Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Dress: NastyGal
Leather Fringe Jacket: c/o Missguided (link here)
Metallic Shoes: wholesale7.net

Finally I have the opportunity to put up this new outfit post! During the past few days I got to go on my first work trip which was pretty exciting, especially as it's just 3 weeks into the job! Just landed back home so I now get to sit my ass down and do a new blog post. I love this new dress from NastyGal (it was such a steal on sale, but I'm not sure if it's still available)! For some the dress is reminiscent of Cleopatra, but personally I find the gold bar embellishments to remind me of bullets. Haha personally I like the bullet imagery more, makes me feel like my outerwear is loaded with ammunition and I'm  ready for attack!

I'm also really loving the new leather jacket from MissGuided, which is a UK-based store I hadn't heard of until recently, and I'm so glad they've opened up to the Australian market! All the pieces on their site are edgy, chic and spot-on, and really affordable too. I know leather jackets are such a staple investment that most people already have one, but this one has that extra appeal and touch of uniqueness with the fringed back. So fun to twirl around in!

And I can't get enough of this dark red lipstick. It's a cheap $2 one from Ulta, if anyone's wondering haha! My hair is also going crazy and being absolutely fried in this heat. I have another hairdresser appointment booked at Revo this week though so hopefully I'll pick up some hair-saving products in the same visit!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

latest purchases

hey guys! this is just a quick update, with the stuff I've recently bought! Really haven't had much time to be active on the blogsphere lately since my job. First off is my ASOS haul, which made a grand total of  $45.77 AUD.

more under the link below!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination

Cropped blouse: Tobi.com
Shorts: Chicabooti
Boots: Therapy
Backpack: Forever New

I'm so in love with all the pieces from my Tobi.com haul! If you follow me on Instagram (here) you'll have seen a little preview of it with two cropped tops and a striped crop top. I'm going to do a blog post soon with pictures from all my recent hauls (Tobi, Sabo Skirt, and ASOS) and talk about the quality and shopping experience, as usual! I think Tobi is pretty new to the online store scene so it might benefit some of you guys if I did a little review on it.

Anyway this cropped top with the crochet detail was one of the things I got from Tobi. I just had to get it in both black and cream, as I absolutely loved the design! I'm always at my most comfy in long, baggy sleeves as I love the way they fall gracefully by your torso and are extremely flattering for any frame! It was also my first time exposing so much skin however, but I'm a little more confident after a week of cutting out a lot of processed foods :) Although this weekend I've been obliged to be a bit naughty, as it did happen to capture both Valentine's Day and my birthday!

Hope everyone has had an amazing week and weekend so far! The outfit with the backpack somehow makes me look like I'm going somewhere exciting (when I was only going shopping...again). Thought this quote (in the post title) might be appropriate with the outfit and hopefully provide a little dose of inspiration! Just a small reminder that you don't need to wait around for happiness, you can be happy now or anytime you want, as long as you have chosen to :)

PS: oh and to the people who asked- the new lens my bf is using is a 135mm f/2L!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Year of the Snake

Mustard Dress: local boutique store
Blazer: local boutique store
Sequin Clutch: taobao.com
Belt: local boutique store
Metallic Cuff: ASOS.com
Metallic rings: ASOS.com
Spiked bangle: ebay.com
Black bangle: Forever 21
Shoes: c/o Sammydress

 I just started my full-time job, and it is so draining! The work hasn't been difficult so far, but the long hours stuck in the office, and the commute to and fro work seem to suck alllll the energy out of me when I get home. I just use my remaining energy to cook myself dinner and do exercises or housework, and then I just sit like a zombie for a few hours half-asleep infront the computer until it's bedtime...and then it's back to the same old grind next morning!! It's definitely a challenge making the transition from uni to work. For these photos I could barely keep my eyes open! Combined with the glaring sun and sticky heat, there were a lot of shut-eye photos that needed to be deleted.

After seeing the photos I thought the overall look was classy and sophisticated, and I realised just how cheap all the items were! The sequinned clutch that looks like it would've been at least $50 only cost me like $5 from Taobao.com. The polished, sleek rose gold metallic cuff was under $10 from ASOS.com. The boyfriend fit blazer and mustard yellow dress were also cheap finds from boutique stores, around $20-$30 each. And I think the most surprising item is the shoes- the metallic gold trim has a very luxurious look to them, but they were only like $14. I did receive them as a sponsored gift but if you've been regularly following my blog, you'll know I am an avid fan of buying shoes from wholesale websites, picking up gems here and there for super low prices! I don't believe at all that you need to spend a truckload of money to look great- style and class come from within :)

Happy Lunar New Year to all! It's year of the snake and my boyfriend pointed out that the belt actually had two snakes coiled around each other in the centre of my belt. A coincidentally fitting accessory! :) Does any one here actually believe in the Chinese zodiacs? Personally I think Western zodiacs are more accurate (I'm an Aquarius!), but then there is still some degree of skepticism with any kind of astrology ;)

PS. and yes my bf got a new lens! love the lovely new bokeh! :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Evil Twin- "I Want to Believe" Lookbook

Just wanted to share something to finish the week off! How breathtaking is Evil Twin's new collection "I Want to Believe"? The last picture is my favourite, it's so mystic and dark. I know the galaxy trend has been around for some time now, but I think this lookbook takes it to a whole new level with a dystopic, futuristic touch.

"EVIL TWIN Winter 13 collection, “I Want To Believe” takes you on a paranormal paramour where the human world has lost its humanity.
Kelsey Martinovich fronts the campaign as the intergalactic, edgy heroine. Shot by internationally renowned photographer, Ben Sullivan. The two taking you to a new world of mystery and beauty."

Hope everyone had a fantastic week, and happy Chinese New Year or Vietnamese New Year to those celebrating! I've a new outfit post slightly based on CNY coming up soon! :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tartan Time

Tartan jacket: zipia.net (old)
Blouse: zipia.net (old)
Mustard shorts: Gmarket (old)
Hat: Cotton On
Bag: Forever New
Shoes: Nine West

This tartan (or 'plaid', for the Americans!) olive green jacket is always a favourite of mine! I know at first glance tartan can seem so unappealing and outdated...I mean when I was first introduced to tartan as fashion I could only think of Scottish men and their swishing kilts. But if you scour through pop culture or browse a few magazines you can see that tartan is actually super versatile! You can do 90's preppy (and btw 90's fashion is making a huge comeback!) with a tartan miniskirt a la Clueless, or anarchist punk with red tartan pants, or maybe a little grandpa chic like how I did my outfit :) 

And yes, say hello again to my beloved burgundy bowler hat. What can I say, I just love it way too much :) A black bowler hat actually just came in the mail for me and in fact, I'm wearing it as I type. Plopping a cute, snug hat on your head is the key to a happy day.

New Shopping Tool: Stalk This

(This post is a little different, but I just wanted to share a new really cool online shopping tool I've been introduced to recently. This is not a paid post.)

I don't know about you guys, but I spend a loooot of time online 'window shopping' by opening a billion tabs for all my fave stores to check out new stock and Sale, to see if all those pieces I've been lusting after have gone on sale. I'm just a real chronic multi-tabber, I have to check a whole bunch of stuff simultaneously and it even lags my computer so much lol. And I guess it's harmless when you're on holidays or you're bored out of your wits, but not when you need to study, or be at work! 

When StalkThis contacted me explaining their unique shopping concept, I felt like this was exactly what we needed to improve our productivity levels!

Basically when you find something you love online, StalkThis sends you alerts when it goes on sale via SMS or email.

And instead of having multiple wishlists scattered around the web, you'll have just one to track everything.

(StalkThis also has a video here explaining everything)

Like the "Pin It" Button from Pinterest, StalkThis has a "Stalk" button which you drag onto your Bookmarks bar. When you're online shopping and see an item you like, you can click the 'Stalk' button to add it to your list.

I found this amazingly adorable polka dot dress from Motel Rock's latest Monochrome collection! $60 is still a bit steep right now though (I'm starting work very soon but for now I'm still on a student's budget!) and I want to wait until the price gets a little more budget-friendly. So after dragging the "Stalk" button (you can get it here) over to my Bookmarks bar on Google Chrome, I click on it and this pop-up comes up.

You can choose what kind of price alerts you want! If you want to hear about any price change, you can leave that box ticked. Or if you've made up your mind you only want to pay $xx for the item, you can enter it in that field. Or you can choose to select xx% off!

You can also choose the image on the left, and which category you want to add the item to. You can set that category to private if you wish.

(Currently StalkThis has a generous list of stores you can 'stalk' from here as the 'Stalk' button doesn't work for every store. BUT when you're on a site and click the'stalk' button, you can request it. I requested "Thedarkhorse.com.au" and the next day I got an email saying it could be 'stalked'!)

So now that you have a general idea of how StalkThis works, why don't I show you all the items I've been 'stalking' :) 

(you can view my entire list on my StalkThis profile here)

I made a category for Motel Rocks because I absolutely love this brand. Also check out the first blue and white dress- look familiar? I wore it in a blog post here and a lot of people seemed to like the dress.

If the price ever deterred you from snagging one of your own, StalkThis would've sent you an ALERT to let you know it was on sale at ASOS!

Do you guys also remember this mermaid-esque sequin scalloped skirt I wore in here? StalkThis would've let you know it went on sale to only $39. 

And you guys also know I love these Aussie chain stores Bardot and Forever New! These are the pieces I'm coveting at the moment, and for which I'm waiting patiently for a sales alert from StalkThis :)

NastyGal is another all-time favourite store of mine! Will be grabbing everything as soon as these drop down to a price I like!

I know a lot of people are obsessed with ModCloth but have always found the prices a little too steep. For all you avid ModCloth fans out there, StalkThis would be whoppingly useful to let you know when your fave pieces go on sale.

So anyway I've saved a bunch of gems in my list, and now I can't wait to start receiving alerts when they get down to a price I like! I don't have to waste hours scouring all these different websites to check if all those pieces are still full-priced. I can just go about my everyday business and wait for an email or SMS alert.

You can view my list here if you like the items I picked and want to 'stalk' them too.

What do you guys think of the idea of receiving price-drop alerts for all those pieces you're lusting after? 



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