Friday, January 25, 2013

Styling Hair with Scunci

Ever since I got my hair cut I've been struggling to think of new ways to style my shorter locks! So it was perfect timing when I was sent over these Scunci hair styling tools. I'm also pretty low-maintenance when it comes to hair (code word for lazy, interpret it however you want! ;P) so I'm not interested in fancy, time-consuming methods that involve a lot of hair product either. I got the Scunci TopsyTail tool to create a few new simple hairstyles for everyday wear, and the Scunci Perfect Pony tool to add volume and lift to my ponytails.

The TopsyTail pack comes with a helpful pamphlet to creating different hairstyles with the tools provided! Includes the TopsyTail, TopsyTail Junior, and some elastics.

The pamphlet also features 3 new hair styling suggestions using the TopsyTail Junior, which I didn't get to try out yet.

  1. Gather hair into a low ponytail and secure with the elastic provided.
  2. Place the TopsyTail behind the elastic, and thread hair through the loop.
  3. Slowly pull the TopsyTail tool down.

Using a mirror like this will help show you how your hair looks from the back.

I like this look because it's an elegant and trendier twist to the ordinary low ponytail style. It hides the elastic, and I like the polished look it creates for the side profile as well.

much more under the link!

  1. Gather the top and sides of hair and tie into ponytail, with the elastic provided.
  2. Place the TopsyTail behind the elastic.
  3. Thread the ponytail through the loop.
  4. Pull the TopsyTail down slowly.
This is also a great casual look when your hair looks a bit unruly and messy, but you still want it to be out. Gathering a bit of hair to the back, creates a cleaner look instantly.

The Perfect Pony Tool may not look like much, but its actually meant to be hidden inside your hair so it's supposed to be inconspicuous and small! ;)

  1. Separate top section of hair from bottom.
  2. Place the Perfect Pony tool underneath top section of hair. Make sure it's angled down.
  3. Gather all the remaining hair around the Perfect Pony, securing it with the elastic provided.
It did actually take me a while to get the hang of this, but once you do it's so worth it! As you can tell in the pictures above, there was a noticeable amount of extra bounce and volume in my ponytail. The Perfect Pony tool was perfectly covered by my hair. Throughout the day (or even after just an hour!) my high ponytails always tend to sag down. However with the Perfect Pony in, my ponytail was in that position the whole time. I even jogged for 40 minutes with it in, and my ponytail was still high and secure.

There are heaps of other useful hair styling tools by Scunci, which help you create beautiful buns, French twists, and more. I didn't get those products as those hairstyles aren't really my thing- but back at my Year 10 formal when I did my hair up, they would've definitely come in handy! You can check out the entire range of Scunci products here.

The Scunci styling tools can be found for $9.95 at Target, Big W and Priceline.

Overall, I would recommend the Scunci TopsyTail tool to anyone who wants to create quick and easy hair styles for everyday wear. My favourite is the TopsyTail 'basic style' as it adds an elegant and trendy touch to the basic low ponytail, whilst covering the elastic band. I know you can also create this style yourself without the tool, but using the tool makes it neater and easier.

I would definitely also recommend the Scunci Perfect Pony tool! The high ponytail is one of the most convenient and versatile hairstyle for any situation- casual outings, work, and gym- and this tool is sooo useful in providing that extra lift and volume to make it look more attractive, as well as preventing it from sagging and saving time re-tying it :)


  1. I bought a Topsy Tail tool years ago and it never worked on my hair! LOL. I never understood why but I'm beginning to think it's because my hair is too straight!

  2. I love this! Way to illustrate it on your hair too, I liked being able to see :)

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  3. I've seen a lot of Scunci products in magazines and blogs but mostly the headbands and clips, never the elastics! The Topsytail tool looks really cool! And extremely versatile, I like how the instructions have diagrams... I can't interpret words very properly when there isn't a guide.. general concensus of many right haha I never wouldve thought it were as simple as that but the topsytail looks really cute! Like if low milkbraids and a ponytail had a lovechild haha. Your face has the versality to rock many hair styles, why ;_; The perfect pony tool makes your ponytail look less bulky but maintains the volume! I'm surprised! That may actually be my cure for jogging.. my hair always limps and the elastic wears out a lot with exercise, thanks for the tip Izzy!

  4. Very interesting tool. I've seen them around for a while now but I've never really had the urge to buy one since you can create the same look without it. And though your hair may be shorter, it's not short at all! It's still longer than mine and I've been trying to grow it out :(

  5. Fantastic !! So beautiful

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  6. I used to wear the first two styles a lot when I had longer hair! It was super popular back then. The ponytail tool looks cool, it would have solved my problems with having fine hair that looked like nothing when I pulled it back :/

  7. the perfect pony tool is rather interesting!!!

  8. Ah I used to have the topsytail! I don't think it was by scunci, but definitely had the tool to make that same hairstyle. Used to wear it often :)

  9. Omg Izzy you've cut your hair!
    So refreshing and these scunci's
    are quite convenient! Too bad
    my hair is too short to create
    any hairstyle with it...


  10. How great :) I really like it!

    I'm You new follower :)

  11. I saw those at Claire's, and bought one for braiding, but have too much difficulty using it :(
    Anyway, I'm probably gonna cut my hair soon, so no need to buy these right now, but I really liked seeing your instructions photos and I love the concept of the brand. Yours are clearer than that on the box!

  12. I used to have that Topsy Tail thingy when I was a kid. AND I'd love to try that perfect pony! I have such trouble doing mine. I know, what a klutz thing to say.
    ♥ laura
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  13. Omigosh, that Perfect Pony thing looks perfect for people like me who can never get enough volume in their ponytails! And I remember Topsy Tails... those were so popular when I was a kid. I always wanted one!

    xo, alison*elle

  14. oh wow this is amazing! usch a fun tool to style the hair!
    style frontier

  15. the perfect ponytail tool is brilliant for people with thinner hair, looks great :)

  16. thats such a freakin' cool thing. your hair looks so good with it.

  17. Their no damage hair ties are my favorite, I always have at least 3 with me at any time!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  18. Ooh, they look like really helpful tools! >w<
    Hihi, I'll definitely look out for them! ^^

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  20. Ohhh I need these hair accessories! :)

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  21. The pony tail one is a good idea! Sometimes when my hair is flat my pony tails look so skinny D: haha

  22. I've never seen anything like the Perfect Pony! That might actually be good on my hair because my hair is really thin when it's pulled into a ponytail and I would love to have a more volumized pony. And Topsy Tails are so fun. I remember doing them all the time in middle school! <3


  23. I want to try this! How come you never post pictures of your bf~ It's so lovely when boys are jokers :)


  24. The topsy tail tool has been around here for more than a decade and I never knew it has a name. I often find the brandless ones in those accessories shop and wonder if I should get one. I saw my friend use one back in primary school school and I thought it was indeed a simple invention.

    The perfect pony tool looks like it takes some time getting used to. I'm glad it work so well even after a jog.

    My exact sentiments! It is my first meeting with someone non-local and I’m so glad for this friendship.

  25. Hey Izzy, I would love to try this too!

    xo Jo

  26. Hi, Izzy,

    Very useful information.
    I will definitely give it a try.

    XOXO Jacqueline


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