Monday, January 28, 2013

Gothic Boudoir

(I look a bit dead in some of these photos...need a good night's sleep maybe!)

Blouse: Gmarket
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Novo

Cross necklace: Low Luv by Erin Wasson
Clutch: c/o Choies
Metal Cuff: ASOS
Spiked bracelet: Ebay

Another experimental look! I got these lace shorts from a Forever 21 haul I did with my sister (using HopShopGo again because F21 shopping is very internationally un-friendly! You can read my tutorial on using HopShopGo here). The contrast lace trim paired with a sheer black chiffon blouse had such a boudoir, lingerie appeal to it, which I needed to steer away from to be able to wear this outfit publicly! I added vampy plum lips, my new favourite oversized cross necklace by Low Luv by Erin Wasson and some structured metallic accessories. The overall look ended up being a bit of a mish-mash of sexy and gothic, and I think I'm pretty happy with the outcome!

Since I cut my hair I realised that a lot of outfits and styles I usually wear don't look as good with a shorter do, so I've been forced to view my wardrobe in a different light! And in line with my new year's resolve to practice positive thinking, I took this as a welcome opportunity to experiment with fashion ;) In the last outfit post (here) I put together romantic and rocker, and in this one I've done boudoir and gothic.

So anytime you guys start to get bored with fashion, or are stuck in a bit of a rut, maybe try mixing different combinations or styles and you could be pleasantly surprised with the result. After all, life begins at the end of your comfort zone :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Styling Hair with Scunci

Ever since I got my hair cut I've been struggling to think of new ways to style my shorter locks! So it was perfect timing when I was sent over these Scunci hair styling tools. I'm also pretty low-maintenance when it comes to hair (code word for lazy, interpret it however you want! ;P) so I'm not interested in fancy, time-consuming methods that involve a lot of hair product either. I got the Scunci TopsyTail tool to create a few new simple hairstyles for everyday wear, and the Scunci Perfect Pony tool to add volume and lift to my ponytails.

The TopsyTail pack comes with a helpful pamphlet to creating different hairstyles with the tools provided! Includes the TopsyTail, TopsyTail Junior, and some elastics.

The pamphlet also features 3 new hair styling suggestions using the TopsyTail Junior, which I didn't get to try out yet.

  1. Gather hair into a low ponytail and secure with the elastic provided.
  2. Place the TopsyTail behind the elastic, and thread hair through the loop.
  3. Slowly pull the TopsyTail tool down.

Using a mirror like this will help show you how your hair looks from the back.

I like this look because it's an elegant and trendier twist to the ordinary low ponytail style. It hides the elastic, and I like the polished look it creates for the side profile as well.

much more under the link!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Romantic Rocker

Blouse: c/o Ash Lapin (link here)
Skirt: c/o Ash Lapin (link here)
Leather vest: c/o Ash Lapin (link here)
Hat: Cotton On
Wedges: Therapy

I know it's a general rule in fashion to not put two voluminous items together to avoid looking frumpy, but I loved the combination of textures between the floral cutouts of the blouse and the three-dimensional swirls and ridges of this rose applique skirt. Definitely took a risk with this outfit and hopefully it didn't turn out to be a disaster! After giving my long hair the chop a few days ago, it just felt right to also challenge the romantic and feminine feel of the whole outfit with a tougher biker vest. All these items are available at Ash Lapin, a new Singapore-based online store with the most amazing range of unique and creative pieces.

If you notice a slight decline in photo shoot quality it's because these photos were taken using my cheap little camera and lens, rather than my boyfriend's as usual. In addition to that the skies were really dark and it was even raining slightly, so I had to spend a lot of time finding free programs and editing the photos to make them look less washed out and dull! It was a good learning experience I guess- I now know how insanely dirty my lens filter is, and how I want to save up for a better camera & lens! :)

Do you guys ever have to do a lot of post-editing work for your photos?

Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Giveaway #2 Fashion, beauty and fragrances pack and Clutch[CLOSED, WINNER ANNOUNCED]

Time to present Giveaway #2 of my 2013 Giveaway series! This time it's a pack full of fashion accessories, beauty products, fragrances and body lotions inside an envelope clutch bag from Bardot! If the printed leggings in the last giveaway weren't really your style or size, this giveaway includes a whole bunch of practical and pretty beauty stuff to come in handy  for any girl.

(The winners of giveaway #1 were already announced here. Thanks to everyone who participated!)

A clutch with fashion accessories, beauty products, fragrances and body lotions inside worth over $250AUD all together!

The fashion items:
1. Pink and white woven envelope clutch from Bardot.
2. Pink bib necklace from Fashion Valet.
3. Gold collar from Romwe.
4. Turquoise wrap bracelet from Fashion Valet.

The makeup:
1. Nvey Eco powder blush in 953 (unused).

2. Sportsgirl Smooth Operator Paw Paw multi-purpose lip balm. (unopened)
3. Etude House Juicy Pop tube. (unopened)

4. Lioele Blooming shimmer pearl base (lightly swatched). Use as a primer or highlighter.

The fragrances/body lotions:
1. Elie Saab eau de parfum with scented soap.
2. Benefit So Hooked Carmella body lotion.
3. Christina Aguilera Royal desire body lotion.

plus a bonus Mollini rose enameled mirror compact!

Pretty much exactly the same thing as the previous giveaway!

These are basically the options you have to gain entries. However you must record your entries by filling out the Rafflecopter form below.

Mandatory entry:
  1. you must be a follower on my blog via GFC.

Extra entries:
(these are optional).

  1. post a blog comment below, saying which product you'd like the most 
  2. follow me on Twitter 
  3. "like" Metallic Paws on Facebook
  4. follow my Instagram
  5. fan me on Lookbook
  6. Tweet about the giveaway

You will need to record your entries in the Rafflecopter form below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

the Giveaway ends on the 30th of January. It is open internationally. Good luck! :)

Congratulations to Jacqueline! I have already sent an email to you so please check your inbox! :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Instagram Outfits Roundup 02 + Latest purchases

I love Glassons knits! bought the white to mint ombre knit first on sale for about $22, and then I couldn't resist getting a sunny yellow shade (although it was full priced at $40).

wearing the mint ombre one! with Chicwish mint shorts. More under the link below! :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Holiday Sparkle

Peter Pan collar top: Yesstyle
Leopard print skirt: Chicnova (link here)
Clutch: Chicnova (link here)
Metallic shoes:

For some reason I found this outfit to be ultra festive- something about the hair bow, metallic shoes and sparkly Peter Pan collar all add up to scream Christmas party to me! These photos were taken around that period though so excuse me for having the remnants of the Christmas past dripping off my entire attire! The flared leopard print skirt is from Chicnova and is perfect for twirling around in for anything involving fun and festivity, not just Christmas. The clutch is also from Chicnova and features a snakeskin print panel on the right side which gives it an interesting touch, and luckily isn't so overpowering that it would've created a strange leopard/snake print clash which I think would be over very quickly in the real jungle world.

Sorry for the delayed outfit post, I just came back from a sudden and quick holiday up on the Gold Coast! Currently blogging this post with a head-to-toe tan and sore arms from luggage-carrying and hotel gym equipment-using. My highlight would have to be the extreme jet boating, despite having almost fallen out from not holding onto the handrails properly! I'm going to try jet skiing next. As I'll be working full-time this year I reckon this is the year of exciting experiences and trips as I finally get to be able to afford them!

Thanks to everyone participating in my Printed Tights Giveaway! Don't forget to enter here. It ends in 4 
days! It's only the first installment of my 2013 giveaway series so keep your eyes peeled for more great prizes to be won via my blog :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 giveaway #1 Printed tights [CLOSED]

As I mentioned in my last outfit post, I'm super grateful for all the love and support I've received from my lovely readers! Kind and encouraging readers not just from Blogger, but also from social platforms across the board such as Lookbook, Chictopia, Twitter, Bloglovin, Instagram and the like! I hope to keep inspiring people with my outfits, photos, and brand and store reviews.

I have a bunch of giveaways lined up to kick-start 2013. This is the first! :)

There are 4 printed tights up for grabs.
I will pick TWO winners.

The FIRST winner wins their choice of TWO tights. The SECOND winner wins the other two tights that are left over.

for example:
if Winner #1 picks tights 1) and 2), Winner #2 will get 3) and 4) sent over to them!

1) BRAND NEW pair of tattoo stockings with machine gun + pistol print.

(I bought 2 pairs, kept 1 for myself!)
does not have a size labelled but will fit size XS-S.

2) Cherry blossom printed leggings by Bam Bam.

 labelled size XS.

3) and 4) galaxy leggings.

do not have a size labelled but will fit size XS-S.

These are basically the options you have to gain entries. However you must record your entries by filling out the Rafflecopter form below.

Mandatory entry:
  1. you must be a follower on my blog via GFC.

Extra entries:
(these are optional).

  1. post a blog comment below, saying which two tights you would choose if you won
  2. follow me on Twitter 
  3. "like" Metallic Paws on Facebook
  4. follow my Instagram
  5. fan me on Lookbook
  6. Tweet about the giveaway

You will need to record your entries in the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY. It will end on the 16th of January 2013. I will choose the two winners shortly after that, via the Random winner picker on Rafflecopter.

Stay tuned for the 2013 Giveaway #2 coming soon!!

I have already generated the 2 winners with Rafflecopter. Congratulations to Mica (winner no 1) and Kristen (winner no 2)! I will be contacting you shortly.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Splash of Art

(colour editing made my hair look really purple here for some reason!)

Blouse: c/o Chaceylove
Skirt: c/o Choies (link here)
Clutch: c/o Choies (link here)

Ring: House of Harlow
Bangle: Lovisa

Choies always has such an amazing range of eclectic, one-of-a-kind pieces like this beautiful skirt. The print on the square panel reminds me of an oil painting encased in a white frame. Love how the mix of vibrant colours running over each other contrasts with the linear structure of the skirt! My abalone Sunburst cocktail ring by House of Harlow has a similar multi-coloured swirly effect in the inlay of the ring, so I paired the skirt with it.

I'm using this chic box-like clutch from Choies so often as well! I love how simple and structured it is, and the gold finish on the sides make the clutch resemble a precious book. It's just so classy and elegant in my opinion, and since it's black it's ultra versatile too!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful New Year's Eve and Day. Did you guys make any New Year's resolutions? I think my goal last year was to be more confident, and I have to admit that doing my blog contributed like 80% towards lifting my self-esteem, no joke. It sounds so silly but I couldn't believe that for every post people would actually be writing some positive comments, liking my style, and even when I delved into so many social platforms this year I was like 'wow, people actually want to follow/fan/subscribe to me!' LOL. Truthfully without my blog I would not have been able to let go of previous problems and I wouldn't have been able to mature so much. Now that I'm able to see a brighter future for myself, my next goal for 2013 is to be more passionate about this brighter future. I'm going to put more fire into everything and I'm going to get motivated...all the time!

Anyway that's my little story. What are YOUR goals for 2013? :)



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