is another warmer look for those in winter time! It's actually possible to wear all-out sequins without having to brave the cold in tiny party dresses, with this sequin jacket!

I was going to wear my shiny, liquid leggings but I can't find them anymore :( These plain leggings will do, matched with black pumps to create a streamlined, leggy look. Black skinny leg jeans will work too!

This is the best occasion to combine sequins and statement metals for extra sparkle and shine! :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and video! :) Let me know what you think in the comments below on my blog or on my Youtube video. I'd wish everyone a safe and happy new year's, but it's a bit early for that! Christmas hasn't even arrived yet. Hope you guys are all keeping your cool as we roll into the silly festive season!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Black and White

Hey everyone! Today's blog post features a selection of black and white outfits. Black and white is a classic combo and you can create so many diverse looks with it! :)

Look #1:
Crochet sleeves top:
'Antonia' Sun and moon skirt: c/o Motel Rocks (link here)
Necklace: Forever 21

The first one is a bit of a mystical look, revolving around this gorgeous Sun and Moon skirt from Motel Rocks! Like I've mentioned on my blog before I'm quite fascinated by astrology, and I was very much contemplating astral overkill by pairing it with my full moon or horoscope tank tee from Brandy Melville...But I was sensible and paired the skirt instead with some plain black pieces, like this top from Tobi and long black socks. For a pop of colour and a hint of vampiness I wore my Rebel by MAC :) this lovely print is also available in a dress, leggings and a few tops as well!

Look #2:
Striped dress: c/o Rose Gal (link here, but currently sold out)
Hat: Sportsgirl
Boots: 'Cielo' by Nasty Gal
Satchel bag: Chaceylove

firstly sorry about the quality of the photos for this outfit! I obviously could not focus properly but I have bought myself a wireless remote so all is good :) Is anyone else here madly in love with the new season of American Horror Story? This season is all about witches and not only is the gore and unbashful shock value as high as ever, it means the fashion is amazing this season! Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange) and her little witch crew seem to have a fab witchy yet modern thing going on, and I can't help but love it all! The elegance and modern look of this dress, paired with the hat and platform boots seemed to remind me of this perfect balance between gothic and contemporary in the show.

Unfortunately this particular dress is sold out on Rose Gal's website, but they do have a bunch of similar ones here, and here :)

Look #3:
Striped blazer: c/o Persunmall (link here)
Cross necklace: Low Luv
Shoes: c/o Spicy Avenue

And here is the final look in the Black and White theme! This is more of an edgy look, as bold black and white stripes on a blazer create a striking and statement effect. I wore them with denim cut offs, but this striped blazer can be just as cute with jeans, leggings, or over a white dress.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! I have almost finished editing the next video for my YouTube channel, which will be around the theme of New Year's Eve outfits :) Or just general party or holiday styling ideas in general! I can't wait to upload it! :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Styling Bon Weekend and Iconemesis

Bustier: Love Culture
Fleur skirt: c/o Bon Weekend (link here)
Jacket: Forever 21
Lion pendant necklace: c/o Renareborn (link here)

Loving this new skirt from Bon Weekend! I love a great watercolour printed item, and the grey and blue colour scheme makes this skirt so versatile! :) The asymmetric cut makes the piece on trend and sexy as well. I paired it with a bustier or crop top for a feminine silhouette.

Bon Weekend are an online boutique based in Singapore, and ship worldwide! I love the name of their website too! Bon Weekend apparently means 'good weekend' in French (or close enough), how cute is that :)

Triangle necklace: Valleygirl
Orange dress: c/o Bon Weekend (link here)
Horse bag: ASOS
Leopard print shoes:

Here is another beautiful item from Bon Weekend! The colour is more gorgeous in real life, a pretty vibrant peach shade :) The simple design is not to be understated, as it means you can dress it up in different ways. I complemented the dress with brown tones, in my necklace, leopard print shoes and tan bag :)

Yellow Tiger by Karin Soderquist Phone case: c/o Iconemesis (link here)

I also received this super cute and quirky phone case from Iconemesis! I couldn't help but fall in love with the funny and strangely adorable design. The print features tigers dressed up in different costumes! There is a body builder one, a circus ring master, a ballerina one and my favourite- the 'hipster' one on the right with the black-rimmed glasses and horizontal striped sweater lol!!

Iconemesis is a British-based mobile phone accessories brand, and they really has the most beautiful designs with prints from various independent artists. This is why all the designs are very artistic and unique! This is my second case from Iconemesis and the quality is always wonderful and the beautiful case is just as stunning in real life :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

On the Beach with Jets and Holster- Part 2

Crochet cardigan: c/o Awwdore (link here)
Tie side bikini bottom from the 'Resonate' range: c/o Jets Swimwear (link here)
Lace front bikini top from the 'Resonate' range: c/o Jets Swimwear (link here)

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! Here is Part 2 of my collaboration with Jets Swimwear and Holster Fashion. This look features a gorgeous crochet cardigan from Awwdore! Last time on the beach I wore a crochet dress from Awwdore, and this time I have another crochet piece which also complements a bikini so well. I can even take it home and wear it over a light summer dress! :)

'Treasure' jelly wedge: c/o Holster Fashion (link here)

Here is another glamorous pair of wedges from Holster Fashion. I love how it's a sophisticated take on the jelly shoes, something which is coming back in trend lately. Last time in Part 1 of my shoot (previous post) I got a pair of mint jelly wedges; this time I have black which is more versatile and is perfect for summer nights out. Nothing like bold jewels to up the ante on a pair of ordinary jellies!

Tie side bikini bottom from the 'Resonate' range: c/o Jets Swimwear (link here)
Lace front bikini top from the 'Resonate' range: c/o Jets Swimwear (link here)

And of course thank you Jets Swimwear for this gorgeous striped bikini! I love a cute nautical print and even better on a bikini :) Once again I chose a hipster cut with tie sides for a more flattering look on my hips, to add curves. For the top I chose a triangle cut, but bustier ladies might prefer this more supportive underwire top from the same 'Resonate' range.

I have sooo many posts lined up! Thanks for all the continued support guys :) Will get to replying back onto blogs soon!

Friday, December 6, 2013

On the Beach with Jets and Holster- Part 1

Triangle bikini top from the 'Alchemy' range: c/o Jets Swimwear (link here)
Bermuda maxi skirt: c/o Showpo (link here)
Seychelles jelly wedges: c/o Holster Fashion (link here)

Hey everyone! Recently I took a day off from work and did a beach shoot. So glad that it was practically empty on a Monday! It makes me wish I lived by the beach so I could come by anytime and have it all to myself. This is Part 1 of my shoot, Part 2 will go up soon and features another bikini :) Both bikinis are from Jets Swimwear, and the jelly shoes I'm wearing in both are by Holster Fashion!

This wrap skirt from Showpo caught my eye in an instant! If you can't decide between a long maxi cut or a mini style, this skirt combines both for a unique and sexy look! I'm always a fan of asymmetrical cuts and the bright yellow colour is perfect for warm summer days. Even better is that the skirt can be worn away from the beach as well, with a cute bustier top and light-toned heels. I'll definitely be getting a lot of wears out of this skirt this season! :)

Check out Showpo for more gorgeous party dresses, playsuits, cute shorts and tops! They are a local Australian online fashion boutique and offer free express shipping on all orders within Australia! How amazing is that? This means if you haven't found your Christmas or New Year's Eve outfit just yet you'll still have enough time, if you order from Showpo. They also ship worldwide! Check out Showpo here, and their huge Facebook here

Seychelles jelly wedges: c/o Holster Fashion (link here)

These jelly wedges from Holster Fashion are a big step up from the average thongs/flip-flops! The sparkly jewels give the shoes such a classy and exquisite touch, and are perfect for a glitzed-up pool party as well. They even have 4cm of heel! I know I seem to wear a lot of mint (I wore a mint bikini by Triangl in my last beach shoot here!) but it really is my ultimate summer shade and mint-coloured jelly shoes are a must-have this season.
Triangle bikini top from the 'Alchemy' range: c/o Jets Swimwear (link here)
Tassel side bikini bottom from the 'Lustre' range: c/o Jets Swimwear (link here)

The print on this bikini top looks so tropical, and the gold trim adds a sophisticated and glamourous vibe!
I know these bikini bottoms look teeny tiny, but I've always found string bikini bottoms to actually be quite flattering! The tassels and side gathered detail, help create an illusion of wider hips and hence more curves to the body- win!

This gorgeous print comes from the Alchemy range from Jets, and the range includes various other beautiful pieces in the same print. Check out the lovely maxi dress and one piece in this gorgeous print!

Definitely check out Jets Swimwear, for more amazing bikinis, dresses, and kaftans! What I found really useful when I was browsing through the selections, was that the description tells you what that size cup that bikini top best suits. This is so good for people who aren't so experienced in purchasing bikinis especially online. This ensures that smaller girls like me don't choose a size that's unflattering, and bustier girls are guaranteed to find something suitable and supportive!

For those wondering, I ordered size 8 in both tops and bottoms. They fit perfectly! :) The bikinis are lightly padded which means you won't get any see-through action once you get into the water, thank goodness!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my beach shoot, coming up soon! :)

PS. no reader feature today, I'm too exhausted for now but I hope you guys have been enjoying them in each blog post, and having fun discovering new quality blogs! :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Blue Jewels

Today I'm showing two looks featuring the same royal blue drop earrings from Seoul Glam! The first one is a Party or glamourous look suitable for a night out about town :)
Party look:
Blue blouse: c/o Oasap (link here)
Scalloped blue clutch: c/o Oasap (link here)
Sequin shorts: Mika and Gala

I'm so glad I can use this blouse from Oasap both for dressing up and for work. Did you know that blue apparently conveys authority and trustworthiness? Away from the office though, the electric blue shade is so vibrant and striking and even more so with these glittery shorts, making it perfect for a night out.

I can never get enough of a pretty clutch, and this one matching blue scalloped one from Oasap doesn't disappoint! It holds its shape and isn't cheap-looking at all, and is deep and big enough to fit the essentials (phone, wallet, keys) and more!

Gold Lion pendant necklace: c/o Renareborn (link here)
Wing drop Earrings: c/o SeoulGlam (link here)

This is the first look featuring these wing drop earrings from Seoul Glam! The sapphire colour is so pretty and I've always liked the elegance of a tear drop shaped gem. Plus there's wings at the top which gives the earrings such a lovely touch of femininity!

Gold Lion pendant necklace: c/o Renareborn (link here)
Last time I featured a really cute handcuffs necklace from Renareborn here, and this time I have this amazing, fierce-looking lion necklace! The chunky chain complements the statement look of the lion pendant, and the necklace has been seen on celebrities such as Rihanna. A glitzed up night out calls for fierce and bold jewellery, and this necklace from Renareborn is the perfect thing!
Graduation dress:
Teal dress: Portmans
Necklace: Lovisa

Thanks to everyone who have left me lovely congratulatory messages on my blog and Instagram! I already did graduate last year but was only able to attend the ceremony this year. This is what I wore on the day. I bought a new dress from Portmans for work but I ended up using it for my graduation ceremony too. The academic gown you have to wear on top covers mostly the shape and design of the dress but the colour does at least pop out! The chunky necklace from Lovisa (gifted to me by Kim of Accidental Encounters) also peeked out at the top and stood out.

and this is a close up of the Seoul Glam earrings that I have worn in both looks!

Wing drop Earrings: c/o SeoulGlam (link here)

Check out Seoul Glam for more gorgeous jewellery at affordable prices, made in Korea! They have a gorgeous selection of elegant pieces like my tear drop earrings, as well as funky K-pop inspired designs. Seoul Glam ships from Australia which means postage is super quick for Aussies like me. They also offer free shipping Australia wide for orders over $80. Check out Seoul Glam here, and their Facebook.

Keep in touch with me at my:

Today's Reader Feature is Sue of Falling for Makeup! I absolutely love her style, which is always so bohemian chic and her photos are gorgeous! What I really appreciate is her attention to detail and skill in layers and prints.

Her style is perfect!

Keep in touch with Sue on her Chictopia, Instagram and Facebook.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Birds of a Feather

Birds print skater Dress: c/o Chicwish (link here)
Blazer: c/o Lookbookstore (link here)
Belt: ASOS
Perforated backpack: c/o Chicwish (link here)

Today I'm happy to be collaborating again with Chicwish! :) This bird dress caught my eye immediately, as I love myself an animal print and you can never go wrong with a cute skater dress! I love how artistic and colourful the print actually is- reminds me of a scenic image of birds flying over the sea during sunset :) The blue blazer from Lookbookstore is yet another lovely pastel addition to my wardrobe too!

I just came back from a great 4 day weekend! I took Friday off for my uni graduation. I was actually dreading it because I can't stand overly formal procedures, knew the ceremony was going to be boring, and as I didn't enjoy my 5 year course of a double degree of Commerce and Law in the slightest I didn't feel like there was anything to celebrate. But I did it for  my parents, and I'm glad they were able to get through their lives seeing the first graduation of one of their children!

I spent the weekend with my family, and went to the beach with the boy on Monday and took some photos there :) I have an exciting collaboration coming up with Jets Swimwear and Holster Fashion which will involve some lovely beach photos! :)

The ever stunning Mandy from Frocks and Other Frivolities is my reader feature for this post, and is also my vote for the most underrated blogger of the year! Her style is always chic, classy and nothing short of exquisite. She also writes the most beautiful blog posts- her writing style is seriously way beyond the calibre of the average fashion blogger!
Follow this stunner Mandy on her Facebook, Instagram and Bloglovin :)



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